First frozen semen test tube pandas are born

Pandas will maybe no longer be an endangered species. China’s Wolong Giant Panda Research Center has succeded in making female pandas pregnant using frozen semen from male pandas. The result was these two adorable twin cubs. Now the research center may be able to bring in semen from pandas in zoos, helping to maintain diversity within the captive panda population.

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  • Sure there will mathilda. shut up. poor panda's. I have probably 20 stuffed panda in my romm. The stuffed animal kind not the kind where you get animals,stuff them,and keep them on those post things.

  • its so awesome how theyre tiny enough to fit in our hand and once theyve grown, we're tiny enough to fit in theres! :)

  • its great that we can increase the population of endangered animals but it leaves one problem to be solved. Who will raise them? Studies have proven that all animals must be raised by adults of their own kind if they are going to learn proper behavior. case in point elephants who have been raised in a herd where all the adults had been killed off entered adulthood with many behavior problems that were bad both for the heard and the humans that lived in the area. as goes for monkeys, Rats and Humans. A foster care system must be put into place free of human compromise if this project is to make it to the next level.

  • All that I said in prior comment put in place. Great work and Outstanding photo. GOD BLESS US ALL.

  • Who are we to say who should become extinct? Just because pandas don't do much for us doesn't mean that their existence is meaningless. Humans are a huge reason there are so many animals on the endangered species list. Why do you have to be all selfish and have the animal do something for you? When was the last time you did anything for animals huh? This could be a way to protect our animals from extinction, shouldn't we give back to them just once? Help give them a fighting chance to procreate and survive just like humans are given!

  • wow those pandas are small! Very cool they are getting test tub pandas since they were/are endangered animals

  • Hmmm, I guess survival of the fittest in an odd way, rather than adapting to the environment, they made themselves just cute enough for a more intelligent species to want to keep them alive.