The dog that hasn’t missed a single riot for years

There have been lots of riots and protests from both anarchists and workers in Athens, Greece specially the past few years. One interesting thing is that there is one dog that is spotted at these riots from 2008 till today


December 12. 2008

riot-dog-2008-2 December 17. 2008

dog-riotDecember 18. 2008

riot-dog-2008 December 22. 2008

It is the same dog on every picture and it is funny how it takes part in riots over several years. It is not sure but it has been guessed that the owner is one of the demontrators.

dog-riot-2 January 9. 2009

dog-police March 4. 2009

dog-at-riot May 9. 2009

dog-at-clashes December 6. 2009

dog-at-riotsFebruary 24. 2010

dog5marchMarch 5. 2010

11marchdog dog11march March 11. 2010

unknowndatedogDate unknown



21. April



5. May

Other dogs that likes to be in the spotlight are the dogs that are competing for the title “World’s ugliest dog”.


  1.'Fotis says

    Having marched numerous times, with the ‘late’ Kanellos and now, with Luke (which is the one that appears on the pics), I have just a simple thought to add to all.

    These dogs have more spirit, heart and soul, then many of us, people sitting on our relaxing sofa, giving no sh*t about our rights.

    The dogs are becoming humans, and us humans are becoming dogs.

    What an irony from nature?

  2.'Chris Garbage says

    I love Rebel Dog…gonna get him tattoed on me for what he stands for…defiance against a corrupt authority!!!

  3.'JenniferRambles says

    I’m getting really sick and tired of everyone assuming that just because something can be Photoshopped it IS Photoshopped. Get a clue, people, there’s video of this dog in action! I can just hear the “photoshop fail” people out there moaning about conspiracy theories.

  4.'saraph says

    I had never thought that the legend “observer” in “Fringe” would be a dog in real life.

  5.'selina says

    Yesterday(20100513) I even saw the dog on TV?At same time, there is another black dog.

  6.'lafuria says

    this dog might have its body painted with slogans such as “Put me on TV”…..then it will be a definitely superstar.

  7.'rerising says

    Don’t you just love the pic on May 9 2009, where he looks around the bin at the riot police like a demonstrator himself.

  8.'Chris says

    The dog has a better attendance record than most politicians. To solve Greece’s problems, elect the dog.

  9.'Allen from "Gr8 China" says

    This ain’t and will never happen in CHN.

    What a “harmonious” society!! XD

  10.'steve says

    these images were photoshopped, but then again so was the moon landing and racism.

  11.'Sherlock says

    ‘Date unknown’ is
    December 6. 2009

    Same corner, same motorbike, same folks – from different angle and few sec’s earlier (before the bike has fallen). Most importantly… YES!- THE SAME DOG!

  12.'Carlos Jose Valles says

    He is a Brave dog..! the sad situation in Greece because the economy, the rich all time placing the people Down, go people of Greece..! Go Dog..! I love this Dog..! Go LOUKAS..! HAHAHAHA… Greetings to everyone (and my support to da people of Greece and Loukas) from the Ghetto with love..! here in North Carolina, USA…!

  13.'JOey says

    That dog is special.Supper Dog!!His owner if he has 1 better take care of himm!!!Hes quite special.

  14.'Ben Aveling says

    Probably worth noting that the same stray dog can have more than one name, different groups of people will each give it a different name.

  15.'Macthedoodle says

    Atta boy Theodorus – serious respect for your actions. I will feature you in my blog as you are fearless and committed. This makes me proud to be a dog Mac

  16.'Nikrometus says

    This dog is called Ahmet.It belongs to me.We always land at places where there are riots to record the activities.Our next trip will be to Xorxiengins constellation belt.See ya.

  17.'Levi says

    gonna have to hunt out the photo now but I’m pretty sure I saw this dog during the Athens riots in March 2008. Someone had constructed a sort of dog bone with a placard either side which he was carrying around. When my girlfriend and I passed him he’d run up to some press photographers who were getting a bunch of shots of him – and we got one too – so there’s probably that around somewhere.

  18.'rswc90 says

    Funny how the dog seems to be IN THE MIDDLE – BETWEEN the rioters and the officials…. What does s/he know that the others do not… I wonder if the dog started something that s/he could not finish alone?! And finally.. D O G … G O D ….

  19.'Seth says

    Ironically the most ignorant comments on here are the ones calling the pictures photoshopped and insulting people who don’t believe that. Take a look at the live footage on YouTube for yourself.
    I suppose the BBC “shopped” Louk in there before they went to air as well.

    This is a great action clip:

  20.'Matthew John Johnston says

    I could not be there in person so I sent my doppelganger, he does not police approval or a passport.

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