5 Inspirational Kids

We’re used to thinking adults inspire kids, with children looking up (literally) at grown-ups for advice and role models. But things are starting to change and you too could find the following 5 inspirational kids amazing. What fuels these kids’ determination to change the world? They can be brutally honest and demand justice be done immediately. What is more, they seem to be able to ask the questions that are on the lips of most adults who can’t pluck up the courage to speak up. So get your pen and paper ready to jot down some ideas from these selfless kids.

1. Hailey Fort

5 Inspirational Kids

This 9 year old builds shelters as a hobby. After she became friends with a homeless man, she felt determined he had the right to have a roof over his head. It didn’t take long before Hailey took things into her own hands… literally. She can handle a screwdriver better than most adults so she managed to build her friend Edward a mobile small house. The shelter is not luxurious, but it can keep the man away from the cold and rain and it even has windows. Besides building houses, Hailey is also taking care of a garden which produces food that is then donated to the homeless people.

2. Christian McPhilamy

5 Inspirational Kids

This 8 year old’s sacrifice involved growing his hair for two years and then donating it to an organization for children who suffer from cancer or alopecia. Christian was 6 when he decided he wanted to grow out his hair and the other kids in schools weren’t very supportive of his decision. He constantly got bullied and mistaken by a girl, but he never thought of giving up. His blond hair grew as long as 12 inches, so you could say the teasing paid off in the end, all in the name of a good cause.

3. Gracey Chafin

5 Inspirational Kids

Gracey, aged 8, also donated her hair. She offered her help to a classmate who was diagnosed with leukemia and gave her 10 inches of her hair. But Gracey didn’t stop there. She initiated a fundraiser at her school and she managed to gather 1300 toys, games and books that were donated to a children’d hospital. She surpassed her record this year when she repeated the fundraiser that amounted to 2000 collected items. As an ambitious little girl, she’s already set an even higher goal for next year. All the items gathered by Gracey are gifted in hospitals to children who suffer from horrible diseases.

4. Robby Eimers

5 Inspirational Kids

Robby is joined by his grandmother  and his younger sister every weekend in Detroit where they serve food to the homeless people. If at the beginning Robby washed cars so he can buy food, clothes and toiletries for the homeless, his selfless initiative has attracted donations from big supermarket chains like Wal-Mart and other kind hearted people like those from the Detroit Red Wings. Helped by his grandmother, Robbie created the Eimers Foundation that focuses on helping homeless people with food and water and also attempts to get them off the streets.

5. Xavier Elliot

5 Inspirational Kids

This 10 year old has had a hand experience with homeless shelters. This determined him to work hard to help and do his part in the community. He came up with a unique way of raising money for the much needed food and clothes. Armed with a sewing machine, he makes clothes which he sells online. Encouraged by his mother, he managed to reach out to many online users that didn’t hesitate to offer donations, fabric supplies and sewing tools. As a former homeless boy, Xavier knows what it’s like to starve or not have a roof over your head. His actions are touching and a real inspirations both for kids and adults.

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10 Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

There’s no questioning that you should  encourage your kid to start reading as soon as possible. But children’s books have other purposes than getting them to learn new words and start enjoying reading from an early age. They’re supposed to introduce children to topics such as sadness and hardships. But how do adults react when they read the heart wrenching stories for kids? Their deeper perception works against them and even brings them close to tears. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Read all about the 10 children books that make grown-ups tear up.

10. Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse, 1982

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

Morpurgo’s main character is a horse named Joey who carries an officer into war where he witnesses death and cruelty. At the same time, he remains courageous and loyal, but misses his former master, Albert, and wonders if they’ll ever meet again.

9. Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting, 1975

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

This beautiful children’s book tackles with immortality and the question if this is desirable. When Winnie, aged 10 meets the Tuck family she finds out that they are immortal after they have drunk water from a magic spring. Forced to go into hiding, one member of the Tucks offers Winnie some of the magic water and lets her decide if she wants to remain forever young or if she’d rather live a short but happy life.

8. Wilson Rawls’s Where The Red Fern Grows, 1961

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

This book revolves around a little boy named Billy and his two redbone coonhound dogs. The three of them get into trouble with another little boy and his dog, leading to a series of dark events. Where The Red Fern Grows wasn’t initially thought up as a children’s book, since it first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. However, when it was finally published as a book it was directed towards kids, becoming a bestseller.

