Daily Dose Of Laughs With Jaco Haasbroek

During these gloomy winter days, having something to brighten up your day is priceless, so we found a collection of funny illustrations by South African artist Jaco Haasbroek. Using clever word play and beautifully uncomplicated design, he hits the mark on each and every one of these delightful comics. Be sure to check out The Daily Grind –  his latest creation that is guaranteed to produce a giggle.

If you’re familiar with Threadless, it’s possible that you’ve already stumbled across  some of Jaco’s work. He’s been a member since 2007, creating over 200 T-shirt designs that have been printed and are worn by people with great taste all over the planet. If you find an image you particularly enjoy, you can order it as a poster. Of course, you  can always order a t-shirt (because you can NEVER have enough witty t-shirts). We estimate that wearing these designs gives you at least  +4 charisma, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of at least two random passers-by. Feel free to enjoy Jaco’s work and his witty sense of humor in this compilation of his funniest designs!

Check out these “Things wouldn’t be so much fun if” comics for more funny illustrations.

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