Russian Photographer Katerina Plotnikova Repaints the World in Mystical Colors

Here, on ThisBlogRules, we are very passionate about all types of artwork, but it is surreal photography that has somehow gotten under our skin. We love everything that manages to blur the fine line between reality and fantasy. A few weeks ago we shared the Impossible Photography Defying the Rules of Gravity of Michael Rhode, and today we would like to present the work of a very talented Russian photographer by the name of Katerina Plotnikova. She is not the first surreal, Russian photographer to have been featured here. We have already admired the work of young Elena Vizerskaya, another talented artists.



Katerina Plotnikova was born in 1987, in Mowscow, and has been exploring the art of photography since she was a little girl (more specifically, five years old). Her artwork is indeed one-of-a-kind. She has described it as being an enchanting wonderland. And it truly is. Although she uses simple elements and settings, there is something mystical about the end results. Wild places, forests, jaw-dropping women, and animals are usually present. She seems to have taken a liking to ginger girls. Either way, she has shown us that true beauty can be achieved with the simplest of things, by paying attention to light, color, and environment. Nothing is left at chance, and every component plays a part in the ensemble.




There is no need to suspend your disbelief when viewing her photography. Everything that she has done is real, no Photoshop (except for minor tweaking of the settings). The interaction between human and animal is real, the settings are real, everything is real. Katerina Plotnikova has managed to recreate these images with the help of two professional animal trainers, and a couple of beautiful women. She has managed to evoke a mythical, fairy-tale world, and when you look at her art you get the sense that you are transported to another time and place. In the end, it was the artist who said that her work is just another tale about Wonderland. The expressions on the models’ faces are extremely powerful and the majestic animals which are featured (bears, stags, camels) are exquisite. Nevertheless, it is the bond created between human and animal that makes Katerina’s work so powerful.




In one photo, an autumn-haired girl extends her arm to a bear as if asking him to dance, while in the other, a ginger beauty caresses a snake. Don’t ask any more questions and simply enjoy the beauty that Katerina Plotnikova has captured in her photography. Her artwork will give you a break from reality and transport you to the land where nymphs, princesses and queens still exists. Where prince charming might still appear, riding his white horse, to whisk you away.




At first glance, the shots might seem dangerous, but they were created with the help of professional trainers, and docile animals. The bear in these photograph, which symbolizes strength contrasts extremely well with the delicate and elegant princes that he embraces. But it is not only the animal photography that is filled with mysticism. Even the other poses are rich in magic and dream-like qualities which makes them absolutely beguiling. She is only 27 which means that she has barely begun her adventure with photography, and we are eager to see more. Plotnikova’s human models exude a quiet regal air that is only made all the more arresting by their animal companions.






15 Rare Historic Photos You Should See

History is mysterious and exciting. Just when we think we’ve found out all there is to know about a certain event, new evidence is discovered. Although humans look to the future, they can’t help but look back. The fact of the matter is that the world as we know it has been shaped by previous generations and there are certain monumental events that will never be forgotten. What better way to celebrate them than by immortalizing them with incredible photography? The following historic photos show us a glimpse of life since World War I.

A few weeks back we shared with you breath-taking photography taken of Calcified Animals on the Lake Natron, and today we would like to present some of the best rare historic photos.

1. In 1972, Charles Duke embarked on the mission to explore the moon’s surface with a lunar roving vehicle. While he was there, he also took a picture of himself, his wife, and his two sons, which he sealed in plastic. He left it on the moon’s surface, and it probably remains there to this day.

historical photos

2. The Hidenburg Disaster, May 6, 1937

historical photos

3. Everyone knows how the Statue of Liberty look finished, but have you ever seen a photo of it under construction? Here’s a great one, from Paris in 1884. Lady Liberty was actually a gift from the French to the Americans.


4. Evils Presley in the Army, in 1958

5. Back in 1947, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale jumped from the observation deck of the Empire’s State building, and crashed on a limousine parked beneath. This photography was taken soon after by photography student Robert Wiles. It was re-used years later by Andy Warhol for an art print.


6. Martin Luther King, Jr. with his son, removing a burnt cross from his front yard, 1960

7. Hotel owner pouring acid in the pool while African-Americans were still in it.


8. The Titanic accident was indeed a great tragedy that most of us remember through the eyes of the Oscar Winning movie. Here’s is a photo from 1912, when the survivors were boarding the Carpathia ship.


9. It’s rare to see a man laugh during his execution. This was the case of a Russian Spy who was caught and executed in 1939, in Finland, during the Winter War.


10. An incredible photo of Tsar Nicholas II, who allows his daughter, the Duchess Anastasia to smoke from his pipe.


11. Did you know what Queen Elizabeth participated in World War II? Here are some images. You should also check out our article about the Impending International political problems that might hint a WWIII scenario.


12. Construction of the Berlin Wall, in 1961


13. A photo of the infamous lion roar on the MGM logo, taken from another angle.


14. Osama Bin Laden was immortalized with his family, in 1970, in Sweden. He is the one with green shirt and blue pants. (second on the right).