7. Doris Buchanan Smith’s A Taste Of Blackberries, 1973

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

Another book that deals with death at an early age, A Taste Of Blackberries tells the story of a little boy who loses his friend. The death of Jamie is used to show how children deal with death, how they can move on and surpass the terrible event. A Taste Of Blackberries was unique when it was published due to the fact that it explored dead and healing after it at a young age.

6. Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time, 1962

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

This sci fi story is perfect to spark up the imagination of children and adults alike. After Meg’s father mysteriously disappears following some scientific experiments with a fifth dimension, she and two of her friends embark on an adventure to try and rescue Mr Murry.

5. Margery Williams’s The Velveteen Rabbit, 1922

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear upThis heart warming story is about a little boy’s stuffed rabbit. The rabbit’s strongest wish is to be loved by his owner, since this would help him become real. But when the boy gets sick with scarlet fever all his toys must be burned. After his recovery, he sees a rabbit in the woods that resembled his toy.

4. Fred Gipson’s Old Yeller, 1956

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

Old Yeller tells the sad story of a boy who is taking care of the family farm when a dog arrives on his land. Travis doesn’t want to keep the stray dog around, but he is convinced by the dog’s loyalty that it could be useful on the ranch. A fight with a rabid wolf leaves the Old Yeller infested with rabies and Travis is forced to take action.

3. Katherine Paterson’s Bridge To Terabithia, 1977

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

Another heart breaking story about the friendship between a boy and a girl. Leslie and Jess are 11 years old, they become best buddies and imagine they have their own kingdom in the woods, Terabithia, where they rule as queen and king. One day, Jess leaves Leslie by her own in their kingdom to go to a gallery with a teacher he liked and the little girl ends up drowning in the woods.

2. Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever, 1986

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

This book is one of a kind. It is about a mother who has a little boy, and it tells the story of his upbringing. We get glimpses of the two of them at different stages in their lives. One thing always remains the same. The mother soothingly holds and sings to her son, even when he is already a grown-up. Sadly, the roles are reversed when the mother is lying on her death bed.

1. Michael Rosen’s Sad Book, 2004

Children Books That Make Grown-ups Tear up

This is a very personal story and it mirrors Rosen’s tragic life. Sad Book is about losing your teenage son and the way it affects you: “Sometimes I’m sad and I don’t know why.
It’s just a cloud that comes along and covers me up.” The illustrations by Quentin Blake bring everything to life, but the nostalgic taste persists throughout the entire read.

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5 Summer Staycation Quick Ideas

We’re living in a fast rhythm, running from one place to another, in over our heads in to-do lists, stressed by deadlines and setting up alarm clocks ever earlier in the morning. Under these circumstance, planning for a vacation can turn out to be a pain. Fortunately for you, we have 5 Summer staycation quick ideas that will help you unwind. None of these require plane tickets or booking expensive hotel rooms and you can try them out even today, on your way home from work, or the next time you’re home alone and have some spare time on your hands.

1. Head over to the green areas

Summer Staycation Quick Ideas

You might have noticed some green areas on Google Maps, but if you’re like the rest of us, stuck in your routine, with no holiday in sight for the next year, our suggestion is to find the closest park to your home or office and visit it as often as possible. You’ll be amazed at what you can find just around the corner from your block: a serene pond, old trees or even freshly mown grass can be amazing stress relievers. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, go ahead and pop your roller blades on your feet and just let the wind brush through your hair.

2. Log off

Summer Staycation Quick Ideas

It’s become an unhealthy reflex to continuously check our phones. We turn to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram almost compulsively to like, re-twit and comment on pictures. With this in mind, we have an experiment for you on the weekends: switch your phone on airplane mode and go about your day without logging in any social media platform. Just take time off to pamper yourself and don’t even think about adding a check-in on Facebook or tagging the friends you’re hanging out with. You’ll reset your reflexes and discover you can go even longer periods of time without gliding your fingers on shiny screens.

3. Homemade remedies

Summer Staycation Quick Ideas

Like we’ve said, you don’t have to look too far for simple ways to make yourself feel better and more relaxed. How about turning your bathroom into a SPA room? You can do this for yourself or your spouse in a matter of minutes, using things you already have laying around your house. Simply quickly light some scented candles, draw a bubble bath, take out that foot massage device you almost never use, spend time on your manicure and pedicure and google a few DIY face masks you can make with stuff you already have in your fridge. This is what we call considerate splurging.

