10 Fabulous DIY Phone Cases to Make your Phone Stand Out


We live in a world where being original is more and more difficult and expensive. However, this is where the world f Do It Yourself comes to our aid and makes us more creative. There is nothing more original than your own mind so why not put it to some good work?

Here are 10 fabulous DIY Phone Cases to make your phone stand out by adding decoration, a touch of color and creativeness to your old, dull phone case.

Most of these ideas do not require a lot of money or materials to be created so there is nothing stopping you now. The only thing you need to have to get things going is a plastic r silicone phone case suitable to your phone model.

1. Studded Phone Case with Neon Colors

Add a bit of a an 80s vibe to your phone cases by gluing neon colored studs onto it. Choose whatever pattern you want or prefer and get busy! Do not be afraid to mix and match, so feel free to add whatever colors or studs you want.

DIY phone cases


Three packs of different colored neon studs

a blank Phone case

E3000 glue


2. Studded Phone Case with iron Studs

Think ahead before starting to work on your studded phone case. Where do you usually keep your phone? if you keep it in your pocket, make sure the studs will not bother you or if you keep it in your purse, do not choose pointy studs as it may ruin either your purse or the other stuff you keep in it.

DIY phone cases


Phone case

Iron on studs (make sure they have no “legs”)

Krazy glue




3. Tribal Phone Case with Sharpies

Although this particular design requires a little bit of work and patience, the end result is certainly a stunner! If you do not want to make a very complicated design, simply make the lines bigger, so that they will take up more space.

DIY phone cases


Blank Phone Case

Permanent Markers in as many colors as possible



4. Nails Polish Phone Case

Make sure you have enough nail polish to cover up the entire surface you want to cover, you do not want to end up having to use other colors simply because you ran out of your favorite one.

DIY phone cases


Blank Phone Case

Nail Polish in different colors


5. Leather Geometrical Design for your Phone case

This phone case design does not only look good but it is also meant to keep your phone safe. Try different geometrical shapes and different patterns to achieve your perfect leather phone case.

DIY phone cases




A piece of leather large enough to cover your phone case

Blank phone case



6. Map out your Phone Case

This is certainly my favorite DIY Phone Case design out of them all as it is both very creative and easy to do. You can use any sort of maps that may or may not have any meaning to you and create something special.

DIY phone cases



Clear iPhone Case


X-acto Knife



7. Phone Case with Pressed Flowers

This DIY phone case design is certainly the most complicated design featured on this list, but it is so beautifully done that it would have been a shame to not share it with you. The pressed flowers shielded by a thin layer of resin are a great picture to look at and you will surely spend a couple of hours simply gazing at your beautiful phone case.

DIY phone cases


You will need:

Pressed dried flowers

Flat, solid white iPhone case

Clear craft glue

A flat and level work surface



Parchment paper


Thin-tip permanent marker


2 clear plastic cups

2 wooden craft sticks

50/50 clear-casting epoxy resin (I used Easy Cast)

Acetone (or a nail polish remover with acetone)


Glitter (Optional)


8. Phone Case with a nautical touch

Are you missing the summer breeze or simply have a bit of an addiction to anything involving nautical themes? Then this is the right DIY phone case for you.

DIY phone cases


Phone Case


Adhesive Vinyl


9. Patterned Phone Case

Let your inner child giggle as you start playing around with different colors and textures of duct tape, in order to achieve perfection when it comes to your DIY phone case.

DIY phone cases


Phone Case

Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape



10. Glittery Phone Case

Glitter! Glitter everywhere! If you are not specifically fond of the hombre design presented here, try mixing glitter in the color you like or just opt for a single layer of glitter, in the same color.

DIY phone cases


Phone case

Three colors of glitter

Mod podge



What’s even greater about these DIY phone cases is the fact that you can play with different colors and designs until you have reached your desired result. You can even mix up two or more different styles and see what you end up with.

What is your favorite DIY phone case design presented here?





