Amazing photographs of snakes like you’ve never seen before

yellow-snakeMost people fear snakes and don't want to even look at them. Still they are fascinating reptiles in different colors and lengths. The photographer Guido Mocafico saw the beauty in them, and took amazing shots of them that it almost looks like detailed paintings.

black-snake brown-snake blue-snake black-cobra green-cobra many-snakes red-and-black-snake python red-snake green-snake white-and-black-snake white-cobra white-tiny-snake white-phyton big-green-snake white-yellow-snake While some people take photos of dangerous snakes, these guys are keeping pythons, among other dangerous animals, as pets.


  1. Snakes says

    oh beautiful! I do like snakes and these photos are amazing. I especially like the green cobras and the white and yellow snakes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. David says

    Beautiful! It would be nice to know what types of snakes these are (the fourth snake down is gorgeous!).

  3. Maureen says

    This is such a beautiful portrayal of an amazing and yes, misunderstood species. What a bold, interesting and awe-inspiring set of pictures.

  4. Chris says

    Photos 1, 2, 4, 10, & 11 I have no clue what they are species wise. The rest I can give type of snake or actual species (via common name).

    3 – Brazilian Rainbow Boa
    5 – Cobra species
    6 – Viper species
    7 – Ball (or Royal) Python
    8 – Milksnakes (appear to be sinaloan or nelson's milks with 2 mountain kingsnakes (they are the thinner, more numerously banded snakes in the lower portion of photo)
    9 – Boa constrictor
    12 – Viper species
    13 – Albino monacle cobra
    14 – Black & white banded (across body) and striped (along body) California kingsnakes
    15 – Albino Boa constrictor
    16 – Green tree pythons
    17 – Albino banded California kingsnakes

  5. Guenther says

    Great-great-great!!! Those who fear snakes (on a computer screen)just don't get the beauty!
    Better definition pics would be a treat!

  6. Gary Heller says

    These are great abstraction shots as they are presented especially on the black background. Very intrigung

  7. Guy says

    Wonderful!! i Have never seen snakes This colorful would Have been better if the names and species are tagged along with each picture.

  8. Jason says

    To those people who are like “THATS CREEPY / scary”. Get a life, if you aren’t interested in seeing photographs of snakes, simply don’t look at them. Bad mouthing something is not necessary. Keep your hateful comments to yourself.

    These photos are amazing.

  9. Jack says

    Beautiful! Wish I could have a few of those, those are some gorgeous kings and boas. I hope whoever took these took care for the animals’ welfare. Love snakes!

  10. Nate says

    I want to know what species? I am obsessed with blue snakes, but I don’t know the names of any real blue snake species. Any help???? (Email me please!!)

  11.'Shannon says

    To “samsamw_cool” Those are green mamba’s. But they do have a blue cast to them. If you like blue snakes, check out the red tail green rat snake. Some are very blue. Ours is very blue with a grey tail. Also check out the Blue Beauties. They have a pattern but are blue and black. :o)

  12.' says

    I hardly ever comment on posts, but your post encouraged me to applaud your blog. Thanks for writing up this great read, I’ll bookmark this blog and check in once in awhile. Cheers.

  13.'Tiff says

    These pictures were hard for me to look at and Im sure Im going to be paranoid for the rest of the day but they are beautiful.

  14.'Sean says

    So they’re just a bunch of snakes in a rectangle shape.

    Who cares?

    If you’re gunna give me amazing pics of snakes, have them actually doing something amazing rather than being all boxitronic. Fail pictures. Repetitive too.

  15.'Suhail Ahmed says

    Those pic. Were really too cool.. Loved them.. Tnx 4posting.. N keep posting like dis.. Good luck..

  16.'Dr.kalyani says

    I ve seen the pics of so many varieties for the 1st time. Its lovely. if the names of them by the side would have been more appreciable.

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