Top 10 The Godfather Quotes

Have you ever made reference to The Godfather quotes without realizing it? Of course you , have, this movie contains some of the most epic lines in cinematic history. “The Godfather” is one of the best movies that has ever graced cinema screens. The story follows the Corleone family, and its rapidly multypling problems. Marlon Brando plays the role of Don Corleone, the Mafia boss who is on his way out and wants his war-hero son, Michael (played by Al Pacino) to take over. “The Godfather” is rightly considered one of the best movie series made, and it has some memorable quotes to go along with it It is no surprise that the movie received part 2 and 3, considering what a strong impact it had on the audience. Let’s take a look at the best The Godfather Quotes that appear in the movie.

1. “I’m Gonna Make Him an Offer he Can’t Refuse.” – Mario Puzo

the godfather quotes

This is undoutebly, the most famous The Godfather quote that many people reference to. It was said by Mario Puzo.

2. “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” – Don Corleone

the godfather quotes

3. “You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance going to bring your son back to you or my boy to me?” – Don Corleone

the godfather quotes

4. “Barzini is dead. So is Philip Tattaglia. Moe Greene. Stracci. Cuneo. Today I settled all family business so don’t tell me that you’re innocent. Admit what you did. Get him a drink. Don’t be afraid, Carlo. Come on, you think I’d make my sister a widow? I’m Godfather to your son… Go ahead. Drink. Drink. No, you’re out of the family business, that’s your punishment. You’re finished. I’m putting you on a plane to Vegas (…) I want you to stay there, you understand? Only don’t tell me that you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry. Now, who approached you first?

This is a part of the conversation between Michael and Carlo. At this point, the tension in the movie is very high. This is without a doubt one of the best quotes from the Godfather.

5. “Fredo, you are my older brother and I love you. But don’t take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.”

the godfather quotes

Michael tries to clear up things with his brother, Fredo Corleone (John Cazale) after he takes sides with a friend (Alex Rocco, who is not a friend of the Family). In this the godfather quote you can clearly see the love and respect that Michael has for his family.

6. “For justice, we must go to Don Corleone.” 

the godfather quotes

Bonasera (Salvatore Corsitto) mentions this to his bit of conversation as he talks to Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando). This famous the Godfather quote appears in the movie after the judge suspends sentences for two boys involved in his daughter’s attack.

7. “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” 

the godfather quotes

Number 7 on our list of the Godfather famous quotes is the line from Michael Corleone. This short sentence pretty much sums up the entire philosophy of the Family and their perspective on things. This sentence has also been referenced in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”.

8. “Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.”

the godfather quotes

This is one of the Godfather quotes that will stay with us forever. Even in a world as corrupt as this, the protagonists still cherish values like family and friendship.”

9. “Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold.” – Mario Puzo

the godfather quotes

Number 9 on our list of quotes from the Godfather is a line that has made history. It came from the mouth of Mario Puzo

10. “Great men are not born great, they grow great…” – Mario Puzo

the godfather quotes

Another great line comes from Mario Puzo. This The Godfather Quote demonstrates that it is only through one’s own power that one can become great.


“Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement.” – Mario Puzo

This sums up our list of best The Godfather quotes of all time. We hope you liked them, and if you have more famous the Godfather quotes that you would like to share, we would love to add them to the list.

The 10 Best Optical Illusions in Photos

We love taking photos and we love optical illusions. Add these two things together, give them a shake and we have a recipe for some fantastic images that will make you scratch your head.

The Vintage Optical Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

If you thought that optical illusions were a modern thing then take a look at this classic. It is pretty simple but looks rather amazing.

The Floating on the Beach Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

It took me ages to work out what was really going on here. It looks for all the world like the woman is floating above the sand on some sort of magical flying carpet. Spoiler Alert: the shadow is the shadow of a flag.

The Plane Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

When this poor chap went to see a show of aerial prowess he presumably didn’t expect the planes to come flying out of his ears.

The Weird Legs Photo

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

I’m going to come clean here and admit that I have no idea what is going on here. I’m guessing that the colour of the guy’s shorts is causing the optical illusion but I just can’t be sure whose legs are which in this photo.

The Llama Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

This is a cool optical illusion of a llama putting his head in the perfect place at the right time. The next time I see one I’m going to try and recreate this exact same photo.

The Little Person Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos 

This is a clever photo, as it fools us into thinking that the guy in the chair is tiny. In fact, he’s a lot further away than he appears to be. I would quite like one of those chairs, I think.

