10 Most Beloved Tennis Shoe Brands In The World

We actually pondered for a moment what kind of tennis shoe brands we should list up, mostly because there are so many possible adjectives that can go with them. Should it be the most popular tennis shoe brands? The most expensive? The most famous? The most renowned for their quality? We decided on ‘beloved,’ a way to describe these brands that manage to incorporate all of these elements into one wondrous pair.

Tennis Shoe Brands


Since you’re here, we can only assume something about tennis shoe brands must have sparked your interest. Whatever it is, it won’t hurt to know what the topping brands are in terms of popularity, reputation, and quality alike. Without further ado, let’s kick off the top 10 Most Beloved Tennis Shoe Brands In The World.

#10 Onitsuka Tiger

Established as a brand in 1949 by former Japanese military officer Kihachiro Onitsuka, Onitsuka Tiger was intended to be a way for post-war youth to see a boost in their own self-esteem. He thought that the best way to do it was by promoting the practice of sports, emphasized by designing sneakers. Today, Onitsuka Tiger is the most reliable brand on the Nippon land and it’s striped design can be easily recognized among Japanese.

#9 Li-Ning

Chinese brand Li-Ning has been around the market since 1990 and it managed to create quite the buzz on several occasions. It wasn’t necessarily for good reasons, though. One example for an episode of this sort is the year 2006 when the company signed the ever so famous Shaquille O’Neal to a contract. That definitely wasn’t the end of promotional deals for Li-Ning, who struck a product endorsement contract with Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade.

#8 K-Swiss

One of the tennis shoe brands that proudly reference the roots of the founders, K-Swiss is the result of the investment of Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner. They founded the company in the year 1966 – sadly (we suppose), in Los Angeles and not in Switzerland. At the time, the brand revolutionized the tennis shoe industry by manufacturing one of the first leather-bound pairs. Its striped design became a definite trademark, allowing the company to lead a brilliant marketing campaign that allowed people to design their own stripes’ colors.

#7 Asics

When this brand was first established in 1949, it happened on Nippon grounds. At the time, the company carried the name Panmure Co. Ltd. Today, it’s known as Asics, which is an abbreviation of the famous Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano.” It means “a healthy soul in healthy body.” We suppose “Msics” wouldn’t have had the same sound. The brand is endorsed by big sports teams such as Newcastle, Sunderland, and Leeds.

#6 New Balance

Having been around the market since 1906, it seems only fitting that New Balance is one of the most renowned tennis shoes brands today. They certainly know it as they do some things some may call eccentric. For starters, their manufacturing plants in the US and the UK makes their shoes slightly more expensive than others’. But perhaps the most interesting aspect is their choice to not name their shoes, so that wouldn’t draw attention from the New Balance name.

#5 Fila

The Italian company has been producing high-quality shoes since 1911 and it definitely went through a rollercoaster of ups and downs throughout its existence. It crashed and burned in 2003 and the heads of the brand were forced to sell it to a hedge fund company. A separate entity entirely, Fila Korea decided to buy all the rights in 2007.

#4 Puma

The one thing that Puma is more known for than for the quality of their products is the company’s eternal warfare with Adidas. Both companies were founded by two brothers who eventually grew apart, turning their respective businesses into bitter rivals that torn their town apart. Regardless, though, we think Puma hardly needs any further introductions.

#3 Converse

A man named Marquis Mills Converse set in 1908 the foundation for one of the most iconic tennis shoe brands around. Since then, Converse continued to grow, literally sneaking its way into the big leagues. It was, for a long time, the official footwear face of the NBA. Unfortunately, though, Converse eventually fell into a steady decline, forcing the heads to sell it over under Nike’s shield in 2003.

#2 Adidas

The other half of the company known as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, Adidas became Adidas when Adolf Dassler broke away from his brother and made a company of his own. The company is well-known for its logo, the three diagonal stripes that are also present on the design of the shoes.

#1 Nike

When it was first founded in 1964, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The transition to the renowned name happened in 1978 and it sought inspiration from Greek mythology, where Nike is the goddess of victory. There are few logos as recognizable as the swoosh mark present on nearly every Nike product, especially on tennis shoes.

10 Good Prank Calls To Pull When Feeling Bored

We’ve all had something to do with a prank call at some point in our lives. Whether we partook ourselves in this act of mischief or heard of someone else doing it, it was the hottest deal of our childhoods. But when was the last time you heard of any good prank calls? It’s easy to fall into ridicule and people are getting more and more skeptical as time goes by, so it’s gotten increasingly difficult to trick them.

