10 Stunning Animal And Celebrity Lookalikes

Before we go on, I need to confess that I’m aware of how overdone this kind of article is. I’ve seen way more side-by-side comparisons of horses and Sarah Jessica Parker than I think anyone needs to in a lifetime. But, as the saying goes, “baby, seasons change, but people don’t.” This is why we still come back for more, regardless of whether it’s overplayed or not. The good part is that the world of celebrities is in constant changes, therefore helping new stardom aspiring people emerge from the masses on a regular basis. So, this is what I say: let’s find some celebrity-animal lookalikes that are so stunning you’ll begin to wonder why didn’t the theory of evolution tie humanity with every animal, and just primates. I say that we should put an end to the age of horses and Sarah Jessica Parker and let others take the spotlight for once. This is serious business. These are 10 Stunning Animal And Celebrity Lookalikes.

1. Vladimir Putin

Celebrity Lookalikes - Putin And A Dog

On the right: Vladimir Putin. On the left: a very stern looking dog.

It’s not easy being the leader of a powerhouse country, which used to, more or less,¬†have absolute supremacy over most of the world. You have to face the daily responsibilities of a presidency and the mockery of the Internet. As funny as it may seem, this isn’t the first time the Russian leader has lost a battle to the satire of social media, and surely it won’t be the last either.

2. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg And Kermit Are One Of The Most Common Celebrity Lookalikes

On the right: Snoop Dogg. On the left: a not so snoop dog.

Since I’m not really well versed in the matter of Snoop Dogg’s whereabouts, I’d rather address the other side of the picture. Believe it or not, he is also a celebrity! His name is Kermit, and he is the beloved dog of YouTuber and Internet sensation Jenna Marbles, who became a viral sensation with her How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Attractive video. These days, she is also popular thanks to the relationship with her three dogs and, funnily so, the Snoop Dogg comparison is a long running gag in her fandom and one of the most common celebrity lookalikes.

3. Adolf Hitler

Celebrity Lookalikes We Never Thought Of: Hitler

On the right: Adolf Hitler. On the left: a cat that looks like a Looney Tunes villain.

Hitler isn’t exactly joke material, and if he does somehow manage to become the subject of a good laugh, this is basically a one-way ticket to Hell, according to some. But, what will you do: someone found this cat, immediately thought of the infamous Nazi leader and shared it with the Internet as yet another of the many celebrity lookalikes. And being the way it is, it probably was busy for a very long time trying to determine the verisimilitude of the picture (I’m talking about the cat, I have zero doubts that Adolf Hitler actually existed).

4. John Travolta

Celebrity Lookalikes - John Travolta

On the right: John Travolta. On the left: literally the¬†weirdest looking dog I’ve ever seen.

John Travolta has one of those faces that you would be able to recognize with a paper bag on both your and his head. He has a long career behind him, and a considerable number of iconic performances. And it seems that he went from swooning ladies everywhere with his role in Grease, to discovering his long lost canine brother. We’re really happy for you, mister Travolta. Family is always important.

5. Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is A Common Target For Celebrity Lookalikes

On the right: Donald Trump. On the left: honestly, I don’t even know.

Really, what is that? I’m not even talking about Trump’s hair here, since it was the center of comparisons with literally everything from an ear of corn, to a troll doll. I think I know what happened to the thing on the left, though. It probably was once an animal, but it couldn’t bear living so secluded from the Republican candidate, so it turned itself into a wig. This way, it hopes it’ll be able to occupy his head and live happily ever after.

6. Taylor Lautner

The Most Popular Of Celebrity Lookalikes - Taylor Lautner/Alpaca

On the right: Taylor Lautner. On the left: an alpaca (because they are aesthetically different from llamas).

There is no better time to make fun of a celebrity than when they are at the peak of their stardom. But that doesn’t mean we’re too shy to do it even when the flame doesn’t burn so brightly anymore. The Taylor Lautner – alpaca pair up is almost as old as Sarah Jessica Parker and horses, so for the sake of nostalgia, we decided to include it too.

7. Snoop Dogg 2.0

Celebrity Lookalikes Meet Snoop Dogg Once Again

On the right: Snoop Dogg again. On the left: I think I understand why the “dogg” part of the name.

What is it about Snoop Dogg’s face that’s so easy to find in the complexion of various mammals? He seems to be the center of most celebrity lookalikes situations. No offense brought to anyone, though. I’m sure he’s a decent guy, and the dog on the left looks like it’s having the time of its life, so let’s bring this topic to a halt.

8. Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama - Celebrity Lookalikes

On the right: Dalai Lama. On the left: ironically, a llama.

I don’t think this is what the Tibetans expected when they forged two words with a profound meaning into the famous “Dalai Lama” title. The word “lama” actually has nothing to do with the friendly fellow in the picture, and instead it’s an equivalent of the Sanskrit word that means “guru.” Since beggars can’t be choosers, let’s just ignore all of this factual information and pretend it has something to do with actual llamas. We’ll just say that it’s further proof that Tenzin Gyatso was born to be the 14th Dalai Lama.

9. Adrien Brody

Celebrity Lookalikes - Adrien Brody

On the right: Adrien Brody. On the left: a monkey.

We’re nine spots into this list, but forgot to ask ourselves one important question: are we going to say that the animal looks like the celebrity or that it is the other way around? Either way, for this particular case, let’s just say that it’s the monkey that has this honor. After all, Adrien Brody’s appearance is unique enough to be rare to find among other humans, let alone in the animal world, making one of the most memorable celebrity lookalikes.

10. Harrison Ford

Celebrity Lookalikes Even Affect Harrison Ford

On the right: Harrison. On the left: a very cheeky looking golden retriever.

The first thing that came to my head when I saw this picture was: how amazing would a Star Wars reenactment just with dogs be? This comparison is fit to end this list, since it seems like it benefits both sides of the picture. Harrison Ford is a handsome man, the dog is adorable, and should some brilliant mind decide to make Bark Wars, it seems like they’ve found their canine Han Solo.

Which one was your favorite celebrity equivalent in the animal world? Let me just tell you, there were much more offensive picks that could have been included, but we figured the world is tough enough as it is. We don’t need to add wood to the fire by pointlessly making fun of animals. I mean, people. Anyway, these were 10 Stunning Animal And Celebrity Lookalikes. Don’t sue us.

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5 Scary Animal Swarms Invasions

Our love for pets usually sticks to cats and dogs. We feel safe around them and we get to love them as our own children. Our civilized world doesn’t usually mix with the wild life of snakes, ferocious beasts and eight legged tarantulas. But not even we are strong enough to withhold invasions. Sometimes it’s our fault for being obtrusive and stepping on their territories. But other times we play the victim’s role and try to take shelter from wild creatures. These 5 scary animal swarms invasions are a reminder that some animals will never be domesticated and we can’t control their behavior.

5. Hundred of birds take over a couple’s house

5 Scarry Animal Swarms Invasions

When a Californian couple returned from their holiday nothing could prepare them for what they found at their home. Hundreds of birds had invaded their¬†house and had made a mess of everything. An ornithologist explained the bizarre incident by saying that the birds had mistaken the house’s chimney with a tree. The swarm wasn’t dangerous, but the ¬†experience was unsettling. Still, the case is not an isolated one. Many people have been reporting birds coming in their homes through the chimney and making a complete mess of their place.

4. Scorpion infestations are not a joke

5 Scarry Animal Swarms Invasions

People who live in Nevada are used with the idea of having scorpions around. They aren’t threatening to humans, but they’re still a nuisance. However, the Arizona bark scorpion can be dangerous to kids. It is attracted by the palm trees people insist on adding to their gardens. So residents often complain of finding scorpions in their houses every day. In one particular case, a family’s cat was stung and died shortly after. The problem caused another family to move, scared for their children’s safety.

3. Thousands of rats infest animal rescue operator’s house

5 Scarry Animal Swarms Invasions

Without her knowledge, a kind woman running an animal rescue was dropped some rats in a cage by an anonymous person. It took her some time before discovering they had multiplied like crazy without her noticing. All of a sudden she was overwhelmed by the situation, and found herself knee deep in rats. She felt very sorry for the rats and wanted to help them, but her neighbors didn’t hesitate to ring up the police and complain about the thousands of rats from next door. So if you want to drop off some rats at an animal shelter, make sure to let the person in charge know about them.

2. India is being taken over by monkeys

5 Scarry Animal Swarms Invasions

Monkeys can be extremely cute when they swing from one tree branch to another, but the situation in India is really getting out of control. Recent reports estimate that as many as fifty million monkeys are roaming in this country. As a protected species, the locals can’t do much about this pest. And they’re not harmless either. They steal important things as well as food and they damage buildings and historic monuments. They also bite and people risk getting various diseases. The monkeys are considered sacred by some, which makes it even more difficult for India to find a solution for this unsettling issue.

