The Extinct Animals You Would Love to See Alive

What extinct animal would you most like to see alive and kicking in modern times?

Over the years the world has lost some glorious creatures and some scary ones as well. Here are some of the best ones we´ll never get to see.

The Dodo

Extinct Animals and the Dodo

Most of us immediately think of the flightless bird known as the Dodo when we think about extinct creatures. They lived on the island of Mauritius and while we know little about them, they appear to have been about a meter tall. European sailors first saw Dodos in 1598 and just over 60 years later there were none left. They were used by islanders as pets and who wouldn´t one of these cheerful birds wandering about their yard?

The Saber Toothed Cat

Extinct Animals and the Saber Toothed Cat

There are a few different animals that have been known as Saber Toothed Cats, with the impressive Smilodon the most well known. You wouldn´t want to bump into this toothy predator in the wild but taking a selfie with him from a safe distance would have been cool. He lived in North and South America and killed all sorts of different types of prey.

The Mammoth

Extinct Animals and the Mammoth

There are a few different types of Mammoth that once made the Earth tremble under their giant frames. The Woolly Mammoth and the American Mastodon are good examples of these elephant type beasts, while some weren´t as big as you might think. The end of the ice age is given as one reason why they probably died out although there is still hope that we´ll find some more frozen ones in Siberia we can clone or bring back to life just like Walt Disney. Isn´t there? 

The Tasmanian Tiger

Extinct Animals and the Tasmanian Tiger

All of the tales of extinct animals around the world are sad but some hit home harder than others. That is definitely the case with the Tasmanian Tiger. The arrival of Europeans led to its downfall, with the final creatures dying out in the 1930s. Some people still cling on to the hope that some Tasmanian Tigers exist in remote areas, with fabulous rewards being offered in the past for capturing one. Scientists also plan to produce new animals using the DNA of dead specimens.

The Gigantopithecus

Extinct Animals and the Gigantopithecus

This big fellow isn´t as well known as some of the other extinct animals we have looked at but he was a beauty. This was a giant ape who lived in Asia. The race died out about 100,000 years ago and they were the biggest apes ever to live on our planet. They measured up to 3 meters (almost 10 ft) tall. The lack of a full skeleton ever being found means that we don´t even know how the Gigantopithecus got around; on all fours or walking upright.

The Atlas Bear

Extinct Animals and the Atlas Bear

Africa´s only native bear in recent times is believed to be extinct. Yes, there is a small, flickering hope that some Atlas Bears moved from the Atlas Mountains across to Eastern Africa. However, the general consensus is that man killed off this large beast. The expansion of the Roman Empire into North Africa and the introduction of modern firearms are said to have contributed to their downfall. The Romans were especially damaging to the Atlas Bear, hunting it to use in their Gladiator shows. It eventually died out completely towards the end of the 19th century.

The Best 2014 Funny Cat Videos You Need to See

The internet was invented so that we could watch funny cat videos from around the world instead of working hard. That’s the general consensus, isn’t it? Whether they’re old or just kittens, dancing, falling, talking, scratching or just being fat and epic and not doing anything at all, cats are the most entertaining creatures on earth and half the planet loves them to death. The other half loves dogs, naturally. Today we’ve got a top ten of the best 2014 funny cat videos that went viral this year. You need drop everything you’re doing and to see then again right now on YouTube!

10. Cuteness Overload

Oh, Lord! The joy you must feel to have a cat jump in your arms like that. Just imagine doing the catch without smiling. You couldn’t do it, because you’re not a robot! I bet even Asimo would smile at this!

9. Cats Just Do It Better

Sure, a toddler is cute as a button in their little swing, but a cat is just much cuter and funnier. Just look at the fat cat in the swing, swinging like there was no tomorrow!

8. Just. No.

Whoever came up with the idea for this is an evil genius. I don’t know whether I should laugh or just watch it carefully for some magic to happen. Either way, cat Jasmine is stunning!

7. Cat Meets Newborn

This cat is acting the way 99% of all cats would act if faced with this situation. It approaches the newborn with care, it is very suspicious, it doesn’t like it, it moves away and then goes on the window sill. Job well done, cat!

6. Cats Give the Best Hugs

If your little heart does not melt after seeing this video of a cat hugging their owner, then I bet you either don’t have a heart or you really hate cats. People hate cats?! Wait, no! This can’t be real!

