You are probably not used to see Nike shoes like this


Nike is a major sportswear that is well-known around the whole world, and you can see almost everywhere that Nike shoes and sneakers are popular and one of the most worn shoe brand of our time. Recently several artists have used Nike shoes as inspiration for their work.

They have made Nike shoes out of computer waste, paper, and even food, like fruits and hamburgers. So now you don't only get to wear Nike sneakers, you can eat them too.


Artists Defill and Milcke have put together this cool project which involves moldling various fruits and vegatables into the shape of a Nike Air Max 1 and a Nike Dunk.


Burger Nikes are made up of 8 layers which includes buns, cheese, tomatoes, sauce, mean and more, and yes it's eatable.

Gabriel Dishaw has made Nike shoes out of parts from inside a computer. From a distance it looks like real Nikes with a bling bling theme, and that explains how precisely Dishaw has made them. More photos here.

A young illustrator named David Brownings is making these unique and colorful paper shoes that cost about $50 each pair. More photos here.

metalwaste-nikes The Frankstein Terminator Nikes is comprised mainly of scrap metal and weighs in at about 8 pounds.

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