1. The terrorist crickets in Nevada

5 Scarry Animal Swarms Invasions

Back in 2003 a town in Nevada was infested by Mormon crickets that weren’t shy to take over the roads, the hospital and whole streets. This drove away tourists and many shops were forced to close their doors for days. The authorities bought $50,000 worth of insecticide and managed to kill off the Mormon crickets, helped by the fact that the insects eat their dead fellows. This put an end to the reported 1.6 kilometre long column of crickets that scared the locals to death and made them lock their windows and doors tight.

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Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

It’s no secret dogs are extremely eager to please. They would do anything to make you pet them. They’re so happy when you get home they can hardly¬†contain their enthusiasm. But they’re also smart, which makes them good pupils. The following list of unique commands you can teach your dog will make the bond between the two of you even stronger. You can spend time with your pet teaching him cool tricks and he’ll appreciate and love you even more. The treats might play a big part in his appreciation for you, but nonetheless, you’ll have yourself a reliable best friend for life.

1. Don’t be shy

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

The “don’t be shy” command will make your dog hide his face with his paw. If you blow on their noses and tell your dog the command, he’ll respond by hiding his eyes. This is your cue to serve him a treat and show some love by petting and congratulating him. After a while, your dog will start hiding his eyes only when he’ll hear “don’t be shy”.

2. Act crazy

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner, you’re familiar with your dog sometimes going mad, running up and down with excitement. To turn this into a command, next time your dog runs in circles really fast, say “act crazy”. After several attempts and many treats later, the command will start working on its own.

3. High five

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

This one is a bit trickier because dogs don’t really like other touching their paws. You can start practicing this with your dog by extending your hand and uttering the command. Encourage him to reach out until he finally gets it. You know the drill by now: at the end, offer a treat.

4. Hide and seek

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

This is more of a game than a command, but it’s still fun both for you and your dog. Next time you’re in a park, throw a ball away and let your pet chase it, while you go hiding. He’ll come back looking for you and you can help him out by calling his name or whistling. Then get ready for snuggles, because your dog will be extremely happy to see he didn’t lose you to another dog.

5. Dancing

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Using your dog’s tendency to stand on two legs and reach toward your face, you can help him learn how to dance. When you see your dog on his hind legs, help him remain like that with your hands and even do a few twirls. Don’t forget to tell him the “dance” command, offer encouragements and congratulations as well as a treat. This trick might take many attempts, but practice makes perfect.

6. Tell me secrets

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your dog could whisper into your ear? Maybe he can. You can teach¬†your pet how to do this trick the next time you see him sniffing around the house. Just place your ear next to the dog’s nose and utter the command when they start sniffing. With this one as well, patience and lots of treats will yield the best results.

7. Kisses

Unique Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Another cute command is to show your dog how to give you kisses. And by that I mean that he will just lick your face off. All you have to do is place your cheek near your dog’s mouth and say “kiss me”. He won’t transform into a charming prince, but will be more than happy to oblige you. It might take a few attempts for the magic to happen, but once your dog starts kissing you, don’t forget to reciprocate the affection by petting him and giving him a treat.

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Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

You’re probably familiar with the saying “birds of a feather flock together”, but did you know that birds are warmblooded, meaning they are able to maintain their temperature no matter of the environment they are in? But there are times when they are forced to adapt to the¬†nature that can be cruel when you’re forced to sleep out in the open. Get ready to have your heart melted by these cute pictures of various birds cuddling to keep warm against the cold or during a snowstorm. It appears not only humans are fond of snuggling, so start scrolling down the page to get your dose of cuteness for the day.

1. Tree Swallows Huddle Up

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

I warned you this article was going to be a cute overload. What we’re looking (and smiling from ear to ear) at here is¬†Tachycineta bicolor¬†or the tree swallow. Weighing as much as 20 grams, these birds are very social even outside of the breeding season.

2. Not a Caterpillar

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

If you thought this was a caterpillar, you were wrong. This is actually a flock of European Bee eaters, warming up by hugging fellow neighbors. This strongly migratory little bird can be found in southern Europe, some northern parts of Africa and even in Asia. Its plumage is richly colored, with a black beak and it can grow as long as twenty nine centimeters (eleven inches).

3. Baby Owl Pack

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

This photo was taken in Kanha National Park in India and it doesn’t get cuter than this. It seems like the baby owls are camouflaged in the hollow of the tree, probably dreaming about Hogwarts. They seem so peaceful, you just want stretch your hand and pet one.

4. Swallows During a Spring Snowstorm

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

These swallows knew what to do when they were taken by surprise by a snowstorm in mid May. They huddled together and waited it out. It appears their slow metabolism helps them slip into a state of semi-torpor, which worked wonders. No swallow was injured during the taking of this photo.

