The Worst Family Photos You Ever Saw

Getting a picture of your family is meant to be a very special thing to do. Yet, so often it can turn into the kind of nightmare that you aren’t allowed to ever forget. Here are some of the worst family photos ever.

The Dead Relative Photo

Worst Family Photos

Celestino Reyna is a Spanish grave digger who had a brilliant idea one day. Sadly, it wasn’t this day. He decided to help a friend get reunited with a dead relative by digging him up. The photo got sent round Whatsapp and our grave digging buddy got suspended from his job for, frankly, doing it all the wrong way round.

The Hairy Portrait Photo

Worst Family Photos

This is what happens when your entire family makes a pact with the devil to swap their shirts for long and luxurious hair. If all else fails they could cut off some of their locks and turn them into nice jumpers.

The Unhappy Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

You probably already know that the idea is to smile at the camera, don’t you? Sadly, this miserable family got it the wrong way round and thought that it was a good idea to look as unhappy as humanly possible. This worst family photo must have looked charming hanging on their living room wall.

The Star Trek Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

So, what is your family like? Well, we have this sort of hobby. You might call it a lifestyle. Jeez, let me just come out and admit that we are a bunch of freaking obsessed Trekkies. This photo we took a while back might help explain it and show that it’s a healthy and wholesome thing to do.

The Gun Toting Kids

Worst Family Photos

Any worst family photo that has the youngsters toting pieces of armoury is good by me. In the case of this jolly family, the kid with the glasses looks like he is already pretty comfortable with that thing. Having said that, it’s the little girl who terrifies me. She looks ready to ask some punk if they feel lucky today.

Just Another Hairy Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

Holy guacamole! There’s enough hair in this awful family portrait to stuff a large sofa with. Unless I’m very much mistaken, this photo is almost certainly from the 80s, when big hair and shoulder pads were seen as a sign of taste and discretion. The guy looks like he scalped David Lee Roth or a particularly bedraggled badger. As for the lady; I used to have a dog with hair like that and I still miss the old boy. The kid has been lucky enough to inherit a mixture of both his parents’ hairstyles in his genes.

The Matching Outfits Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

If I had a whole bunch of matching family outfits like this I would be keen to show them off to the whole wide world too. The father is pulling a nice Elvis gesture there, which gains him a few extra points too.

The Wild Dogs Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

The great thing about this photo is that the dude in the middle with the frozen smile doesn’t know that a couple of rabid dogs are about to launch into a vicious attack right in front of his face. The lesson we can all learn from this is that wearing a white turtle neck just ain’t cool. Even the dogs know that.

13 Food Inspired Funny Hats

Food is so awesome that people like to wear it on their heads. There are plenty of funny hats around, but food-inspired hats are some of the funniest. Due to the sweet Internet, you can basically have any kind of weird or funny hat your heart desires in just a couple of hours. Whether you’re going to a party or a food festival, a food-inspired hat can never go wrong. Don’t wear it a a classical funeral though. And watch out for hungry people, they might attempt to bite you if your hat looks too delicious. Check out these 13 pictures of food-inspired funny hats!

1. Hot dog hat

If you are a true American, you will choose the hot dog hat, the international symbol of American staple food. It inspires confidence and wackiness in the same time. Can’t go wrong! Depending on the context, of course.

Hot Dog hat

2. Pizza hat

We know you enjoy pizza, you could eat it all day long. Why not take your culinary passion to the next level and wear it all around? Then at least take it to the pizza party.

Pizza hat

3. Turkey hat

This one is more specific, you would probably wear it only during Thanksgiving day. But, hey, with a little creativity, you could easily pull this out at a college party as well. What’s up with this cringy face anyway? You are wearing the crown of a true emperor!

Turkey hat

4. Pie hat

Nothing says you are a dessert enthusiasts more than the pie hat. You can make it classy or you can make it funny, depends how you want to go.

Dessert Hat

5. Breakfast hat

Breakfast hat is funny during the evening. If you wear it in a bus at 7 AM, some sleepy heads might bite it off. However, nothing says you love mornings more than the breakfast hat.

Breakfast hat2

6. Salad hat

Vegetarians will love the salad hat, but meat lovers as well. This is the safe choice if you want a funny hat, but not an overly weird one.

Salad Hat

7. Banana hat

The banana hat is kinda funny. You might send the signal that you are a slippery guy/girl. Take a decision when you wear it, you might use the joke as an icebreaker.

Banana hat

8. Cheese hat

The cheese hat is rather dull. But if you want to pull it out, you need a certain charm to goo beyond the obvious “Why would you wear that? Oh, because you’re cheesy, I see.” In fact, you could wear this hat around and pass it on to the next person you think is cheesy enough to deserve it.

Cheese Hat

9. Pepper hat

The pepper hat can only be used to send one signal: you are a spicy fella! If you can’t play this along, don’t bother wearing it unless you are a die hard pepper fan. Now what would you pair this funny hat with?

Pepper Hat

10. Sushi hat.

Fans of the raw fish dish should be ecstatic about this lovely little hat. Would you wear it to a sushi place?

Sushi hat11. Cookie hat.

