Pimp my garage with 3D effects

pimp my garage 3d (1) You have probably heard about “pimp my ride”, but what about pimping your garage? Graphic designer and advertising guru Thomas Sassenbach has come up with the idea of using unique 3D images printed on your garage door. The images are so stunning that you’ll probably think that the neighbor has trades his car into a yacht, or maybe a Formula One racer.

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Why stop there when you can pimp your swimming pool with 3D images, check it out.


  1. I am a Fractal says

    I think the artist limited himself too much. what's depicted to be behind the door could always be bigger than just a garage…

  2. deva says

    The ones that appear open – I could see a kid riding his bike smack into them. Or someone sleepy pulling a car into it.

  3. Natalie says

    Cool concept, but it’s not that exciting. When they’re actually painted on the garage doors – not just photoshopped in – I’ll be impressed.

  4. andersondoviolao@hotmail.com'anderson brasil says

    the same photo! differents photoshops!!! look into the botton/corner…

    nice job!!!!

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