“Re-things” Pixelated 3D sculptures


Looking at these sculptures from a distance gives the illusion of pixelated illustrations. Artist Shawn Smith has managed to make them out of ink, plywood and acrylic paint so they would look computerized in a way. He is interested in the connection between technology and the real world.

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Soccer Posters of 32 national teams for World Cup 2010


To honor the biggest sport event of the year, ESPN TV collaborated with top-tier New York ad agency Wieden + Kennedy to give birth to 32 original soccer posters, one for each participating country at World Cup 2010 hosted in South Africa. Every poster symbolizes football and national tradition of the country.

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Masculine sculptures made by using feminine techniques


This unusual artwork is made by talented artist Nathan Vincent. He uses techniques which are usually identified as feminine, such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, and applique to create objects which are typically identified with men ; a deer head trophy, beer bottles and guns.

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Female torsos made out of Exotic materials


Torsos have always been very popular and common in the world of sculpturing, but you have probably never seen them as unusual as this. The artist, Federico Uribe, has created these female toros using different materials like coins, bullets, safety pins, color pencils, locks, clothes pins, pencil erasers and others.

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