Burberry patterned house from Norway

burberry-home-owner Artist Jens Werner Andersen from Norway has painted his house in Burberry-pattern. He woke up one day and thought it was a fun idea. It is some weeks after Halloween, but the orange pumpkin is still standing on the porch. The main vision for the house, when Jens bought it six years ago, was that there should be a gathering place for happy people, peace-on-earth-mentality and art loving people.

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“Transparent” posters at New York streets

transparentposter This project is called “The New York Spring 2009″ and its done by Fred Lebain. He worked as a food stylist, and eventually decided to cover objects from his childhood in chocolate in order to photograph them. Huge transparent posters around streets and roofs of New York is latest project of this French artist. [Read more...]

Even retro record covers can be used to create something amazing

michael-jackson There are those who will throw away their old record covers but there are those that will use them to create some mind blowing artistic stuff. One of them is definitely Christian Marclay, a New York visual artist, DJ and composer who used record covers of Michael Jackson , Doors, Donna Summer, David Bowie and many others for this piece of art. The relationship of sound, vision, music, art and performance is the focus of his work.

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Using shadows to create a street art

tree-shadow-graffiti Instead of drawing graffiti on the walls, a NYC street artist Michael Neff has decided to use the shadows that lamp posts make to create street art. Neff is only using chalk and stone sediment to outline the shadows into stencils looking like figures or just simple art.

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Astonishing face figures made out of clothes

yellow-face Who would have thought that a pile of clothes could be art? Artist Bela Borsodi was the one that came up with the idea of folding shirts, jackets, dresses and other clothing into different face expressions. Every part of a garment is used to express parts of a face. Collars form mouths, sleeves and pockets creates eyes and buttons or zips add details to the face.

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