The Greatest Reenactment Communities to Check Out

As you’re probably already aware, some people love to role play. Some love it so much that they make a regular thing out of it, or at least a pretty good reason to get together as often as they can and to delve deeper and deeper into their world of choice. Reenactment can have various degrees of professionalism – ranging from a “just for show” approach to a hardcore accuracy approach – and a multitude of themes and universes to reenact. The people performing the characters to be displayed can be amateurs who only do this as a hobby in their spare time, or people who do this as a profession,  as their group becomes more well-known and invited to events.

There are basically two types of reenactment: historical reenactment (meant to bring to life a certain period in a people’s history, also known as “living history”), and fantasy reenactment (which focuses on bringing to life the world described in a fictional book, or movie, or computer game). Basically, the more fans a certain imaginary universe has, the greater the chance for really cool reenactments of it. Yes, that also means that if you were to learn a fictional language, say, Dothraki, there will also be more speakers of that language for you to spend time with. Fun, right? Let’s take a look at the greatest reenactment communities you could get involved in.

1. Civil War Reenactment in the USA

The most popular reenactment in the United States is everything civil war-related. It’s quite a big venture, sometimes generously sponsored by the state because it theoretically promotes a rise in patriotism achieved in a fun way (just so you can get an idea of how mainstream the whole thing is). The most prominent reenactment community that deals with the civil war, and, subsequently, the most elaborate battle you could hope to be a part of, is the GAC: the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee.

Gettysburg 150th

Founded in 1995, they host a gigantic battle every year to commemorate the Gettysburg battle. To catch it,  you need to buy tickets to in advance if you plan to catch a seat. They managed to donate tens of thousands of dollars to national charities and historical preservation groups over the years. If you want to observe the reenactment and maybe even learn a trick or two, they’re definitely worth checking out.

2. Medieval Reenactment in Europe

If the civil wars is la piece de resistance of American reenactable history, then Europe prides itself with its medieval background. Who doesn’t like castles, towers, princesses, fine medieval weaponry, armor, and glorious knights? Or, to put it in TV shows terms, who doesn’t like the Vikings? But medieval reenactment can be about way more than just battle.  The greatest reenactment communities focusing on the medieval way of life also feature the different codes of honor and heraldry of various guilds, as well as detailed know-how on a variety of craftwork.


If you’re from a European country, there are probably a lot of such reenactment communities to choose from. The greatest reenactment communities in Europe make it into this consortium, so browse their website a bit to find one from your country.

3. Game of Thrones Reenactment, in Italy but not only

Recently, a certain Game of Thrones reenactment community in Italy made headlines by displaying some pretty darn impressive detail in costume-making. You can give them a thorough check-out here and feast your eyes on their gorgeous images. Since the Game of Thrones franchise enjoys a vast fanbase, there are probably similar groups to get involved in even if you don’t live in Italy.


We hope you enjoyed this little incursion into the world’s greatest reenactment communities and remember: there are always lamer ways to spend your free time!

10 Examples of Worst Photoshop Mistakes of All Time

We’ve all become accustomed to Photoshop as being a necessary evil: a tool that adjusts images we see everywhere to make them better or more suitable to the message they carry. Yes, it falsifies things up to a point, but it can also create breath-taking beautiful effects by manipulating reality into impossible-looking artful results. There’s no denying the advantages of photoshopping and image manipulation, but sometimes the job done is so sloppy that the results achieved are beyond hilarious. Some aren’t just hilarious, but are also upsetting to viewers, when they feature unrealistic body images that promote sexism or unhealthy expectations. Here’s a list of 30 worst Photoshop mistakes of all time.

1. Veronica Kay’s missing leg. No, Stuff magazine didn’t attempt an up-worthy photo-shoot with a one-legged model. The flaw is instead a courtesy of the magazine’s design team. We’re sorry, Stuff: as Veronica is indeed lovely, the missing leg is not.


2. Emma Watson’s turn to lose a leg. In this Burberry ad, it’s suddenly not clear if the beautiful Emma Watson is holding a hand around her brother Alex because she’s affectionate, or because she needs the extra support due to losing a leg. Yes, it’s a bad joke, but the real joke is the campaign’s overeager Photoshop team.


3. A different kind of mistake: treating beautiful people as not good enough. Case in point: Beyonce. More than one time, the singer was involved in a controversy and litigious conflict with magazines that photshopped her skin tone to make it appear lighter than it actually is. Apparently you can make it as a woman of color, but only as long as you allow the image designers to tone your racial traits down a little, eh?


4. Another big boogie man of the beauty industry: curves. Sure, curves are supposedly nice in our post-Jennifer Lopez era, but that doesn’t mean real curvy bodies shouldn’t get a good dose of Photoshop treatment, apparently. On example is Kim Kardashian: after a magazine’s team is done with processing her original photos, even the much coveted curves are airbrushed into something more palatable for the industry’s standards.


5. Men aren’t exempt from this either. A similar slap in the face was achieved when the people from Lancome apparently though that Clive Owen could use a little nip and tuck to look acceptable enough for the campaign’s poster. Nothing that a little Photoshop can’t fix, right?


