5 Farewell Gift Ideas To Preserve Memories

Everything that has a beginning must also have an ending. This includes, unfortunately, relationships too. There is a time when we have to say goodbye to classmates, to colleagues, or even to friends. Of course, plenty of us have developed the habit of saying our farewells with tight hugs and the occasional tear-shedding. But does anyone remember when farewell gifts were a thing? There is no better way to ensure that you’ll be remembered by those you leave behind than through a physical token of your bond. This is why, we’re presenting some farewell gift ideas that will do just that.

Farewell Gift Ideas


#1 Journal

Even though we live in a digital era, that doesn’t mean that we can kiss goodbye anything that doesn’t belong on our smartphones. In fact, the fact that some of these things are now bordering the “vintage” category, they should be even more sought-after.

If your work colleagues are the type to always get busy, we guarantee that a journal or a diary are going to make their day, regardless of whether they’re enthusiasts of phone agendas and planners or not. Bonus points are given if the journal is bound in an intricate and classy-looking cover.

#2 Earth Globe

In reality, very few people keep globes around for actual practical purposes. They’ve become a nice aesthetic addition more than anything. But, hey, you know what this means? It means that you don’t need to get a globe showcasing the actual map of the world anymore.

It seems like manufacturers are loving the idea of having globes as decorative objects just as much because there is an incredible diversity of models. You can acquire normal-sized globes that actually show the dark and light parts of the world in real time. You can get a globe that displays constellations and serves as a source of light at night. The point is that you definitely have a variety to choose from.

#3 Cake Topper

There is even such a thing as a farewell party, which most of the time also involves a cake. When talking about farewell gift ideas that are meant to preserve memories, anything edible might not be the best idea. What can they preserve if they’re gone?

A cake topper, however, is a totally different thing. It can be something as blunt and straightforward as your own name or something more ambiguous and interesting. After the cake itself is devoured, your friends or colleagues get to keep the cake topper as a memento of your times together and the deliciousness of the cake.

#4 Travel Mugs

Some great farewell gift ideas involve the possibility of picking something that will prove to be useful and practical as well. If this is coworkers we’re talking about here, then it’s almost certain that they’re the victims of the routine that involves chugging down coffee for survival.

What can you do to help? You can get them isolated travel mugs. Because of the times we live in, it’s wondrous if your average busy corporate worker gets to eat as much as a slice of French toast for breakfast. To help them save up time, gift them a travel mug that they can deposit their coffee or tea in on their way to work.

#5 Group Photo (+Frame)

Kill two birds with one stone with farewell gift ideas such as this one. Giving someone a photograph is the most definitive way to ensure that you have a way to preserve memories. After all, photos can’t be eaten and they’re rarely misplaced.

But, wait! The photograph itself isn’t the only gift. When handing it over, make sure to have it framed nicely. This gives the option to the gift receiver of using the frame for other photographs. It’s two gifts in one!

10 Facts About Saturn You Probably Didn’t Know

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun in our solar system. It’s also the second largest behind Jupiter and the only one to be surrounded by a vividly shaped ring. It completes an orbit around the Sun in 30 Earth years and it completes a full turn around its own axis in only 10 and a half hours. These are some of the most basic facts about Saturn you could know, but there is still so much to be learned about this beautiful giant. Here are 10 Facts About Saturn You Probably Didn’t Know.

Facts About Saturn


Facts 1-5

#1 – Saturn, like most planets in the Milky Way, was named after a Roman deity. In this case, it’s, well… Saturn! He was considered to be the God of agriculture among many other things, but he later on became the God of Time too. Because of this, his Greek equivalent is the famed Cronus.

#2 – Because of the speed of its rotation around its own axis, Saturn is slowly turning into a flattened pancake. The scientific term for it, though, is “oblate spheroid.” This phenomenon is similar to what’s happening to the extremes of the equator on Earth, but it’s much more visible in Saturn’s case.

#3 – Saturn would float in water. It’d take a really huge mass of water to be able to sink this giant in, but, in theory, it could actually happen. This is because Saturn has the lowest density of the solar system, indirectly proportional to its sheer size.

