The Top Five Sports Movies of All Time

When it comes to movies, there is nothing like a great tear-jerker but when that tear-jerker is tinged with a sense of victory, it quickly becomes one of the all-time best movies, no matter what the genre. Now add sports into the mix and you have a blockbuster. There is just something about a victorious hero or heroine that overcomes all odds that touches the hearts of moviegoers and remains there forever. Here are the top five sports movies of all time.

1) Rocky

Okay, so it may not be your personal favorite but based on box office sales and the number of sequels, Rocky will surely be at least in the top 10 for years to come. Still shown on satellite networks around the world, this story is the epitome of everything viewers want, romance, drama, sports, victory – you name it. Starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, this is one for the history books.

2) Bull Durham

Kevin Costner starred in this romantic drama about a catcher from the minor leagues who is considered to be ‘aging’ and the movie revolves around how he slowly begins to lose his place of glory in the sport. With Susan Sarandon, another star who is a favorite among moviegoers, this one is packed with great dialogue that will keep this among the best sellers of all times as well.

3) The Natural

Ok, what can be said about a movie that stars hunky Robert Redford in his oh-so handsome younger days? Although he was considered ‘aging’ in the movie, he still looked great to fans and perhaps why this movie along with Rocky saw more female viewers than all other top sports movies. With two of the nation’s leading male ‘sex symbols’ of their day, is it any wonder? This one movie is still shown on major cable and satellite networks and continues to be a rental favorite in the sports genre.

4) Caddyshack

Most of the top sports movies are either tear-jerking dramas or romances interwoven into the plot but not Caddyshack. The only tears you will shed will be from uncontrollable laughter as three classic comics star in this irreverent look at golf. Starring Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase, it was sure to be a blockbuster and it is still going strong more than 30 years down the road.

5) Major League

Perhaps it’s not the actual movie itself that landed this in the top 5 but rather the assembled cast of actors in the film. Just take a look at the all-star cast including Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Renee Russo and Tom Berenger and you’ll see why fans loved this film.

It is really not fair to try to name five of the top sports films of all time because there have been so many. However, when there is that ‘something extra’ like a blend of comedy or overcoming defeat at all odds, it makes for a memorable script that will live on in the hearts of viewers. And after all, if it takes a man away from his recliner and a major league game on the tube, it must be great. Right?

The Weird Stuff that Actors Do in Almost Every Movie

It is easy to think that actors are paid to, you know, act. This would in theory mean that they appear to be completely different people every time you see them.

Yet, some of the world’s most famous actors have little habits, traits or customs that appear to crop up in just about all of their movies.

Sean Bean Dies a Lot

The Weird Stuff that Actors Do in Almost Every Movie

The Evidence: Patriot Games, Goldeneye, Equilibrium, Lord of the Rings, The Island, Black Death

There´s a lot to like about the idea of becoming Sean Bean. As well as having a surname that makes you sound like a common ingredient in Mexican food there is also the vague but tantalizing possibility that you are a relative of the Mr Bean. However, it seems clear that the single best thing about life as Sean would be that you only ever need to read part of the script for any movie or TV show. You would turn up to the audition with a long, flowing leather jacket or historical garb and just ask, “So, what page do I die on?” Bingo, you get the part and you don’t even need to read the whole flipping script.

Tom Cruise Runs a Lot

The Weird Stuff that Actors Do in Almost Every Movie

The Evidence: Jerry Maguire, Mission Impossible, Collateral, Vanilla Sky, The Firm

It must be tiring being Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. As well as jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa, it seems that he is also contractually obliged to run in every single movie he appears in, even when it is completely and utterly inappropriate to do so.  Some of his running scenes also just seem to go on forever. Check out the exhausting and bizarrely compelling way he just keeps on running and running and freaking running through Dubai and Shanghai in the Mission Impossible films. I needed a lie down and several liters of those crappy sports drinks after watching those running sequences.

Johnny Depp Wears a Ridiculous Amount of Headgear

The Weird Stuff that Actors Do in Almost Every Movie

The Evidence: Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Public Enemies

Could I politely enquire as to how often you have seen the top of Johnny Depp’s head? You might initially think that you have seen his delightful crown on a regular basis but I can assure you that you have bloody well not. Unless you are his hairdresser or, and this is the crucial point, his hideously overworked hat-maker. You see, Master Depp has a penchant for wearing headgear in all possible situation and places, no matter how silly it may appear. Creepy character from ye olden times? Stick a hat on it. Camp pirate? Cover that crown. Anything else ever? Call that hat maker and let your headgear fantasies come true.

