Unique and Creative Advertisements to Take Notice of

Creativity is paramount in any job that has to do with marketing and product placement so employers have to pay big bucks for the imagination of their key advertisement creators.  In all honesty, advertising has everything to do with the talent and creativity of those coming up with sales pitches and nothing to do with the product itself since quality, durability, cost-quality ratio and any other product characteristic is impossible to be showcased completely by an ad.

Marketers have therefore come up with a magnificently clever alternative: they create commercials and ads that people remember not because the product is marvelous but because the ad itself was unforgettable- and therefore, the marketed product must also be right? Will Rogers said: “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.” Well, we’ve rounded up some ads that surely qualify as out of the box:

1.     Apolosophy-Apotek

Youtube Video

This Swedish pharmaceutical chain decided that a simple subway ad wasn’t nearly good enough so they added a twist. They attached sonic sensors that would detect the incoming and outgoing subways so that each time a subway would pull up in the station, the models hair would wave in the current- pretty clever right? Who wouldn’t buy anti-baldness cream with such an advertisement?

2.     Suggesting Content

Another take would be to simply show potential buyers what they are in fact buying. Here are some of the more truthful ads, showcasing usefulness not just glamour:


And how clever is it to actually have a business card that explains exactly what you do?


Some would say a bit macabre (how do children react?) Well they just play with the halved pidgeons.


The best ad, however, is the perfect caption, and Durex certainly dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s with this one.


3.     Captions or Use of Words

Ads are not always dependent on creative actors, beautiful models or perfectly chosen locations: some companies choose to work with artists who reinvent something as simple as lettering. Here is a concept we found fresh and unique:

8 9 10 11 13 1214

4.     Christmas- Is there a Better Time to Advertise?

The consumer driven society we live in pretty much dictates when and where people will spend their money, and during Christmas or other such enormous holidays, advertisers can’t wait to create the perfect opportunities for bringing in more money.

For instance, being together during the holidays:


Or advice to heed when consuming their product:


And where would the Christmas decorations hang if not on the tree?


Another company that has tied its image to Christmas forever thanks to the clever people managing their advertising department. I mean, why should Saint Nick not be red and white?


French Fries also make for absolutely beautiful Christmas trees- incorporating that in an ad seemed like the only logical thing to do.


Whether you are aware of the way your choices are influenced by advertising or not, never doubt that the ones creating them know exactly what they want to sell and who they want to sell it to. An interesting thing to keep in mind while deciding which chu-chu train to buy the next time you go Christmas shopping.

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Summer is fast approaching and nothing can be more relaxing than drinking your morning coffee in the garden, overlooking a pond or hanging in your hammock- and when you want to turn your garden into the delight creator that it should be but can’t really invest a whole lot of money into it, the only solution is being creative and doing it yourself. This makes it not only more personal but it also gives you the satisfaction of having created the perfect little nest all by yourself. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

The Relaxation Couch

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a Budget

If the climate permits it or if you have a covered porch, taking an old couch from a garage sale and repurposing it for your garden might be just the thing for you. Choose cushions and materials that are warm and inviting (shades of olive, cream, warm purples or green) and maybe find a wooden coffee table that you can accommodate in your new space. When decorating comes to mind, you can always repurpose old bottles by painting them and hanging them from the trees or porch.

Another idea is to try some DIY paper lanterns or butterflies which you can hang all around your back yard:

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a BudgetLampion: Lampions in Pink

Lampion: Lampions in Pink

Lampion: Lampions in Pink

Less is More

Another option, if you can’t find the proper garden furniture at reasonable prices, is to buy plastic chairs or table that you can spruce up with paint jobs or collage techniques, or simply cover with hand-made cushions. When you’re set with that, you can simply add elegance by using candles and plants to give it a welcoming vibe. Outdoor design on a budget is all about adding a personal touch, and in order to do this you do not require a lot of money. There are plenty of DIY design blogs out there from which you can draw inspiration.

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a Budget


Metal Garden Furniture

Although it isn’t easy to come by on a budget you can always visit garage sales and ask around- neighbors may want to dispose of their metal furniture and you can do them a solid while also decorating your garden. The perfect thing about metal chairs and tables is that you can paint over them over and over again, and an all-white ensemble is something elegant and classy. All you need to do is have some paint ready.

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Wicker Wonderland

Wicker is an excellent material for your outdoor furniture: it’s not that expensive, it’s warm and welcoming and it generally fits well in any garden. You can add personal touches with cushions, paper decorations or candles, and casual bottles covered in wicker would complete the picture perfectly. Surround your table and chairs with some dense green plants or a wooden space divider and you’re set to entertain in style!

