What Animals and Other Things Might Become Extinct in the Near Future

The world changes all the time; sometimes this is for the better and sometimes it’s for the worse. Apart from the animals that are currently listed as critically endangered species, plenty of other things that could disappear from our lives soon. What animals and other things might become extinct in the near future? How would the world look without the following things?

Landline Phones

What Animals and Other Things Might Become Extinct in the Near Future

Do you remember the days when every home had a landline phone? Some of them were even hung up on walls. If you were outside and needed to make a call, you could look for a phone booth. The way in which cell phones have become so commonplace in the world means seeing landline phones is becoming a rare event. They will slowly get phased out even more over the coming years.


Animals and Other Things That Might Become Extinct

You don’t tend to think of people as being on the list of things that might become extinct, do you? As a red haired person myself, I worry when I see reports of our imminent demise. Will a giant meteor kill us all off? Perhaps we will fall foul of a deadly disease that attacks our freckles? Part of the answer lies in the fact that recessive genes will make red hair disappear. That theory appears to have been debunked but now there is a new one. We have red hair to help us improve Vitamin D production without much sun exposure. It is now claimed that global warming will kill off the need for redheads all over the world. Why can’t mother nature just leave us alone?

The Cross River Gorilla

Animals and Other Things That Might Become Extinct

I’ve been trying to put off the critically endangered animals list for as long as I can. It really depresses me to think about these things. Look at the beautiful creature in the picture. He might not be a redhead, but he’s still cool. Sadly, it is believed that less than 300 Cross River Gorillas are still around. They live around the border between Nigeria and Cameroon. Hunters and land development mean that they probably won’t be around for too much longer.

Hand Written Postcards and Letters

Animals and Other Things That Might Become Extinct

Ok, onto cheerier stuff for a minute. When was the last time you sent a hand written postcard or letter? Unless I’m very much mistaken it was sometime around “never.” The rise of email, text messages, Skype, Facebook and other types of technology means that sitting down and writing “Dear Fred” or “wish you were here” is no longer popular. Is this a good thing? Personally, I would rather receive a long and interesting letter than a generic Facebook status update. But, I can’t be bothered to write anything these days so I won’t complain too much.

The Sumatran Tiger

Animals and Other Things That Might Become Extinct

Ok, back to the sad and depressing stuff now. The Sumatran Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures you’ll probably never get to see. It is believed the global population is around 500. Maybe less.

TV Sets with Four Legs

Animals and Other Things That Might Become Extinct

Actually, my aunt still has one of these that I hope to inherit. The future isn’t that bad for them after all.

The Javan Rhinoceros

Animals, Things and Extinction

Hunters and land developers are again the main enemies of this chap. There are none of them alive in zoos across the planet. The population in the wild is believed to number no more than 40.

10 Animals that You Probably Never Knew Existed

There are so many animals on this planet, that scientists can’t even count them.  The estimates fall somewhere between 3 and 30 million species, but even these numbers aren’t certain. Naturally, there are creatures that we have never heard of in our lives. Of course, the list of species also includes cnidarians, sponges, Platyhelminthes, nematodes, and many others, that we are not very interested in. We would, however, love to know more about lesser known vertebrate species of animals. Here are 10 animals that you probably never knew existed:

10. The Dhole


If a wolf and fox would mate, the result would probably be the Dhole. This canid, native to South & Southeast Asia, is an extremely social animal. The Dholes live, and hunt in packs, exactly like wolves. They will occasionally split up, in smaller groups, to hunt their favorite prey: the medium-sized ungulates. The Dhole hunts by tiring its prey in long chases, and then disembowels it. Although they are considered timid animals, the Dholes are known to attack large animals such as wild boars, water buffalos, and even tigers.

9. The Okapi

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Here’s a strange animal that you have probably never heard of: the Okapi. In spite of its zebra-like stripes, it is more closely related to giraffes. Appearance-wise it has a head similar to that of a hyena, legs of a giraffe and stripes of a zebra. The animal is native to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

8. The Blue Parrotfish


This bright blue fish can be found in the Atlantic Ocean (assuming that you can distinguish it through the waves). If you ignore its derp-like face you can actually say it’s beautiful, especially thanks to its bright colors). The Blue Parrotfish spends 80% of its time searching for food.

7. The Fossa


The Fossa is the largest cat-like mammalian carnivore on the Madagascar Island. Size-wise it is comparable to the cougar. It has all the qualities of a feline: semi-retractable claws, flexible ankles and an uncanny ability to climb on trees head-first.