5. Cuddle birds

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

These tiny colorful birds don’t give me the impression they’re in danger of freezing to death, which leaves us with one more explanation for this cuddle sessions. They just like snuggles. Some birds sleep as close as their fellows as possible and who can blame them?

6. Superb Fairy Wren Chicks Cuddled With Their Dad

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

I kid you not, that’s how this bird is called, the Superb Fairy wren. Its bombastic name aside, this little fellow is territorial and¬†sedentary, which could explain the look of exhaustion on the father’s face after gathering¬†grasshoppers for its hungry babies. The¬†Superb Fairy Wrens¬†can be found in almost any area which has some undergrowth for shelter, but these tiny birds also seems to have adapted well to urban environments too.

7. Smooth Billed Ani

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

These smooth billed ani aren’t particularly fond of the morning breeze. So they huddled up to keep warm and wait for the Sun to do its job. These are large birds from the cuckoo family that can be found in Florida, the Bahamas and the Carribeans. You won’t find any smooth billed ani nestles lower than three meters from the ground. Females can lay as much as ten eggs at once and they only have to wait fifteen days for them to hatch.

8. Finch Family

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

This family of finch little birds are hugging for warmth on a chilly morning. They have a vivid plumage and are not migratory birds. You can see them almost everywhere in the world, except in Australia and the polar regions.

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5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

Long are the days when cuddling with your kitty and playing fetch with your Golden retriever was everything you wanted to do when you got home. Famous people have set a new trend. Check out these 5 celebrities with exotic tastes in pets. Most of them are cute, but some are dangerous and belong in the wild, not in a cage. Would you be open to have a donkey as a pet or do you think that’s just celebrity crazy stuff? It’s hard to say we’d never pull something like this, maybe you’d fancy a kangaroo or a lion in your backyard, just for a touch of danger. Bye bye alarm system.

1. Nicholas Cage and his octopus

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

That’s not an euphemism or an article about one of his upcoming roles. Nicholas Cage actually decided one day that he’d like to adorn his living room with an aquarium. More specifically, one that could hold an octopus. 150,000 dollars later, Nicholas Cage had his wish come true. The reasons behind his splurge? He claimed the sea creature could help him become a better actor, enabling him to study other life forms. I guess a zoo ticket would’ve been too cheap.

2. Justin Bieber and his capuchin monkey

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

Last year, gift ideas for Justin Bieber were kinda low on creativity. So his producer, Jamal “Mally Mall” got Bieber a capuchin monkey and named him OG Mally. Here’s the plot twist: when German custom officials discovered the exotic pet on Bieber’s private jet, OG Mally was placed in quarantine and Bieber could do nothing without the needed paperwork. The cute capuchin ended up residing at a German zoo with other fellows.

3. Mike Tyson and his pet tiger

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

While we’re not particularly big fans of Mike Tyson, we had to include him in our top for his ridiculous choice pets. Alongside acquiring million dollar tubs and over one hundred cars, Tyson at some point owned three tigers. Before 2003, when he went bankrupt following his divorce and an expensive lawsuit, he bought three white Bengal tigers, each setting him back by $70,000. With an additional $125,000 spent on a trainer to take care of them and $200,000 on food supplies, it’s safe to say Tyson was not very temperate with his savings. When Tyson was found out without a proper licence for any of the three tigers, they were sent in Colorado, in a refuge where they would be properly tended and looked after.

4. Salvador Dali and the anteater

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

The Spanish surrealist painter didn’t limit his eccentric views only to his paintings. He infused his life with weird things and earned himself the reputation of a brilliant mind and painter, but strange guy. And his choice of pets can support the last affirmation. Although Dali didn’t own the anteater, he seized the opportunity to take it for a walk and show it around Paris back in 1969. In addition to the anteater, Dali also owned an ocelot, which is a dwarf leopard.

5. Reese Witherspoon and her donkeys

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

Oscar winner and four times Golden Globe nominee Reese Whiterspoon has a love for pets, which can be easily seen from her extensive family of animals. She owns two donkeys (Honky and Tonky), two pigs, three goats, three dogs, twenty chickens and a pony. She claimed owning so many animals helps her children learn about compassion from a young age. At the same time, Witherspoon wasn’t afraid to let everyone know she makes her kids clean the stalls. Well, how else are they supposed to learn to be kind? Reese lives in Los Angeles with her family and her miniature farm that seems to be expanding at all times with all sorts of cute additions.

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