Why We Absolutely Love Our Dogs- Gif Edition

Dog owners will know that the love you have for your dog is unparalleled. This small little creature that enters your life as a little ball of fur and sweetness, that pees everywhere in and around your house, on every conceivable surface and under every cushion suddenly becomes the reason for immense joy when coming home. Because when you see those sweet eyes filling up with joy that you’ve opened the door, you know that it was worth it to wash the sofas for the thousandth time. So here are some of the cutest moments that our dogs give us and the best reasons to love them for as long as we have the pleasure of having them in our lives:

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You can always count on your dog to assist you in any and all endeavors you may undergo. If and when you fail, they will try to repair the damage. When that also fails, they will try to make you laugh. And invariably succeed.


Going for a walk is their favorite time of day. It doesn’t matter if you walk ten times a day, the enthusiasm is constantly the same. Not to mention the beautiful routine that we create when walking our dogs. Great ideas don’t just come during the shower, but also during long and silly walks.


Our dogs are brave. Sometimes stupidly brave. And ridiculous. And their bravery brings them in doubtful situations where you, his owner, have no idea how exactly to save your dog from the predicament he has gotten himself in. Nevertheless, their bravery should not be overseen.


They also like to make new friends. No matter if they would or would have not met in normal circumstances.


These marvelous beings are also very supportive of their owners and their families. Crawling is for instance new to some family members, but he knows for a fact that he is the best crawler in the house. It’s therefore clear that he has become the teacher.


Learning new things can always become a funny moment. Meeting his shadow is such a moment. A dog will always have an innate curiosity but how he chooses to satisfy this curiosity can leave your belly hurting of laughter.


And speaking about new things, do you remember when your dog had his first contact with snow? My dog did something like this. The only difference is that I had to jump in after him because he wouldn’t come out anymore.


Our dogs could come to love football as much as we do. So watching the game could become a best-buddy type of situation. What is left now is to teach him how to open the fridge and bring a couple of cold ones over.


Do you remember when they were puppies? They would fall flat on their face, get stuck while climbing the stairs and be afraid of moving, or at times, fall into a bowl and forget how to get out. Whichever the situation, you loved him so much more for it.


Never forget that your dog sees you as a role model. So he will always try to pick up the best behaviors from you, and as his owner, you need to be considerate about the things you teach him. It is allowed, however, to also include a bit of nonsense here and there.


And if you decide to teach your dog to dance, be sure to also film him when he succeeds. Your friends will thank you for the laughs! 


These are only a few of the reasons why we love our dogs. Why do you love your dog? We would love to know! Stay tuned for more funny gifs!

The 10 Best and Worst Missing Pets Signs

If you have ever lost a pet then you know how upsetting this is. However, I hope you didn’t go and make a weird missing pet sign like these freaky ones.

The Missing Crab Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Don’t you just hate it when your pet crab goes missing? Especially when you’ve gone to the trouble of giving him a sweet name like Oliver. Jeez, when you think about it 10 bucks is a pretty small reward for being reunited with such an important person in your life.

The Dead and Alive Cat Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

It’s not often that you can see a missing pet sign that contains a paradox on it. You could end up standing in front of this sign scratching your head for a long time if you’re not careful.

The Not So Missing Cat

Best Missing Pets Signs

Is this little hairy dude just trying to mock his owners? Judging by the smug look on his face I would suggest that it exactly what he is doing. It’s a brilliant photo all the same.

The Lost Fly Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Hmm, I think the chances of seeing dear Harry again are pretty slim. However, I’m encouraged to see that a few people have ripped off the little bits of paper on the sign. Maybe they have seen him buzzing around after all. I think it might be a joke but I just can’t be 100% sure.

The Home Made Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

To be honest, I don’t even know what the hell is going on with this missing pet sign. Someone put a lot of effort into it, that’s all I know for sure. The world is getting stranger by the day it seems.

The Lost Parrot Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Now where could that lovely tasty parrot have got to? I guess you’ll just need to pop along on Saturday at midday and see if you can recognise his charred feathers. Never having had the pleasure of attending a parrot bbq I can only imagine the taste of this bird once grilled.

The Anatomically Explicit Missing Dog Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Sometimes it is possible to put just a little bit too much information on these signs, you know. Telling us what he looked like and what his name is would probably have been enough without even going in the anatomical details.

The Devil Dog Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

This is one missing dog you really don’t want to meet on a dark night, even if means earning $100. The bizarre mixture of breeds swirling around in his blood is probably the reason why he is “not very friendly” and “irate at times” I guess. That won’t be much consolation when Killer rips your freaking arms off.

The Idiot Missing Dog Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Eric the missing dog sounds like a bit of a character. I see the reward has dropped since the sign was first put up. I wonder if that indicates the owner’s waning interest in Eric or if he needs to sell the drum in order to pay the full reward.

The Sad Missing Cat Sign

Worst Missing Pets Signs

Isn’t this just the most heart breaking missing pet sign ever? I really don’t think any neighbours are going to recognise the moggie from this hand drawing but it was a good effort all the same.

