7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Spring is here and this means warmer temperatures, longer days, Easter, bright blue skies and wonderful, sunny afternoons spent outside with family and friends. Of course you will have a lot of interesting activities planned, like barbecues, or games, so maybe it would be a good idea to rethink the looks and feels of your house and garden. Although most people prefer to invest in their homes, this doesn’t mean that they always have time or money for it. Are you short on cash? No problem. Does your garden require more greenery? This can be resolved. From innovative outdoor furniture to simple indoor tricks, here are 7 excellent spring decorating ideas that will help you prep the house for summer.

1. Swing Set Table

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

The best way to transform dinner into play time is by purchasing your very own Swing Table, from Duffy London. The design is very simple, yet effective. You have eight hanging chairs arranged across a table with an upper structure. The chairs are suspended from it, and so is the GEO lampshade. If you are worried about the cleaning part, you will be thankful to know that it is extremely simple to vacuum, since the chair have no legs. As the manufacturers say, We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. This table will certainly bring out the child inside, and be a welcomed addition to your garden parties.

2. Chandelier that Turns the Room into a Forest

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Do you love the forest, but have none close enough to visit? No problem! The Light sculpture Forms in Nature by Hilden & Diaz will bring the forest into your home. Due to its intricate design, the chandelier projects branch-like shapes when the light is turned on. The walls will therefore look like a forest (sort of a scary one if you ask us). Mirrorings are thrown upon the walls and ceiling to provide with a flow of consciousness.

3. Lounging in Style

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

There is nothing more enjoyable than lounging in your backyard and drinking a glass of red wine. In order to do this, all you need is a few items like a day bed, potted plants, Chinese lanterns, cushions and a small coffee table. There are many DIY projects out there that can teach you how to quickly make a stylish and comfortable place for the family, while sticking on a budget.

4. The Hammock Bed

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

I have dreamed about such a bed all my life, and now it is finally here! Considering that we spend more than 240 hours a week sleeping, it seems only natural that one would seek a comfortable place to do so. The hammock bed is perfect for this, and also perfect for the lazy afternoon summer naps. It combines functionality with beauty thanks to its classic zig-zag stitching and unique design. The best thing about it is that it can be taken down when it uses up too much space, and moved somewhere else.

5. Backyard Cinema

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Are there really any more words needed? Setting up a backyard cinema is extremely simple. All you need is a screen for the projector, some sitting areas, lights and popcorn. Just imagine gathering all your friends and enjoying classic movies in the middle of the night. It is an excellent spring decorating idea!

Here’s a great Cinebox Backyard Theater System that you will adore, but you can also make some of it yourself for a lower price.

6. Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Number 6 on our spring decorating list is the Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit.This might require a bit of an investment, since you have to redo the outdoor design of the garden in order to introduce the beach-themed fire pit. Once you have added the sand and stone sitting areas, you’re set to go!

7. Walk-in Pool

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature LoversIt is possible to make a walk-in pool instead of a regular. The main idea is to tilt the ground slightly instead of adding stairs. Not only will it be easier to get into the water, but it will also be safer when one walks out.

We hope you liked these spring decorating ideas!

3 House and Garden Devices to Ease Your Life

You know that technology doesn’t interfere only with our ways of communication, computing, living, breathing and keeping ourselves entertained. Hi – tech manufacturers in the industry of gadgetry have always kept in mind our constant need of solving problems faster and easier (and sometimes even better), and since our problems expand over the common horizon of phones, ultrabooks and photo cameras, sports gadgets (we’ve mentioned recently) and well being devices that improve our life styles, we also have the chance to look into some trendy and interesting house and garden devices.

We are used to smartwatches and apps that measure our blood pressure, but in this tech – savvy world, there are also house and garden devices that are becoming more and more popular and win more and more fans at technological international exhibitions such as CES or IFA. Perhaps for a while you will still do some gardening and landscaping in the old fashioned ways, but let’s keep in mind that some of these devices might become more than concepts, patents and fun article topics, and might replace all your gardening tools. Some are funny and some are useful, but all of them are worth a mentioning.

