Improve Your Vocabulary: 5 New Cool Words to Make You Sound Hip (and Deep)

While some people read a lot to improve their vocabulary and to learn new cool words, others just browse the Internet and good for them, because the Net is an inexhaustible resource of fun and education. Technology and the speed of light we live our lives at also challenge us to be in the trends and adjust our cultural background with new and new terms, concepts and meanings. Street level vocabulary and urban language conveniences were replaced by Internet wisdom and thus, our vocabulary grows every day with new words and definitions our parents are probably baffled by.

As you probably know by now, the word of the year 2013 was officially declared to be selfie, but the competition was fierce, as twerking fought for supremacy as well. Of course you can Google the information yourself (and you know this is a verb now!) or you can search for the most buzzworthy news to see what’s hip. But to make your life easier, let’s see together five new cool words to make you sound hip (and deep) so next time you’re in a conversation, you can impress the audience with your vast knowledge, or at least understand what are the others talking about.

1. Affluenza is bad for people


It’s not like they all got the flu recently, it’s that they are – an we quote – in a state of “social disease resulting from extreme materialism and excessive consumerism: earning more money and consuming more, which can lead to overwork, debt, stress, anxiety, etc.” They might need your help to become aware of their illness.

2. Digital Detoxin’ Baby! (new cool words to educate your parents)

digital detoxing

Your parents know this term as “Let’s get away for a few days some place where is quiet and there is no phone signal!” But because we’re the cool generation, we strive to digital detox, meaning exactly this: stay away for a while from our computers, smartphones, devices, gadgets and everything tech – related, only to alleviate stress and all sorts of issues, like not having a life anymore because we’re too hooked on the latest This Blog Rules article. Not that this is not good, but if you remember that the last time you saw nature was when you got lost in the park at 4 years old, maybe you need some digital detoxing.

3. Get a pixie cut, ladies!

Pixie Cut

Because you are awesome like that and because you need to look sharp and hip and sound quite deep when you tell your girlfriends you’ve got yourself a pixie cut! That is a hairdo, actually and not something related to the pixie dust or magic tricks. There is a high chance that your girls already know this term, cause they are in the trends when it comes to style and vocabulary and new cool words are already history for them.

4. Written a Blook? What’s the next step?


Some people read books, others write them. But our generation is also blogging. And then switching from the virtual paper to the real deal. So a blook is a book written by a blogger. If you see where this is going, please share it with us too, because we’re expecting a jlook to come up soon, which, following the same logic, should be a book written by a journalist. Right?

5. Cyberloaf. Yes, that’s exactly what you are!


New cool words, you say? How about new cool ways to elegantly avoid working by spending time on the Internet or playing with your gadgets. It’s a form of procrastination, actually, but you’re a hip trendy person, so next time when your colleague sneaks his or her head from behind their computer screen and asks you “Cyberloafing, you too?”, you should nod mysteriously and gratify your answer with a smirk.

There are tons of other new cool words out there for you to learn and since they are quite impossible to find in the books you already own, you should spend more time on the Internet and document yourself! But no cyberloafing, you are here to develop your intelligence, as who knows what sapiophile you can meet…

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