The Top Ten Vodkas Reserved For Fine Tastes

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that vodka has quite the reputation. But you’re here, so it’s probably safe to assume there’s no hatred involved. One of the reasons behind vodka’s popularity is that it’s so incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it as a highly alcoholic, pure and raw drink, you can blend it into delicious cocktails, or you can just parade a bottle around because everyone knows vodka is hardcore. However, if you take your vodka seriously, you won’t settle just for anything. Any enthusiast of the crystal beverage needs to get their hands on at least one of the top ten vodkas of the world.

Top Ten Vodkas

#1 Reyka

Reyka is an Icelandic brand that’s earned its place among the top ten vodkas of the world partly because of its uniqueness, partly because of the mere preparation process. It’s the first “green” vodka in the world and its preparation requires glacial water and distillation via energy harnessed from geothermal heat.

#2 Van Gogh Blue Vodka

Master Distiller’s Tom Vos’ premium-quality vodka is the result of triple distillation and a very specific creation process. Using wheat that originates from Holland, France, and Germany, the Van Gogh Blue Vodka is a dryly crisp beverage, free of alcohol harshness, which was removed during the third distillation process.

#3 Adnams Longshore Vodka

The Adnams Longshore Vodka is critically acclaimed and was lauded on a very prestigious level. It received a “Gold Outstanding” rating at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. The judges commented on the drink’s long finish, the outstanding roasted cereal flavors, and the sherbet aromas.

#4 Grey Goose

Grey Goose snuck its way among the top ten vodkas of the world through the power of trust-building and customer prestige alone. Having been produced since 1997, it’s one of the most lauded vodkas in France, produced only with fine-quality wheat. It’s affordable and incredibly compatible with plenty of cocktails.

#5 Viche Pitia Lemon On Milk

A name like that might not inspire a whole lot of trust, but you never know until you try, after all. Despite the fact that vodka infused with lemon, honey, and cream flavors sounds like a recipe for disaster, it was actually a proper recipe for success. Viche Pitia was awarded the title of “Best Flavor” at the World Vodka Awards.

#6 Crystal Skull

This vodka comes in a fancy packaging, but that’s not all it has going on for itself. It’s lacking the typical additives and citrus oils that can be found so very frequently in other spirits of the same sort. Heads up – the bottle creates some foreshadow, as this vodka really kicks like a mule.

#7 Mamont

As all the top ten vodkas, Mamont has something that makes it special. In its case, it’s the story of how it even came to be. A group of explorers stranded at the South Pole during a 2001 journey vowed to discover a mammoth. Surprise, surprise, they did! And, thus, this vodka was created as commemoration.

#8 Ketel One

The Ketel One has been produced since the 17th century and it’s the finest type of product resulted from a family business. The vodka is filtered through charcoal and before it gets its finished version, it’s tasted by every member of the Nolet family.

#9 Snow Leopard

You know how vodka makes you all fuzzy inside because alcohol tends to do that? Snow Leopard does it in the metaphorical sense too since 15% of the brand’s profits are geared towards the protection of actual snow leopards. One thing to note is that this vodka hides its methanol taste so well you can easily get carried away.

#10 Stolichnaya Elit

Bottled with class, this Russian vodka is easily one of the top ten vodkas currently floating around the market. Its trademark is the distinctive smoothness of the spirit, the result of a filtering process executed in freezing conditions.

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10 Expensive Scotch Whiskies For The Hardcore Enthusiast

You can take virtually anything and make it impossibly expensive if you really put your mind to it, but there are some things are just supposed to be expensive. Otherwise it’s a little bit weird, isn’t it? When we talk about scotch whiskey, for example, we immediately associate quality with the price tag attached to the bottle. It’s just how things work. But there’s one thing to go to the grocery store and acquire the most expensive scotch on those shelves and it’s a completely different thing to sell your house, your car, your family, and a kidney.

Expensive Scotch


Why would you do that, you say? Us Average Joes would kind of have to do it in order to get our hands on the most expensive scotch whiskies in the world.