Actually the cookie hat goes really well with the scout girl costume. So next time you plan on going to a costume party, you might as well choose this gutsy costume, topped with a lovely cookie hat.
Cookie hat12. Lobster hat

Ok, this guy went over the top, but there are some funny hats with simple lobster shapes. But you know, whatever grinds your gears.
Lobster hat13. Doughnut hat

Not only that this is a funny hat, but this hat is the sweetest hat of all. You could actually wear this as a regular hat without any problems. What would you pair it with? If you know of any other food-inspired hats, let us know!

Donut hat




8 Costume Party Ideas Based on Famous 90s Musicians

Here you are trying to find the perfect costume party ideas. Let us give you a hand! The 1990 decade represents the period when a couple of  musical genres reached their full maturity. Commercial pop music is represented by artists like Michael Jackson, as well as groups such as Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Eurodance turned into a huge sensation, with names like Scatman and 2 Unlimitated booming everywhere. the golden age of hip-hop is considered to have reached its peak during the the mid-1990s. Grunge, the rebellious rock genre, was a hit basically until Cobain passed away. There are many choices to pick from when you want to go to a 1990s costume party. Here are some examples of 1990s costumes party ideas for a fun night!

1. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Pulling a Kurt Cobain is quite easy. The signature green striped t-shirt  he was wearing during Nirvana’s famous hit “Smells like teen spirit” is a trademark of early 90s grunge. Just put it over a white blouse and pair it with some washed out blue jeans, that should do the trick. If you bleach your slightly longer hair, you have the whole pack.Kurt Cobain

2. Slash, Guns N’ Roses

The image of the famous Guns N’ Roses guitarist has three main characteristics: the top hat, curly long black hair and a pair of aviator glasses. While the hat may be a bit harder to find (check eBay!), getting your hands on a wig and a pair of aviator glasses should almost be a piece of cake. If you have access to a Les Paul guitar, make sure you can at least play the intro to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, it’s not that hard and it’s terribly catchy! Get a leather jacket to have the complete Slash costume.


3. Keith Flint, Prodigy

You know what you have to do to look like Maxim. First, you can’t be a firestarter if ain’t got the attitude. Now be ready to loose some hair. Make sure you’re only left with two iconic devilish horns. Dye them green, or pink, or any other bright color, but make sure you pair them with heavy black eye makeup. Some nose earing should round the image you want to prepare for a wild party.

Keith Flint - The Prodigy

4. Missy Elliot

The queen of 1990s hip hop had the bad ass attitude. She may not be known for a very distinct appearance, but her style is widely recognizable. Make sure you have some adequate bling, preferably a couple of pounds of bling, heavy eye makeup and sporty look. The Adidas sports suit should be fine, but choose a bright color.


5. Tupac Shakur

The king of 1990s hip hop liked to walk around shirtless. It might be an option for you as well, but check the party rules before. The bandana is the core piece of Tupac’s image. You should shave your head as well, or you might look ridiculous. Grow a mustache, grab some bling and that’s about it.

Tupac Shakur Portraits

6. Mc Hammer

The flamboyant rapper’s image can easily be recognized, but it’s not that easy to reproduce. Check some online stores, you might find the famous pair of pants. But a double breasted smooth yellow jacket is a must as well.

MC Hammer

7. John Frusciante, Red Hot Chili Peppers

The 1991 ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ turned Red Hot Chili Peppers into superstars. The video for ‘Under the bridge’ is one of the landmark of early 1990′s larger rock scene, along with ‘Smell like teen spirit’. In fact, the clothing similarities are pretty obvious. Grab a colorful earflap hat, a red shirt with white stripes and some brown pants.

John Frusciante

8. New Kids on the Block

The best costume party ideas include the wacky early 1990s NKOTB. Hair is one of the most important aspects of the first successful boy bands’ image. Fortunately, it does not have to be very short, but you need to convince it to stay up, probably with the help of hair mousse. A bandana and Power Rangers-like faux-leather biker jacket will help you achieve the NKOTB look.

New Kids On The Block


5 of the Best Pranks Ever Pulled

Have you ever been pranked? If the answer is yes then you probably know how embarrassing it must feel to be on the receiving end. However, even if we’ve been pranked we can’t help ourselves from laughing at others. Some people are utterly stupid and totally unaware when it comes to jokes. They may come in all shapes and sizes, from the best April fools pranks, to best senior pranks, school pranks, best prank calls and even best office pranks.

There are thousands upon thousands of pranks that will have you laughing with tears, but today we would like to share with you some of the best pranks in history, that people actually fell for (maybe you will get some ideas for a prank of your own).

1. 4chan Users Hijack Mountain Dew Contest


Back in 2012, PepsiCo wanted to get a campaign going, where it asked Internet users to invent clever ideas for a new Mountain Dew flavor. They were never expecting an army of 4chaners to hijack their contest. The end result was names like “Fapple”, “Gushing Granny”, “Hitler did nothing wrong” and many more. Around Sunday night, the 4chan imageboard community decided to do one of the best pranks ever. The operation was called “Operation: Gushing Grandma” and during it all members of the community flooded the PepsiCo website for “Dub the Dew” with bizarre names. In the end, the website crashed.

