5 DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Significant Other

DIY birthday gifts are ideal for your boyfriend or husband’s special days, occasions when you must offer him something that is much better than everything else. Before continuing to a list of awesome DIY gifts for men, let’s provide you with a recommendation. Whatever existing gift you select, go along with it with a home made dessert. Get ready to enjoy yourself and your significant other by creating DIY birthday gifts for him guaranteed to be a pleasant surprise. It will add your individual touch of personality to a well deserved gesture.

diy birthday gifts scrapbooks

1. Scrapbooks

A memory scrapbook will always be on the top of presents for your partner or for anyone else. Such gifts offer you a lot of independence to create the ideal product of your imagination. You can make a memory guide and fill it with his pictures in it. Then you can add his favorite colors and music bits wherever it is appropriate or a few famous quotations here and there. Write him little messages in the scrapbook and finalize it with signatures from all your friends.

2. Photo Frames

Picture frames are another creative concept if you are looking for unique DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend. Make a frame of the biggest dimensions that you can manage and search for all the cute photos that you have with your partner, a few including both of you. If there are no recent pictures you have with him, modify a few of them with the specialized software. Then, get all the Pinterest images into a big frame and arrange it a little more. Offer him this photo frame with your personal thoughts written on it.

letters diy birthday gifts

3. Collections of Letters

If the birthday is over some time, then you can begin by writing a new letter daily. A unique concept of DIY present, these can have any thought or message that you want to tell him. For example, say that he is the best person that you ever met and that he is your universe. When you create these letters, be sure that you mention only the positive stuff in them. Once you have finished, combine all of them together and create an original book. You can also put some hand made cards within if you wish and you can have the book monogrammed to seem more personalized.

4. Little Packages

If you are excellent at creating new ideas, make little crafts for the partner’s birthday. Write tiny bits of love thoughts on them and hide them around your home. You can create pen stands, notepads, bookmarks or a set of book covers etc. Organize a little treasure hunt for these gifts and make it this way a lot more fun. Your strategy must be planned in such in such a way that the number of presents is equal to the age of the boyfriend. These gifts can be quite specific as a scrapbook or short letters.

5. Personalized Albums

You must know the favorite songs of your husband or boyfriend, right? Record the songs at your home and made out of them a short album. You might also sing the music of your choice, the special songs that you want to dedicate to him. Or, you can write a song for him, if you are talented at it, and then record it. This will absolutely be one of the greatest presents for your boyfriends, husbands or even dads.


Each one of these ideas that you select for him must begin as soon as possible, in order to look like a piece of art. A sufficiently prepared DIY birthday gift will surely leave deep loving thoughts in anyone’s heart.


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Spring Color Ideas For Decorating Your Home

There’s no better time than spring to start redecorating your house and give it that fresh spring look. This is the perfect season to replace the dark colors in your house with soft pastel colors. Here are some spring color ideas for decorating your home.

Choosing pastels colors to decorate your house, may give you the impression that it will look a bit too feminine as these colors are associated with that. But, that shouldn’t be a worry, as long as you combine them in the correct manner, they can also be used for more masculine interior designs. If you think researching by yourself is not enough don’t be afraid to ask for professional help, so you get everything right.


Cotton candy, baby blue, lilac, mint green or yellow are some of the colors found on the pastel palette. All these colors go great when they are combined with white, which you will notice when you will look at the pictures below, and hopefully you will be inspired on how to decorate your house with pastel colors this spring.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Reinventing your bedroom with the help of pastel color can be quite easy and fun. There are just few details you need to change to get the fresh look. First thing you can do, is to change your curtains and the bedding, in matching pastel shades. If you are going for a feminine look, cotton candy and lilac are the colors to choose, but if you wish to obtain a more masculine aspect for your bedroom, mint and baby blue are the colors to go for.




Dining Room Ideas

One easy way to add paste colors to your dining room, is to get your chairs in pastel colors. Once you have chosen the color, change your curtains in the same shade or if your are brave and confident enough, create an interesting combination between the two color.
Also, don’t forget about the pillows on your couch. They are not expensive to change and the right pastel colors will totally refresh the room. Table cloths are another detail that could give the room a stylish and bright springy look.




Bathroom Ideas

If you are scared to go for these colors, as you don’t know if they will look how you imagine, here is a tip. Try making this transition first in the bathroom, as it is the easiest room to change the colors. Choose a pastel shade you like and get to work. The bathroom is your canvas.