#4 – Facts about Saturn for kids: ruin their expectations by telling them the planet’s ring isn’t solid. Most children believe this myth, for all the good reasons. Unfortunately, it’s not a material ring, but it’s one made of pieces of rock, dust, and ice varying in size.

#5 – Saturn is one of the planets surrounded by a ton of moons. The inner part of our solar system, which is made of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars is notably lacking in their presence. We assume this is because they all flocked over to Saturn, a planet with a grand total of 62 moons. The most notable of them has to be Titan, an awesomely named moon with a rocky surface covered in ice.

View Of Saturn And Its Ring


Facts 6-10

#6 – Despite the fact that astronomy evolved so much, only four spacecrafts have ever been sent to Saturn. The first one was in 1979, while the last one was in 2004. Cassini, what the spacecraft was called, was the only one that managed to break through Saturn’s atmosphere and snap some snazzy photos of its surface and ring.

#7 – Speaking of Saturn’s moons, hundreds of years ago, Galileo wrongly observed the shape of the planet and assumed that its ring was actually two moons stuck to different sides of the planet. This happened in 1610 and, surprisingly, it only took a few decades until it was decided that there truly were no moons involved in the creation of the ring.

#8 – Saturn’s ring is also the subject of a rather fascinating phenomenon. Because of its axis, just like the Earth, Saturn is slightly tilted. Meaning that, sometimes it can be observed from Earth and we can see the ring in all its glory. In other instances, the ring can’t be seen at all and the view is replaced by its many moons.

#9 – Yes, we did say that it can be observed from Earth. Due to its size, it’s one of the five planets that can be seen shining brightly in the night sky on a clear night. By using a telescope, you can even get a peek at its ring.

#10 – Titan, Saturn’s most famous moon, has gravitational weak enough to allow humans to fly. Assuming we’ll ever get to step on Titan’s surface, this is the ideal time to properly try to imitate a bird.

10 Villain Costumes that Would Win Fashion Shows

They say a story is as good as its villain. After all, no matter how many ways we find to tailor old, traditional storytelling, there’s no denying that a good antagonist is what stirs up the drama necessary to create a compelling plot. But, wait! They’re not only memorable through actions and personality. In fact, many of them cling to our memories with the incredible design of their outfits. Some of them are very difficult to replicate, but human creativity managed to conquer all odds and gave us some ingenious villain costumes.

Villain Costumes

Image Courtesy of Disney Studios

When worn in the context of their universe, these villain costumes don’t necessarily stand out. But bring them into our world and it will become clear just how catwalk-worthy they are. Here are 10 Villain Costumes that Would Win Fashion Shows.

#1 Maleficent

It would have to be a serious case of haute-couture for it to work, but Maleficent’s apparel is as intimidating as it is gorgeous and memorable. In case you’re ever in need to feel like a true dark queen while sipping at your evening tea and watching Netflix, parade in this outfit to get out your evil villain laugh.

#2 Cruella de Vil

Cruella doesn’t exactly have one particular trademark look, but she’s managed to make her black and white chromatic compelling enough for it to be turned into several villain costumes. She stays true to her bicolored aesthetic and she makes evil look even classier with her thin cigarette and the high heels.

#3 Poison Ivy

Not all villain costumes need to scream at the top of their lungs that they’re being worn by the bad guys. Poison Ivy managed to become a renowned antagonist for Batman from the comfort of her ultra-sexy and brightly green apparel. Who knew even flowers could be so dangerous? Green isn’t a creative color.

#4 Ravenna

A costume very similar to the one worn by Maleficent, Ravenna manages to stand out with a pinch of appropriate personalization. Given her name and all, it only made sense that the finishing touch would be a gorgeous raven feather collar and some sparkles to the dress.

#5 Prince Nuada

Presented as an antagonist in Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army, Prince Nuada is the son of elf king Balor. Also, he is the one wearing one of the classiest and most eye-catching outfits seen on male villains. It was so impressive that the comic adapted the look, not the other way around.

