Paint in water never looked so cool

paint-at-water Mark Mawson from Sydney captures these beautiful shots by dropping paint in water. The colors and the lighting are simply amazing! Author said that in these color shapes everyone sees what they want to see.

paint-at-water (4) paint-at-water (3) paint-at-water (2) paint-at-water (1) paint-at-water (5)


  1. Thay says

    I’m pretty sure that effect is not anything new. Therefore your cry of “never before” is wrong.

  2. Easton says

    I’m pretty sure that effect is not anything new. Therefore your cry of “never before” is wrong.

    I don’t recall reading anywhere on this page the words “never before” on this page, other then you saying it yourself.

  3. Christian says

    Cool going to try it now with my 5 year old Saturday morning and just the kind of inspiration I needed – thank you 🙂

  4. Orlando says

    Yes, I have seen these effects many times before,……and much better.
    But keep it up, it’s good fun and you learn something every time.
    Practical tip: try TRANSPARENT colours.

  5. Desert Nana says

    Shot into a tank or is he in the water? what a fun idea! adding to my 5 mile long list
    Desert Nana

  6. ahmadi says

    these are really amazing.. oh why didn't i come up with this..? i'm so jealous.. i mean i bet most of us have experimented with paint and water sometime during childhood.. but very few of us continues to be that curious.. ah lovin' it!

  7. Blessing says

    wow this so cool, how does he get them like that are they just dropped in or what? wat eva its still very cool

  8. Jason says

    I have been doing photography for 40 years , have never seen this type of beauty before, if other people can’t see the beauty in then I feel sorry for them

  9. Stella says

    Ahh the old cloud tank effect.. thank you vfx industry

    and thank you Mark Mawson, that’s a fair bit of work to set up and they look great

    now that we have cg the days of the problematic cloud tank are pretty much gone.. though it gave some great results in it’s day in films such as Close Encounters and Raiders

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