Good Prank Calls


But what really makes good prank calls stand out is not their likelihood to trick the receptor. Rather, it’s just how funny they can be without hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. See underneath for some examples to understand what we mean.

#1 Idea: Pretend The Other Person Called You First

You and I both know that the person at the other end of the line didn’t lift a single finger to ring you up first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim otherwise! Call your victim up and then act as if you merely picked up the phone. Iconic quotes include “Who is this?” or “Why did you call me?” Most of the cases, the person will hang up at the first chance. Once in a while, though, you might end up with someone who will argue to great lengths that YOU were the one who called first. A true test of wills and strength.

#2 Idea: Call Pizza Hut And Ask For Domino’s Number

It’s safe to say that no Pizza Hut order-taking employee lives and breathes for the restaurant chain, so you won’t be hurting any feelings with good prank calls like these. Ring up your local Pizza Hut. Start describing your favorite pizza on the Domino’s menu. When the employee eventually points out this pizza is nowhere to be found on their menu, ask for Domino’s number. For extra points, repeat the process and call Domino’s.

#3 Idea: Call Subway And Ask When The Next Train Is Leaving

We’re one hundred percent certain this must have happened at least once in Subway’s history – unironically. Can you blame your Average Joe who is just trying to book an urgent train trip for misunderstanding the real purpose of the company? Become this Average Joe and vehemently insist on getting an answer for that trip that you REALLY need to take tomorrow.

#4 Idea: Call Petsmart And Convince Them Your Fish Drowned

Alright, this might be jumping into “torture poor store employees” territory, but if you make sure to mention at the end that it was all a joke, you may have given said employees some great memories. Ring up a local Petsmart and ask for their counseling. When you get down to the problem, start talking about how you’re certain that your fish drowned. Counter any attempts they may make at trying to put the blame on something else.

#5 Idea: Conduct A Survey With Really Weird Questions

This is one of the good prank calls that will also let your imagination flow wildly. People are generally reluctant to answer surveys, so you might have trouble finding someone willing to listen to you. But when the miracle DOES happen, just reel them into the weirdest survey you can think of. Here are some fun examples you can use:

  • Which endangered species do you enjoy eating most?
  • How many times have you binge-watched Cory In The House?
  • Have you ever wished to steal candy from an infant in a crib?
  • Did you ever think that if Will Smith were to travel in the past his name might become Was Smith?

#6 Idea: Call Walmart And Try To Reserve A Shopping Cart

Let’s go back to terrorizing employees for a moment. How many of you had the misfortune of being unable to shop only when the store is the most crowded? Sometimes it can be a hassle to find the products you want, let alone to find a free shopping cart. Use these as your main arguments when you dial up the number of a local Walmart, insisting to book a shopping cart for your next spree.

#7 Idea: Call A Restaurant And Tell Them You’re Trapped In Their Bathroom

There are actually two ways you can go about this idea since it’s two good prank calls mushed into one. The first variant is the one expressed above. For example, ring up McDonald’s and convince them that you’re trapped in their bathroom and then hang up. If you want an extra dose of hilarity and surrealism, call them to instead ask them to bring you two toilet paper rolls since you ran out.

#8 Idea: Call Various Businesses And Ask For A Sick Day Off Jobs You Don’t Have

Credit for this particular prank goes to YouTube creator Jenna Marbles, who made a couple of hilarious videos on this idea. It’s as simple as it sounds. Choose any business and then call in pretending to be an employee requesting a day off. It’s even easier if the company has over one hundred employees since it would make it likely for the other person to not think anything is suspicious. Go wild with the story behind your request!

#9 Idea: Ring A Pizza Place And Ask To Rent One

You can tweak this idea and turn into other good prank calls with the same theme. Decide that you don’t have enough money to BUY a pizza, so you’re reaching out to the renting system instead to save some money. Try to rent pizzas, hamburgers, sodas, spaghetti, garlic bread – anything you can think of!

#10 Idea: Ask If Their Refrigerator Is Running

In this era of Bee Movie memes (but every time someone mentions this trend you take a shot), it’s never been a better time for the good ole fridge joke to shine. If you’re lucky enough to reach someone who has no clue what this prank is all about, just carry it out to the end! Congratulations, you actually managed to prank someone by asking them if their refrigerator is running! But if the other person is away, you can totally get away by turning it into an irony.

“Is your refrigerator running?”

“Yes, I should catch it. Ha, ha, very funny.”

