Creative and amusing custom designed sneakers


Daniel Reese or how he calls himself “Sneaker Freaker” is 21 years old designer of these unusual and unique sneakers. He is taking plain Nike shoes and turning them into playful part of your outfit. The themes that he is using are web, video games, music, movies, comics and many other pop culture designs.

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Video game consoles as buildings


French magazine Amusement released some found art in the form of gaming architecture, where buildings are made to look like Playstations, Nintendos, and Nintendo DS. This playful images are released under the name “If I were President” and author is British photographer Joseph Ford.

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Masculine sculptures made by using feminine techniques


This unusual artwork is made by talented artist Nathan Vincent. He uses techniques which are usually identified as feminine, such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, and applique to create objects which are typically identified with men ; a deer head trophy, beer bottles and guns.

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Creative and funny T-Shirt Designs by Reece Ward


This set of illustrations and t-shirt designs is made by young and talented designer Reece Ward from United Kingdom. If you are wearing a shit bought on line there is a big chance Reece designed it so we asked him couple questions for TBR readers.

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These are cakes? Great examples of creative bakery


At the Highland Bakery in Atlanta GA these amazingly detailed cakes are made by Karen Portaleo. She got inspiration to be a cake decorator one day when she noticed that the cakes in her friend’s bakery didn’t have any creations. With a background in clay sculpturing she taught herself how to create spectacular decorations for cakes.

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