5. Cat, Interrupted

Doing Yoga or any other exercise routine at home with your cat is an exercise in itself. It takes lots of physical and mental strength just to keep your little furry friend away from your working out space. I bet they’re just curious as to why you’re twisting yourself like a pretzel when you could be taking a nap. I bet sometimes you’re wondering that yourself.

4. Let It Go, Human

This cat is trying to tell their owner something. And that something isn’t nice. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, but if you don’t have it, then you should just turn off the lights and let it go!

3. What You Deserve for Being a Carnivore

This video is absolutely stunning! Just watch carefully as the little chipmunk is so annoyed that instead of running for its life, it decides to go back and attack its attacker! That chipmunk has more guts than all the people I know put together!

2. Stop Trying so Much, Cat!

Classic cat mistake! Overthinking something is bad, and cats should start learning this if they want to make it in this cruel world. Just jump already!

1. Best Cat Video of 2014

Granted, this video is make super by the sound added to it, but still, the face of the cat looking in the mirror is something out of this world and incredibly funny. It has a bit of the age-old Dramatic Chipmunk in it.

Which one is your favorite YouTube video of cats? What is your favorite internet cat? Share your thoughts with us.


10 Funny Animal Videos that Will Make you Laugh

Who would have imagined 20 years ago that the internet, a pinnacle of technological progress and creativity, will be dominated by funny cats? Few, probably. But looking at funny animals on Youtube is incredibly soothing. They can easily brighten your day, so have a laughter break while enjoying these 10 funny animal videos.

1. Golden retriever mocks your silly rules

Golden retrievers are widely known for their insatiable appetite. This golden retriever takes matters into his own paws for he is a master of his own fate. “Oh my God, all these goodies here just for me to eat, what a treat! I must eat each and every one of them!”

2. Queso teaches us a lesson on how to overcome fears

This dog is truly resourceful. He clearly identified the problem and came up with a very creative solution. He is an example that there is always an answer for every challenging situations. He seems to say “Hey, this is me, this is my problem and this is how I chose to solve it. Deal with it!” You have my respect!

3. Dolphins laugh at gymnast

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals. With a critical eye towards social settings, these guys clearly understood that doing your physical routine at an aquarium is laughably inappropriate. It’s almost like their talking to each other, “Hey, come see this weird human!”

4. Cat ‘licks’ at the sound of tape

Cats are the overlords of funny animal videos. What is she thinking? Could it be a bag of goodies about to be opened up? It just might be. This cat stands ready for any incoming food.

5. Barry the pug receives royal treatment

Admit it, you wish you were Barry right now. He enjoys the bath in the comfort of his home with conspicuously intense pleasure. Really, how human get you get, Barry?

6. The cat trap

Look at her, she is so skillful in avoiding the stick, but eventually falls prey to the evil red dot. Its irresistible attraction makes the cat loose her temper. One wrong move and that is it, the cute cat is trapped! But things are not that bad, fortunately.

7. The dizzy turkey

The couple displays a spectacularly relevant commentary on the human condition. This video is just as funny as it is sad. One cannot but notice that we often act similarly. In the same time, the turkey shows one great example of how simplistic perseverance can easily lead to a dizzy end. Next time they should try a more complex mating ritual.

8. Failed ferret jump

It’s not the first video of an animal failing to jump, but this poor funny ferret tried so hard. He did his best, almost measured the distance, but did not take into account a simple thing, that the table is slippery.

9. Ferret literally falls asleep

It’s super funny cause it happened to you as well, admit it!

10. Dog teaches baby to jump

We showed you some of the latest funny animal videos, but the last one is more like aww and wow in the same time. Dogs are caring animals, especially with kids, but this one clearly notices that the baby human needs to learn how to use his skills. He just takes matters into his own paws and patiently shows the baby how it should be done. Truly impressive! Or is he just jumping at the shadow? Neah, we’ll stick with the first story.

The Best Animal Memes Around

The 20th century has been really rather light on stunning inventions so far, hasn’t it?

As far I can see, the biggest signs of humankind’s progress and evolution so far have been phones that are marginally thinner than old ones, mugs that stir themselves and clothes that display tweets on them. Ah, what about funny animal memes, though? They are enough to make you happy to live in this century, surely.

The Flying Fish Meme

Best Animal Memes

This is a brilliant animal meme. Actually, it’s probably technically a bird and fish meme but you don’t want to go pulling me up on little points like that, do you? Can you imagine the terror and secret exhilaration of being pulled out of the water and up into the air? Then you get eaten. Probably not the best fairground ride in the world now that I think about it.