#10 The Macallan 50 Year Old 1949 – $32,000

The Macallan distillery is famous worldwide and it manages to produce plenty of assortments of scotch that are known to make your pockets a lot lighter. It’s also famed for producing the world’s third best-selling single bat, behind Glenfiddich and Glenlivet.  This vintage liquor is sold online in exchange for an average price of $32,000.

#9 Glenfiddich’s 50 year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – $33,900

This type of scotch is the result of a blend of two other types of whisky. They’re just any type of whisky either, as they are all aged prior to the mix in American casks. The really amazing thing about this beverage is that its value as one of the most expensive scotch types is increased by its uniqueness. Every bottle is manually crafted and numbered.

#8 Dalmore Selene 58 Year Old 1951 – $35,000

The name for this scotch references “the titan who holds the moon” and it makes for a really fascinating story revolving around this type of whisky. According to the creators, sunlight burns, but moonlight just illuminates. Needless to say, the taste is absolutely amazing, rich in fruity undertones.

#7 The Balvenie 50 Year Old 1962 – $42,000

This 50 year old alcoholic delight is one of the finest selling point of the Balvenie distillery, which has been around the market since the late 19th century. It comes as a given that the taste of the scotch is so good it’s almost revolting, but it’s bottling is just as impressive. Its wooden case is crafted with 49 rings made from different breeds of wood.

#6 Macallan 1928 – $48,300

When it was first put up for retail while being sold in the USA, a bottle of this kind was sold for as little as $80, but the price really went up alongside reputation. As a fun fact, Daniel Craig can be seen sipping scotch from a Macallan 1928 bottle in the movie Skyfall.

#5 The Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson – $58,000

Everybody loves a good story and the story of this really expensive scotch is that only twelve bottles were ever produced of this kind. Each one of them was given a distinct name and Matheson, the one that’s giving this enormous value to the batch, was named after Dalmore’s owner.

#4 The Macallan Fine and Rare 1926 – $75,000

Fine and rare, indeed. Macallan struck again with this bottle, which was worth $35,000 to begin with. But this stellar price was acquired when a Korean businessman decided to double the price during an auction. As expected, the news circled the Earth.

#3 Dalmore 64 Trinitas – $160,000

We know we’ve used the word “unique” several times, but this expensive scotch really takes the meaning to a whole new level. In its composition, this sprite uses a blend of some incredibly rare whiskies which date back to as far as the 19th century. As a result, only three bottles were fabricated.

#2 The Macallan 64 in Lalique Cire Perdue – $464,000

Believe it or not, yes, someone purchased a bottle of scotch for nearly half a million of dollars. To their defense, it is a Macallan and it also helps that the content itself is a mix of three extremely old types of whiskey. The bottle is a definite bonus, as the crystal container was created specifically to hold this amber liquor in.

#1 The Macallan “M” – $628,205

There’s no surprise that Macallan takes the top spot too. This uniquely-crafted expensive scotch was sold off for over half a million of dollars at a 2014 auction in Hong Kong, marking the spiciest price anyone was ever willing to pay for a whiskey bottle. Speaking of bottles, this one was the result of the intense work of 17 craftsmen which worked 50 hours each in order to reach perfection.

Most Expensive Liquor In The World

They say that a person who ages beautifully is just like “fine wine.” What does that mean? It means that the more a liquor is left to mature, the tastier it becomes and, by default, the more expensive. Quality equals a stellar price; this is how it’s always been. So, what exactly does the most expensive liquor in the world contain in order to justify the insane amount of money the acquiring of a mere single bottle requires?

#10 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare Collection – $75,000

“Fine” and “rare” are the primary words that define the elevated value of a product. Macallan is a brand that has been doing nothing short of creating high-quality scotch, with this 1926 being one of its best examples.

