5 Most Famous Internet Cats

With the risk of uttering the most uttered sentence in the history of the world: the Internet is for cats. You just need to open your Internet browser and within seconds after doing that you are bombarded with pictured and videos of cats. Cute cats, Kitler cats, small, big, cats with unique and adorable markings, grumpy cats and happy cats. Did you know that there are more pictures shared with cats that there are selfies? So it’s official, we like cats more than we like ourselves! In today’s article we’re going to take a look at 6 of the most famous internet cats; the rock stars of the Internet as they should be called.

1. Nyan Catnyan cat famous internet cats

Every Internet user must watch the video of Nyan Cat from start to finish! It’s just one of those things that need to be done. The video features an animated cartoon cat which flies through space and leaves a rainbow trail behind it. The song, though, is what makes it worth its bucks. We can’t imagine why Nyan Cat was such a huge success, but it was and still is. It averages over 35 million views a year and it gets every 7 dislikes for every 100 likes. It’s so bad, it’s good!

2. Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat famous internet cats

Possibly the most famous Internet cat, Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce. His photo was uploaded on Reddit by the brother of Tardar’s owner and the whole internet fell in love. Within a few months, Tard was appearing on TV and was tweeting.  The cat now has a talent agent, a clothing line and even some awards, such as Buzzfeed’s 2013 Meme of the Year.

3. Business Catbusiness cat famous internet cats

Business Cat is the most famous Internet cat with a job. He mixes office jargon with cat behavior and hilarity ensues. The top line is something a human boss would say and the bottom line is something a feline would enjoy. His name is Emilio and he is a black tabby cat who is wearing a tie. The tie was bought by his owner’s girlfriend for Christmas and the photo was uploaded on Reddit. The rest was history.

4. Happy CatHappy Cat famous internet cats

Happy cat may not be so famous not, or even all that recognizable, but if it weren’t for Happu Cat, there wouldn’t be any LOLCats and no ICanHasCheezburger website. We think that without Happy Cat the Internet wouldn’t be such a happy-friendly cat. Can you imagine such a world, because we can’t? The photo started circulating the web in 2003, when the photo of Frank, a mascot for a Russian cat food company was uploaded on Something Awful. In 2007 an unknown web user added the line “I can has cheezburger? You know what happened after.

5. Henri, Le Chat Noirhenri famous internet cats

Henri is a gorgeous tuxedo cat that is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. The videos were created by his owner, Willian Braden. It all started when he had to create a film noir for a class project and he thought of using his cat to do it. The videos are black and white, and in them, Henri (whose real name is Henry) bemoans his fate of being an indoor cat, explores his existential crisis and reveals his contempt for his fellow cat housemate.

6. Maru the CatMaru the Cat famous internet cats

No list of famous Internet cats would be complete without the adorably plump Mary, a male Scottish Fold cat living in Japan with his owner Mugumogu, a woman who chooses not to show her face in any of the videos. Each YouTube video of Maru has an average of 800,000 views. Maru has a deep love for boxes. Mugumogu recently adopted another cat, Hana.

We honestly can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us in terms of famous Internet cats! What is your favorite Internet cat? Drop us a line in the comment below and tell us what you think.

15 Albino Animals That Will Leave you Breathless

Albinism is not something that only affects human beings and while we may not see beauty in this genetic abnormality that causes our skin to not be able to produce melanin (the pigment responsible for our different skin tones), several photographers have managed to capture breathtaking pictures of animals suffering from the same condition. These pictures display such delicate magnificence that many of us have found the creatures that were captured exquisitely beautiful and one of a kind. Here are fifteen of the world’s rarest albino specimens:

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15. Albino Peacock


Peacocks use their plume as a way to attract mates, and the richer and more beautifully colored feathers they display, the higher their chances of finding a better mate are. This peacock is so much more beautiful because of its lack of colors.

14. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird


Native to North America, this hummingbird made such a splash in the media when it was photographed in a garden. Normally, albinos are sought after by predators but in this case, the hummingbird may be way too fast for those trying to catch it. Instead it made this awe-inspiring picture possible.

