Amazing photographs of snakes like you’ve never seen before

yellow-snakeMost people fear snakes and don’t want to even look at them. Still they are fascinating reptiles in different colors and lengths. The photographer Guido Mocafico saw the beauty in them, and took amazing shots of them that it almost looks like detailed paintings.

black-snake brown-snake blue-snake black-cobra green-cobra many-snakes red-and-black-snake python red-snake green-snake white-and-black-snake white-cobra white-tiny-snake white-phyton big-green-snake white-yellow-snake While some people take photos of dangerous snakes, these guys are keeping pythons, among other dangerous animals, as pets.


  1.'josh says

    yeah ur rait – we havent seen those ones before. and we shouldnt have. ever. these a snakes man, and those were put in a box by some ego-powerded-trip asshole. we are not suppose to see them like this its fucking disgusting – you wanna see a snake – go out in the forest and search for them!

  2.'MalikTous says

    My desire for pets as a kid was assuaged by my folks getting me a terrarium for the garter snakes I’d catch in the yard. Much easier to keep than rodents and similar feed-twice-or-more-a-day mammals… And when I got tired of them they’d go back out in the yard. Great photos of beautiful animals, even the venomous ones are great for keeping the wild rodent populations down! That biblical misidentification in Genesis is a shame…

  3.'Anzabasi says

    Wow! What an amazing serpant collection!But come to think of this paradox;the most beautiful creatures are the most lethal!

  4.'EdMar says

    Awesome pictures and brilliantly taken. For some disturbing comments, they should be EDUCATED about these misunderstood species.

  5.'alisha says

    dude. seriously, learn your snakes before you decide to say what species they are. very unprofesional. i dont mean to brag but i can name every type of snake in those pics and u cant.

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