#9 Dalmore 64 Trinitas Single Malt Whisky – $160,000

most expensive liquor

Source: The Moodie Davitt Report

There aren’t many bottles of 64-year old liquor out on the market and those that are, like in the case of this Dalmore single malt whiskey, are available for purchase only to those with a lot of savings. The number of produced bottles is very limited, which gives this scotch a well-deserved boost in value.

#8 Armand de Brignac Midas – $200,000

There are two selling points to this tipple that blew its price through the roof. Firstly, it’s owned by the famed hip-hop icon Jay-Z and, secondly, the gold-coated bottle has a volume of 30L. You might wonder what could you possibly need 30L of alcohol for, but given the parties that Jay-Z must have probably attended, are you really surprised? Let the champagne pop!

#7 Bombay Sapphire Revelation – $200,000

most expensive liquor

Source: Alux

A truly attention-worthy liquor needs to excel both through the quality of its contents and the stunning design of the bottle. In fact, it seems like this gin’s mind-blowing pricing is heavily influenced by its diamond and crystal embellished exterior alone.

#6 The Dalmore 62 – $215,000

Considered to be the most expensive whiskey in the world, it’s as if this scotch was produced for the sole reason of being expensive and catching the eye of the biggest collectors. Before it was bottled, the Dalmore spent 62 in a cask. The value of this liquor is increased by the fact that only 12 bottles of this assortment have been produced, with the price increasing the less Dalmore bottles are left unopened.

#5 Royal Salute Tribute to Honour – $240,000

most expensive liquor

Source: Robb Tribute

It’s easy to tell just by reading the name that this is one of those brands that are acquirable only to those who have a lot of cash to spend. The scotch was produced to honor the royal house of Great Britain, something definitely sustained by the quality of the tipple and the garnishment of hundreds of black and white diamonds from the bottle.

#4 The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique: Cire Perdue – $460,000

One of the most famous scotch brands in the world decided to honor crystal artisan Rene Lalique by producing a one-of-a-kind bottle of whiskey. The result was this particular bottle, which is filled with high-quality liquor that’s been maturing for 64 years. The downside for any interested buyers is that, indeed, only one bottle of this kind has been made, which explains the extreme value annexed to it.

#3 DIVA Vodka – $1 million

most expensive liquor

Source: Spirits De-Luxe

When people think of refined liquor, vodka normally isn’t the first thing that comes to their head. However, the process through which this beverage is produced is worth all of the money. Not only is it made with natural spring water and triple distilled, but it’s also filtered through charcoal and gemstone with diamond sand.

#2 Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – $2 million

Over six thousand diamonds cover the bottle which contains the mind-wobbling 100-year old cognac. Made to honor King Henry IV, as the name suggests, everything about this liquor screams royalty, including its price.

#1  Pasión Azteca, Platinum Liquor Bottle by Tequila Ley – $ 3,5 million

most expensive liquor

Source: Lavish Bucks

Surprise, surprise. The most expensive liquor in the world is a breed of tequila. You won’t be as awed because of it once you realize the value of the thousands of diamonds that decorate the bottle. We definitely don’t deny the high-quality of the content, but it seems as if half of the liquors on this list are so expensive solely because of their overzealous bottle designs. Fair enough.

Myths About Alcohol You Might Still Believe

Whether we want to admit it or not, alcohol plays a role in our day-to-day life and has become a casual presence in our time out. No matter if you’re a drinker or not, you still have your opinions on alcohol, and it’s very likely that you believe some myths are actual facts. It’s important to know the truth, be it for yourself or your friends who like the occasional alcoholic drink. When it comes to binges, though, that’s a whole other problem.

However, before you’re ready to head out for a night drinking with your friends, you should keep some things in mind. A list of myths about alcohol you might still believe could, one day, make a difference. And this is whether you’re for enjoying a few drinks or firmly against the habit.

Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker. Liquor Before Beer, You’re In The Clear

glass of beer

This seems to be a common misconception, a “tip” spread from one person to the other who swears by it. They say that starting out with hard liquors, such as vodka or whiskey, and then slowing it down with beer toward the end will help you to avoid feeling sick. On the other hand, starting with a beer and then slowly switching to harder stuff will prevent you from vomiting, right? Wrong.