The Which Way Is Up Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

This is a brilliantly weird photo. It was only when I noticed the bottle of water that I could be sure which way is up. I don’t know where this optical illusion photo was taken but I’m guessing that it is somewhere specially built to make it look like really confusing. Either that or some architect completely lost the plot.

Another Weird Legs Photo

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

This lady’s legs look really weird at first, don’t they? Again, it is colour of the side panels (or whatever they’re called) against the background that makes it such a great optical illusion. Just be careful about where you walk when you wear clothes like this.

The Fallen Head Illusion

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

This is another brilliant illusion that it takes a minute or two to understand. At first it genuinely looks as though someone’s head has seriously fallen off. Upon closer inspection, well, it still looks as though someone’s head has fallen off. Upon even closer inspection I’m still mightily confused but I can see a blonde head at the back that appears to belong to the woman with the bare back. That would mean that the loose head belongs to the person with the white t-shirt and is just strangely angled rather than floating about.

The Small Woman and Giant Pringles

Best Optical Illusions in Photos

Is this a small girl or a really giant pack of Pringles? The lack of perspective in places like salt plains can lead to incredibly creative pictures if you put some thought into it. In this case, it led to a fantastic optical illusion.

Is Banksy Overrated? Some Street Artists Seem to Think So

Every time when someone mentions even the slightest interest in street art, you can bet that the name of Banksy will also be mentioned within the next two minutes or so. Most of these times, it will be the first name that comes up from the world of street artists, especially with people who admire the field from a distance and aren’t really all that immersed into it. But while it’s easier to remember particular works than names – especially if you’ve seen the works firsthand or if they feature a topic or a reference you like – it’s still easy to remember the name of Banksy.


I don’t know exactly what makes it so. Perhaps it’s his fame in the first place, perhaps it’s the elusive air of a concealed identity that contributed to the myth building and now he’s such a myth in the scene that we don’t really care or remember how it was before the Banksy craze even started. (For those of you which might be appalled of the go-to assumption of gender, please take note that there have been a few seemingly legit interviews with the artist and while he still withheld any identification details, he confirmed to be a man.) The concealed identity and the somewhat subversive message of his art – even more subversive than street art is in itself – definitely contributed to the image of a modern day Robin Hood patrolling the cities and symbolically sticking it to the man. Perhaps that is the main reason for which Banksy has become such a huge favorite. But could it be that his days of glory have passed? Is Banksy overrated? Let’s see what recent street art trends seem to indicate.

One of the nicest recent moves related to street art, which we also covered here, is transforming street art works into GIFs. This way, the merger of street art with the other relevant field of today, which is digital culture and digital art, can be complete. Our post about it also featured an awesome Tumblr account which focuses only on Banksy’s works and transforms them into ingenious and creative GIFs, almost like breathing new life into them. Therefore, we can assume that the artist is definitely still relevant at least to one insider of the street art culture, if we only count the maker of the GIFs and not his many fans as well.

But in spite of this rather distinguishable exception, the general impression is still that most people who are in the know about street art consider Banksy overrated and a bit passé. He seems to remain a cult hero or a name to drop for extra points only for those of us who are really completely outside about street art in general and have only recently come to terms with the fact that graffiti is not vandalism. As for the street artists themselves who are the most likely to predict trends and reflect the general feeling in the field, the number of those who consider Banksy overrated seems to be on the rise.

Little mischief acts like this one are becoming more and more frequent, in spite of the fact that his works are now protected by the law. In the eyes of many street art enthusiasts, perhaps that is just one more detail that makes Banksy overrated and no longer relevant, since the main purpose of street art should be, theoretically, to defy the space it will adorn. When the art itself becomes protected by law and its altering constitutes an instance of vandalism, it kind of lost its mojo, wouldn’t you say?

A Refreshing Idea: GIFs made from Street Art

There is more to the world of street art than Banksy’s works, and our street art section here strives to continuously prove it. One of the best things about street art, as I’m sure many of its fellow fans will agree, is the way in which it integrates a social message into its literal, esthetic form. No longer was art something for the elites, something abstract and often hard to decode; the moment art descended into the streets, it became a fun and quirky and emotional way of getting a message across loud and clear. It is a form of art which is made by the masses for the masses.


Of course, a street artist isn’t really an average person in terms of skill and talent and training and means, as it takes years and hard work to be able to get that good. (Except for stencils which are way easier to produce if you have a neat idea and some basic know-how.) But in spite of the artist’s exceptionality, he or she usually does not dissociate from the general population as far as feelings go. As a general rule of thumb, upon admiring a piece of street art, you always feel that it is made by a son or daughter of “the people”, as corny and cliché as that might sound. Perhaps the air of defying something – as street art is still theoretically forbidden and viewed as vandalism in many parts of the world and many areas of most cities – contributes to the social meaning and the feeling of togetherness with the whole of us. In any case, street art is always imbued with a higher social meaning than most classic art, and it always keeps up with the trends and realities of everyday life, by playing with some of the common places in popular culture and so on.