13. Smily-face Bat


This sweet, sweet baby bat looks as if he were smiling in the picture. Cuteness overload.

12. Bengal Albino Tiger


Living across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, the Bengal tiger has been classified as endangered as of 2010 and is one of the most beautiful wild animals that man can witness. And this albino representative is that much more special, in spite of the fact that it would have an extremely difficult time in the wild.

11. White Crow


We’re all familiar with crows being the omen of death, the black birds flying around and over homes were people are on the brink of death, so it is quite uncommon to come across an albino crow that is 100% percent white.

10. Zebra


Zebras are meant to be black and white, so when they lack the melanin for the black stripes, albino zebras have light brown stripes instead. The clear blue eyes are also a welcome bonus to this already unique animal.

9. Humpback Whale


Ranging in length from 12 to 16 meters and weighing approximately 36 thousand kilograms, humpback whales are acrobatic animals, breaching and slapping the water, are easily recognized due to their black dorsal coloring. This whale would be more difficult for whale watchers to identify due to it being completely white.

8. Rattlesnake


This picture is beyond description. Such beauty, and this in the case of one of the most dangerous reptiles on the face of the planet.

7. Squirrel


Imagine you’re walking through the forest and suddenly, you look at a tree where a completely white squirrel is jumping from tree to tree- quite unlikely, granted, since they would be easy targets for any predators trying to savor a dinner, but this squirrel is absolutely breathtaking.

6. Eagle


This guy would encounter serious issues when trying to fly over its prey.

5. Hedgehog


The internet is full of hedgehog pictures and gifs of them falling asleep, simply falling or playing around the house, but how much sweeter is this all-white hedgehog?

4. Iguana


Another albino reptile that made our list is this spine-tingling iguana that has the posture of a proud eagle and the conviction of a mother lion about to go hunting.

3. Ladybug


The conventional black dotted red ladybugs are put to shame by this magnificent picture of an albino ladybug.

2. Alligator


Steve Irwin would have been so proud to have seen such a marvelous alligator standing in front of him.

1. Lion


It would seem that even lions can come in all-white. And what beauty!

7 Excellent Gift Ideas for Cat Owners

Whether guinea pigs or chinchillas, fish or birds, cats or dogs, every pet owner shares in one simple feeling: love for their pet. And it is precisely this love that drives them to all the gestures they do for their beloved companion: birthday cakes with bones and doggy treats, climbing equipment, new cozy homes and other endless gifts meant to bring more happiness into the lives of those beings you care for most. A while back we shared a post with 15 Cats with Adorable Markings, and we decided to also share a post with the best gift ideas for cat owners. Most of them are simple tokens, while others are extremely practical presents. We hope you will enjoy them. Here are some clever gift ideas for the cat owners you may know:

1. Cat Pendant


1 1

There are countless charming creations, whether gem incrusted or plain silver, quirky or fresh , and even plain old simple, a cat pendant or a necklace is a viable option whenever in a pickle about what to get your cat loving friend.

2. Cat Mug


2 1

How about an elegant mug with a long, twisted handle to remind everyone of a specific little cat? Or better yet a transparent mug equipped with whiskers so that, while drinking your milk, you can be the cat for a change?

3. Cat Tower


If your budget can allow it, a cat tower is something that both your friend and his cat will totally love- you have so many options to choose between, from sophisticated to playful, that you can’t swing and miss.

4. Cat Bed


Your friend will most likely already own a cat bed but no one was ever against some redecorating, and when it comes to his furred companion, a special cat bed will hit just the spot in his heart. There are so many models to choose from that your only problem will actually be picking THE ONE- may it be a pod cat bed, a hanging swing bed or your plain and simple cushion heaven, there’s no getting it wrong.

5. Cat Condos

5 1


While we’re on the topic of remodeling, cat condos are also worth considering. There are stackable cube condos in different colors and sizes, stackable leather boxes, or cat trees with built in living quarters, you have an assortment of creations to suit your needs and your budget- simply browse the internet for the best fit.