5 Lesser Known Dinosaur Species Recently Discovered

Every child in this world has seen Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time or Journey to the Center of the Earth, and secretly wished to see a live dinosaur at least once. Dinosaurs are definitely the most fascinating creatures to have walked the planet. However, our knowledge is very limited when it comes to them. Most people only think about classic ones, such as the T-Rex, Pterodactyl or the Triceratops. In reality, there are hundreds of species of dinosaurs, and every year scientists discover new ones. Let’s take a look at 5 lesser known Dinosaur species that were recently uncovered.

1. Qianzhousaurus Sinensis


The Qianzhousaurus Sinensis, also known as the Pinocchio rex. has a unique and distinctive feature: an oversized schnoz, just like Pinocchio. This snout, which is 35% longer than regular dinosaur noses, has several horns poking out of the muzzle. As you can imagine, this weird dinosaur has a rather ridiculous appearance. As far as the other physical traits are concerned, the Qianzhousaurus is extremely similar to the T-Rex that most people know: it has small, short hands and powerful back legs. The discovery of this tyrannosaur has proved that former fossils, which were considered deformed juvenile dinosaurs stuck in an awkward stage, were actually normal. The elongated nose was probably used for scavenging and hunting.

2. Yongjinglong Datangi


The vast majority of dinosaur discoveries in the past years consisted mainly of meat-eating specimens. However, there has been a major discovery of plant-eating dinosaurs recently. The Yongjinglong Datangi is an enormous, gentle sauropod which was uncovered in northwestern China. It is believed to have belonged to Titanosauria – the largest group of dinosaurs in the world. Although the bones discovered are believed to belong to a juvenile, and even so the entire skeleton measures 18 meters long. In addition to this, scientists consider that the Datangi dinosaur is one of the most evolutionarily advanced titanosaur in Asia.

3. Kryptodrakon Progenitor


If you’ve seen Jurassic Park you are probably already familiar with the pterosaurs (the scary flying dinosaurs). To clarify things, the pterosaur isn’t actually a dinosaur, but it is a close relative of it. The skeleton of a primitive relative of the pterosaurs was dug up in northwestern China recently. This flying-giant is believed to have lived around the Middle-Upper Jurassic period. Unlike other reptiles from its species, which first evolved in the sea, the Kryptodrakon Progenitor evolved on land. What is even more unbelievable about it is the size. The first pterodactyloid pterosaur could reach a wingspan of 1.4 meters, but the Pryptodrakon has the size of a small plane. This is because it moved out toward land, and it needed to walk and fly like never before.

4. Eodromaeus


Number four on our list of lesser known dinosaurs is the Eudromaeus, a funny looking “dawn runner” that walked the Earth approximately 230 million years ago. Scientists say that it is the ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, because it has many similar features (example: air pockets in the skull and a balancing tail). The discovery of the Eodromaeus is invaluable for science because it shows us a glimpse on how dinosaurs evolved (scientists know little about the evolutionary process of dinosaurs).

5. Anzu Wyliei

Anzu wyliei ? a bird-like dinosaur nicknamed the 'chicken from hell'

The Anzu Wyliei is without a doubt the most interesting dinosaurs on our list. It was dubbed by researchers “the chicken from hell”. Its scientific name is actually inspired from the feathered demon in Mesopotamiam mythology (if you play World of Wacraft you are probably also familiar with the Anzu Lord from Terokkar Forest – a monstrous blue-winged bird-like creature). Anyway, the Anzu Wyliei looks like a demon version of the cassowary (a large bird similar to the ostriches). Its incredibly well-preserved, extremely large, skeleton was recently found in North America. But what’s so scary about this oviraptor? It is equipped with extremely sharp claws designed for tearing apart small animals and a jaw meant to tear leaves off.

15 Adorable Animals that Forgot How to Animal

Pets are incredible to have around. Sure, their fur falls off, they might break your things or even lick the butter, but nothing compares with their sincere happy faces when you come home. Companionship is essential for humans, but we run such hectic lives that we can’t always be socially active. It is amazing when you have a true buddy that eagerly expects you to return from work, and does not question you about your mistakes. Nevertheless, there are moments when pets prove smarter than we might think. Today we would like to share with you a few animals that forgot how to animal. While some photos are coincidental, the others are of animals that were trained to do the trick.

It is common knowledge that a pet will pick up the behavioral patterns of his owner, so could it be that these little guys were simply trying to fit in the everyday life of their owners? Let’s take a look at the funniest images:

1.     The Business Dog


What could happen if you leave your office unattended? Nothing much, only your dog answering calls and talking to clients, maybe. This adorable little dog tried to help his master with work.

2.     Electrician Cat


There is no shortage of funny cat images on the internet. We have actually, recently shared the 15 Adorable Cats with Unique markings post. We simply had to share this one as well. This furry friend probably has no idea what he’s doing, but at least he’s doing his best, right?