FACT: Alcohol is alcohol, and if you do not pace your intake, you will get sick no matter in which order you drink them.

Have a Nightcap to Help You Sleep

If you have a difficult time falling asleep, they say that alcohol could offer a helping hand. Be it a finger of whiskey or glass of wine, a drink might just help you rest better. However, studies have shown this to be untrue.

FACT: In spite of common beliefs, studies have shown that alcohol intake before bed disrupts REM sleep (rapid eye movement). It’s a crucial time during the night when our bodies need rest. Alcohol will lower our sleep’s quality.

Painkillers Before Drinking Prevent A Hangover

Aspirin or other types of painkillers with ibuprofen are believed to prevent the dreaded hangover after a long night of drinking. The chances are that we have been given this “tip” quite a few times.

FACT: No painkiller is good for our health when we do not need it. Taking a pill without actually being in pain might amp up our tolerance for no reason. That will make the painkiller less effective when we do genuinely need it. This practice should be avoided at all costs, and it will not help at all against hangovers. Think about it, these painkillers produce their effect for between 4 to 6 hours. So, they will not last until morning.

Eat After Drinking To Prevent A Hangover

eating before drink

You’ve partied all night and drank your fill. A late night snack is believed to absorb soak up some of that alcohol and perhaps make it a little gentler on you in the morning. Untrue.

FACT: After hours or drinking, the alcohol has already been absorbed, and no amount of calories will alleviate its effects. If you want to witness actual benefits, you need to eat before drinking. It will not prevent you from getting drunk, but it could help the next morning.

Puking Will Help You Sober Up

They say that puking after you’ve had a few alcoholic beverages will expel them from your system. It will stop it from being digested and absorbed into your body. And, if you’re lucky, it will also prevent your morning hangover.

FACT: Alcohol absorption starts almost immediately. Puking won’t make that much of a difference since your body has already started processing it. Unless it’s instant, it won’t help.

Alcohol Will Make You Better in Bed

Although some still believe that alcohol improves sexual performance, they could not be more wrong. While it might lower inhibitions and increase their self-confidence, it will certainly not help.

FACT: Psychologically and physically, alcohol will reduce your performance and may even present with issues for men. Furthermore, it’s very likely that it will open you up to riskier behavior, such as unprotected sex.

“I Can Sober Up If I Have To!”

It’s all good, you will be wide awake in a matter of seconds if you want to. Coffee, a shower, a meal, or whatever belief you have will help you speed up the process. You can even drive after having a coffee! No, you can’t.

FACT: Nothing will speed up that process. Since coffee is a stimulant, it might make you feel like you’re more alert and awake, but you’re not. It’s a perilous myth to believe, considering many of those who do will sit behind the wheel.

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells

cocktail with chips

This is one of the phrases that many people who abstain from drinking like to say with a scolding finger wagging. Given how people act after they’ve knocked back a few, it could be a good assumption that alcohol messes with your brain. A little, but not really.

FACT: Alcohol temporarily impairs your thinking and will slow your neurons’ abilities to convey electrical messages from the brain to your body. That means you will be slower, have poorer coordination, and become unable to walk in straight line. Not to mention the wildly misspelled texts. However, all of these are temporary. It will not cause permanent damage to your brain or kill cells. It should be noted that abuse will lead to other health associated conditions. You won’t get any dumber, though.

Mix Alcohol With Energy Drinks To Get Drunk Faster

Pounding a Red Bull with some vodka is bound to make you drunk faster, right? Those aiming for this effect are entirely wrong. They might feel the “higher buzz” due to the chemicals in energy drinks, but there is no chemical process to enhance intoxication.

FACT: You will drink more, though. While alcohol arrives with a certain gust of energy at first, it will slow you down and cause sluggishness eventually. For most people, that’s our body saying “Stop drinking now. You’ve had enough.”. However, if you mix that with an energy drink, your body will not get the message, and you will continue drinking. That can easily lead to downing more beverages and edging further toward abuse.

