“In a perfect world”, illustrates how life should be


You know in life when there are things that you are used to but at the same time annoy you? Those things are exactly what artist Catrin Dulay has tried to express using illustrations with fun messages. The world would be so perfect if everybody had a pen, if all the machines accepted wrinkled dollar bills, that all stickers peel off clean, etc.

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Portrait that is only viewable from special angles on the streets of Berlin


Walking in the streets of Berlin you might have seen this piece of art on one of the fences, or maybe you haven’t? It can be hard to spot it because it’s “hidden” in a clever way. You have to stand in a special angle to view this black and white portrait because it’s invisible if you stare at the fence from the front.

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Modern robotic art made out of recycled electronic materials

robotic-artAndrea Petrachi a.k.a. Himatic creates his robotic sculptures from things most of people simply throw away. Himatic see his work as a symbol of our out-of-control desire to buy things. At the same time, his work raise issues about the human desire to challenge nature through technology. [Read more...]

Jurassic Park and toys combined as one


The creative Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji has taken cute little toys and made big and scary dinosaurs out of it. He calls them Toysaurus and if you want to see them, you have to go to Tokyo. The project has taken him several years because he first had to collect the toys and then put them together into great sculptures.

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Old postcards are more fun when aliens invade them


The creative Italian artist Franco Brambilla has come up with the idea to use old vintage postcards and add images of alien invasions to them. The postcards are mostly from Switzerland, Milan and Santa Barbara, only now they have flying saucers, robots and aliens added.

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