8-bit illustrations by Jude Buffum


These 8-bit illustrations are made by artist and designer Jude Buffum from Philadelphia. He gets his inspiration from various old school movies, video games, toys and politics.


Jude named this piece “Mushroom Recession” with most popular 8-bit character Super Mario.

walter-8-bit jesus-8-bitthe-dude-8-bit

Bowling theme series based on Coen brother’s movie “The Big Lebowski”.

milton-8bit lumbergh

Milton Waddams and Bill Lumbergh from popular 1999 comedy “Office Space”.


Kanye West, T-Pain and Lil Wayne using auto-tune software to manipulate their voices.


Jude’s artistic (and weird) view on 90’s TV show “Save by the bell”.


For Obama’s nomination at 2008 Democratic National Convention.


Megaman vs. Dick Cheney


Super Keyboard Cat Bros is a video Jude made combining Super Mario and interet meme “Keyboard Cat” . Check it out on youtube.


  1. cridge42@email.com'Riiiight says

    I definitely give props for the artwork. Unfortunately there has been MUCH more… detailed work done before. The styles stretches back to the mid or early 80’s.

    Look up SIXTEENCOLORS. They’ve collected, or had before the site took a hiatus, every piece of ansi art in the history of the style. There are some AMAZING pieces.

    Cheers to the creator these. I especially liked the Office Space pieces.

  2. stevestring@hotmail.com'Steve says

    Great stuff. The Saved by the Bell one is great – Without much room to work with, he really nailed the clothes/style.

    The T-pain sprite is great too. I would like to leverage that one for my 8 bit mosaic project (http://8bitliving.com)

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