#6 Two Face Costume

He didn’t wear any particular outfits in The Dark Knight, but Two Face has worn some villain costumes with variations. One of the most fashionable of them all was the one from his portrayal in the DC Animated Universe – a stylish suit colored one half in white, one half in black.

#7 Emma Frost

All of Emma Frost’s villain costumes have in common the scanty and unapologetic look that most comic book female antagonists have going on for them. However, there is a certain alluring class to her outfit choices, really well represented by January Jones in X-Men: First Class.

#8 Doctor Facilier

Disney villains are where it’s at. In the case of the antagonist of The Princess and the Frog, it wasn’t just his voodoo-inspired apparel that was stylish. The man managed to carry himself and behave with true menacing class as well.

#9 Ursula

An odd choice, perhaps, but wouldn’t it be really something if you saw a model parade a menacing black dress that ended in details resembling tentacles? A villain must inspire terror through appearance alone and this dress would certainly do it.

#10 Vidal

You might recognize him off Pan’s Labyrinth. He’s a man very fond of strictness and rules, which is why his fashion choices go hand in hand. Luckily for him, the military style is unlikely to ever go out of fashion and the fact that he tweaked his clothes a bit is definitely a bonus.

5 Real Life Lightsaber Designs

Star Wars has become a formidable empire, a franchise that has built a cult following for itself, full of loyal and enthusiastic fans. One of the things the saga is most well-known for is the sheer size of its expanded material that contains everything from bonus readings, books, comics, toys, and cartoons. But if there is one thing that we can say for certain has become a trademark for everything that Star Wars has to offer, that’s the lightsaber. And, all this time, one of the fans’ biggest desires has been the ability to create a real life lightsaber.

Real Life Lightsaber


So, why haven’t we? We seem to be on our merry way to bring the hoverboard into real life, what’s keeping the lightsaber from becoming a proper reality? For starters, the fact that it’s incredibly dangerous might have something to do with it. A real life lightsaber would essentially mean a long beam of light with laser properties that is sturdy enough to be able to clash against other lightsabers.

Practically speaking, this isn’t something easy to achieve. The biggest issue that those who have attempted to build a real life lightsaber had encountered was the lack of control to the length of the beam, as well as the solidifying of the light particle. Some people, however, found a groundbreaking formula and they’ve managed to give us some prototypes that are the closest thing to a real life lightsaber we will ever get to.

#1 SufficientlyAdvanced

If you go to his YouTube channel description, you will notice that his premise is “I make pretend things into real things.” A man by the name Allen managed to make the incredible discovery that a real life lightsaber might not be, after all, such a far-fetched dream.

Using nichrome ignition to bring out the light beam, he ignited a methanol and acetone mixture in order to give us a thin, seemingly well-kept under control blue string of light. It’s definitely not thick enough to be called a proper sword and it can’t really hold its ground in a battle, but it can cause some proper damage, as demonstrated by the slashed balloons and burned Jar Jar Binks photo in the video.

#2 Yoda

No, it’s not the real Yoda, but it’s all a little bit poetic when you think about it. This is the nickname assumed by Michael Murphy, a Star Wars enthusiast who has made it his life’s biggest goal to build the perfect real life lightsaber replica.

To create his version, Murphy didn’t just work on the functionality of the saber alone, detailing the exterior to the smallest of aspects. The most impressive thing is that he managed to pick up on one fundamental part of Star Wars lore – the fact that the lightsabers are powered by tiny crystals inside of them. Murphy’s gorgeous real life lightsaber is up on eBay for a price ranging somewhere in a few ten thousands of dollars.

#3 styropyro

The styropyro YouTube channel is all about lasers and powerful beams. Given how he’s already incorporated them in some other kinds of weapons, guns included, it was almost expected for him to tackle down the possibility of making a real life lightsaber.

Inspired by the aforementioned Allen (SufficientlyAdvanced), our inventor added his own twist to the lightsaber by focusing more on the use of laser as opposed to setting substances on fire. There are several downsides, however, such as the fact that you can’t look at the beam directly and that the length can’t be controlled (yet).