3.     The Construction Expert


Before you begin to panic you should know that this is nothing but a trick shot. The dog isn’t actually operating the construction tool. Still, it’s funny to see him on it.

4.     Well Hello there, do you come here often?


This is one of the best shots I have ever seen of a dog on a swing. Just look at him. He’s minding his own business, chilling, and checking out cute gals. He doesn’t seem at all distressed at the idea that his owners put him on the swing.

5.     A Night Out


The first question that came to my mind was how the dog was allowed in the bar. Then I couldn’t get passed the funny situation. The dog looks so relaxed and happy with his glass of wine and cigarettes.

6.     Gardening Guinea Pig


Guinea pigs are undoubtedly the sweetest, most adorable pets in the world. They look cute whatever they do, but this image is truly an overdose of cuteness. This is one of the best photos of an animal that forgot how to animal.

7.     Surfer Dogs


What the best way to chill in the summer? Grab your four-legged buddies, hop on a surf-board and teach the humans how it’s done. Of course, you should not forget the safety vest.

8.     Sloths Care About their Education too


There are countless of sloth puns and funny images circulating on the internet. Here’s a great example. The natural question is who would even want a sloth as a pet? Many people! Sloths are actually very loving and gentle, and of course, they’re slow.

9.     Hedgehog’s Doing Human Things


Have you ever imagined a hedgehog driving, or riding a skateboard? Probably not. This doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. Here are two amazing photos of hedgehogs doing human things.

10.Baby Pandas


What can be better than a panda on a swing: of course, two pandas on a swing. Panda bears are surprisingly intelligent, and they can understand and replicate many human behaviors.

Bonus: Cat at the Spa



We hope you liked our list of 10 animals that forgot how to animal. Stay tuned for more images!  


5 Most Famous Internet Cats

With the risk of uttering the most uttered sentence in the history of the world: the Internet is for cats. You just need to open your Internet browser and within seconds after doing that you are bombarded with pictured and videos of cats. Cute cats, Kitler cats, small, big, cats with unique and adorable markings, grumpy cats and happy cats. Did you know that there are more pictures shared with cats that there are selfies? So it’s official, we like cats more than we like ourselves! In today’s article we’re going to take a look at 6 of the most famous internet cats; the rock stars of the Internet as they should be called.

1. Nyan Catnyan cat famous internet cats

Every Internet user must watch the video of Nyan Cat from start to finish! It’s just one of those things that need to be done. The video features an animated cartoon cat which flies through space and leaves a rainbow trail behind it. The song, though, is what makes it worth its bucks. We can’t imagine why Nyan Cat was such a huge success, but it was and still is. It averages over 35 million views a year and it gets every 7 dislikes for every 100 likes. It’s so bad, it’s good!

2. Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat famous internet cats

Possibly the most famous Internet cat, Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce. His photo was uploaded on Reddit by the brother of Tardar’s owner and the whole internet fell in love. Within a few months, Tard was appearing on TV and was tweeting.  The cat now has a talent agent, a clothing line and even some awards, such as Buzzfeed’s 2013 Meme of the Year.

3. Business Catbusiness cat famous internet cats

Business Cat is the most famous Internet cat with a job. He mixes office jargon with cat behavior and hilarity ensues. The top line is something a human boss would say and the bottom line is something a feline would enjoy. His name is Emilio and he is a black tabby cat who is wearing a tie. The tie was bought by his owner’s girlfriend for Christmas and the photo was uploaded on Reddit. The rest was history.

4. Happy CatHappy Cat famous internet cats

Happy cat may not be so famous not, or even all that recognizable, but if it weren’t for Happu Cat, there wouldn’t be any LOLCats and no ICanHasCheezburger website. We think that without Happy Cat the Internet wouldn’t be such a happy-friendly cat. Can you imagine such a world, because we can’t? The photo started circulating the web in 2003, when the photo of Frank, a mascot for a Russian cat food company was uploaded on Something Awful. In 2007 an unknown web user added the line “I can has cheezburger? You know what happened after.

5. Henri, Le Chat Noirhenri famous internet cats

Henri is a gorgeous tuxedo cat that is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. The videos were created by his owner, Willian Braden. It all started when he had to create a film noir for a class project and he thought of using his cat to do it. The videos are black and white, and in them, Henri (whose real name is Henry) bemoans his fate of being an indoor cat, explores his existential crisis and reveals his contempt for his fellow cat housemate.

6. Maru the CatMaru the Cat famous internet cats

No list of famous Internet cats would be complete without the adorably plump Mary, a male Scottish Fold cat living in Japan with his owner Mugumogu, a woman who chooses not to show her face in any of the videos. Each YouTube video of Maru has an average of 800,000 views. Maru has a deep love for boxes. Mugumogu recently adopted another cat, Hana.

We honestly can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us in terms of famous Internet cats! What is your favorite Internet cat? Drop us a line in the comment below and tell us what you think.