9 Cool Christmas Crafts for Kids

When it comes to Christmas, everyone in the family should engage in an activity that can involve food, Christmas ornaments or decorations. Kids however are not as easy to handle or please so here are some cool Christmas crafts to keep them busy and entertained.

1. Hand Printed Decorations and Ornaments

cool christmas craftsPaint your hand in different colors and then touch your simple Christmas globes to create some pretty cool snowmen or reindeer designs. In terms of Christmas Arts and Craft, this is one of the prettiest and simplest ideas.

2. Snowmen out of paper rolls

cool christmas craftsWho knew something as “useless” as a toilet paper roll can be put to such a good use? I certainly didn’t! Put your small artist to work on one of these really cool kids crafts for Christmas and teach him how to make something really amazing from something as ordinary as a paper roll. Full instructions here.

3. Yummy Pasta into Cool easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

cool christmas craftsThe only things you will need in terms of Christmas tree ornaments this year are going to be pasta and different color spray paints. Follow this link to see in how many ways you can use simple pasta to create one of the most stunning Christmas ornament crafts for kids.

4. Pinecones as small Christmas Tress

cool christmas craftsAnother great Christmas craft for kids is to let them transform a simple pine cone into a miniature Christmas tree. By simply painting the cone and gluing different ornaments onto it, they can create something truly beautiful. Click here for other ideas.

5. Amazing Wreaths out of Paper

cool christmas craftsIf this Christmas you are a bit tired of the common Christmas wreaths that you can buy in shops, put your kids to work on a joyful paper wreath. By simply cutting out pieces of paper following a certain pattern, you can teach your little ones to make new shapes and introduce them to the world of Christmas craft ideas for kids. Follow the link here for detailed instructions.

6. Snowy winter in a wine glass

cool christmas craftsOne of the most beautiful Christmas crafts for kids to make is definitely this idea. Use artificial snow glued onto a piece of round cardboard with either Christmas trees, animals or other things which inspire holiday cheer and place them under a wine glass. To make the assembly even more amazing, you can also put a candle on the glass’s foot. Tutorials and ideas can be found here.

7. Plastic bottle snowflakes

cool christmas craftsA great idea that you can find on Pinterest Christmas crafts for kids is using the bottom of plastic bottles to create snowflakes. Simply cut off the bottom of the bottle, and then use silver or white paint to make the outline of your snowflake and attach a string to it. It is as easy as it sounds! However, be sure to not let children use cutting tools unsupervised. Tutorial and other ideas here.

8. Reindeers out of Bottles

cool christmas craftsIf you have leftover brown bottles of beer or soda you can actually turn them into Christmas ornaments. Use a pair of googly eyes, a red nose and rain horns and make your old bottles feel new again. Follow this link for further instructions.

9. Snowmen out of bottle caps

cool christmas craftsCollect bottle caps to make snowmen out of them. Tie together three bottle caps, paint the inside of them and add different types of materials or fabric to make the snowman look more realistic. Full tutorial here.


By following at least one or two ideas presented in this article you do not only get to spend some quality time with your children but you can also teach them how they can use old or ordinary objects and turn them into something new, with a bit of effort.

Instead of just buying new ornaments each year, let your child express himself and create something unique.

For more Christmas crafts for kids Pinterest, follow this link.


The Best and Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Christmas is a time to be happy, to feel good about life and to put up some exciting Christmas decorations.

Of course, we don’t all have the same taste in festive decorations. This means that some people choose to put up the worst Christmas decorations ever, while others do something a lot cooler.

The Nazi Ornaments

The Best and Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Why oh why oh why? If you were faced with the challenge of designing an infinite number of Christmas ornaments I bet you could still avoid Nazi monstrosities like these. Still, there’s nothing a bit of the Third Reich to cheer up the family over the holidays, is there?

The Light Filled House

The Best Christmas Decorations Ever

What a brilliant thing to do to your house. The only problem is that you would probably annoy the hell out of your neighbors if you put up all of those bright lights.