4. Cha cha cha!

Summer Staycation Quick Ideas

If you’re already applying the tips and tricks we suggested above, here’s something new for you to try. Throw a thematic party for you and your friends, coworkers or family members. What does this imply? Hand crafting some decorations, if that’s your cup of tea, or playing it safer and buying everything ahead of time. Make everything more interesting by asking your friends to wear costumes or to come up with game ideas. And if you’re a fan of Japanese movies, host a Saturday night Japanese thrillers marathon. Good at dancing? Bust out your sequin dress and dancing shoes for an authentic cha-cha performance.

5. Step out of your comfort zone

Summer Staycation Quick Ideas

Oh, the dreaded routine of going to work and coming back home, with the slight variation of swinging by the grocery shop! We’ve all been there at some point. One way to overcome it quicker is to start experimenting new stuff. Remember that brochure you received about dance classes, cooking lessons or painting courses? Or maybe you’d like to give acting a try and pick up some tricks about public speaking to boost your confidence? Don’t sacrifice your leisure time in favor of your job and don’t let routine pin you down forever.

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Top 5 Tips on Creating Popular Marketing Content

Article marketing content is a great way to create interest about you, your company, products and servicing. But how do you get your material noticed out there and get more marketers to pick up your articles for publication?

We are discussing top 5 guidelines that will help you create material to benefit you, stand out in the crowd and bring you attention:

5. High Quality Content

Do you ever come across some written material and do not really know what the author was trying to say? This happens to many individuals because they do not comprehend how essential ‘quality’ is when composing your articles.

Keep your material interesting and always try to answer a query or fix an issue for the people reading it. Just throwing quotes or details you copied and pasted from various sites visited is not going to help too much.

Each material should be targeted to visitors by using some eye-catching headlines with key terms that visitors and marketers will appreciate. The headline is a first impression and it should get them interested. But then do not disappoint people with bad articles.

Always make sure to write your material with good syntax, punctuation and use your spell checker! No other thing is more frustrating than poor sentence structure or tons of incorrectly spelled terms. And be sure to keep structuring your articles as they relate to your topic. Do not drift off into other fields that will be complicated to understand for your visitors.

marketing content

4. Keep a Record of Your Statistics

All promotion techniques you implement must always be followed to notice what outcomes you are obtaining. Usually, article submission sites provide a dashboard of research data that you should be verifying regularly.

Looking back at the analyzed data will tell you how well known each of your material are. Usually, if you get more clicks on a certain article, that should tell you the keywords and phrases, in your headline or material, that are searched most and should consider composing other articles using these keywords and phrases.

And, if because of some problem, you are not having any activity to your materials, it could be that the headline is not providing enough interest. Try creating headings using a query to your viewers. Example: Do You Want Your Fear of Success to Win? In addition, use headings that provide a more specific term of what the respective articles are about. Example: Top 10 Tips on How to… or Top 5 Reasons For…and so on.

These stats are a precise way to measure the achievements of what you are discussing with your viewers. Learn from these figures and make adjustments to maintain your visitors interested about your articles.

marketing content

3. Keywords and Terms Analysis is a Must

Probably you have heard this over and over again, but keyword studies is the key to your web company success. And this is especially true for article marketing.

Inserting the keywords and phrases that users are looking for must be considered as an element of your headline and spread throughout your published material. Notice that they should be ‘spread’, so do not put tons of keywords and terms. Nothing is more frustrating than when every sentence contains the same keywords and phrases over and over again. More so, the search engines will consider this as keyword filling and give you negative ratings.

Researching keywords involves remaining within your industry market. Even when the market has a high number of competitors and your primary keyword might be ‘dog training’, then try utilizing a long-tail keyword like ‘big dog smart training’. Using such long-tail keywords in your material or published headings, you are increasing the interest for what individuals are looking for.

Spend time on the keyword researches and you will surely reap the benefits. Keep in mind to always review the articles every now and then to verify keywords and phrases for competitors and amount of searches. Then make the necessary changes to have a fresh and trendy retrievable keywords and phrases in your headings and content.

2. Publish Your Articles

You invested time and effort on keywords and creating some quality content, posting your articles continually is a must. This will not only bring more interest about you and your company, but also the marketers will begin posting your material on their sites.

