A World Map Made of 3,000 Coins

“Money makes the world go round,” they say. “Money makes the world, full stop,” would be the reply of Perniclas Bedow, creator of a world of copper, gold and silver coins. Arranged by Swedish design studio Bedow, the piece is a world map made entirely out of over 3,000 coins from around the world: in a stroke of artistic genius, each continent was built using its own currency.

A 2009 project, it was arranged for use by Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag, a Swedish bank. One hopes that the bank’s security guards are keeping a close eye on Bedow’s stunning piece: anyone short on a bus fare may steal a bit of Ohio. Check out images of the project above and below, including some close-ups of the spare-change countries. See if you can spot which part of the world it is. [Read more…]

All Tangled Up: Stunning Earphone Wire Art

Don’tcha hate it when your earphone wires get all tangled up? You place them in your trouser pocket for all of five seconds and voila, you’ve got a thousand knots to untie. Well, take a look at these unholy tangles, which form to create gorgeously illustrated portraits. You may recognise a few famous faces here.

Part of a pen-to-paper art project entitled ‘iEarphones,' the pieces include a portrait of Beatle member John Lennon, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a tyrannosaurus rex and a lady (warning: a nude lady) with the hair of Medusa, though instead of snakes slithering atop her head it’s – you guessed it – earphones.

The earphone wires appear to be that of the Apple iPod, and they are skillfully drawn by Canada-based artist Bashir Sultani. Below, you can see a video taking us through the making of the John Lennon picture, and below that is Sultani’s project in full. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go browse eBay for some wireless headphones, ‘cos I’m tired of all this untangling crap. [Read more…]

Yummy: Deep-Fried Gadgets

You ever been so hungry you deep-fried your laptop? No? Well, that’s what Brooklyn-based New Zealand still life, art and fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves seems to have done, as you can see below. Inspired by an experiment in which electronic products were cooked and eaten (that experiment didn’t go very well), Hargreaves has deep-fried a whole assortment of gizmos, from MacBooks to iPods, iPads to headphones, and photographed them.

“I like to play with food and the juxtaposition of different worlds,” Hargreaves told the Huffington Post. “Also I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded.” But Hargreaves hasn’t used actual electronics for his pieces: they are in fact made of a material called ‘foamcore.’ Still, the pieces look magnificent, and perhaps a little tasty – anyone else hungry? [Read more…]

Liquid Flowers: Floral Figures of Falling Paint

Screw those regular old boring flowers you can see sticking out from the bottom of your front garden: these liquid flowers are much more interesting, and some would say even more gorgeous. Using a combination of high speed photography and painstakingly precise splashes of falling paint, Wisconsin-born artist Jake Long is able to capture these utterly stunning floral figures, some of which are even standing in pots (also constructed from fast-moving droplets of paint hurtling through the air).

The paint itself is made of water mixed with thickeners, pigments and dyes, and is used to construct leaves, stems, petals and pots. Long is tight-lipped about his exact methods of capturing these blooming marvelous liquid flowers, but he has stated that they take months of planning and testing until the final result is ready to be photographed. I think you’ll agree all those months have paid off in spectacular, jaw-dropping fashion. [Read more…]

The 15 Most Awesome Draw Something Drawings

Well, it was fun: Draw Something, an interactive mobile application that gained developers Omgpop a Flurry App Spotlight Award this year, took over the lives of our tech-savvy society for a couple short months and then, like so many App Store fads before it (I’m looking at you, Words with Friends), slowly but surely faded away.

The game was simple: pick a friend, pick a word, draw that word, send your drawing and hope its recipient is able to guess the answer. With few of us gifted with the abilities of Da Vinci, Monet or Picasso (okay, maybe Picasso), many users’ drawings were overly simplistic, crudely drawn stick-figure sketches, the kind of stuff a non-prodigious four-year-old scribbles with crayons at kindergarten.

But some artistic souls out there took full advantage of their Draw Something canvas, and crafted technological masterpieces on the touch-screens of their iPods and iPhones, all for the sake of three measly points (or sometimes just one or two). With the game’s popularity now having all but dried up, I think it’s time to take a look back at the best examples of drawings created in Draw Something’s history. Some of them are mighty impressive. But what's your favourite? [Read more…]