You’re Good As Long As You Keep To One Drink Per Hour

four beers

It has been said many times that pacing is important. However, we have also been told that having one drink per hour will give our bodies enough time to process a drink. For a person of average weight, that’s not true.

FACT: It will likely take your body some time closer to two hours to fully process a drink. If not, you will get gradually drunker. One drink per hour for the average person will bring your blood alcohol concentration to 0.8, which means “legally drunk”.

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

For all beer lovers out there, this article is for you. For the rest of you, make sure to pass this on to someone who would marry a beer and have her children. You’ll be as amazed as I was when I found out beer can be expensive. We usually guzzle down liters of beer because is cheap and it goes with everything. It goes with football, it goes with the boring weddings you have to attend on your own, it goes with sad cheesy movies and it even goes with DIYs around the house. But maybe that’s not advisable, if by the end you want to have equal, functional drawers in your kitchen cabinets. Drink responsibly and keep reading about the 10 most expensive beers in the world.

1.Brewdog the end of history

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

This is a Belgian ale that is among the strongest in the world. It contains juniper berries and Scottish nettles. It has been described to taste like leather, tobacco, soy sauce and beef, so it’s clear none of those people have ever been to a wine tasting. If you want one of the twelve existing bottles, get ready to pay $765. Bargain!

2. Brewdog Sink the Bismarck

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

If you’re looking at a long night out drinking with your buddies, you might want to skip this one. It has 41% alcohol by volumes, so it should be kept for special occasions. Named after the largest Nazi battleship, this drink has to be frozen and distilled four times before it can be drunk by Vikings and Ale Gods.

3. Schorschbrau Schorschbock 57

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

That’s a mouthful both in spelling and in tasting. Schorschbock 57 is made in Germany and has 57.5% alcohol by volume. Smoky and nutty in taste, this German beer was made in a limited edition of 36 bottles. Each one has 370 ml of sweet nectar and will set you back by 275$.

4. Samuel Adams Utopias

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

This ale has a beautiful rusty color and only 28% alcohol by volume. So you might have guessed it was born in the United States. No one drinks like the Germans. The 750 ml bottles taste sweet like cherries and plum and cost $150 each.

5. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

The result of brewed German caramel malts and American whiskey barrels gave birth to this ale that is cheap in the US but not very affordable in China. It has 6% alcohol by volume and one bottle of 720 ml costs 44$.

6. Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

Looking at the price tag ($1850 for a 500 ml bottle) would make you think you’re drinking liquid gold. But this 10% alcohol by volume brew is actually not that exquisite in tasting or making. All the profits from the auction sales are used to protect the marine life.

7. Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage No. 1

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

If fruity notes with a hint of caramel, wood and dried fruit is your cup of tea, this beer from Denmark will charm your taste buds. But not your pockets. It costs $400 to enjoy 375 ml of this beverage which has 10.5% alcohol by volume.

8. Saporo Space Barley

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

In 2006 Japanese and Russian scientists teamed up to plant barley on the International Space Station. Because down here on Earth we’re kinda running out of fertile soil. Bummer. With the fourth generation of barley the Japanese created the world’s first out of space beer. They kept it modest, with only 5.5% alcohol by volume, selling it at $110 per six pack.

9. Tutankhamun Ale

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

Inspired by his archaeological discovery, Dr. Barry Kemp tried to recreate an Egyptian recipe using the traces of beer residue he found in Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery. Made in the UK, this ale was designed to have an ancient taste. Is costs $75 and has 6% alcohol by volume.

10. Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager

10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

You can tell it’s expensive only by the looks. Encased in a velvet box, shaped like a champagne bottle, this Australian beer has 10.2% alcohol and costs $90 per 750 ml. It is aged for twelve whole months in oak barrels before it’s sold to beer enthusiasts all over the world.

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