“Too much fun, you’d think companies would just expect this shit by now.” – festerchuck on Reddit 

“Just wait. Sooner or later, one company will just say ‘F#$k it, print it. And people will freak. Then, I bet their sales will spike.” 

This is definitely one of the best pranks of all time.

2. 4Chan Convinces Idiots to Microwave their iPhones


Since we are already on the topic of 4chan, here’s another prank they did that made history. It is mind-boggling how many people were fooled by one of the worlds best pranks. What 4chan did was to come up with a fake new feature for the iPhone (image below). According to it, microwave charging was possible, and waves were harmless to the phone.


The fake ad was spread on social media using burner Twitter accounts,  Facebook, social apps, Youtube and hashtags. The prank was such a success that it even got media coverage. Some fools actually fell for it. An Android user would never fall for something like this.


3. Helicopter Shark

best pranks ever pulled

No list of best pranks of all time would be complete without including the first true Internet hoax. In 2001, this photo appeared on the internet. Masses of people were captivated by the unusual footage, and National’s Geographic actually called this the “Photo of the Year”. In reality, the moment (which could have been easily captured on video were it real), is nothing but two separate images (one with a helicopter and the other with a shark). In the end, the prank was debunked.

4. The Death Star Petition

best pranks ever pulled

There are many cool pranks in this world: with friends, parents, kids, Halloween, college, roommates, teachers, sisters, computers and boyfriends, but there is no prank more amazing than this one. Apparently, in 2013 an online petition was made on the White House’s official page for US government to begin construction of a Death Star. This event garnered some level of attention.

It seems that if a petition garners more than 25.000 signatures, it will be reviewed by the administration and constructed, if accepted. The death star petition received 35.000 signatures. Therefore, the administration reviewed the petition and decided that 850$ quadrillion is too much for the world’s planet. As a matter of fact, their response was:

“Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship.”

Granted, this may not be exactly a common joke, but considering the response it received we could say that it is one of the best pranks ever.

5. Bald for Bieber

This particular prank managed to scary many concerned fangirls. Some went to great lengths to oblige Bieber and they soon find out that it was nothing but a joke. Anyway, Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter feed had one of its images photoshopped. In it, Bieber, who always has a sweet song to sing about his girlfriend, appears bald, and people say that he was diagnosed with cancer (the hashtag #baldforbieber became infamous then). A few hours and days later, concerned fans shaved off their heads in support for Justin.

best pranks ever pulled

We hope you liked our list of best pranks of all time. Of course, there are many more that you could find on different websites. You can pull them anywhere, and anytime: at a birthday, during a sleepover, as revenge etc. Just make sure you don’t try everything you find on sites because they might not be legal or safe.

Funny Door Signs That Don’t Make Sense

Do you remember the good old days when doors where simply things you used to get from one place to another? Who knew then that one day funny door signs would pop up all over the world and leave us all feeling confused?

The Push and Pull Sign

Funny Door Signs

I hate doors that don’t make it clear whether I need to push the blasted thing or pull it. I put this down largely to a nasty experience in my teenage years when my first day in my first ever job turned in a disaster because I couldn’t open the door. This sign could have helped me out and stopped my ears from burning with shame for about a decade afterwards.

The Do Not Enter Sign

Funny Door Signs

There is a strong streak of common sense running through this funny door sign. After all, if the door doesn’t open then very few people would be able to enter through it anyway.

The No Entry or Exit Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

Does anyone know what this door is useful for? I had always kind of naively assumed that for a door to be of some practical use you actually had to walk through it. It could be to exit in one direction or it could be to enter in the other direction but this one is neither.

The Other Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

This funny door sign just makes no sense at all. I guess that the person who typed it out was just trying to be helpful but wouldn’t there have been a better way of doing it? Maybe not.

The Back Door Sign

Funny Door Signs?

In this case I can definitely say that the evil fiend who made this sign was just trying to mess with our minds. How on Earth can the front door be round the back? You could spend all day at this place walking round in circles and trying to work out where you were.

The Not a Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

Things are getting really weird now. I’m not usually one to argue with signs but this one can’t be right, can it? It says that it isn’t a door but it really, really looks like one. Could it be a highly realistic painting of a door or just a plain old portal to a different universe?

The Unlocked Door

Funny Door Signs

There are times when you just have to put your faith in mankind. In this case, our only hope is that any robbers and rapists who casually wander past are really stupid.

The Dr Hedgehog Sign

Funny Door Signs

I can see how this could be annoying. If you went through life with a surname that was only a couple of letters away from being amusing then you would hate when people added those letters. In this case, Dr A Hedgeh has a sign on his door that some rascals just can’t resist added those letters to.

The Closed Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

I had never previously stopped to consider how many evils and dangers a closed door can protect us from. Cold air and water aren’t things I worry about too much but the danger of Daleks or Cybermen entering the local library is a big concern for anyone.

The Window Sign

Funny Door Signs

I can only guess what happened here. Unless I’m very much mistaken a fool left the door open and some Daleks entered. Well, after this the only sensible thing to do was turn it into a window instead. Problem solved.