Japanese farmers use rice fields to express their art

wave-rice-art We have all heard about the crop circles and seen them on television, in movies, or maybe in real life, but in Japan you can see rice art on the fields. Every year Japanese farmers are planting rice in different patterns and using different sorts of rice for color. The result is spectacular pictures.

rice-art-samurai budha-rice-art girl-rice-art boy-rice-art japanese-rice-art rice-field-close-up-3 cool-rice-art rice-field-close-up-2 rice-field-close-up rice-field-close-up-4 art-at-rice-field rice-art monk-rice-art napoleon-rice rice-art-2 mona-lisa-rise-art girl-and-boy-rice-art monkey-rice-art rice-art-field duck-rice-art Unfortunately it’s only visible until the rice is harvested in September. Check out Rubik’s Cube Earth, made in Japan.


  1. Colin says

    I could imagine most of these are photoshopped with the close-ups being a cover for the others. nice spot recognizing it is the same field but gullible you are. who else recognizes some source images?

  2. Patrick says

    It’s not shopped – i saw a 10 minute documentary on this style of art once. I think the one with the samurai was in the video, actually.

  3. Kimberly says

    Bro told me about seeing something like this on approach for landing on a business trip a while back. i do not think it is photoshopped… y’all are narrow minded dweebs who ought to do some traveling.

  4. Jackie says

    p;ease look at the same back ground, most of the ART’s x( happened in a same farm!!!! photoshop is great but we made it… so dont try to lie …

  5. AnoRRL says

    this entire site is shopped guys, look at the comment tables, they’re all the same width! they obviously can’t be real.

  6. moreiro_80@hotmail.com'Sara says

    To all those quick to say everything is shopped..

    This is actually real. Maybe if you googled Inakadate in the Aomori prefecture of Japan, you will see for yourselves?

    The economy of Inakadate is heavily dependent on the agriculture of rice and I think they’ve done an amazing and fun job of getting their town on the map.

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