Light painting, creativity and fun together as one

light-paint-phone-booth For light painting you need a digital camera with long exposure and 5 different types of light sources such as flashlights, light toys, torch, LED’s. Now you need to find a darkened room and partner to take the pictures. Now set your camera in such a way that it can take long exposure pictures, most digital cameras are capable of taking 8 seconds or longer exposure. This process is called “shutter priority” or “bulb setting”.

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Pimp your macbook with cool and creative decals

starwars-apple You can almost pimp everything nowadays, even your macbook. There are a lot of cool and interesting decals you can put on your mac, so it doesn’t look that boring and old. The Iron Man, Bart Simpson and Snow White are probably the most popular among people, but the other ones are also amazing. [Read more...]

Portraits made on floppy disks and VHS tapes

floppyart2 The portraits are created mainly by using painted floppy disks and VHS, and putting them together into one piece. The artist Nick Gentry has focused on how the technology is affecting our society, and how the World Wide Web has put aside all of the physical objects that were used to restore information on, like cassettes, VHS, polaroids and disks.

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Funny and popular faces painted on one dollar bills

spiderman-dollar These 1 dollar bills are a bit different than the ones most people are used to. It is artist atypyk that takes the iconic face of America’s first president George Washington and turns it into something funny like a clown’s face, Hannibal’s face and even Elvis’ face. [Read more...]

Superimposed photography showing the past

caffe-old-photo Several photographers from flickr group have gotten together and made this interesting art piece. It is basically old photos superimposed on present day scenes. It is really suggestive and fun to see how it was way back then, and how it is today, specially when you see the Dubai transformation. [Read more...]