Keep Yourself Dry With A Samurai Umbrella

Don’t say that you have never pretended that your umbrella is some kind of ass-kicking sword. Most of us have done it at some point or another, though of course when nobody is watching (or so we think). But now you can finally stop pretending, because the samurai sword umbrella is here, and it most definitely is a bad-ass accessory to have in your possession. Not only will it keep you dry when those cats and dogs are falling from the sky, it will make you feel like you have a secret weapon at all times; James Bond would be proud.

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Long Exposure Plus Light = Magical Glowing Balls

Lately it’s really hip to play around with light and long exposure, because admit it: it’s awesome and fun! Now photographer Denis Smith from Australia has taken this kind of photography to a whole new level. What he does is to use long exposure on his camera and a flash light or another kind of light source to create a glowing ball.

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Brand Installations On Unusual Locations

The work of Italian artist Filippo Minelli can be described as something between work of art and reality. It’s not exactly street art, but something similar to that. He definitely draws attention with his painted words and logos that pop out from almost nowhere.

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Tear-Off Fliers Show That Creativity Goes A Long Way

If there is something that won’t go out of fashion it has to be the tear-off advertising fliers. Since I’ve been a kid they have been all over the streets. The best parts about it are that you can have fun with it, everyone can do it and it takes so little time to make one. All you need is paper, a computer with printer, or maybe just even a pen, and a pair of scissors and you’re basically good to go.

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When Icons Collide: 7 Pop Culture Hybrids from

Doctor Who meets Doc Brown. (And then the universe imploded.)

These are the seven coolest pop culture icon hybrids we found on, the website devoted to helping us see our own childhoods in a new light — whether you grew up in the 1970s, 80s or 90s. [Read more...]