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Combine and Conquer

Who said that everything in your garden has to match? There are several garden designs that involve putting wooden chairs together with metal framework tables and all sorts of glasswork decorations together- and they work marvelously. Whether the central element is color or design, you do need to be able to find a common denominator for all of them and color is by far your best bet- add a splash of color to each of them so they belong together and you’re all set!

5 Outdoor Decoration Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Remember, it is always a good idea to visit flea markets or garage sales, because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With a little effort and creativity you can make beautiful outdoor decorations for your home.


Unique and Creative DIY Table Ideas

We’d think that one can only buy tables that are already crafted but in fact we can also make several types of tables if we only have the correct ingredients and a bit of creativity to go along with it. Why simply buy something that you need to incorporate into a room when you can actually make something that already goes perfectly with it? Here are some of our favorite do it yourself tables:

Log Slice Table


Number one on our list of DIY Table ideas is the log table. Who said a log can’t make a wonderful coffee or decorative table? All you need to do is find someone with a steady hand (or an electric chainsaw) to cut your table to the desired length. Then polish it and cover it in varnish (these you can find at your local home depot shop). Last but not least attach legs (or if it’s smaller, put it on top of a simple 4 legged chair) and presto! A table that is both romantic and unique.

Old Record Side Table


Who said you can’t turn an old record into a sophisticated side table? All you need is your trusty glue gun and a planter stand (you can paint over it if you want to but black works wonderfully as well) and that record- put them all together and you’re all set.

Wine Crate Coffee Table


This elegant yet budget friendly coffee table requires 4 wine crates to build and a lot of imagination. You can either stack the crates on top of each-other or put them in a circle leaving the middle empty for plants or a gigantic vase and then decorate the sides with books or candles. Looks absolutely stunning doesn’t it?

Reused Suitcase


Do you have an old suitcase and a broken side table that you don’t know what to do with? How about combining them into a quirky yet interesting table? Granted it’s just for those of you with a lot of guts but if you are up for the challenge, you’ve got yourself a table! The great news about it is that you can store books in the suitcase.

Window Table


Another excellent idea is to reuse an old window as a table- close the bottom with a bit of plywood and take away the locks so that the window (turned table) opens easily, put it on top of some legs and you’re finished. Simple with a side of out-of-the-box, and a bonus space for storage.

Chicken Crate


More and more home owners are embracing DIY home design since it is more affordable and extremely personal. It can help them convert a space without having to invest too much money, and sometimes all they need is an old crate or table which can be found at a flea market. Here’s a perfect example of DIY table ideas that are easy to make. This is actually extremely good looking in a simple living room- take the chicken crate and paint it so that it belongs to the color palette of your room and add some decoration items to tie everything together.

Tree Logs Handiwork


You can always repurpose old wood by sawing it and putting it together as a coffee table. Logs and sanded grout were used to create this beautiful table that would not only look good in a secluded cabin but also in any stylish living room with lots of natural light. Place your table on wheels so that it can be moved freely and effortlessly and make sure to sand off any splinters! This concludes our list of DIY table ideas, we hope you find what you are looking for.

Best and Worst Collections on the Spring Runway this Year

Fashion has always been a strange thing. With every year, a new trend emerges to contradict the beliefs of last year, and nobody seems to have a problem with that. Five years ago women would rather die than wear stiletto shoes, but this spring they are the hottest accessory. With fashion only one thing is certain, and that is that nothing is certain. Trends change once every season, and fashion designers are doing all they can to come up with newer, bolder, and unusual collections. Let’s take a look at the best and worst collections. Mind you, that we are judging from a buyer’s point of view, not a professional one.


1. Rick Owens


Aren’t you sick and tired of the same 17-year old skinny models that prance around the runway wearing fine silk and mini-skirts? Of course nothing could ever look bad on them because they have the body of a goddess. Studies have shown that more than 60% of the female population is a size M+, so the image created by major fashion houses doesn’t really sit well with the current demographics. Rick Owens created what some people considered a breath of fresh air. He said F#$K MODELS, and brought to the stage strong, hot, curvy women. His collection included monastic headwear, sneakers and easy short dresses.

2. Chanel


Chanel has always managed to inspire and amaze on the runway, and this spring’s collection was no excuse. Karl’s post-appropriationist runway was dedicated to anyone that loves art. His designs are characterized by an artsy-nonchalance, vivid colors and play-faux artwork. The only question that remains is: will Contemporary Art Daily become the new street wear blog?