6. The Gerenuk


This animal is also known as the Waller’s gazelle, and it has a very unusual appearance: a long-neck that helps it eat dry horn brush scrubs easier. Gerenuk actually means giraffe-necked in the Somali language. This gazelle species has a small head with large ears and eyes. Its main advantage over other grass-eating mammals on the Savannah is its ability to stand erect on its rear legs and stretching its neck to reach trees and prickly bushes.

5. The Maned Wolf


This wolf is the largest of its kind in South America. Like the Dhole, it is surprisingly similar to a fox (due to its reddish fur). This animal enjoys grasslands, bushes and the trees of South America. Its long legs are most likely an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its habitat.

4. The Bush Viper


The Bush Viper is a carnivore predator which inhabits the tropical forests of Africa. It usually hunts at night. It has beautiful lemon and dark-blue colored scales.

3. Glaucus Atlanticus


This little guy is also known as the blue dragon, and it is a species of blue sea slug. It prefers floating on the surface of oceanic waters because of its gas-filled sack in the stomach.

2. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

Next time you think you’ve seen a Hummingbird make sure it’s the real deal. The Hummingbird Hawk-moth looks extremely similar to the hummingbird, it makes similar sounds and it also feeds on flowers.

1. Sunda Colugo


Number one on our list of animals that you probably never knew existed is the Sunda Colugo. This cute little fellow is also known under the name of The Sunda Flying Lemur (it doesn’t actually fly). It does, however, make giant leaps between trees. It is active only at night, and feeds on soft plant parts like fruit, flowers and leaves. It can be found in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other places in Southeast Asia.

The Strangest Pet Accessories You Can Actually Buy

What do you buy the pampered pet that has everything? I promise you this question isn’t really as pointless as it seems. There are plenty of strange pet accessories to choose from when you want to add a bit of spice to the little chap’s life.

The Cat Unicorn Hat

The Strangest Pet Accessories

Do you know those idle moments when you look at your cat and wish he was a unicorn? You know you do. Well, now your dreams of having a feline friend with a single horn can come bizarrely true. This inflatable unicorn horn for cats is possibly the most useless thing I have ever seen. Cats love it, though, according to the box.

The Pet Sauna

Strangest Pet Accessories

Do you often feel a bit guilty when you go for a sauna session and leave your slobbering mutt at home? Well, you could take the old boy in there with you. But, that seems awfully unhygienic. Instead, you can buy him his own personal sauna. Now everyone is happy.

Dog Beer

Strangest Pet Accessories

Beer for dogs really exists. What’s even more puzzling than the mere existence of this stuff is the fact that there appear to be two different flavours; I guess this is for the discerning pooch. What next; whisky for cats? Gin for bunnies?

The Pet Camera

Strangest Pet Accessories

What could be more utterly boring than sitting and watching a video of what your pet does when you’re not around? You already know what he does, anyway. He licks his private parts. He goes to sleep. Now you can use this pet camera to capture all of this riveting action and then sit back and watch it at your leisure. Don’t forget to stock up on the popcorn.

The Goldfish Walker

Strangest Pet Accessories

Isn’t it such a shame when you go out for a walk and need to leave your beloved pet fish at home all alone? Err, not really. He’s only a blooming fish, after all. Well, some enterprising person invented a strange pet accessory called a goldfish walker. It is as silly and pointless as it sounds, in case you were wondering.

The Cat Translation Device

Strangest Pet Accessories

Ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Of course you bloody well haven’t. He’s a cat and he’s not trying to tell you anything. That didn’t stop someone from inventing a cat translation device so you can try to understand what your kitty is saying.

The Pet Wardrobe

Strangest Pet Accessories

This is another of the strangest pet accessories you can really buy right now. This wardrobe is perfect for storing your dog’s clothes and stuff in. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up sharing my wardrobe space with the little hairy fellow. Now he can hang up his jackets and put away his collars in his very own little piece of furniture.

The Cat Wheel

Strangest Pet Accessories

If you want your cat to stay fit and full of fun then the answer is simple; get him a wheel. This giant wheel is big, it’s cumbersome and it will completely dominate whichever room you put it in. Never mind, the cat will love it. If he doesn’t then you can always use it for making moonshine.

Why We Absolutely Love Our Dogs- Gif Edition

Dog owners will know that the love you have for your dog is unparalleled. This small little creature that enters your life as a little ball of fur and sweetness, that pees everywhere in and around your house, on every conceivable surface and under every cushion suddenly becomes the reason for immense joy when coming home. Because when you see those sweet eyes filling up with joy that you’ve opened the door, you know that it was worth it to wash the sofas for the thousandth time. So here are some of the cutest moments that our dogs give us and the best reasons to love them for as long as we have the pleasure of having them in our lives:

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You can always count on your dog to assist you in any and all endeavors you may undergo. If and when you fail, they will try to repair the damage. When that also fails, they will try to make you laugh. And invariably succeed.