6. Bigger boobs don’t hurt either. Adriana Lima is a Victoria’s secret model deemed by many people perfect, but that hasn’t stopped some Photoshop expert from adorning her with a bigger pair of breasts. Such low blows constantly outrage journalists and bloggers everywhere, but it doesn’t seem to stop the industry from doing it again all the time.


7. To move on to actual mistakes in using the program’s features and functions, one classic fail is the overlapping text. Take the example below, where the text advertising the milk bar is printed both on the T-shirt and the model’s hand. Someone got lazy, it seems.


8. Multiple hands. If one of the worst Photoshop mistakes is chopping off a leg, we shouldn’t forget the adding of hands, either. Check out the dreamy scene with the three-handed princess. A lovely job, right?


9. Beyond sloppy erasing. This is what happens when one trigger-happy Photoshop expert wants to clear as much as possible from the background before putting the person onto a new background. Heads may as well roll since they’re being carved into.


10. The case of phantom hands. Another classic fail among the worst Photoshop mistakes possible is the hand of an absent person persisting in the image after its original owner was airbrushed away. The examples of this are bountiful, but we’ve pictured this one because – oh, the irony – the image was supposed to be an advertisement for “professional quality photos”. Cheers to that.


5 Brilliant Women Who Shaped the World’s Future

They say that behind every great man there is an even greater woman, but history acknowledges the importance of some brilliant women who shaped the world’s future with their groundbreaking contributions in the fields of mathematics, computing, medicine, astronomy, science and medicine and today we will search the archives in order to find those female personalities who opened the doors of knowledge and enlightenment and who became immortal mentors for the generations to come. Let’s praise these ladies as they deserve and see how their minds pushed the world to the evolutionary level it is today.

Sophie Germain (1776 – 1831)

sophie germain

She was born and she grew up in an era when women weren’t allowed to access large quantities of academic information and were definitely not allowed to go to mathematics or engineering colleges, like men were. But her social and political context didn’t stop Sophie Germain to convince famous French mathematician Joseph Lagrange to acknowledge her talent in mathematics and to mentor her, together with other brilliant minds in France. Sophie Germain is the first woman to be awarded by the French Academy of Sciences and her proving of Fermat Theory is fundamental for mathematics even today.

Maria Mitchell (1818 – 1889)

maria mitchell

It was a big step for the U.S. to send a man on the moon, but if we’re taking a look back to the famous and brilliant women who shaped the world’s future, we can’t skip Maria Mitchell, the first professional female astronomer in the United States and the first woman to become a member of the American Academy of Science (in 1848). She received international fame as an astronomer because, by using a telescope, she discovered a comet wearing the name of Miss Mitchell Comet.

Augusta Ada Byron a.k.a. Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852)

ada lovelace

She was the daughter of famous poet Lord Byron, but she never got the chance to meet him. Nor become a poet, for that matter, as little Ada was rather inclined towards the hard sciences and was encouraged by her mother to embrace mathematics and sciences, so she wouldn’t become so sensitive, emotional and vulnerable like her father. Ada Lovelace started a long written correspondence with mathematician Charles Babbage, who asked her to translate into Italian a complex paper which was assumed to be able to solve simple mathematical operations. But Ada did more than that, she also included into the paper her own method of obtaining the desired calculations, thus her name being synonym with the earliest and most ancient computers and programming languages.

Rita Levi – Montalcini (1909 – 2012)

rita levi montalcini

This is perhaps one of the most important female figures in the world of medicine and neuroscience, as she was one of the two researchers who discovered the nerve growth factor (NGF)

is a small secreted protein that is important for the growth, maintenance, and survival of certain target neurons.

Together with research partner Stanley Cohen, Rita Levi – Montalcini received a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986. The Italian neuroscientist had been the oldest living Nobel laureate and the first ever to reach a 100th birthday and her work helped build the foundations of neurosciences as we know them now.

Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova (1937 – )

Valentina Tereshkova

This post – Soviet era heroine is now a retired cosmonaut and engineer, but history remembers her as being the first woman to have flown in space. But old habits and passions die hard, as reports showed last year that Valentina openly offered to go on a one-way trip to Mars if her services were needed and the opportunity was viable.

Now all these brilliant women who shaped the world’s future need to be remembered and praised every chance we have, as they dared to go where others have never gone before and come back with breakthroughs in mathematics, medicine and outer – space knowledge. And for that, we all should be grateful to them.

The Craziest Bathroom Designs Around

You might think that there is very little you can do to make a bathroom look weird. You would be hopelessly wrong, as these crazy bathroom designs show us.

The Bicycle Bathroom

crazy bathroom designs

Have you got a boring bathroom you want to spruce up a bit and a bicycle you need to put somewhere? Hey, I’ve got a great plan for you. Seriously, who puts a pedal powered mode of transport in the smallest room in the house? Well, this person, obviously.

The Erotic Bathroom

craziest bathroom designs

Could we call this an erotic bathroom? Shucks, if you don’t me calling it that then I will. Whatever you call these erotic and crazy bathroom fittings, washing your hands in here is sure to be a surreal experience.