#4 BeatTheBush

It’s strange that a DIY channel that mostly focuses on travel and cooking would come forth with an idea for a real life lightsaber, but it seems like it truly happened. This is one of the best uses of the word “prototype” we could come up with. It does look really cool, but it has a way to go before it can shape up into a final project.

Resembling a lightdagger rather than a lightsaber, the potential of this beam sword is, however, undeniable. It has a practical and easy to use handle, it looks like it has the possibility to flesh out the most believable ray of light, and all that it needs is a little bit more extra length to it.

#5 sethioz

At the bottom of the list we have the lightsaber that has the most way to go until we can call it a success. Unlike the other entries on this list, the laser beam isn’t even visible to the naked eye, though it is able to burn through a paper.

Needless to say, it’s something that we haven’t managed to turn into a reality for the past several decades. It’s certainly not a project can materialize over the night, so it’s important that we look at the small steps and appreciate all of the achievements so far. We wish sethioz good luck and to continue development!

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Rome In Ancient Times

Facts About Rome


The Roman Empire is a civilization that continues to astonish us all over thousands of years after their moment of glory. Their contribution to history came in many shapes of forms – culture, language, technology, medicine, etc. But even though they left such a palpable and undeniable legacy, there are still many secrets and mysteries that are only now getting unveiled. Join us as we lay down some of the most interesting facts about Rome that you probably didn’t know.

#1 Ancient Romans were living examples of paradoxes. Even though they were way ahead of their time in plenty of domains, medicine excluded, like most cases, they also had their rotten apples in the bunch. Rome was filled with the belief that gladiator blood was able to cure a set of afflictions, including epilepsy. After gladiator fights were banned, they even went as far as to turn to executed prisoners instead for their miracle worker.

#2 The Latin language wasn’t actually the Empire’s universal tongue. There were around 65 million people part of the Roman Empire, so it was essentially impossible to impose the same language to all of them. Actually, many original languages survived and the Romans themselves were, in majority, bilingual, given that knowledge of Greek was considered to be a badge of honor.

#3 The thing Roman emperors feared most was death by poison. In order to try to prevent it in one form or another, they developed the habit of digesting small doses of a variety of poisons on a daily basis. Supposedly, this continuous exposure to the substances would eventually lead them to being immune.

#4 Roman generals rarely fought in battles. In fact, you can count those who did on the fingers on one hand. Rather than being warriors who wielded swords in battle, they were “managers,” specialized in strategies, commands, and organizing their troops.

Facts About Rome


#5 It’s no secret that one of Rome’s most controversial personalities was represented by the Emperor Caligula. Among his many bizarre deeds, we can definitely say that trying to make his horse a consul sits really high on the list of crazy things that he was willing to do.

#6 It’s very likely that the Roman persecution of Christians was kick-started by a misconception. When word about Jesus Christ’s apostles eating bread and drinking wine as symbols for flesh and blood, they probably misinterpreted that a little bit. As a result, they believed that early Christians practiced cannibalism.

#7 Ancient Romans considered left-handed people to be bad omens, unlucky, and untrustworthy. In fact, the negativity associated with them eventually led to the evolution of the word “sinister,” which is derived from the Latin word for “left.”

#8 Romans were one of the first people to set the foundation for modern toilets. Not only did they create the first underground system that flushed away waste, they also had, albeit for the wealthy, implemented a plumbing system. They had toilets and had the possibility to switch between hot and cold water. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, knowledge of the toilets was lost. During the Middle Ages, for example, people still used chamber pots that needed manual emptying.

 #9 The act of crucifixion received its dreaded reputation due to Jesus’ own crucifixion story, but it was actually a common act in Ancient Rome. It was specifically designed for those who committed acts of treason or for non-Roman citizens caught in criminal acts. If a Roman citizen committed murder, he’d usually be exiled, while a foreigner caught pick-pocketing would likely get crucified.

#10 Here’s something to feed your alien conspiracy theories – some of the first UFO spotting instances occurred during the times of Ancient Rome. Several pieces of writings have been found, which describe sky apparitions that are several hundred feet and “shoot fiery rays.”