Living Room Ideas

The living room is the most important room of every hose. This is the place where we gather with our family and friends and enjoy our time. A greater reason why this room should give you that comfortable and cozy feeling. There is no doubt that light colors can make the room feel more welcoming, this is why pastels would be a great choice for your living room.


living room

For example, if you have a white or light colored sofa, add some interesting pastel pillows, but make sure they match the curtains and the carpet. There is no need for you to redecorate the entire room, and spend all your money on it. Remember: the difference is in the details.

living 2

Add a fabulous touch of color wherever you think it fits. A fast way to do it, is by adding to the room a bright colorful carpet. This will change the whole aspect of the room, and you will only have to add some extra details here and there.

Buy some plants and find a place for them, you will notice the greenish change they bring in.


Light up the room. The right lighting item in the room not only will make it look better, but it will also improve your mood.
One other important thing to remember, is to put your curtains away and let the light in. Its spring, and sunshine is part of the interior design.
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8 Brilliant and Unique Business Cards Designs

Do people still make use of business cards as they used to? Hell yes! If anything still bears the magic stories printed on paper can tell about us, then that’s a groovy business card with a unique design that speaks about our authenticity.

Designers today explore various new mediums when it comes to building templates for business cards and often surprise us with astonishing, remarkable tiny art works that are ready to be placed in a case and delivered or handed over to prospect partners, customers or peers. Here’s a bunch of the most creative business cards made today and a list of ideas and recommendations to use them for the best:

8. Love at first sight


Surprise your potential future clients with awe-inspiring snapshots of your portfolio imprinted into analogue small wonders. Provided by moo.com, this super cute, nostalgic, yet comprehensive way to showcase your work right in front of your customers allows you to print several images on sets of 3 to 6 different cards in a pack of 100.

Works great for: photographers, make-up artists, hair dressers, fashion stylists and designers.

7. Send compliments


Apple used these to recruit plenty of their personal. Other than that, complimenting people when you have no idea how else to approach them is a great technique. These cards speak for themselves and instead of having you fish for compliments, they may actually help you score in a higher book.

Works great for: Public Relations, Advertising, Online Key Opinion Leaders and Business Advisors

6. A sweetened approach


Don’t sweat over funky details. If you’re into delivering something tasty, that speaks volumes of your business but also claims you’re imaginative, creative and graphic, make your business cards literally unravel that vibe. Cardboard may trick you into tasting these delicious biscuit like cards, but if you’re really an artisan, you can go for dough and the real deal.

Works great for: cafes, restaurants, cake and pastry businesses, food bloggers.

5. Stand up for yourself


Be clear about your intentions, act like a winner and before they know you’ve had them at hello. David Sjunnesson created these unique and awesome design for business cards displaying a pop-out figure that will surprise all your potential customers. Aim higher and higher!

Works great for: real estate entrepreneurs, public speakers, bloggers and counselors

4. Like a rolling stone


Roll smoothly with these funky business cards in the shape of skate boards designed by JukeBoxPrint for Powell Peralta. They’re nonetheless unique, inspirational and the type of cards that make a break through statement about the person who hands them.

Works great for: creatives.

3. Show them your fun side


Business may be about give and take, but at its core it’s human and, well, fun. Bring out the smile upon anyone’s face with a statement that shows you have a sense of humor and combines wit with your surprising skills and experience.

Works great for: anyone who’s confident and laid back enough to master excellent people’s skills

2. Be flexible


Display the asset all employers and future partners are looking into: flexibility. Stretch out your capacity to apply to a wide array of situations and materialize that into a statement that speaks out for you.

Works great for: new business, personal training, life coaching.

1. Be resourceful


These business cards designed by creative agency STRUCK are 100% organic, environment conscious and feature one of the most original templates you’ll ever stumble upon. Shaped as an envelope that delivers a thoughtful, meaningful message about the company make them as good as gold.

Work great for: farms, florists, organic products businesses.

5 Proven Techniques to Stop Procrastinating and Get things Done

One of the real questions when you try to stop procrastinating is how should you organize your time in order to stop wasting energy in disparate activities.

There are hundreds of ‘said to be working techniques’ out there to stop you from procrastinating, but only some of them are scientifically proven to actually snap you out of lazy mode and start gaining real time productivity.