Brad Pitt Eats Totally Everything

The Weird Stuff that Actors Do in Almost Every Movie

The Evidence: Ocean’s Eleven, Meet Joe Black, Mr and Mr Smith, Moneyball, Johnny Suede

Maybe you have already heard a rumor about Brad eating in all of his movies but couldn’t quite bring yourself to believe it. After all, eating is gross and Brad is like so un-gross it actually hurts. Well, I hate to shatter your illusions but if you check out the list of things he has eaten on screen you will find burgers, sandwiches, potato chips, bagels, carrots, and every single foodstuff ever invented by man. No one knows why he does this, although I have a theory that stands up to scrutiny. I reckon that sneaky old Pitt is too busy looking good to waste time consuming edible goods in his own time. Instead, he demands that his character spends all day stuffing his pretty face. In this way, he fills his tank at work and can go home to just relax and steam his face in unicorn crap or whatever he does to stay so handsome.

Jack Nicholson Shows You His Teeth

The Weird Stuff that Actors Do in Almost Every Movie

The Evidence: The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Batman, Seriously, do I need to go on…?

Did you know that Jack Nicholson has teeth? If you have ever seen at least 20 seconds of one of his movies then yes you do. From maniacal grins to cheeky smirks and charming smiles, Jack has cornered the market in onscreen dental displays so much that he is surrounded by a team of “smile reflection protection agents” who hand out free sunglasses to passersby. Probably.

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

Can you honestly sit there with a straight face and say that you don’t enjoy seeing famous people fall over in extremely public situations? Seriously?

Celebrities and other well-known people have been tripping up and slipping and sliding about since time began. So what are the most famous celebrity falls that you can remember?

Madonna and Her Cloak Fail

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

Madonna was in the news recently when her flowing cloak caused her to fall backwards down some steps at the Brits Awards. It seems that her matador style cloak was tied too tight for her to loosen it before a dancer could yank it away dramatically. In the end, the singer suffered an embarrassing backwards fall down 3 steps.

Naomi Campbell Takes a Famous Tumble in Paris

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

One of the most famous celebrity falls of all time happened when supermodel Naomi Campbell suffered a painful trip on the catwalk a few years ago. This happened in a Paris fashion show in 1993 and it seems that we can put it down to the unfeasibly big platform shoes she was wearing. It was a classic moment for celeb-watchers, as she rolled her ankle, fell down and then just sat there for a few seconds.

Lady Gaga Falls off Her Piano

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

If you are going to jump off a burning piano live on stage while wearing stilettos then you are going to want to be pretty careful about how you do it. Sadly, Lady Gaga found out that this kind of thing can lead to a bad fall even if you take the ultimate precaution of only wearing underwear at the time. Her famous fall from a piano isn’t the only time she has hit the deck but it may be the most spectacular.   

Jennifer Lawrence and the Oscars Mishap

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

If you watched the 2013 Oscars then you probably remember Jennifer Lawrence tripping on her gown and falling as she walked up to collect her award. She looks suitably embarrassed as she accepted the award to a standing ovation. Again, it isn’t her only celebrity tumble but it was pretty memorable all the same.

Beyonce Hits the Deck in Brazil

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

Not even Beyonce is safe from the burning shame of a high profile celebrity trip or fall. Perhaps her most spectacular moment came in Brazil. She was singing Irreplaceable when she fell to the ground. She managed to get back up again quickly and made it seem as though as it was probably just part of a lame dance routine.

Pink’s Harness Lets Her Down Big Time

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

This was more of a big fall than a tip but it was too good to leave it out. Pink was doing a show in Germany when her safety harness failed and she crashed down to the ground instead of soaring above the audience. She thumped onto the floor and then could be heard to curse at the pain and indignity of it all.

Elton John and Tennis Chair Incident

Famous Falls and Celebrity Trips

During a recent charity tennis event Elton John sat down on his chair and promptly toppled over backwards in a rather hilarious manner. He made a decent recovery but the video of his fall has still proved to be extremely popular online. Well, it’s got to be more interesting than watching a blooming tennis game.

The Most Famous Pairs of Eyes in the World

There is nothing that stand out more in some people’s appearance than their eyes.

In fact, some people have become incredibly famous because of their arresting peepers. So what are the stories behind those famous pairs of eyes?

The Afghan Girl Now and Then

Famous eyes

One of the most dramatic photos ever taken was of the astonishing green eyed Afghan girl who appeared on the cover of the National Geographic. Strangely, this was the first time she ever had her photo taken and it was also the last time until she was tracked down 17 years later by the same photographer. It turns out that her name is Sharbat Gula and that her eyes still burned like the way they did on that day in 1984.     

Baby Blue Paul Newman

Famous eyes

Probably the most famous blue eyes ever to grace the big screen belong to Paul Newman. As well as being bright and attention grabbing they also have a gentle, friendly aspect to them that helped make him so popular.