Easy Tips on How to Remove Tint

Whenever window film is involved, nobody wants to hear the words “purple film” and “bubbling film” because they mean trouble – LOTS of trouble. Next thing you know, you’ll have to learn how to remove tint. Lacking any directions or places to start? Look no further.

How to Remove Tint


Purple film is the unfortunate result of non-metallic dyes that break down and start changing color. On the other hand, bubbling film might be even more annoying since it’s a sign that the adhesive keeping the tint glued to the window is starting to fail on you. Try to simply peel off the tint and you might leave behind a gooey and sticky mess that might steal a few hours of your life to scrape off. Don’t walk down this impetuous path and avoid these messes with our tips on how to remove tint.

#1 The Ammonia Method

This is one of those methods that most “how to remove tint” guides will list as the first choice. It’s a fairly approachable method and it really doesn’t require any complicated and complex tools to achieve the desired results. Let’s take this process and break it down step by step for easier understanding. But before we start, let’s make this highly important mention: it’s best that you attempt this method on a sunny day.


Take two plastic trash bags and cut them roughly in the shape of your car windows.


Coat the outside of a window in soapy water and then cover it with the plastic bag.


Move on to the inside of the window, but don’t continue until you’ve ensured that you’ve protected all important elements of the car (speakers, upholstered surfaces, rear light, etc.). But, most of all, make sure that you’re protecting yourself, ideally, with a face mask because you’ll have to release some ammonia fumes. Spray the full inner side of the window with undiluted ammonia and then place the second bag over the window. Press it there.


Leave the plastic bags to be for approximately one hour. Your car should be outside in the meantime, facing the sun with the side that you’re trying to learn how to remove tint for.


When you come back, all you have to do is use a razor, a fingernail, or anything else that might help you unglue one corner of the plastic sheet. Simply tear it off, preferably all of it in one go.

#2 The Steamer Method

This is actually the easiest way to get this deed done, though, we suppose, its only downside is that it doesn’t come for free. We imagine it shouldn’t be a terrible burden, especially since you essentially spend a maximum of $30 once and then you’ll know how to remove tint for the rest of your life. Purchase a steamer, follow the instructions to turn it on (which are really easy) and all you have to do is let it work its magic on your film.

At the end of it all, the adhesive that’s keeping the film attached will start moistening up and the film is going to be extremely easy to remove.

#3 The Newspaper Method

Using a normal household sponge, apply a layer of watery detergent to your window and then cover it all with some newspaper sheets. Leave it all be for about an hour, returning once every 15 minutes or so to dampen the newspaper again and keeping the moisture flowing through.

Once the time is up, all you will need is to return with a razor and gently scrape off the newspaper. It should come off with no trouble, but if it’s stubborn and refuses to cooperate, just apply detergent again over it for another few extra thirty minutes.

Is Horseriding a Sport? 5 Reasons Why It Is

Is horseriding a sport? Is it, really? What DO we classify as a sport now that we think about it? There are some who claim that poker and pool are sporty activities for sure, yet some still continue to doubt whether horseriding really fits into this category or not. Well, we’re here to blow away those doubts.

Is Horseriding a Sport


Many argue that horseriding can’t really be considered a sport because it allegedly requires no effort from the rider’s part. The one running around and gracefully leaping over various fences and objects is the horse, not you, right? If that’s the way you want to judge it, you won’t ever get anywhere. Instead, let’s try to see whether horseriding fits the criteria that most people use to label sports.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #1

What is the main thing that links horseriding, football, and poker together? All of them have competitive sides. By default, most (if not all) types of sports have some sort of competitive layer to them. Horseriding can very much be competitive and in more than one way. Competitions are of all kinds and while some may argue that, again, it’s the horse doing all the work, we want to agree to disagree. Behind every graceful and obedient horse stands a rider who’d invested hours of training and hard work.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #2

Most sports are team sports, which is why it’s always a good reason to get your children to practice a sport from an early age. Putting aside all the health benefits, this kind of practice is also going to improve social skills and cooperation. Horseriding is, too, a form of team play. A rider’s most loyal and, simultaneously, most difficult teammate is the horse. It can be hard to communicate with the voiceless creatures, but with enough patience, you can develop an unbreakable bond.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #3

Sports will always improve one particular aspect of your body. There are sports like poker, which have zero effect on your physique, but end up training your brain. Traditionally, though, when you practice a sport, you boost your fitness. Does horseriding do this? Of course it does! Maneuvering such a large animal, riding, holding steady, keeping balance, and herding it to go your way – all of these elements create a strong foundation for muscle training. Particularly in the leg area, you will definitely feel some aftermaths of this activity.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #4