5 Proven to Work Techniques to Stop Procrastinating and Get things Done

Think small, act focused

Aiming for big, fast results when you’ve already wasted half day watching Netflix instead of getting homework done is a no-go. List your priorities. Work now, play later. This is the easiest way to achieve results when you have studying on your list. Postpone the more pleasurable activity for later in the day and plan out on enjoying it after the chore is done. If you can’t grab the means to do that, go to step two and…

5 Proven to Work Techniques to Stop Procrastinating and Get things Done

Use an organizer

 5 Proven to Work Techniques to Stop Procrastinating and Get things Done

Agendas are best known for helping us out with whittling down procrastinating and having an actual plan on paper. If your hidden agenda has a hard time on you, then buy an organizer and fill it daily with things that need to get done in that particular day.

Avoid planning ahead, even better, stop postponing whatever can be done today for tomorrow or the weekend. After all, pen and paper can be our heroes when all else failed. And IF all else fails…

Shut down all communication

That Facebook flickering new message makes you so curious, doesn’t it? Oh, and the texts your friend keeps sending ultimately need a reply! While the phone keeps ringing, you switch the TV on and, here, your favorite TV show just started!

5 Proven to Work Techniques to Stop Procrastinating and Get things Done

How about no. No to all of these. Instant communication is such a turn off for productivity and the perfect way down constant procrastinating. Close all the social media tabs, better off, unplug the cable or turn off Internet for as long as you decide you have to work. Yes, it’s hard, but you’ll be thankful and happy to browse through all those notifications when your show is done. Still not convinced?


If your home, or office doesn’t inspire you to work at all, there’s always an alternative that was proven to arise writers, artists, people in IT and designers from the procrastinating guilt trip. Pack your stuff and head to a café, library or public space where you can feel comfortable enough to do your thing without being bothered by background noise or surrounded by friends.


Choose a spot where you can spend low key those couple of hours. Chances are, spending a little money for a cup of tea or paying a subscription to a public work space will give purpose to the time you actually are there and make you look at the clock before you decide to indulge in the next three episodes of Vikings.

Make room for real hobbies


A laid back mood can be fantastic. Yet not so much for your spare time hobbies and passions, because when you stop following a schedule, you lose track of time for the most. And then you feel bad, but you just keep going back to procrastinating. It’s a vortex, sometimes. So allow yourself to stop feeling sorry for the lost time and do this. Whenever the question “How can I stop procrastinating” emerges, grasp it and stick to it, the way you’d use sticky notes to remember things during the day. Do that. Use lists, and pen and paper, and when you are done, you may go back to procrastinating. Or find a better name for it and let it surprise your curiosity with finding new goals and amazing habits.

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Powerful Symbols And Meanings of Celtic, Viking and Japanese Culture


Cultures all over the globe are filled with meaningful and magical symbols that most of the time attract our curiosity. Find out about the powerful symbols and meanings of Celtic, Viking and Japanese culture, that you have seen for sure but don’t know what they actually stand for.

The Celtic mythology is a realm marked by misterious and  strange looking signs. Here are some of the Celtic symbols and meanings that you might find interesting.



The word is a Greek term, which means “three legged”, and if you look closely at the sign, it does look like three legs running. The meaning of this Celtic symbol stands for competition  and the progress of man.



The word comes from Latin and means “three cornered” and it represents a holy symbol with many meanings. It is a symbol composed of three interlocked pisces, stressing on the intersection of three circles. Most often it used as a symbol for the Holy Trinity, used by the Celtic Christian Church and sometimes it can be found as three interlaced fish.

 Triple Spiral


The triple spiral is a symbol found in many Celtic tombs, and is drawn as one continuous line, implying rebirth or resurrection. The theory of its meaning comes from the fact that many of these drawings have been found in places where they catch the first sun rays on the solstice, and  they appear to have been placed there intentionally.

Celtic Tree of Life

tree good

The Tree was an important part of the early Celtic spirituality. For the Celts, the tree was a  a source of living, a bearer of food, a shelter and fuel provider for cooking and keeping warm. Without the existence of trees, living  would have been almost impossible.

Celtic stories, say that trees were the ancestors of mankind, beings of wisdom who created the alphabet, the calendar and the entrance to the land of the Gods.



Today is considered a good luck charm but the shamrock has a much deeper meaning. The Druids, believed that is represented a three in one concept, of the three dominions on the planet, sky and sea and the ages of humans and the stages of the moon. In the Celtic folklore, the Shamrock stands as a symbol against evil, a belief that has been carried on till present days,as the four leafed clover is used as a good luck charm.



A Celtic cross represents a cross with a ring which surrounds the intersection. The symbol is associated with the Celtic Christianity even though it has much older origins. Crosses like such are part of a large Celtic art. A Celtic cross, standing, made out of stone and usually with lots of ornaments, is called a high cross or an Irish Cross. In Ireland, a popular myth says that the celtic cross was brought by Saint Patrick or maybe Saint Declan while he was converting the pagan Irish people.

