Futurama’s New York has turned into a Lego-town


The popular American sci-fi sitcom Futurama has been the inspiration for artist Matt De Lanoy when he built this mini version of New York in legos. Spending two years on this project called World of Tomorrow, he managed to built several known building structures from Futurama, and to install lights so it can be viewable at night as well.

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How to make an 8 bit pixelated costume


If you found our previous article about 8-bit illustrations somewhat funny, you should definitely check out this 8-bit costume made by Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown for a Toshiba commercial.

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Papercrafting taken to the next level


Artist Taras Lesko has always had a passion for creating something with his hands, and that shows in these paper craft models. Usually he uses motives like action figures and robots from Play Station games or anime movies, but that hasn’t stopped him from making other things out of paper, like his own self portrait.

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Cover your car up in a fashionable way


Six global designers have come up with the idea to make fashionable car covers. The designers involved are Maison Martin Margiela, Bless, Richard James, Adam Kimmel, Visvim and Ksubi, and the covers are introduced in the Intersection Magazine. The car covers are mainly made out of materials as cotton and leather, but also waterproof gore-tex.

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