Did you know you can actually burn calories? That’s not exactly all too surprising, but calorie-burning comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. You can burn calories by simply lying in bed (though that’s not in the least recommended), let alone through horseriding. Aside from the work and effort you invest in the activity itself, you also need to consider all the labor that comes with taking care of your teammate. Grooming, cleaning around the stables, and generally caring for the horse all count as chores. And, yes, chores do burn calories.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #5

The beautiful thing about sports is that they are open to anyone. If you wish to learn how to play volleyball, for instance, you can get up one day, hit up your local gym, and learn how to play it! The same goes for horseriding. Like all other sports, you can either practice it casually or professionally, entering tournaments and competitions. All of this falls under the “rules and regulations” category. To play football, you need to understand a set of basic rules first. Horseriding has its own rules. It’s accessible to anyone, it can be practiced casually or professionally, and it’s governed by strict regulations. These all sound like reasons why it’s a sport, don’t they?


Let’s ask again: is horseriding a sport? We are certain of it. If you still doubt it, maybe you should try going through a much more thorough analysis, side by side with whatever other activity you DO consider to be a sport.

10 Best Camp Fire Songs To Learn Or Sing Along To

Any proper camping trip with friends needs some good, ol’ camp fire songs to brighten up the atmosphere. We all need that one friend who brings his guitar everywhere that can start humming Wonderwall and really put us in the mood. In case YOU’RE this friend and you know that this particular responsibility is hanging on your shoulders, we’re here to help. Picking the right kind of music for ANY occasion can be a pretty daunting task. One friend likes something, another likes something else… in other words, it’s tough to please everyone.

But you can never go wrong with any of the classics. This is why, on this list, you’ll find some of the most traditional camp fire songs that you can learn for your guitar. We’re not limited to this category, though – modern music has given us some gems too!

Camp Fire Songs


P.S. If you’re not the friend with the guitar, after all, just save this list and send it to the friend who is. They’d probably use the help.

#1 “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

Released in 1967, Brown Eyed Girl is one of the classics we were so fondly referring to. It’s arguably one of Morrison’s greatest hits, something reinforced by the inclusion of this hit track in the Grammy Hall of Fame, in 2007. It will be a particularly impactful song when your group of friends includes some brown-eyed girls too!

#2 “Riptide” – Vance Joy

Riptide is one of the newer camp fire songs recommended on this list. But, boy, is it incredibly catchy, isn’t it? The most outstanding aspect of this track is the guitar strumming and after a few listens, you are definitely going to be able to see the unique musicality of the song’s intro. Plus, the lyrics are incredibly interesting too and it’s sung in a register that makes anyone able to hum along to it.

#3 “American Pie” – Don McLean

Belted, shouted, and reproduced in multiple instances, American Pie is to camp fire songs what I Will Always Love You is to singing talent contests. It’s one of those songs that any guitarist would be proud to burst into when everyone is gathered around a cozy fire. And there’s a good reason for it too if you ask us. Memorizing this song in all of its eight-minute glory is no easy task, which is why it often comes off as a great reason of boasting.

#4 “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond

What Diamond achieved was a proper musical diamond. Sweet Caroline is safe, sweet, and universally liked. It’s the king of track that’s going to make even the most reluctant of participants to want to jump in and belt a note or two. What really made this song a must on your camp fire songs tracklist is its chorus, a wonderful choir which surely screams “friendship.”

#5 “Wonderwall” – Oasis

If American Pie was the I Will Always Love You of camp fire songs, Wonderwall is probably Adele’s Someone Like You. That means that it doubles on the annoyance factor given by the multitude of renditions and variations various people twisted around this legendary song. Wonderwall is a definitive classic, perhaps THE classic. What stands as good proof for that is that this song was worthy enough of evolving into a meme. Anyways, here’s Wonderwall.

#6 “Stir It Up” – Bob Marley

Another song to prove that the 60s became the golden era of camp fire songs, Stir It Up was actually made popular by Johnny Nash before Bob Marley became associated with it instead. It’s not one of the most typical song choices when gathered outside of the RV or tent, but this is what makes it a wonderful choice. No one will really expect it!


Next time you’re getting ready for a trip into the heart of wilderness, don’t forget your guitar. After all, you’ve spent all this time learning these camp fire songs, right? Wait, you really aren’t the friend with the guitar? Well, no mind. Music is for all and these songs are so important for camping trips specifically because they can unite everyone in a moment of gleeful singing.