3. EasyBloom Plant Sensor

This is a brilliant device for new land owners who want to build their own garden and landscape but don’t know much about soil, climacteric changes, chemistry, and plant types. Basically, you plant the sensor in the garden and leave it there to gather data. After 24 hours you connect the sensor to your computer via USB and it tells you anything you need to know about soil composition and acidity, humidity, optimal temperature and so on. Then, the software connects you to an online flower and plant database and you can choose the best plants that fit your garden, to make sure they will grow strong, healthy and beautiful.

2. Firebox Power Plant Growing Machine

This NASA technology – based machine apparently helps people grow plants indoors in a spectacular manner, without soil being needed. It just fast grows plants respecting aeroponic principles. Don’t for a second think of growing anything else than some fresh parsley for soups or a nice green bouquet of flowers to jolly – up your living room. We know it is tempting, but just don’t grow anything you might regret if caught red-handed.

1. Lawn Aerator Shoes

If people start using these shoes, the lawn care and landscaping companies will take a strong punch in the gut. Lawn care has never been easier, but by using these shoes you won’t need to pay specialists to aerate the soil, as you can just walk all over the place (in an organized manner) and do the job yourself. No more experts coming to your house, no more paid services, these shoes are marketed for deeply and efficiently aerating your soil without any fuss and with no recurrent costs. Among the house and garden devices in this list, this one is so simple and practical, it makes you wonder why people aren’t using it more often…


Parrot Flower Power

parrot flower power

Among all the house and garden devices presented during tech events in the world, this one almost won “Mister Popularity” award at CES 2013. Let’s say that if there are apps and gadgets that remind you to take your medication on time, walk the dog or feed the children, brush your teeth and so on, it was only logical to have a device that is connected to your phone and warns you when your pot flowers need water or fertilizers. This one is useful for those loving to keep and take care of flowers and plants, but are too busy to actually provide the plants with all they need. So your new iPhone powered device and app might be exactly what you need.

Six Trendy Hairstyles for 2014 that are Easy to Make

The year 2014 has already begun and although we may not have had the time, there is always a need to get ourselves acquainted with current trends where hair is concerned. Locks or straight, colored or not, hair is an essential part of our image and while a hint of personal preference is recommended, trends can always help guide you towards a look that fits you completely. Let’s see what the upcoming year has in store for in matters of hairstyle:

#1 Waves


Perfectly defined waves are no longer in this year, so it would be a good idea to get accustomed to loose, random waves. Designers such as Calvin Klein or Diane von Furstenberg are incorporating mermaid waves into their shows- whether careless, unequal waves all around or a couple of formed ones thorough the hair, randomly placed curls are the go to look. Waves also work especially well with extremely long hair, and it is easy to style.

#2 Short hair


Last year was marked by a relevant increase in bobs worldwide and 2014 seems to continue the trend by going just a bit further: a few inches shorter to be precise. In 2013 a bob would just skim the shoulder, while this year designers recommend taking the extra step and cutting right above the chin. Aside from bobs, another look designers are really into are face framing hairstyles that are layered and add texture while giving the impression of carelessness. And while Fendi may have showcased some courageous looks on the catwalk, such as all-round bowl cuts that might not be the best idea to wear outside of a catwalk, thick fringes could become a thing in 2014.

#3 Up-Do’s


This year is centered around low-maintenance hairstyles and an easy up-do is the perfect way to go whenever unsure. You can either go for a simple bun and spice it up by gently teasing hair sections with your fingers or comb your hair back loosely, pull strands of hair down to elegantly frame your face and add floral headbands or accessories for an exquisite look that is both feminine and designer approved.

#4 The shiny and sleek


Straight hair is definitely making a come-back in 2014 as seen on Donna Karen catwalks so if you don’t own a hair straightener, you should consider buying one ASAP. Complete a stylish, polished look with a section of hair pinned directly back or creatively brought around your head.

