Female torsos made out of Exotic materials


Torsos have always been very popular and common in the world of sculpturing, but you have probably never seen them as unusual as this. The artist, Federico Uribe, has created these female toros using different materials like coins, bullets, safety pins, color pencils, locks, clothes pins, pencil erasers and others.

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Action figures of famous painters and modern artists


U.S. artist Mike Leavitt made this set of action figures of famous painters, street artists, filmmakers and celebrated musicians. These heavily detailed, interactive sculptures (also known as “action figures” by many in the West) are sculpted with polymer clay and mixed media by Leavitt. 95% of the color is done by mixing pigmented clay. Hidden features are built into some of the figures to make them more interesting.

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Baby accessories you definitely should keep away from your child


Seeing this unsafe line of baby products called “Na Zha” is shocking at first, but it’s just art, they’re not made with the purpose of you buying it for your child of course. “Na Zha” is a Chinese mythical creature with supernatural powers, and Shi Jinsong made the installations to show the clash of old Chinese culture and the modern world we life in today.

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Eatable high fashion by Fulvio Bonavia


When food meets fashion it simply has to look tasty and amusing at the same time. The award-winning Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia has made these tasteful creations for his latest book “A Matter of Taste”. Purses made out of raspberries, a belt of sardines, and chocolate earrings are just some of his eatable “haute couture” pieces.

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Geometric shapes on buildings and landscapes equals excellent art


To experience the art of Felice Varini is something out of the ordinary and rather spectacular. At first it all looks like geometric and abstract shapes dancing over different landscapes and buildings, but if you move in a certain direction you will notice that the shapes are starting to make sense and suddenly they will flatten into colorful 2D shapes. The Swiss artist has managed to use large areas and geometry to make abstract art that almost looks photoshopped and unreal.

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