Digital culture was, until recently, something approached by street art only by attempting to imitate pixels or make references to outdated computer games or characters which most adults would be nostalgic for today (like Mario or Pac-Man, for instance). But a more recent trend has taken the fusion of street art with the digital world even further, creating something even more expressive than the regular version of street art. Making GIFs out of street art is the next best thing, and various sources all over the great wide web are doing it with various degrees of creativity and success. There are a few hubs where you can find street art gifs centralized and even grouped into themes.

For example, you can find a Tumblr blog entirely dedicated to Banksy’s works made into gifs here. The person behind the ABVH nickname is unmistakably putting in a lot of his own work and time and skill to create these animated and improved versions of Bansky’s creations. Therefore, it is quite debatable if we’re not talking about an artistic act in itself here with the GIF-making. That’s the great thing about both street art and digital culture: the usual boundaries and borders and blurred, inspiration can be taken from anywhere and the art itself belongs to everybody.

Another great example is this French site of animated graffiti art, which produces and publishes results best described as psychedelic. Not as socially charged as our previous example, but still visually compelling and fascinating nonetheless. After browsing these two suggestions, don’t stop here, by all means. We only included two for the sake of not writing a too lengthy post, but the internet is full of wonderful examples of street art gone digital into awesome gifs. Have fun browsing and drop us a line to tell us what you think of this trend.

There Will Be a Female Version of Thor Soon

Fans of comics and of superhero movies, prepare for something which will blow your mind in the near future: Thor has been announced to switch gender pretty soon. The decision has been made as part of an effort to bring credible female role models into the world of comics and superheroes, and we can be nothing but excited by the decision to promote stronger female characters. But the most interesting and intriguing detail about this upcoming change is its narrative twist, which is announced to be more than a “what if Thor was a female?” exercise of imagination. No, the story will not simply be a saga of the Northern god in his feminine version, but it will involve actual change, most probably by a female secondary character picking up the hammer of Thor after his retirement, thus sparking her transformation.


According to Marvel, the classic Thunder God will no longer be able to wield his mighty hammer, which is why the future heroine will step in his shoes and become an awesome female version of Thor. This change is already being written for comics by Jason Aaron, and Marvel has also confirmed that the new character will eventually be featured in a new Thor movie as well. We already have a few great actresses in mind for the part and we’re super excited about the moment, but our appetite will probably first be sated with a few comics releases before we can see the first movie trailer.

The old female version of Thor

There was an older attempt to feminize the Northern God in the Marvel universe, under the form of Thor Girl (born sometime in 2000 and only present in some not that mainstream editions of comics). But that character should be seen as something closer to a classic sidekick than a proper and full-fledged female version of Thor. Named Terene, the girl first gains the help of Thor and Orikan to fight for her destroyed homeland, and later manages to evolve into an Asgardian goddess herself and fight by Thor’s side as his helper. She then takes the name “Thor Girl” as a means of gratitude to him, and continues to basically play the sidekick. The upcoming female Thor will actually involve a complete transfer of power and identity from the old Thor to his new feminine counterpart.

Things we’re excited about with the upcoming change

Well, first of all, this isn’t the only upcoming change meant to create a stronger move within the Marvel universe. Other news report that the female version of Thor will be just part of the shifts, alongside similar shocking changes to the identities of Captain America and Iron Man. Although strong changes always risk alienating some of the fans, we can’t help feeling excited and curious about what’s to come.

Another thing we’re excited about is, of course, the awesomeness of the kick-ass actress who will get to play the part in the movie set to come out eventually. Although we’ve recently berated the movie Lucy (2014) for different reasons, there are few things we enjoy more than a badass female character setting the world straight. We’d also really like to see some romance where the godly action hero is the feminine element of the couple, and the man she becomes involved with does not feel threatened by her awesomeness. That’s one of the main points of such a feminist shift of story, right?

One of the things we’re less excited about is watching Chris Hemsworth leave the role, but we hope the character retires into having lots of gorgeous babies and living happily ever after with his lady mad scientist played by Natalie Portman. And as long as Loki played by Tom Hiddleston remains very much present in the story, we are definitely not complaining, if you know what we mean. All in all, we can’t wait to find out more about the female version of Thor, even if it’s just in the comics at first.