Going for a walk is their favorite time of day. It doesn’t matter if you walk ten times a day, the enthusiasm is constantly the same. Not to mention the beautiful routine that we create when walking our dogs. Great ideas don’t just come during the shower, but also during long and silly walks.


Our dogs are brave. Sometimes stupidly brave. And ridiculous. And their bravery brings them in doubtful situations where you, his owner, have no idea how exactly to save your dog from the predicament he has gotten himself in. Nevertheless, their bravery should not be overseen.


They also like to make new friends. No matter if they would or would have not met in normal circumstances.


These marvelous beings are also very supportive of their owners and their families. Crawling is for instance new to some family members, but he knows for a fact that he is the best crawler in the house. It’s therefore clear that he has become the teacher.


Learning new things can always become a funny moment. Meeting his shadow is such a moment. A dog will always have an innate curiosity but how he chooses to satisfy this curiosity can leave your belly hurting of laughter.


And speaking about new things, do you remember when your dog had his first contact with snow? My dog did something like this. The only difference is that I had to jump in after him because he wouldn’t come out anymore.


Our dogs could come to love football as much as we do. So watching the game could become a best-buddy type of situation. What is left now is to teach him how to open the fridge and bring a couple of cold ones over.


Do you remember when they were puppies? They would fall flat on their face, get stuck while climbing the stairs and be afraid of moving, or at times, fall into a bowl and forget how to get out. Whichever the situation, you loved him so much more for it.


Never forget that your dog sees you as a role model. So he will always try to pick up the best behaviors from you, and as his owner, you need to be considerate about the things you teach him. It is allowed, however, to also include a bit of nonsense here and there.


And if you decide to teach your dog to dance, be sure to also film him when he succeeds. Your friends will thank you for the laughs! 


These are only a few of the reasons why we love our dogs. Why do you love your dog? We would love to know! Stay tuned for more funny gifs!

The 10 Best and Worst Missing Pets Signs

If you have ever lost a pet then you know how upsetting this is. However, I hope you didn’t go and make a weird missing pet sign like these freaky ones.

The Missing Crab Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Don’t you just hate it when your pet crab goes missing? Especially when you’ve gone to the trouble of giving him a sweet name like Oliver. Jeez, when you think about it 10 bucks is a pretty small reward for being reunited with such an important person in your life.

The Dead and Alive Cat Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

It’s not often that you can see a missing pet sign that contains a paradox on it. You could end up standing in front of this sign scratching your head for a long time if you’re not careful.

The Not So Missing Cat

Best Missing Pets Signs

Is this little hairy dude just trying to mock his owners? Judging by the smug look on his face I would suggest that it exactly what he is doing. It’s a brilliant photo all the same.

The Lost Fly Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Hmm, I think the chances of seeing dear Harry again are pretty slim. However, I’m encouraged to see that a few people have ripped off the little bits of paper on the sign. Maybe they have seen him buzzing around after all. I think it might be a joke but I just can’t be 100% sure.

The Home Made Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

To be honest, I don’t even know what the hell is going on with this missing pet sign. Someone put a lot of effort into it, that’s all I know for sure. The world is getting stranger by the day it seems.

The Lost Parrot Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Now where could that lovely tasty parrot have got to? I guess you’ll just need to pop along on Saturday at midday and see if you can recognise his charred feathers. Never having had the pleasure of attending a parrot bbq I can only imagine the taste of this bird once grilled.

The Anatomically Explicit Missing Dog Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Sometimes it is possible to put just a little bit too much information on these signs, you know. Telling us what he looked like and what his name is would probably have been enough without even going in the anatomical details.

The Devil Dog Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

This is one missing dog you really don’t want to meet on a dark night, even if means earning $100. The bizarre mixture of breeds swirling around in his blood is probably the reason why he is “not very friendly” and “irate at times” I guess. That won’t be much consolation when Killer rips your freaking arms off.

The Idiot Missing Dog Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Eric the missing dog sounds like a bit of a character. I see the reward has dropped since the sign was first put up. I wonder if that indicates the owner’s waning interest in Eric or if he needs to sell the drum in order to pay the full reward.

The Sad Missing Cat Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Isn’t this just the most heart breaking missing pet sign ever? I really don’t think any neighbours are going to recognise the moggie from this hand drawing but it was a good effort all the same.