“Pearl Necklace” – A Comedy Short by Zeke Mahogany

We’ve all had that boyfriend (well, I haven’t – I’m a heterosexual male who’s never been, erm, “curious”) who’s a bit of a rogue, a player, a scoundrel and, quite frankly, a mega-douche. They drink, they cheat, they play around with your step-sister and then later, once you expose them for their selfish wrongdoings, they make excuses: it’s always the alcohol, the drugs or, in some cases, peyote from Chief Red Beard. And then they come knocking on your door, claiming to be a changed man, begging for forgiveness, ready to shower you with sparkly gifts they probably got for half-price off eBay, fully expecting you to just take ‘em back, and the whole process just starts all over again.

This situation is imagined in a brand new short from YouTube comedy troupe Zeke Mahogany, entitled “Pearl Necklace.” The rib-tickling clip, which lasts a measly two minutes, features the comic talents of Mike E. Winfield and Melanie Merkosky as the feuding couple, who argue in the latter’s doorway, with hilarious results. It is one of over 25 sketches uploaded by Zeke Mahogany, many of which have been featured on, among others, ESPN, Huffington Post, Gawker TV and Failblog ever since the channel’s inception in September of 2010. Zeke Mahogany have also promised a new sketch every Monday, so make sure you subscribe for an amusing, possibly surreal start to each coming week.

Take a look at “Pearl Necklace” below.

You can also take a look at an interview ThisBlogRules conducted with Zeke Mahogany creators Travis Kurtz and Matin Atrushi here. It’s well worth a read.

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