Can you believe that all of these are paintings?


You will be amazed to know that these pictures are actually paintings. They are the works of several hyper-realist painters like Roberto Bernardi, Eric Christensen and Steve Mills.

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Paper in a play with light and shadow makes fine 3D sculptures


Jeff Nishinaka’s work with paper has a high level of elegance. His 3D paper sculptures look like they’re are made out of foam or fine white cream, giving it all a very delicate look.

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Art of the sky photography


These nature-inspired installations are part of the project called “Art of the Sky” led by environmental artist and photographer Daniel Dancer. The art creations are only making sense when seen from the sky, and they are simply made by using people and latex paint.

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Fun virtual stickers for World Cup made by artists around the world


For the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Plakker prepared for you an incredible initiative that unites the best of art and football. The first virtual “stickers” album! 67 “Stickers” made by 33 artists from 10 countries.

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Sculptures and art installations made out of newspapers


Who would have known that one can use newspapers to create art? The inventive artist Nick Georgiou from Queens, NY, is folding different newspapers to create sculptures and other installations. The sculptures are usually placed in public so you may have seen them around in New York City, but some of his pieces are also for indoor exhibition like the ones he has framed in to look like paintings.

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