6. Cat Scratchers


Let’s be honest here, no matter how much your friend loves his cat, there is still the issue of furniture, carpet and curtain destruction that comes as a package deal with any feline. That’s precisely why a clever cat scratcher is just the thing for you- the sisal wrapped scratching surface and the comfortable feel will get your cat away from your prized possessions and focused on claw sharpening for a serious amount of time.

7. Cat Toys

This topic is endless since the variety of toys and contraptions at our disposal is endless.

This Peek-a-Prize toy box is certainly a blast for both your friend and his cat and ensures an activity they can both enjoy.


Another option is a tunnel toy (feel free to combine, mix and match to get exactly what you want) that comes in various shapes and sizes (and for the owner’s convenience, is also easily stored away).

7 1

And what are your thoughts on motorized contraptions, such as this Wand Cat Toy- turn it on and the erratic movement is enough to keep a sweet kitty busy for hours on end.

7 2

Balls, yarns, feather teasers, lasers, mouse toys- there are so many things to choose from that all you need to do is to get-a-browsin’!

25 Stunning Fox Photos Plus Interesting Facts

As beautiful and interesting as foxes are, their existence is still a mystery for many. Their fiery-red coats and bushy tail which can come in steel gray or snow white has inspired many stories and legends throughout the years. While we may know a few things about this cunning creature, there are still many curiosities that you might not have heard of. Last week we shared 15 Photos of Cats with adorable markings, and today we would like to give you X images that will make you fall in love with foxes, along with some of the most interesting facts about them. So, what does the fox say?





1. Foxes are Friendly

Although they are wild animals, foxes are actually extremely friendly, mostly because they have an unusual curios nature. They are often seen checking out other animals, and making friends with them. They might persevere in their antagonistic relationship so much, that they will even befriend a cat or dog. Studies have shown that the earliest species of foxes have also befriended humans. A 16.500 year old cemetery containing the corpse of a human male and his fox companion were found in northern Jordan. This means that we made friends with foxes long before we made the dog our faithful companion.





(Check out more photos from Katerina Plotnikova)

2. Hunted for their Fur

Foxes have glorious fur, and this means that they are hunted across the globe for it. People without morals have managed to hunt them to the brink of extinction, and even today, many of these majestic creatures are killed. While we may understand that people living in harsh conditions like Siberia might need their thick fur to keep warm, there is no point in robbing them of their lives over a fashion trend. In the past, hunters were also interested in foxes because they were very difficult to hunt due to their agility and cunning nature. The only way to find them was by training hunting dogs.

At the moment, many foxes are bred in fur factory farms and suffer immensely. They live their whole lives in small cages, where they are unable to move. To preserve the quality of the fur, farmers use horrific slaughter methods such as anal electrocution, which provokes extreme suffering to the animals.







3. The Nine-Tailed Fox

If you are a Naruto fan, the nine-tailed fox is definitely not a mystery to you. As you may very well know, foxes are a symbol of wisdom and cunning in many cultures, but it is the Japanese and Korean culture that have taken a special interest in this animal. As a matter of fact, they revere it so much that it is featured in many legends and said to help achieve enlightenment. The nine-tailed fox is a creature with magical powers, which can even transform into humans. Many legends actually consider it to be a curse, because the nine-tailed fox will always strive to change its fate. In addition to this, it is said that once every millennium a thousand-year fox is born, which should be sacrificed, while still virgin, to lift the curse of all the other nine-tails.






4. Foxes and Folklore

Although the Japanese have taken a special interest in foxes, this gleeful and evasive animal is present in nearly every culture of the world. Its mythological role ranges from the Icelandic gun-disabling, vicious demon (Skugga Baldur and Skoffin) to the legendary Brer Fox in American culture. During the middle ages they were associated with divine powers, witches and even trickster figures. Finnish people actually thought that the Northern Lights were caused by them, and their “fox fires”. Nevertheless, the most influential user of foxes in folklore, is Aesop, the Greek storyteller who described different traits with the help of foxes.