15. Before the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the country was preparing to adopt democracy, and equal rights for women. During that time, women also had access to books, non-traditional clothing, education, public transportation, and spaces. This didn’t last long, as, since 1990’s, the Taliban government from the forbid them access to education.


Image Sources:, TheBoredPanda

5 Cocktails by Cody We Would Love to Try

This isn’t a commercial and not even an endorsement of some sort, but we happened to find out about the bartender mixologist Disney fan in Spokane, WA and we also happened to like what he’s coming with in the realm of cocktails. This guy was struck by the muse and designed with new cocktail combinations inspired by Disney characters. You’d say this isn’t much, as there are a lot of things out there inspired by Disney characters, including designer outfits that make female celebrities look like (at least vaguely) some famous princesses and characters, but you can’t neglect a man’s passion for making some sort of art in a field that seems to not leave room for any more art than it is already. The Disney inspired cocktails by Cody not only that look in some metaphorical way with the characters they are inspired from, but borrow a little of their personalities too and if you take a look over the Internet, you will see people actually receiving these creations with a hint of joy and respect for the bartender. Not to mention that some of the cocktails sound truly delicious (and to some extent, inebriating to the point of seeing the world as a colored, vivid animation movie). We took a look into the menu and picked 5 cocktails by Cody we would love to try in the immediate future. While watching the old and the new Disney movies and famous characters.

5. The Bayou Beauty

bayou beauty

The recipe displayed says this “swamp – inspired” cocktail contains white rum, ginger liqueur and cucumber. In the great world of cocktails, you might think that only fruits are good to be mixed with all sorts of alcohol and sweet blends of chocolate and sugary mixes and spices, but when we heard about ginger and cucumber our imagination went through the roof. How on Earth does THAT taste, especially mixed with white rum? If you get to try it, let us know!

4. No Worries, Lion King!

no worries

Just as Cody himself admits, it is hard to inspire a cocktail out of the Lion King African landscape, where everything looks dry and earthy and the brown colors and tones aren’t at all appetizing to see them blended in your cocktail glass. But then Cody saw the exotic jungle, fruits, colors and atmosphere and came up with the No Worries, a cocktail combining peach vodka, Amaretto, orange juice and mango and it is safe to assume this is a summery cocktail that makes you dream about lush beaches in exotic resorts.

3. Coldfront


Now imagine where this is coming from! This cocktail inspires some winter cold and even a blizzard, but don’t let it fool you: this is an interesting blend of white chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps, Malibu and milk. So if you still feel your soul freezing in the beginning of this season, this cocktail might warm you up inside and give you a good reason to check out the new movies and animations in town.

2. Glass Slipper

glass slipper

This one doesn’t just look amazingly eerie and soft, but also sounds delicious. And also strong, if you take into account the blueberry vodka and the whip cream vodka, all mixed with a tad of cream. So it’s a bluish cream – based cocktail that will send you one – way ticket to the fairytale land.

1. Maleficent


Oh yes! Among all the cocktails by Cody we would love to try and we looked at, this one is the most promising, a bit terrifying and definitely one of the tastiest (or so we think). Not to mention that the upcoming Maleficent movie starring the queen of all darkness and the ruler of some of the most powerful female characters on the silver screen Angelina Jolie is a reason enough to try this cocktail: black vodka, grape schnapps and apple pucker. Is this maleficent or what?

The cocktails by Cody we would love to try include many other creations and surprising combinations, but these are our top five favorites. You can look for Cody on the internet, as he became some sort of a legend on entertainment sites and pick your own poison too.

Artistic or Gross? 3D Tattoos that Will Leave you Impressed

It’s not the first time we’re talking about tattoos around here and we have this guilty pleasure of finding body art-works which are either spectacular, completely horrible or at least controversial to comment upon and see what’s your take on the matters. The history of tattoos goes a long way back into the dark ages of history and even if it seems it started somewhere in Asia, it is spread all over ancient and modern cultures and countries. Tattoos and painting your body with all sorts of drawings has a certain symbolic meaning to it and if you caught at least one or two Discovery shows on ink experts and tattoo parlors, you know people have a lot of reasons for eternally place on parts of their bodies (or all over their bodies) signs, symbols and complicated pictures depicting almost anything you can think of. Of course, a young gesture of rebellion can later in adulthood be considered inappropriate and people remove their tattoos, but on a large scale, they are there to stay and their bearers are proud in showing them off. Maybe they speak of some intimate attitude towards life, maybe they express concepts the owners consider to be important to them or maybe they are just a way to impress the others by displaying art on their skin. With the rise of 3D tattoos as a form of modern technique, things moved forward and today we will show you six of such 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed, either positively, either negatively. The San Francisco Times picked up a series of modern 3D tattoos and among them, we found a few that are not only surprising, but also mind – blowing enough to ask for your opinion if  they are artistic or gross.

1. The girl with the eye tattoo

3D tattoo

Just as the guys from San Francisco Times say, this is so perfectly executed and the details are so life-like, you don’t know if you should bow to the artist or run away screaming. If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you can’t skip the powerful association between this 3D tattoo and Randal Flagg’s mark, the blood red eye. Among all the 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed and are about to come next, this one is perhaps the most emotionally powerful.