Angelina Jolie´s Unique Mixture

Famous eyes

Is it just me or do Angelina Jolie´s eyes just not look quite real? In fact, she always looks to me as though some evil scientist has put together bits of different people – presumably all women – to try and create a hybrid superstar.  The rather more boring truth is that her unique looks come from a dizzyingly varied family that comes from Germany, Slovakia, Holland, Canada and possibly even North America. 

David Bowie and the Eye Changing Punch

Famous eyes

You might have noticed but David Bowie has the weirdest eyes. It´s like one is blue but the other is totally a different color. Actually, the fact that his eyes are so memorable goes back to a fight he got into as a kid. A punch in the eye left him with a condition called anisocoria, although some people say it is heterochromia and I ain´t going to argue over words I hadn’t heard of until 5 minutes ago. Basically, either his eyes are two different colors or else they just look different because one of the pupils is enlarged. Go figure.

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Genetic Mutation

Famous eyes

Who has ever heard of violet eyes other than when it is Liz Taylor´s peepers we are talking about? Was it a punch in the face that gave her those amazing eyes? It seems that the clothes she wore and make up she used accentuated her eye color but were they really violet? Some sources suggest that they were such a deep blue that they appeared violet, while others say that they really were darned cotton-picking violet. More interestingly, she was apparently born with some sort of genetic mutation that gave her a double set of eyelashes. 

She´s Got Bette Davies Eyes

Famous eyes

One sign that you have a famous pair of eyes is when someone writes a song about them. Bette Davis Eyes was a one hit wonder for Kim Carnes in 1981 and the actress herself was said to be a fan of the song. So what was it about her eyes that made them so famous in the first place? They didn’t have the startling color or form of some of the eyes we have looked at so far. Would you believe it is another disease we can thank for Better Davis’ eyes? It seems likely that she had something called thyroid eye disease or Graves’ disease. Of course, the lyrics, “She got Greta Garbo stand off sighs / She’s got Graves’ disease” just wouldn´t have sounded the same. This same condition is also said to affect George Bush, Missy Elliot, and the actress Maggie Smith, who stars in the Harry Potter movies.

6 Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

The local shopping mall is where most of us go to buy pointless stuff we don´t really want, to eat burgers and – hey – to look cool [citation needed]

However, if you go to any of the planet’s strange and amazing shopping malls you might come across more than you bargained for. Or less. 

New South China Mall, China

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

The biggest shopping mall on the planet in terms of size is also one of the emptiest. Bizarrely, rather than being a once thriving shopping center that has fallen on hard times, this place has been virtually empty since it was built. There is room for well over 2,000 stores in the New South China Mall in Dongguan but 99% of the store space is empty.

Dubai Mall, UAE

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

If we are going to get all boring and technical then the Dubai Mall is bigger than the New South China Mall in terms of size but smaller in terms of gross leasable area. This means that it is another contender for the title of biggest shopping mall in the world. However, this one is thriving and it is one of the most visited places on the planet, with over 65 million visitors each year. It includes an aquarium, an underwater zoo, a game park dedicated to an elderly hedgehog and an ice rink. It also holds the title of being home to the world’s largest acrylic panel, which is possibly the single most boring sounding world record ever.         

Rolling Acres Mall, USA

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

The city of Akron in Ohio is where you will find this eerie, abandoned shopping mall. It is just one of many abandoned shopping malls across the USA. From a place where the good people of Ohio would mingle and purchase vital stuff it now looks like the ideal place for zombies to lurk or for a master criminal to set up their lair. 

West Edmonton Mall, Canada

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

Once the biggest shopping mall in the world, the rise of Asian supermalls has relegated West Edmonton Mall to a humble 5th place. The good news for proud Canadians and thrill seeking water lovers is that you will find the world´s biggest wave pool here. You will also find sea lions, golf and lots of ice among the attractions.

Montgomery Mall, USA

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

We need to head to Alabama for our next strange shopping mall. In the case of Montgomery Mall, this is a, err, mall in Montgomery. It was opened in 1970 and closed in 2008, possibly due to having the least original name since the Allman Brothers sat around and said, “So, what will we call this band then?” Now it just looks as though all the shoppers ran out at the same time, leaving it eerily deserted. Apparently it will possibly become a fire station and a library in the future.

New World Mall, Thailand

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

This abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok caused a bit of an internet stir last year. This strange shopping mall has an ever stranger history. It was partially destroyed when the local authorities discovered that it had been built illegally. Without a roof the place got flooded and the locals did what any sensible dudes would do and filled it with fish, to kill off the mosquitoes breeding there. Sadly, the water is now getting drained and the fish are getting re-located to somewhere less surreal by someone who is way too sensible.