Johnny Depp life sized statue failed

johnny-depp-you-must-kiddinDuring the annual film festival, Kustendorf, Johnny Depp had a statue in his image unveiled to him by Serbian director Emir Kusturica, that’s also a good friend of him. The festival was held in “Mokra Gora”, a mountain village in southwestern Serbia.

shownig-fail-sculpture johnny-kusturica johnny-depp-sculpture fans-depp-sculpture fail-sculpture depp-sculpture depp-kusturicaIn addition to the statue, Johnny also received the “Award for Future Movies.” All though many people think that the statue doesn’t look like Depp at all, the movie star himself made it clear that he liked it.


  1.'Obesiden says

    aw, poor guy. He deserves better. That statue fails on so many levels,although his face is just priceless!!!!!LOL

  2.'laki says

    You didnt see the whole village. Everithyng is made of wood and it is not proportional. They’r just paying respect to him.

  3.'TNT says

    probably the statue turned out EXCELLENT!
    but then they dropped it on face and had to remake it in the alst minutes.

  4.'JenniferRambles says

    I don’t know about the face, but that hand is eerily life-like. Giving me the creeps.

  5.' says

    Johnny Depp. I have been a fan since late 80’s he has come a long way I am only a year and half behind him in age I THINK he’s most brilliant and hottest man alive

  6.'M says

    He is not upset about getting a life sized statue, he is upset that they are passing a Keanu Reeves statue as him.

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