9 Things I Hate About You: What Your Co-Workers Hate to Hear You Say


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Whether you like them or not, you are stuck with your coworkers for multiple hours everyday. Someone’s laugh probably drives you crazy or mannerisms bug the heck out of you. Caught up in your own displeasure you probably didn’t realize you could be equally annoying to someone else. It’s true – if you’re not careful, you could be the one making everyone feel awkward. Here are nine things no one at the office wants to hear you say:

That’s Not My Job

Telling someone that something isn’t your job is just like saying you aren’t willing to help unless you absolutely have to. If someone assumes something is your responsibility and it isn’t, politely guide them to the person responsible. Don’t be a jerk. If someone asks you for help, of course the project he or she mentioned isn’t your job – that’s why they asked for your help.

How Did They Get Promoted?

Umm, rude. Even if it’s truly unbelievable that the Michael Scott of the office got promoted, don’t go spreading your opinion around. It makes you seem unprofessional, judgmental and especially bitter. Instead, bring up concerns (backed by specific examples) when specifically asked by senior management during a performance review.

Don’t Tell Anyone, But…

Steer clear of being an office gossip – the attention and association isn’t genuine. Avoid sharing negative opinions about another employee, specific company information only you are privy to or even that fact that you are considering applying for jobs elsewhere. Over sharing can bite you in the butt sooner than later. [Read more…]

Memory Lane: The All-Time Best Horror Movie Villains We Love to Hate

Special thanks to BuyCostumes.com for designing this infographic.

World's Deadliest Horror Villain presented by BuyCostumes


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How Much Does James Bond Cost The Taxpayer

James Bond is the world’s most revered secret agent. Since the first film in the franchise was released[Dr. No in 1962] 007 has blown-up more buildings, crashed more cars and saved the world more times than I can count. At his disposal are lavishly kitted out supercars and Q-customised gadgets. He has a taste for extravagant beverages such as Champagne and vodka Martinis and is sent on numerous trips to exotic locations. To top if off most of the action such as gun fights and car chases occur while he is wearing an exquisitely tailored Savile Row suit.

Daniel Craig James Bond


But what must be remembered is that James Bond works for the Secret Intelligence Service [MI6] on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government; which means he is funded by the taxpaying public. So in today’s ‘austerity Britain’ how much would James Bond cost to operate? As a bit of frivolous fun we took a look at this very question in an infographic.

James Bond Cost

Webcomic Provides New Insight on Batman’s Childhood

The Caped Crusader has been portrayed in many ways across all media over the years, but never quite like this. In this webcomic series by Kevin Axt, Batman hasn’t quite grown into his Batsuit, and his attempts at crime fighting usually end with a telling off by the venerable butler, Alfred.

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Michael Bayifier- Breakfast Club Edition

Has everyone heard about bayifier.com yet? If you haven’t, you need to pause, open a new tab and go there. Upload a classy, wholesome photo of yourself or someone you know and then proceed to give it the Michael Bay treatment by adding bombs, guns, explosions, fighter jets, fast cars and a Shia head (I’m not sure how you pronounce Shia, but in my head it’s always to the tune of the Chia pets jingle – “Sh-sh-sh-shia!!!”).

I’ve started a petition to upgrade the bayifier to work on video clips but since it’s a fansite, I’m guessing they don’t have a huge budget or team of developers at the ready. I also don’t really know what format to put the petition on, so it’s currently on 3-hole notebook paper in a dilapidated Lisa Frank trapper keeper I can’t bear to part with. Until my dreams come true and I can waste away hours bayifying videos and movies, I’m content to re-imagine the results in writing. Imagine the joy I felt when I watched “The Breakfast Club” and began to re-imagine it in the style of the inimitable Michael Bay. If you can’t imagine it, just picture an absurd level of giddiness and several friends rolling their eyes at me.

Since my friends think I’m nuts (nothing new there) I’m giving this gift to you, users of the Internet, to cherish and enjoy. Please allow me to present the Michael Bay reboot of “The Breakfast Club.”

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