#5 Easy braids

w 5

Fly-aways should not concern you anymore since designers like Giles incorporate the low-maintenance hairstyles in their catwalks as well by combining basic braiding techniques (such as lace, fishtail or plain chain link braiding) with the care-free look a few fly away strands can create. So mix things up and test both techniques and optimal fly-away sites.

#6 Non-Catwalk wet look


Although designers have always incorporated wet looks into their shows, it wasn’t really a wearable hairstyle due to the complicated preparation, the technique and the fact that a complete wet look would have been a bit too much for any occasion you could have thought of. 2014 could however bring a change to all this since a classic wet look can be styled freely, pushed back loosely from the face so as to combine the wet look with the low-maintenance trend that is clearly governing 2014.

Falling strands, carefree waves or up-do’s are simple yet effective so make sure to experiment and see what types of hairstyles best fit the frame of your face and then simply perfect those. You will be a pro in no time. If you have no idea what type of hair-style you should choose, you can always play around with photo-shop or ask your hairstilist.

The Gentleman’s Guide: 8 Things Every Respectable Man Should do

Chivalry may be considered dead, but there are still many respectable gentleman who aspire to become first-class gentlemen. The word, can have very different meanings to people. It usually means the generic man, or a dependable guy, but if you were to read the gentleman’s guide you would understand that there is a lot more to it, than simply becoming a reliable person.

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Considering that chivalry is something very rare in this day and age, and even though the definition of a gentleman has changed with evolving times, there are still certain principles that have remained the same. Here are 10 essential things that you must respect in order to be a perfect gentleman (and ultimately, become happier)

8. Be in Control at all Times

g 1

It is true that you cannot control everything that happens around you, but you can definitely be in control of your actions, regardless of the situation. The choices you make, define you as a person, so in order to become a perfect gentleman, you must learn how to handle problems, and maintain a calm, cool attitude. Obviously, it is probably impossible to be in control at all times, but a gentleman will always try to be perfect.

7. Exercise Kindness

g 2

People will generally advise you to be an opportunist, to learn how to take advantage of situations (even people), but very rarely they will talk to you about kindness. In this day and age, kindness is not one of the most valued qualities, but it is one that a gentleman (and every human being for that matter) should have. Kindness doesn’t mean much. A phone-call to your relatives once in a while, a small gift, or helping out a neighbor are more than enough to assert your dominance as a gentleman.

6. Have Self-Confidence

g 3

Every great gentleman has it: Tom Hiddleston, James Bond, Ian Somerhalder and many other. It is called self-confidence, and to simply define it, we will say that it is the power that comes from within. The little voice in your head that says, you’re awesome. Not to be confused with being conceited.

5. Respect EVERYONE

Number five on our gentleman’s guide is respect. No matter if you are talking with the president of the United States, or a hobo, as a gentleman you should always be respectful. Looking down your nose at someone who seems to be lower down the food chain is not only a sign of disrespect, but also one of ungentlemanly behaviour. Every person in this world is worthy of respect, and if you believe otherwise, you are gravely mistaken.

4. Keep the Swearing to a Minimum

Although certain peers might have you believe otherwise, there is nothing cool about swearing. Granted, there are circumstances when a swear can be like a cathartic blast, but when in society, such situations are less likely. So instead of dropping the f-bomb on your friends every time you have the chance, why not have the innate calmness and confidence to express yourself like a gentleman?

3. Learn How to Groom and Dress

x 8

One of the hallmarks of a true gentleman, is dressing according to his own style, and rocking it. This obviously means wearing a suit, clean shirts, jackets and subdued colors. Explore fashion catalogs and make sure you choose the right fit. As far as hygiene is concerned, you probably know that it’s a basic requirement. Taking a shower everyday isn’t optional, it’s mandatory.

2. Never Run Late

There is nothing attractive about being late, it only shows a total lack of respect for someone else’s time. If you really can’t show up on time, change the time on your clock, five minutes late. It’s better to show up earlier, than too late. Traffic is never to blame.