3. Simone Rocha

3 0If you enjoyed Gossip Girl, and Blair’s amazing wardrobe you will definitely adore the collection by Simone Roche. Her spring collection portrays an uptown conservatism with dark, messy accents for the rebellious rich kid. The most amazing thing about her collection are the details on the half sewn skirts, cocktail dresses etc. Of course, there is also a tiny bit of nudity (exposed nipples, legs etc) and naughty lingerie.


1. Tom Ford


There have been so many fails on the fashion runways that it is hard to keep count. However, Tom Ford’s immense fail this spring will not soon be forgotten. His collection was a lame attempt to a glamorous new trend, but it was so poorly constructed and unoriginal that nobody will like it, except of course tasteless women with a mid-life crisis. We may be no experts in the fashion world, but who would ever hit the streets wearing that costume?

2. Thom Browne

2 1When I saw this collection on the runway the first thing I thought was that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is receiving a tribute. Much was my surprise when I was told that it is just another one of Thom Browne’s extravagant collections. It’s actually quite sad because Tom managed to come up with some great collections in the past. However, the maniac black models, and extremely bizarre skirt suits were not the ideal choice for this spring collection.

3. Comme des Garcons

thomebrownePersonally, I appreciate a fashion experiment here and there, and I was particularly taken by Rei Kawakubo’s previous collections. Nevertheless, 23 redundant, stuffed, structurally unsound handmade garments and dresses presented on the spring runway did not impress me at all. Sure, it may be difficult to come up with something amazing at every collection, but some of these accessories are so meaningless that they will never stand.

Many may argue that fashion is a form of art, so it deserves extravagant, sumptuous and jaw-dropping designs. While this may be true, most clothes are usually design to be worn by real people, so fashion designers should tone it down a little next year.


7 Excellent Gift Ideas for Cat Owners

Whether guinea pigs or chinchillas, fish or birds, cats or dogs, every pet owner shares in one simple feeling: love for their pet. And it is precisely this love that drives them to all the gestures they do for their beloved companion: birthday cakes with bones and doggy treats, climbing equipment, new cozy homes and other endless gifts meant to bring more happiness into the lives of those beings you care for most. A while back we shared a post with 15 Cats with Adorable Markingsand we decided to also share a post with the best gift ideas for cat owners. Most of them are simple tokens, while others are extremely practical presents. We hope you will enjoy them. Here are some clever gift ideas for the cat owners you may know:

1. Cat Pendant


1 1

There are countless charming creations, whether gem incrusted or plain silver, quirky or fresh , and even plain old simple, a cat pendant or a necklace is a viable option whenever in a pickle about what to get your cat loving friend.

2. Cat Mug


2 1

How about an elegant mug with a long, twisted handle to remind everyone of a specific little cat? Or better yet a transparent mug equipped with whiskers so that, while drinking your milk, you can be the cat for a change?

3. Cat Tower


If your budget can allow it, a cat tower is something that both your friend and his cat will totally love- you have so many options to choose between, from sophisticated to playful, that you can’t swing and miss.

4. Cat Bed


Your friend will most likely already own a cat bed but no one was ever against some redecorating, and when it comes to his furred companion, a special cat bed will hit just the spot in his heart. There are so many models to choose from that your only problem will actually be picking THE ONE- may it be a pod cat bed, a hanging swing bed or your plain and simple cushion heaven, there’s no getting it wrong.

5. Cat Condos

5 1


While we’re on the topic of remodeling, cat condos are also worth considering. There are stackable cube condos in different colors and sizes, stackable leather boxes, or cat trees with built in living quarters, you have an assortment of creations to suit your needs and your budget- simply browse the internet for the best fit.

6. Cat Scratchers


Let’s be honest here, no matter how much your friend loves his cat, there is still the issue of furniture, carpet and curtain destruction that comes as a package deal with any feline. That’s precisely why a clever cat scratcher is just the thing for you- the sisal wrapped scratching surface and the comfortable feel will get your cat away from your prized possessions and focused on claw sharpening for a serious amount of time.

7. Cat Toys

This topic is endless since the variety of toys and contraptions at our disposal is endless.

This Peek-a-Prize toy box is certainly a blast for both your friend and his cat and ensures an activity they can both enjoy.


Another option is a tunnel toy (feel free to combine, mix and match to get exactly what you want) that comes in various shapes and sizes (and for the owner’s convenience, is also easily stored away).

7 1

And what are your thoughts on motorized contraptions, such as this Wand Cat Toy- turn it on and the erratic movement is enough to keep a sweet kitty busy for hours on end.

7 2

Balls, yarns, feather teasers, lasers, mouse toys- there are so many things to choose from that all you need to do is to get-a-browsin’!