Chimp And Baby Tiger Like Mother And Son

It was at Thailand’s Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo when something adorable yet bizarre occurred. At the resort, which is 25 miles south-east of Bangkok, a two-year-old chimpanzee was feeding a baby tiger, named Aorn, from a bottle of milk. The female chimp, named Do Do, looked like a real mother to the tiger cub nestling in her arms.

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Twenty Terrible Dog Haircuts

It’s important to remember that not all dog “haircuts” are deliberate. For example, if you ever see a dog with dreadlocks…that’s probably a Komondor. It has that coat to protect it from wolves.

These, on the other hand, are deliberate. In fact, some of these are actually photos of the same poodle named Cindy. She’s the one with the thousand yard stare, pleading to God to end her suffering. [Read more...]

Soldiers Bonding With Puppies and Kittens

In horrible times of wars, you probably wonder what keeps soldiers from going crazy. Letters and calls from loved ones, you might say, right? But you know something that’s really effective? Little furry, cutesy-wutesy pets. They say that dogs make you live a happier and longer life, while cats keep your blood pressure down.

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Fun Dog Expressions During Car Rides

If you have a dog you probably know how they just love to stick out their head through the window while you are driving. You have probably spotted other dogs do that as well on the high way. The feel of the wind in their fur is just something that fascinates them I guess.

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Sea Creatures Become Transparent And Colorful

He started as a random fisherman with great interest in ichthyology, when he suddenly began to represent different sea specimen in an unusual way. Iori Tomita is the man that we’re talking about. He catches different creatures that live in the sea and makes them colorful by making them transparent.

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