"The world stands on its head" – upside down house

upsidedownhouse In a project named “The world stands on its head”, the creators of this upside down house just wanted to do something different, they didn't have any special reason for building it. The house was designed for a special exhibition in Trassenheide Germany and is open to the public for visiting.
upsidedownhouse2 You've probably heard about or maybe seen houses with the exterior upside down, but what about a house that is completely upside down, even the furniture?


  1. Chloe says

    It’s too bad the time and effort put into this house wasn’t better spent helping families in need.

  2. Wyoming says

    Art for art’s sake… What happens when it rains? Is there a drain to get it out from between the walls and the roof?

  3. Patrick says

    Hey guys, lets build a funny upside down house with our economies money and laugh at homeless orphans!

  4. anger, no management required says

    i want to go there.it must be a magic place.no homelessness,no hunger……just happy people exploring the twee………….

  5. Seen says

    That’s cool but stupid, like everyone said before me the money could have been better spent on starving orphans or diseased poor people rather then making a compleatly pointless house that is just a waste of money,time and space.

  6. Joke says

    Please people- the house is art, and if you don’t like it- cool. some people do.

    id personally love to drop some l there haha

  7. Spide says

    Completely redundant. a waste of everything it took to create that. Its even a waste of my time just looking at this page.

  8. Slide says

    How many of you can honestly say if you came into money the first thing you would do is build a house for orphans? no way, you would get a fancy car or take care of your own worries. hypocrisies

  9. Stan says

    From an artistic view it’s cool, and from a logical view it makes you wonder what is wrong with the human race.

  10. Charlize says

    A waste of your time just looking at this page, yet not a waste of your time to comment on how much of a waste of time this is?

  11. TiiiMMMaHHH says

    this comment section is a waste of resources. Why dont you all go down to your local soup kitchen to help the homeless. Oh yeah, that's right.. you're just as 'useless' as the guys who built the house. Hypocrites.

  12. Colin says

    Would everyone be as angry if i made a 3 foot right side up house model out of gold bricks?

    art is art.

    maybe i will make a 3 foot gold house, just for the f@#^ of it.

    if you think that’s wrong, look up communism and socialism.


    this only applies to some of you.

    You know who you are!

  13. Side says

    “It’s too bad the time and effort put into this house wasn’t better spent helping families in need.”

    Well, OK, but once all of the families are no longer in need then can we finally have some time for something fun? Please?

  14. BTS says

    OMG. when i was little, i TOTALLY wanted to do this.

    wow, it’s good to know that there are other people out there who are as crazy as i am.

  15. Brad says

    So.. if someone has made $1 million from drawing paintings, this person is going to spend money to create the next artwork. The person has an idea of making a house upside-down, the person spends $200,000 into this project. The person pays taxes for earning + spending the money, the person pays salaries to the employees and they pay taxes for that. So in the end, all the people working on the house has payed taxes, now the government has these ‘free-money’. Why don’t they give those money to the less fortuned? So blame the government, not someone who has earned their money!

  16. Liam says

    To all jerks here:
    take all not real needed stuff from your home (alcohol, play stuff, money etc.), sell your car and get one half the price, move into a smaller flat etc.
    Happy to see all this donations for pure people. Don not forget to gift your PC to avoid future smart comments.

  17. Shawn says

    I’m sure all the upside down homeless people in the world have frowns on their faces at this point.
    But since they are upside down, it appears they are smiling.

    MT 8-}

  18. Charlize says

    I agree that it’s really neat, but also agree that it’s a waste of money. it’s unfortunate that some people have so much money to just waste, while others are struggling just to put a meal on the table.

  19. Charlize says

    how can you measure art in money? of course you could feed people with the budget of this piece of art. But this influence so much more than the food this money could buy. So dear folks, wake up, this is bigger than you and me and gives a deeper meaning to everything you have ever thought of. So relax, art is not about making money. Art is about making political statements and not flirting with the perception of the general public.

  20. Blade says

    I am 22. I live on my hands. For me this is heaven. The blood will no longer rush to my legs every time i need the loo. x

  21. Sora says

    you guys are idiots. Its art. People can do whatever they want with their money. Don’t pretend you donate all your money and time to helping others. You don’t. F*&( off.

  22. Violet@yahoo.com'Anna says

    It sickens me that people automatically say what a waste it is and how it could have been better spent otherwise instead of acknowledging something beautiful. how much of your food sits in the dark corner of your refrigerator and gets thrown out before it’s eaten? someone could’ve used that. it’s the same concept. just enjoy what you do have, and help others when you can. i bet most of the people complaining haven’t ever volunteered to do something meaningful. i love doing community work just because, and i think this installation is great.

  23. mt_leh@yahoo.com'whiteb0ard says

    very interesting..but i think anybody who live in this house will going crazy in one week…what do you think? are you agree with me?

  24. Skittle68@aol.com'Katie says

    To the person who wondered about water getting between the roof and the walls when it rains: Looks like it’s built at an angle, so water would just run off. And this is really dumb but I’m not that artsy so lots of stuff people consider art, I think is dumb.

  25. pocztaex@karczek.zona.pl'QQ says

    I was in such house in Szymbark village in north Poland. They made a park with various attractions for tourists and its just one of those.
    Its also an advertisement to theppl who made that house (they are also making real ones) and there are really a lot of people there wanting to see that house, take photo and walk inside (u relly feel dizzy inthere 😀 ).
    So its not a waste of money. You can buy souvenires there, eat or drink something etc and tickets costs 2-3$.

    Now they are earning money on that house so stop talking bullshits about the waste.

    Just take a look:

  26. bea1052@gmail.com'hannahbea says

    I think some of you people are taking this piece of art to seriously, its suppose to be fun, and it is. There are too many people out there that just want to pick life apart and b**ch about it, just lighten up and enjoy the moment! This was quite an undertaking. kudos to you…..

  27. wilke001@umn.edu'Ashley Wilkes says

    Finally, I got to the bottom of this. Thinking they could get “one up” on Jimmy Carter, the GOP started a non-profit group “Un-habitats For Humanity.” This is their first project.

  28. aohgohsaosdi@gmail.com'anonymous says

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