The Cat Stealing Meme

Best Animal Memes

I have little to no idea of what on Earth is going here. Sure, it looks as though a friendly raccoon is taking a small kitten out for a walk but can life ever be so simple?

The Confused Dog Meme

Best Animal Memes

We have all seen that utterly confused look on the face of a beloved pet, haven’t we? Even the simplest little everyday occurrence can be a huge and mystifying event for these chaps. Some of the best animal memes around show us that moment of total confusion when an animal simply can’t work out how the Universe operates.

The Cat Rescue Meme

Funny Animal Memes

Cats are wonderfully resourceful and independent animals. Until they aren’t. They can spend all week out rummaging for food, being overtly friendly with your neighbors and checking out the hot new cats in town. However, a chance encounter with a common household object and they need to come to you – somewhat resentfully – to ask for a tiny bit of help.

The Late Arriving Dog

Best Animal Memes

This cheerful dog was trying his very best to get thereon time but some annoying wooden piece of crap was in his way. Thankfully, he managed to battle his way through it and there he is, with a big smile on his face and a wrecked door all around him. Bless him.

The Lioness PMS Meme

Best Memes

It is nice to see that even a fearsome lion can suffer when the lady in his life gets to that time of the month. This guy isn’t going to be striking fear into anyone for a while.

The Mere Cat Meme

Best Animal Memes

Am I the only person who has nightmares about savaged by a pack of bloodthirsty meerkats? Quite possibly, eh? There’s just something about the way they stand up on their hind legs and look at you with their soulless eyes that freaks me out. In this funny animal meme a cat is imitating them quite brilliantly.

The Playful Dog Meme

Best Animal Memes

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you aren’t there? Hell, they are letting their hair down and having the time of their lives. You are the one who spoils all the fun.

The Sorry to Bother You Meme

Best Animal Memes

This is one of the best animal memes I found, because of the brilliant look on the little squirrel’s face. You couldn’t let him go hungry, could you?

The Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

Anyone who has a cat in their life knows that it can quickly become an obsession. In that case, what you need is a stunning cat gift to move your obsession onto the next, even scarier level.

A Cat Lion Wig

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

If you want to transform your gentle cat into a roaring, ferocious lion the best approach is to pump him full of steroids and feed him raw meat. A more practical approach is to stick on a lion wig and see if he gets instantly transformed into the king of the jungle in this way.

The Cat Fountain

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

You don’t want your faithful feline buddy to suffer the indignity of having to sip out of a common plate, do you? With this convenient, decorative cat fountain he can quench his thirst while appearing to be elegant and refined.

The Cat Glass

Stunning Gifts for Cat Lovers

Of course, the best cat gifts aren’t just for our whiskered friends to use. As cat owners we also demand gifts that make us look as though we are cats, even if it is just for a fleeting second while supping a glass of warm milk. This glass is pretty cute.

The Cat Hanger

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

You knew that some weird and slightly scary cat gifts were on their way, didn’t you? Well, the wait is now over, as you can see from this horrendously bizarre cat clothes hanger. To be fair, the shirt is probably even worse than the hanger.

The Giant Play Area

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

What genius came up with the idea of play areas for cats in the first place? Did they think that the little feline devils were bored sitting about all day? Sitting about all day is what they love most of all. If I put my feckless puss onto this thing he would just look for the most comfortable place to lie down all day.

The Cat Lover’s Clothes

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

So, you love cats and you want to let the whole world to know about it. The first option to consider is that of pushing a shopping trolley filled with dozens of mangy moggies around busy pedestrian shopping areas. If that doesn’t appeal to you for some reason then the next best thing to do is to wear some cat lover clothing like this.

The Cat Plane

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

I’m not going to even attempt to lie to you by claiming to know what this car gift is. Sure, it’s a plane and –look! – there’s a cat in it. I guess that what I want to say is that I haven’t got the faintest idea why you would treat your favourite feline flier to this treat. Is it a bed or somewhere comfortable for him to pass some quality leisure time?

More Cat Wigs

Stunning Gifts for Cat Lovers

Isn’t it a shame that cats often have to go through their lives with exactly the same hairstyle? For example, you very rarely, if ever, see a moggy with a perm or dreadlocks. The beauty of these cat wigs is that they make a perfect gift for the discerning cat that wants a different look but isn’t too keen on spending hours in a beauty salon.

The Cat Mug

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

If you want something more traditional and less freaky then what about a mug as a cat gift? This one would look great with some hot chocolate and a dollop of cream in it. As would just about anything, to be honest.