Handmade minimates of famous horror characters


Creativity has never been a problem for designer and artist Luke Porter. He has done a lot of professional work as well as hobby work, and one of them is building minimates out of pieces of broken electronic devices glued together.

He has made over 200 of them, and some of them are representing famous characters from different movies, mostly well-known classic horrors. To create them he has more specifically used the “Avenger box set” as the base for the minimates, and then printed the graphics on glossy cardstock papers, cut out the shape and glued it on the bases.

He also uses some Lego parts to accessorize his minimates. Porter has been working on these projects since 2004, and it has almost become like an obsession to him.

Something similar has been done by another artist on flickr that makes famous movie characters out of Lego.

psycho-norman-batespsycho-mrs-bates2psycho-moviepsycho-boxpsycho-box-backAlfred Hitchcock Psycho (1960)

michael-myersMichael Myers (from 1979 Halloween)

jasonJason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

freddyFreddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

evil-ashEvil Ash 1992 (Army of Darkness)

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