There are several automatic content submitters that can publish your material to dozens of article directories. Even if these types of software seem like a real way to save your time, there are the experts that question the real value they offer.

It is indicated to choose 5 – 10 material submission sites and undergo the same procedure on the article directories regularly over a certain period. You can monitor the research and determine what outcomes it is providing to your website. Testing is a sure way to discover out what material is working and which ones is not or what article submission sites has more hits vs. another.

Of course, if your time is an issue, article promotion is a good task to delegate to a virtual assistant. Only make sure that your articles are created and published regularly without any holes. The same VA could be hired after a period to write materials for you.

marketing content

1. Reliability Always

Article marketing is the device aimed to increase the interest about you and your company, right? So, applying and using promotion tools for your company is essential. If they are not utilized continually, you will not notice the results you have planned or looked for.

Writing a bunch of articles is not going to be enough. Set up a number of days to create at least 1-2 articles weekly. This really is not hard to do and look on the websites for topics to write about. Social networking is a good area to look for trends and what individuals are interested in within your industry market.

The more articles you can publish, the more strength you will have in making marketers to insert your material on their own websites. This means more users will read your content, in turn providing more visitors to your sites.

One of the reasons why content promotion fails and some tell you that this type of marketing will not work properly is due to a lack of consistency. Have a commitment with content marketing and you will see good results in quite a short time. Surely, article promotion is just one weapon in your online battle, but it is an essential one!

After you have been composing and publishing articles for some while, you can never stop learning on how to create better material and execute for an efficient promotional campaign. Remain focused on applying these top five guidelines, and you will offer your content the best chance of being submitted giving you and your company lots of visitors and interest to your site!

5 DIY Home Décor Ideas for Your Lovely House

DIY home décor ideas are useful when you are young and live in a residential dorm or in rented projects, and you cannot do much to create that personalized and comfortable space as you like.

Does this mean you are limited to live with plain white-colored surfaces and unpleasant furniture? No, and here are some alternative home-style tips for you and your home.


1. Color and atmosphere

Most flats and dorms come with standardized white walls. There is no simpler way to modify your rooms, their look and spatial ambiance than by using colored Christmas lights. These are easy to hang everywhere: you can just put them up around the walls or the ceiling.

Make a reddish illumination and your space will appear to have red hues to it. In addition, you can add more than one shade and select which set to connect at a time. It is easy and cost-effective. To further add to these unique effects, you can change the lights to some of the bulbs to “party lights.”

2. Floors

Ugly flooring or unpleasant carpets? No problem. Having a place rug can be costly as anything, but many shops offer huge, but still affordable bath mats which can be used as small compact rugs.

While it may seem unusual, but there are a lot of fashionable, large bath mats out there to pick from, such as the ones created from fake fur. Tip: they are intended to be slip-proof and are generally simpler to clean if they get wet than regular rugs.

3. Futons

Did you acquire a rustic style futon that is not the best ever? A futon cover is costly, but you will discover bed linens that fit the classic style futons for a lesser amount of cash. At “mall punk” shops, the common innovative person might see all types of nice decorations, and even in the children’s’ segments of regular shops, there are many exciting and lovely things.

Halloween parties are a fun chance to search for cool stuff like spider webs or pumpkins; and Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion for buying for heart-shaped decorations. Do not ignore the pillows! You will usually buy them for inexpensive prices, along with various types of pillowcases at a significantly lower cost.

4. Kitchen

Craft shop, art shop, art store! Call it as you wish, you could discover everything within your budget and ready to be personalized at almost any art shop. Storage cans, jugs or various recipients for the kitchen can be personalized to deposit anything from spoons and spatulas to foods and napkins.

These shops, as well as the lower price stores, usually have kitchen towels – even if vacations are a fun chance to stock up on the ones you like. The craft foam is used to create kitchen pads – and you can personalize them anyway you want.

5. Furniture

When you are at the art shop, you may observe some unpainted, tedious wood furnishings. On the other hand, maybe you will visit a second hand shop and discover some horrible looking, but efficient, furniture. The easy solution? Paint. Buy some paint and wax (this part is essential, since it will cover the paint) and create furnishings that meet your needs and character. Want a violet dresser? There is nothing to stop your imagination! You can paint your DIY recycled furniture with different brushes, or try other methods (some more primitive), like stencils and sponges, to have several results or various colors.

Source: www.woohome.com