The Boy Band Decorations

Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

I have no idea who these decorations are based on but I’m guessing that it’s some sort of boy band like The Backstreet Boys, Westlife or The Monkees. Of more pressing concern is the fact that they have all apparently been turned into mermaids. Why would you do a thing like that?

The Santa Toilet 

The Best and Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Is there anything better than the idea of settling down for a festive dump on a cheery old Santa toilet? Err, yes. Yes there is. There are probably millions of better things, up to and including Christmas decorations showing boy band members made into mermaids.

The Crying Baby Decoration

Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

If you want to keep the kids away from the Christmas tree then this is one way of doing it. This crying baby decoration is just about the single worst thing ever inflicted upon my eyes.

The Cool Christmas Car

The Best Christmas Decorations Ever

We’re back on to the good stuff again, are we? How would you like to drive around in a bright and festive vehicle like this? You’d love it, right?

The Ronald MacDonald Decoration

Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Christmas is about having fun, spending time with the family and being generous. So who encapsulates that ethos better than anyone else? Yip, everyone’s favorite marketing ploy and slightly scary clown dude type thing. Hang him on your tree and have a great day y’all.

The Octopus Tree Ornament

Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Ah, there’s nothing like a traditional Christmas scene to warm the cockles of your heart, is there. Logs on the open fire, snow on the driveway and a giant octopus on top of the tree. Hang on a second? When did people start putting a toy cephalopod mollusc on top of their trees?

Just Santa Taking a Leak

The Best and Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

I have often wondered about Santa’s sanitary habits while he is flying round the world doling out gifts and goodwill. Does he poop down people’s chimneys, take a leak up in the air or just try and hold on until he gets home to the North Pole? Perhaps this strange Christmas decoration gives us the answer.

The Terrible Tree

Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Just exactly how much festive cheer would this miserable looking tree bring into your life this year? It is probably the most depressing thing I have ever seen in all the many Christmases I have lived through. Even Santa is likely to get depressed when he slides down the chimney and sees this abomination.

Christmas Gift Ideas and Tips for Tight Budgets

christmas gift ideasSummer is long gone, Halloween’s over, which means that, for Christians all over the world, it’s time for Christmas. A nice tree, LED lights, church, good food and lots and lots of presents. But all those of us with a tight budget are dreading the ominous Christmas shopping, because there isn’t much out there you can buy with little cash. Or is there? We’ve got some Christmas gift ideas and tips that are going to make Christmas shopping easy!

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Buying presents for a kid has to be the easiest task in this world. Kids of all ages will make sure to tell you what they like and what they want the moment you meet them! Educational games are usually pretty exciting for kids, as they’re sponges who love fun learning. Get them something nice that they can play indoors during the colder seasons and don’t get them something for the warmer season, because they’ll get frustrated if they have to wait to take out the water pistol.

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Men are harder to buy presents for than women. Women are generally more vocal about what they like and don’t like when it comes to gifts, and men a bit more reserved. This may be a silly generalization that you need to take with a grain of salt, but there is some truth behind it. Is the man that you’re buying a present for into sports? Does he like soccer or basketball? Get them a ticket for a game or a piece of memorabilia. Is he into virtual games? Then an online subscription to a fun game would be nice.

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

When you’re doing budget gift shopping for a women, for anyone for that matter, the sooner you realize that you cannot make a cheap gift look expensive, the better. Get her a one month gym card at a fancy location, a massage or an iTunes card. You simply cannot go wrong with music or massages!  If she likes outside activities, you could get her some nice camping equipment, it’s usually quite affordable.

Definite DON’TS

What you definitely don’t want to happen when you give your Christmas gift to someone is see them look disappointed. It’s like a knife through the heart and nobody wants that. In order to avoid feeling that way, and to avoid them feeling disappointed then you should take our advice about to avoid buying as a Christmas gift.

