6 Awesome Nail Designs Ideas

Since everybody is getting ready to party one way or the other with the New Year’s celebration, the fashion industry and the cosmetics one are in a constant race to offer men and women alike everything they need, everything they think they need and everything they didn’t even thought about needing in terms of outfits, beauty products, creative ideas, hacks and tricks. And while for the gentlemen things seem to be a bit simpler, as if you found a suit to stay sharp on you, you’re pretty much done, when it comes to the women in our lives, from head to toes they wish to look beautiful and outstanding. This is we we thought that some awesome nail art ideas wouldn’t hurt, even if we are sure the ladies know already everything that moves and breathes in this respect.

However, we browsed a little the vast amount of information available and found six awesome nail art ideas to match the ladies’ personalities, behaviors, beliefs even, fashion tastes and their wishes to be unique.

1. For the cool geek chick with a thing for superheroes

geek nails

You know that nowadays, being a cool geek chick doesn’t mean you are a pimple – jar bottom glasses – social freak like in the old days, but that you are actually a cool, hip, modern, fun and witty gal who’s not afraid to insert World of Warcraft references in a conversation, nor to wear superhero – inspired nails when attending a super cool party. You will find a few tutorials on the Internet to guide you.

2. For the patriot in you

american flag

It doesn’t matter what happens, if you love your country and have patriotic feelings pounding in your chest, among some of the most awesome nail art ideas we found was the American Flag design, which is cool (and we guess pretty hard to nail) in and out of itself.

3. Hello Kitty! Yes, you!

hello kitty

The Hello Kitty trend seems to be immortal when it comes to fashion and beauty in general, but when it comes to nail art, the possibilities seem endless. You will find tutorials teaching you how to get these artistic nails done to last you for a lifetime and there are also some other related combinations that look just as interesting.

4. What’s sweeter than fruits? Awesome nail designs ideas with strawberries

fruity bunch

Actually it’s not only strawberries that women wear on their nails, there are also melons, pineapples, kiwi and all sorts of juicy fruits to design on your nails, especially if you are going to some exotic New Year’s Eve party (or another type of one for that matter) and you just want to fit in the scenery.

5. For the flower power bunch

flower power

There are some awesome nail designs ideas out there, but when it comes to fun and funky, flowers still rank the top ten choices. For the young, free spirited, fun and jolly girls out there, there are some complicated designs (we honestly don’t know how you girls manage to create such awesome art on so small “canvases”) but a few ones look incredibly well. Almost give you the feeling that spring is right here, two feet away from bursting into unearthly colors and joy.

6. For the sophisticated ladies who are on top of their game


There are some women out there who look elegant and smashing and have an eye and a heart for details that take our breath away. We imagine them wearing elegant night dresses, walking royally with a glass of campaign in their hands and torch a man’s heart with only one glance and half of smile. So these ladies pay quite an attention to their nails too, not only their hairdos and their stilettos, so the nail design industry has something for them too. Obviously.

There are others awesome nail designs ideas, like the one with the Minions we mentioned before, but all in all, when it comes to beauty, some things just turn into works of art. And some of them are just beyond fabulous!

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Zombified Disney Princesses

Warning: this post contains graphically violent (cartoon) images directly involving Disney princesses. If you are a child, please click away and go watch “Beauty and the Beast” blissfully untainted. If you are an adult and children are nearby, I’d advise clicking away when the pitter-patter of tiny feet reaches your ears. I’m sure you don’t want your monthly family viewing of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” spoiled by questions like, “Mommy, why isn’t Snow White eating any of those dwarves’ brains?” We got that? Okay.

The family-unfriendly, horror movie-inspired pics arranged below are courtesy not of The House of Mouse but of Witit Karpkraikaew, or Clocktowerman, as he goes by on deviantArt. On his two-year-old page, the Thailand-based artist posts gruesome portraits depicting Disney princesses in a much less glamorous fashion than usual. In the paintings, the beloved animated characters are imagined as reanimated corpses (like the monsters of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”) with an unquenchable hunger for human flesh – Snow White likes her men brainy, it seems. Their innards are outards, their lips have rotted away and whole limbs have been torn off. It’s like Walt Disney went all George A. Romero.

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Street Stone: Classic Sculptures in Modern-Day Clothing

It’s a comical clash of classic and modern style in Street Stone, the rib-tickling new art project from Léo Caillard. In a stroke of artistic genius, the French photographer felt it necessary to bring a little modern flair to the sculptured masterpieces standing and lounging in the Louvre. In Street Stone, centuries-old statues are glammed up with the fashion of today. The inspired juxtapositions are hysterical and provoke a thought or two about the startling changes in fashion sensibilities over time. But how did Caillard do it?

In the video below, his method is shown: Caillard took some snaps of the statues, then took snaps of his friends dressed in trendy attire (plaid shirts, cropped pants, etc.) and mimicking the poses of the classic stone figures. With a little bit of photo manipulation thanks to the powers of Photoshop and some help from art director Alexis Persani, the clothes of the friends were seamlessly placed onto the stone figures’ bodies. And voila: hipster statues!

Check out the rest of Street Stone below.