The Most Famous Photos in the World

How many famous photos can you think of? I’m willing to bet that you know of more iconic images than you think. Here are a few I am sure you have seen a number of times before.

The Green Eyed Afghan Girl

Famous Photos and The Green Eyed Afghan Girl

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Sink Your Teeth into a Strange Cake

Cakes tend to be tasty if rather dull things. After all, how many exciting ways are there of presenting some sponge and a bit of cream? Quite a lot it seems, with some of them a lot stranger than others.

The Horror Cake

The Strange Horror Cake

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How Many Versions of the Equal Rights Symbol Have You Seen on Facebook?

The idea was very simple and the response was stunning. The people behind the Human Rights Campaign’s cry for marriage equality led to 2.7 million people changing their Facebook profile pictures in a week.

At first it was interesting to see so many of our friends with this sign on their profiles but then we realised that life was just that little bit duller with everyone using the same profile picture. So the parodies began. Some are funny. Some are thought provoking. Some are downright disturbing.

The Real Red Equal Sign

Equal Rights Symbol Versions on Facebook and Real Red Equal Sign

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On The Road With The Beats: Five Beat Writers Who Changed The Industry


The Beat Generation was a unique cast of characters who convened at the Beat Hotel to create some of the most authentic and real poetry and prose that ever existed. The Beats wrote about real life as it happened. They were also infamous for their notorious lifestyles as well as their writings. Today we celebrate the forefathers of the Beat Generation; John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac,  Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and Neil Cassady.  [Read more...]

From Off The Streets of Cleveland: Harvey Pekar

The first every man of the comic industry, Harvey Pekar grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and ultimately died in Cleveland all the while becoming the “poet laureate of Cleveland,” of the city in which he loved. While working as a file clerk at the Cleveland V.A. hospital, Harvey began working on what was to become “American Splendor”, the everyday life of the mundane and the detailed. He believed in the philosophy of “You can use pictures and words to create anything you want”. He met the “Grandfather of Underground Comics” R. Crumb in the late 1960′s and Crumb began illustrating Pekar’s works.

From Off The Streets of Cleveland: Harvey Pekar and Illustrations

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