The Aquarium Bathroom

crazy bathroom designs

Putting a toilet inside an aquarium is a fantastic idea, really. After all, having a bunch of fish gawping at you isn’t going to put you off, is it? It would probably be quite a relaxing place to sit down and let things happen naturally.

The Intimidating Urinals

crazy bathroom designs

Could you go for a wee in one of these urinals? To be honest, it all looks a bit intimidating. This is the bathroom in a hotel in Queenstown in New Zealand and it is definitely creative.

The Revolving Bathroom Thing

craziest bathroom designs

This contraption kind of scares me as well. As far as I can tell, there is a toilet on the bottom, then a sink on top of that. The whole thing seems to move and sort of revolve, which isn’t normally the kind of motion I like while I’m doing my business in this room.

The Mannequin Toilet

craziest bathroom designs

So, you are desperate for a leak and you go running into the toilet. What is the last thing you want to find in there? That’s right; a bunch of freaky mannequins. This crazy toilet is located in a shopping centre in the north of Portugal.

The Scary Toilets

crazy bathroom designs

Am I the only person feeling a bit disturbed by the last few toilets we’ve look at here? It all started off tamely enough but not we’ve got creepy mannequins, bizarre machines and blatant intimidation. Now we have this device which looks as though it may reach out and grab our delicate private parts at any time.

The Ice Bathroom

crazy bathroom designs

This is an ice bathroom, which is a pretty worrying concept, isn’t it? There are so many levels of weirdness about this design that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s see, would the placing of hot bottoms and the insertion of, err, warm human waste substances not melt the toilet? Can you imagine the consequences of that happening? As for the bath, you would surely need to fill it with cold water to stop it melting or the room being filled with banks of condensation.

The Field of Toilets

crazy bathroom designs

If I haven’t made you go running straight to the bathroom yet then this picture might do the trick. Here we have a field filled with hundreds of toilets, in Beirut. It isn’t a crazy bathroom as such, but rather a bunch of pieces waiting to get installed. Still, it’s a great picture and I love how they’ve all been lined up so artistically.

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Spring is here and this means warmer temperatures, longer days, Easter, bright blue skies and wonderful, sunny afternoons spent outside with family and friends. Of course you will have a lot of interesting activities planned, like barbecues, or games, so maybe it would be a good idea to rethink the looks and feels of your house and garden. Although most people prefer to invest in their homes, this doesn’t mean that they always have time or money for it. Are you short on cash? No problem. Does your garden require more greenery? This can be resolved. From innovative outdoor furniture to simple indoor tricks, here are 7 excellent spring decorating ideas that will help you prep the house for summer.

1. Swing Set Table

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

The best way to transform dinner into play time is by purchasing your very own Swing Table, from Duffy London. The design is very simple, yet effective. You have eight hanging chairs arranged across a table with an upper structure. The chairs are suspended from it, and so is the GEO lampshade. If you are worried about the cleaning part, you will be thankful to know that it is extremely simple to vacuum, since the chair have no legs. As the manufacturers say, We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. This table will certainly bring out the child inside, and be a welcomed addition to your garden parties.

2. Chandelier that Turns the Room into a Forest

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Do you love the forest, but have none close enough to visit? No problem! The Light sculpture Forms in Nature by Hilden & Diaz will bring the forest into your home. Due to its intricate design, the chandelier projects branch-like shapes when the light is turned on. The walls will therefore look like a forest (sort of a scary one if you ask us). Mirrorings are thrown upon the walls and ceiling to provide with a flow of consciousness.

3. Lounging in Style

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

There is nothing more enjoyable than lounging in your backyard and drinking a glass of red wine. In order to do this, all you need is a few items like a day bed, potted plants, Chinese lanterns, cushions and a small coffee table. There are many DIY projects out there that can teach you how to quickly make a stylish and comfortable place for the family, while sticking on a budget.

4. The Hammock Bed

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

I have dreamed about such a bed all my life, and now it is finally here! Considering that we spend more than 240 hours a week sleeping, it seems only natural that one would seek a comfortable place to do so. The hammock bed is perfect for this, and also perfect for the lazy afternoon summer naps. It combines functionality with beauty thanks to its classic zig-zag stitching and unique design. The best thing about it is that it can be taken down when it uses up too much space, and moved somewhere else.

5. Backyard Cinema

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Are there really any more words needed? Setting up a backyard cinema is extremely simple. All you need is a screen for the projector, some sitting areas, lights and popcorn. Just imagine gathering all your friends and enjoying classic movies in the middle of the night. It is an excellent spring decorating idea!

Here’s a great Cinebox Backyard Theater System that you will adore, but you can also make some of it yourself for a lower price.

6. Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Number 6 on our spring decorating list is the Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit.This might require a bit of an investment, since you have to redo the outdoor design of the garden in order to introduce the beach-themed fire pit. Once you have added the sand and stone sitting areas, you’re set to go!

7. Walk-in Pool

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature LoversIt is possible to make a walk-in pool instead of a regular. The main idea is to tilt the ground slightly instead of adding stairs. Not only will it be easier to get into the water, but it will also be safer when one walks out.

We hope you liked these spring decorating ideas!