Funny photo mixtures of pets and famous people

Yoda and Audrey Hepburn

When pets and celebrities meet this is what you’ll get a Dr. Spock corgi, a Michael Jackson chihuahua, an Amy Winehouse kitten, and so on.

These are all funny photo montages of dogs and cats that are turned into famous people.  Similar thing has been done to these photoshopped animal photos where frogs look like strawberries and spiders like onion.

Mother Teresa and Dame Edna Everage

Michael Jackson and Albert Einstein

Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse

Mao Ce Tung and Tommy

John Wayne and Elvis

Borat and Winston Churchill

Che and Mr. T

Dr. Spock and Charlie Chaplin

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  1.'mayoko says

    But I have a nerdy comment: last one is Mr. Spock, not Dr. Spock. Doctor Spock was was the American pediatrician 😉

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