1. Be the Best Version of Themselves

x 6

Number one on our gentleman’s guide, is being the best version of yourself. Real gentlemen will always be the best version of themselves, and a man will never be perfect to his core, unless he is a decent, respectable and considerate individual. Suits and smiles aside, the soul is the one that matters the most, so make sure you improve it over time. What are your best qualities? Identify them, and work on them. The same goes for things that you don’t like about yourself.

Unusual Uses for Petrolum Based Products that you Didn’t Know About

Although efforts have been made to come up with renewable sources of energy, and environmentally-friendly solutions for everyday activities, we are still heavily dependent on petroleum for transportation fuels and heating oils. As a matter of fact, we have come to rely on it in a multitude of ways: from gas in our cars to fertilizers, pesticides, and even the clothes we wear. At the moment, global production of crude oil and natural gases has reached an incredible 83.6 million barrels a day, and considering that the Globe’s population is continuously increasing, the need for petroleum will also increase. Nevertheless, there will come a day when we won’t be able to rely on petroleum and we will have to come up with one, or more viable renewable resources to take over the responsibilities of petroleum. Until this happens, let’s take a look at the uses of crude oil and natural gas that you probably did not know about. (the list is scarily endless)

Uses for Petroleum

Unusual Uses for Petroleum-based Products

  1. Cosmetics: As useful as cosmetics can be, they can also be very dangerous, because they contain toxic substances. Among these, we have to remind petroleum. Imagine how beautiful you are becoming as you rub millions of dead organisms and decayed mass all over your pretty face. Cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and hair dyes include other substances like petrochemicals, perfumes, waxes, oils and metals.
  2. Medicines: It may seem counter-intuitive to administer petrochemicals an petroleum based products to patients, but this substance has been used extensively in curing homeopathy. Some have actually found a connection between the rise of modern medicine and that of petroleum engineering. Because most medications are derived from benzene, which in turn is derived from petroleum, you can be sure that most pain medications are based on this petrochemical.

  1. Synthetic Fabrics: Have you ever heard about nylon, spandex, rayon and polyester? All of these are made from synthetic fabrics. When I first heard that clothes are made from petrol, I was amazed. Apparently, petroleum based fibers are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Another aspect that made them so popular is the fact that they are a lot cheaper than natural fibers. According to major fashion houses, petroleum based clothes that don’t come in direct contact with your junk, can be very classy and durable. The list includes, but is not limited to curtains, couches, carpets etc.
  2. Food: Even if you are trying your best to eat organic food, the chance of it being touched by the oil industry at some degree is extremely high. The reason for this is because oil helps the agriculture industry produce more food, cultivate faster and keep it fresh longer.

Unusual Uses for Petroleum Jelly

The common uses of oil and petroleum include fuels, jet fuel, synthetic rubber, plastic, asphalt and many others. Let’s talk a bit about petroleum jelly while we are at it. In 1959, a 22-year-old chemist by the name of Robert Chesebrough, accidentally discovered it in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Oil workers complained about a gooey substance (“rod wax”), which kept messing with their equipment. Ten years later, the chemist refined the original rod wax and created Vaseline. Besides its already popular uses (helping grow thicker eyelashes, protecting the skin from getting chapped, fix stuck locks etc.) there are also other extremely useful uses of petroleum jelly:

Uses for Petroleum

  1. It can remove lipstick stains from fabric, by directly applying it and rubbing off.
  2. It can remove water marks from wood, get rid of ring marks from a table, by wiping it.
  3. You may not have known about this, but petroleum jelly can be applied to dry feet before sleep, to treat them.
  4. Add petroleum jelly to the bottom of your plunger before unclogging the toiler, and it will improve the performance of the tool.
  5. As you probably already know, it can be used on stuck locks, to lubricate the inner tumblers.
  6. Perfume scents last longer when petroleum jelly is applied on pressure points.
  7. You can also apply it to pet food bowls to create a protective barrier. Additionally, it can keep paint of your hands.

We hope you enjoyed our list, and if you have your own uses for petroleum based products and petroleum jelly, feel free to share.