  • DO NOT try to get someone a cool gift if you don’t know them well enough. You’re going to fail miserably.
  • DO NOT buy the same present for people in groups. Make an effort and get each person a cheap individual gift, even if you’re short on cash and the group is large.
  • DO NOT buy stuff for the car or the home. A Christmas present should be for a person, not an object. Smartphone cases aren’t included in this category and make pretty awesome and cheap gifts!
  • DO NOT get them perfume or cologne. Of course you can’t possibly know if they’ll like it!

Just in case this needed to be said, throwing someone a surprise birthday party is not a present in itself and you still need to buy them a separate present. Birthday parties are not gifts!

Also, if someone you know is born on Christmas day, you need to take them two presents, one for their birthday and one for Christmas. Tough luck!

What was the worst present you ever received for Christmas?

10 Great LED Christmas Lights Ideas

Christians around the world celebrate Christmas on December 25, by going to church, exchanging gifts and decorating their trees, houses and gardens. One of the most common ways of expressing one’s love for the holiday season is putting up LED Christmas lights for you and your family to enjoy and others to admire. If this year you’re feeling a bit uninspired, we’ve got just the thing for you! 10 great LED Christmas light ideas to inspire and motivate you!

10. Old School CharmLED Christmas Lights old school neon sign

Bring the real Christmas magic with some old school Christmas lights. Your vintage lit house will be the envy of the neighborhood and every other house in the neighborhood will pale in comparison to it. Get programmable lights, if you really want to make a good impression.

9. LED TreesLED Christmas Lights tree

How can you warm up the outdoor scene? Get some LED lights in a tree and make it festive. In the evening, all the trees are going to look pretty magical and you’ll really get to experience the wonderful Christmas spirit!

8. Reindeer Have All the FunLED Christmas Lights reindeer

No reindeer, no Christmas! Put those artificial lights to good use and bring some twinkling reindeer on the block. If you’re on a tight budget, then we recommend you make your own reindeer; take a look at our number 2 position.

7. Not Insane, Just Passionate about LED LightsLED Christmas Lights not insane just passionate

Do it! Look at all these pretty colors and tell us that’s not crazy, but also very appealing. Put up as many LED lights as you can; get some red, blue and green one, hell, get every color in the world! You’ll find wholesale colored lights at Target or on the world wide net.

6. Geeky ChristmasLED Christmas Lights let the Geek inside shine

Feed the geek inside with a Pac Mac LED Christmas tree. Go all the way and make it solar powered! The great thing about such a tree is that you can change it every year and no tree has to die!

5. Half a Million LightsLED Christmas Lights half a million LED lights

This picture above is of the house of a person who has put up half a million lights. If you’re planning to go near that, you should get clearance from your neighbors, have a massive battery ready in case your fuses blow and have a huge manual of troubleshooting. Or you could just relax and not put up half a million lights on your lawn and house.

4. Twinkle Up Your CarLED Christmas Lights jingle cars

Who said that LED Christmas lights are just for your tree, house and lawn? Go wild and decorate your car! Just don’t go as wild as this person did, or you’re going to give people an epilepsy attack when you drive by.

3. Keep it Simple LED Christmas Lights keep it simple

Minimalism is the key when it comes to having a classy Christmas. Keep it simple with a few white lights, one or two dripping icicle and some clear decorations. Why follow the mainstream folk when you can be special?

2. DYI LED Christmas LightsLED Christmas Lights get creative

If you’re on a tight budget, or you’re just cheap and have lots of time on our hands, you should make your own LED Christmas lights. Get some Phillips GE LED, some light wire (it’s always on sale during the winter season, or at least at a discount price) and get busy. The best thing about this is that you can create pretty much anything you like!

1. Whatever You Do, Remember that Pets are Off Limits LED Christmas Lights pets are off limits

Changing anything about your pet to get them or you in the Christmas spirit is simply off limits. Some dogs and no cats will seem to enjoy themselves, but they’re just trying to please you. Do them a favor and let them chill this Christmas and don’t put any C9 LED Christmas lights on them.