The Green Man


The Green Man is believed to be an ancient Celtic symbol. In the Celtic mythology he is the God of Spring and Summer. He is believed to disappear and come back every year, century after century, enacting death and resurrection and the circle of life.  The  legend of Sir Gawain, The Green Knight, is an obvious image of the Green Man from the Middle Ages. Gawain is wearing a green helmet, green armour and a green shield but also a green horse. After he was beheaded he continued to live on.

Symbols and meanings belonging to Vikings

Vikings have had a lot a lot of symbols with plenty of sacred or mystical meanings and many of them have very interesting looks.

 The Triple Horn of Odin


The symbol is made out of three interlocked drinking horns and is usually worn or displayed as a proof of commitment to the modern faith Asatru.


tree 2

Yggdrasil, the Norse World Ash, is the giant mythic tree that holds together the Nine Worlds or lands of existence.  The World-ash stands for the Nine Worlds and is protected by the Jormungadr serpent. Yggdrasil is one the of plenty variations of the Universal World Tree, known to all the human cultures.

 The Julbock

Straw Goat - 4" julbock (1)

The Julbock also known as the Yule-goat is a universal symbol of the winter holidays in the Scandinavian countries.  Going back in the pre-christian times, the Julbock is yet another Pagan Yule symbol, that was taken by the Christian holiday holiday customs. In the pagan Norse religion, a goat represented the conveyance of the gods-early representations of Odin in a goat drawn cart, strangely similar to further portrayals of Santa Claus.

 Troll Cross


The troll cross is some sort of amulet consisting of a circle of iron crossed at the base. The charm has been worn by early Scandinavian people to protect themselves against trolls and elves. Iron and crosses were believed to be a combination that casts away evil spirits.



The symbol it is known as the Valknut, meaning “a knot of slain”, and it has been found in stone funerary carvings, which most probably was meant to represent the after life. The signs is often found in the art portraying god Odin, and it may represent his power over death.

 The Helm of Awe


The Helm of Awe, is a protection against spells used by early Vikings. Some legends say that, when worn between the eyes, this protective symbol, was meant to offer invincibility to the one who was wearing it or make the enemy fearful.

 Thor’s Hammer


Thor’s Hammer, stands for an ancient Norse symbol, and represents the legendary magical weapon of Thor. Also known as Mjolnr, which means “lightning”, symbolised Thor’s power over Lightning and Thunder. The Hammer or Thor, was said to always come back after it has been thrown.

A Thor Hammer amulet has been often worn by believers who thought that it would protect them, and the practice continued even after the Norse population had converted to Christianity. Modern times use it as a sign of recognition of members belonging to the Asatru faith, and is symbolic of Norse heritage.

 Japanese symbols and meanings

Japan is another country with many symbols that are related to its national culture and magical beliefs.

 Japanese Dragons


Japanese symbols of dragons are very similar to Chinese dragons, with the exception that the Japanese dragon has only three claws or toes, while the Chinese dragon has five and the common dragon ahs four claws. There are two types of Japanese dragons, one lives in the sky or clouds and the other is found in water or rain. It is believed that dragons are controlling rain, fire and Earth. Most known Japanese words for dragons are ryu and tatsu.



Japanese culture sees butterflies as the souls of the living and the dead and are considered to symbolize happiness and longevity.



The carp(koi) represents perseverance and is also a symbol of faithfulness in marriage and good luck. It is often shown in motion, arched upwards with water sprays. This suggests the virtues of a great warrior and is usually associated with the qualities desired in young men.

 Cherry Blossoms


Starting from the Heian Period, cherry blossoms have been revered by Japanese culture.The brief blooming of the flowers and the fragility of its blossoms has been associated with the transience of life.



In the Japanese symbolism, dragons flies are an emblem of martial success, as several names for the insects are homonyms for words which mean victory. Dragonflies are also a symbol for late summers and early autumns.



Turtles are a complex motif of Japanese culture. Taoism, Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism are all beliefs that promote understanding and are all claiming that the turtle helps prop up the world, is a guardian of the northern quadrant of the Universe, together with the snake, and carries its sacred carapace inscriptions.



Many symbols of the Japan have been assimilated from China, and Chinese symbols and meanings, are widely present in the Japanese culture. Chrysanthemums were believed to have healing powers for excessive drinking, nervousness and debilitating diseases. Chinese culture associates the flower with integrity and endurance.

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