2. The scorpion that is about to kill

3D tattoo

Again, the level of design is almost perfect. You can see the scorpion and almost feel that it’s about to make a deadly move. Can you be attracted by such drawing and its bearer? Can you be fascinatingly horrified by it?

3. Artistic or gross? Attractive or repulsive?

3D tattoos

Well, in this case the symbolism cannot be overlooked but imagine the efforts and the pain this woman had to go through to obtain this artwork on her body. Believe it or not, that area is sensible to pain. How do men find this tattoo? What are the consequences – for wearing such body art?

4. The cat in the hat?

3D tattoos

Among all the 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed, our bet is that this particular one will leave you with a long lasting impression. It is incredibly strange and you probably need an army of psychologists and art critics to tell you about the intricate symbolism and message this woman wants to transmit through her body art. Or maybe this has nothing to do with any message and this lady only loved the idea and the drawing.

5. The leg that is more than a leg

3D tattoos

A round of applause to the artist in this case for making this woman’s thigh and leg look like something that was pulled out from a sci – fi movie. The artwork is incredible and our first question would be how long did it take to reach this amazing final result.

6. What’s hidden under there?

3D tattoos

This is “loosen up my buttons babe” taken to a whole different level and we have to admit that, in some sort of sick way, we like it a lot. What is hiding underneath these eerie clothes or the thin layer of flesh endowed with buttons? Would you try searching for this man’s soul?

As you can imagine, there are plenty of 3D tattoos that will leave you impressed, enough maybe to convince you to get you one. Maybe they are art or some sort of ill imagination manifesting itself, but in reality, they do need a steady hand and a talented artist to look the way they look. Is the pain and effort worth it? Is this these peoples’ the proverbial 15 minutes of fame?

Impossible Photography and Defying The Rules of Physics

As you all know, we love art and especially photography, as even if a picture wouldn’t be worth a thousand words, a good picture, just as a good painting, can transport you to a different world, give you another perspective, change something about the way you see the world or report yourself to it. Art history knows plenty of famous photographers who managed to stand the test of time and become legends in their field. As where as impossible photography is concerned, maybe we don’t use the term correctly, but we have some explanation for it: let’s say that a picture is meant to capture reality. A photo turns immortal a person, a life’s moment, a landscape, a scene, an object and so on. This is why we still use photography as witnesses, as time – standing pylons that prove without a doubt (and in the absence of photo tampering and manipulation) that at some point in time, reality was in a certain way. By impossible photography, we understand those art works that even still capture reality as it is, but which defy the known laws of physics either because they are thoroughly manipulated, either because the artists have a fine skill of playing with our minds. Today we will take a look at the works of two photographers who managed to impress us with their impossible photography skills and let you decide if defying the laws of physics is a matter of artistic talent or just good photo manipulation software skills.

The impossible photography of Michael Rhode

This German artist is the possessor of not only a talent to blow our minds with his photography, but also an interesting background. His art, called by the experts Impossible Perspectives, apparently has roots in Michael’s history of being a homeless and living in all sorts of places in Berlin. The way he “sees” space and objects is definitely revolutionary and the hard work behind all the juxtapositions he did is breath taking. But what is Michael’s impossible photography anyway? According to Katie Hosmer’s article on My Modern Met,

To create the photographs, the artist merged hundreds of individual images into one composition. The space is disorienting and viewers will remain captivated as they attempt to make sense of each arrangement. We are visually led to believe that the foundation of a floor has been eliminated and are thus faced with quite the challenge of deciphering the scene. Objects that normally rest on the floor seem to be happily hovering in a weightless room and Rohde provides us with the unique opportunity to gaze, with ease, underneath desks, chairs, tables, countertops, and even a refrigerator!

We’ll take a look over some of Michael’s brilliant impossible photography and invite you to take a look at a more extended gallery. And if you like his works, you should know that others are challenging themselves with messing up with our perspective on reality too. Another German artist, Menno Aden is offering us also “from above” photos to actually give us a height freight.

Michael Rohde

Michael Rohde

Michael Rohde

The Art of Kaija Straumanis

Kaija Straumanis is a young female photographer who took art and fun to another level and publicly released an impossible photography project where she is captured on camera… being hit in the face by different objects. Now what is amazing about her photos is that they make you wonder how many shots were necessary to get those pictures and… wasn’t she hurt by those objects? Of course, it is hard to believe that somebody actually threw a glass at her and broke it against her temple, but as impossible photography goes in our book, she did indeed mess up with reality. Perhaps these pictures won’t be used in any court of law as undeniable proof, but the fact is that her project may become a source of inspiration for other artists to “manipulate reality” even for the sake of fun and originality.

kajia straumanis

kajia straumanis

kajia straumanis

If you have other examples of impossible photography that sometimes fools the eye and defies the laws of physics, don’t hesitate to let us know. We love a good challenge and let’s face it: a new perspective is always welcome in a world obsessed with selfies and Instagram shootings of breakfast dishes and cats.