5. They Resemble Cats more than Dogs

Foxes are part of the canine species, but they are more like cats, in many ways. For examples, they have catlike pupils (with vertical slits) for improved night-vision. In addition to this, their walk is very agile and elegant, and they are excellent climbers. If you study their anatomy you will find even more fascinating similarities. Their spine-covered tongues, for example, and sensitive whiskers are two of them. Last but not least, gray foxes feature semi-retractable claws.


24 25

More Curiosities about Foxes:

  1. Foxes show great caring, adaptability and intelligence when it comes to raising their young.

  2. When they are born foxes can’t hear, see or walk, so they are highly dependent on their mothers. They will hunt and bring food back to the den for them.

  3. Foxes are the most widespread species of wild dogs in the world. They can live anywhere, even in urban environments.

  4. They are either solitary creatures, or live in small family groups. Their main sources of food are rodents, small birds, fruit and amphibians.

  5. The Red Fox can run at nearly 30 miles per hour.

  6. They can only live 3-4 years in the wild, but are known to survive 10 in captivity.

Source: Theboredpanda.com, flickr.com

5 Cute Animal Facts that Will Melt Your Heart

Animals are beautiful creatures and some animal habits are just too cute not to explore further, especially if you are a fan of the softer side of the wildlife. If you are tired of the same old feline photos that over saturate social media feeds, then let’s dig deeper, swim in colder waters, and fly higher in order to see some animals’ true beauty. Join us as we travel the world in the search of five cute animal facts that will melt your heart. We will convince you once and for all that our wild co-inhabitants are, at times, more affectionate, altruistic and emotionally attached to their peers than many humans.

1. Gentoo male penguins present their female partner the pebbles for their common nest

gentoo penguins

You have probably seen the penguin bringing his mate a pebble as a form of a “mating” proposal, which is and it’s not true at the same time. Indeed the Gentoo live in rocky nests and pebbles found around are the foundation of their future home, but the Gentoo male doesn’t go hunting for the perfect rock to propose. It is mating season, however, so you might think some kind of proposal takes place.

2. Sea otters hold hands during sleep


Among all the cute animal facts that will melt your heart, this one is coupled with cuteness overload courtesy of the sea otter, one of the most adorable sea creatures ever. The “sleeping together holding hands” part is true, as this is a security mechanism that prevents them from drifting apart during sleep. Taking an afternoon nap never as good as it looks on these beautiful creatures.

3. Cows make best friends and suffer when separated


The animal kingdom is full of surprises and cows are no different. Similar to humans, cows can also make best friends, get attached to a peer, and suffer separation anxiety. Even if such facts have been reported by various media sources, which cannot all be trusted, it seems that some truth lies beneath the rumor, as research has begun to get conducted on cows’ befriending behaviors. How do they exactly choose their best friend? How does the whole process develop? How can one tell when two cows are best friends? These are all serious questions science will try to explain.

4. Did you ever wonder whether rats laugh?


While not all of us would wake up one morning and think about essential scientific issues, at least one person did. And apparently, rats laugh, even if people are more inclined to exterminate them when they spot them around their houses. The question in the title was borrowed from an article on Scientific American which tells the story of scientist Jaak Panksepp from Washington State University who accidentally discovered that rats laugh. The videos are amazing, even if you hate rats with a passion.

5. Dolphins call each other by names and respond when being called


This is among those cute animal facts that will melt your heart without a doubt, but will also make you raise your eye brow.  How can you determine if dolphins call each other by name? How can you tell? And where is the evidence for this statement? This article on National Geographic might clear the waters for you and give you a whole new perspective on dolphins – some of the cutest, brightest and amazing animals that blessed our world with their presence.

If you have other cute facts on animals that you know will trigger the “awww” effect on us or on our readers, don’t be shy in sharing them. We are suckers for cute animals, even if wild and untamed! And now even rats seem to be not that bad, either…