7 Funny TV Shows On Late Night TV

We don’t know for sure at what point did late night shows become a thing big enough to give us such a great amount of variety. This is even more puzzling, actually – why are there so many of them? Why are almost all of them successful? Is it because they air late in the night and there is a little voice in our head subconsciously telling us that this means something a bit more unorthodox might be in the bag concerning the topic list? They’re some real funny TV shows, that’s it.

Funny TV Shows

Courtesy of NBC

Most of them manage to blend satire into their thematic, whatever it is. Some deal with politics, some do interviews, some do sketches – one thing is for sure, these are the best of them all and they have earned rightful spots among the highest-quality funny TV shows airing while your kids are sleeping.

#1 “Late Night” with Seth Meyers

Just like Doctor Who, Late Night can pride itself with regenerative hosts that helped the show thrive and bloom ever since its first episode aired in 1982. The initial tenure belonged to David Letterman, who was followed by three other hosts: Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers, the show’s current host.

Despite its generic-seeming title and apparent simple formula, it’s clear judging by the show’s long run that they definitely did something right in order to keep it fresh and exciting. Aside from the minor tweaks, Late Night also constantly adapted to the personality of the host.

#2 “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is a news satire program started in 1999. During its run, it had three hosts, the last of which, Trevor Noah, took his seat at the desk of the show in 2015. According to the hosts, the topics of the news coverage tended to change. Craig Kilborn’s initial tenure was filled with media references, whereas Jon Stewart tended to make it a lot more politic-oriented.

#3 “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert became the host of this satirical program in 2015, a program which represents the reincarnation of CBS’ famous Late Show franchise. The flag was picked from David Letterman, something that’s definitely very difficult to live up to. Fans that have followed Colbert from the times when was hosting The Colbert Show, however, are aware of his charming potential.

#4 “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon

As of late, some may argue that Jimmy Fallon has become a controversial figure, in the sense that you either love or hate him. Whichever it is, there’s no denying that Fallon’s program is leading among funny TV shows just as it’s leading in terms of YouTube views. The Tonight Show is packed with mini games and fun instances that just scream “Internet viral.”

#5 “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Jimmy Kimmel’s popularity comes from similar reason to the other Jimmy mentioned on the list. Plenty of big names cross the threshold of his studio and his constant recurring gags and segments really keep people with raised expectations. We really have to thank him for the invention of the “Reading Mean Tweets” segments.

#6 “The Late Late Show” with James Corden

Know “Carpool Karaoke?” This is the man to thank for it. Corden has been around for a while, of course, and there’s no denying that he’s endearingly charming and a joy to look at. But it’s the cozy interviews and sing-alongs with celebrities that really blew up the Internet. Plus, why are they all surprised that he can sing pretty well? He starred in Into The Woods!

#7 “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver

John Oliver graduated the The Daily Show school of late-night funny TV shows, like many other hosts seated in front of modern talk shows. It’s ranking the lowest simply due to the nature of the program, which is riddled with often highly serious topics and with only a mix of satire.

The 8 Romantic Books To Read Before You Die

There are as many different and unique love stories as there are people in the world (divided by two, probably). Which is why, for some reason, humanity will never seem to grow tired of venturing into the world of other people’s romantic complications and escapades. Do we enjoy imagining ourselves instead of one of the characters? Do we rejoice from seeing the magical powers of love and how profoundly it affects people? The answers to these two questions might help us explain our attachment to romantic books.

Romantic Books

Love knows no historical time period, but it’s certainly interesting to see how different it was back in the days. Fortunately, these customs have been, more or less, written down for our enjoyment. We give you The 8 Romantic Books To Read Before You Die.

#1 Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

There are few romantic books that have managed to reach an iconic status the way Jane Austen’s most famous novel did. Written at the dawn of the 19th century, it depicts the charming story of Elizabeth Bennett, a girl with an independent and free-spirited mind, who gets mixed with the stoic and arrogant Mr. Darcy.

#2 Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is one of those novels that’s definitely on its way to climbing the ladder and counting itself among the most iconic romantic books of all time. It has everything from charming characters, historical accuracy, time-travel, and a poignant rawness that was usually missing from most dolled up love stories.

#3 Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte’s timeless romance novel stirred a lot of controversy upon its initial release, but this is usually how you know something is bound to be game-changing. The book features the blooming romantic feelings of protagonist Heathcliff developed for his foster sister, Catherine. When one comment is overheard at the Wuthering Heights estate, the course of their lives is changed forever.

#4 The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

Good ole Nicholas Sparks has earned a reputation as one of the most famous contemporary romance novel authors, with The Notebook being its absolute masterpiece. It inspired Hollywood and Bollywood adaptations and there are no other romantic books that tell the story of a rich girl and a poor boy as good as this one.

#5 Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

You can rank Anna Karenina among some of the most complex novels of all time. It’s a tragedy as much as it is one of the best romantic suspense books. The action takes place in the upper class society of 19th century Russia and it tells the tale of the sacrifices Anna Karenina is willing to make in order to be with her love, including intense social repercussions.

#6 The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

Romantic books for teens are a special category altogether and, as far as this genre goes, there are several novels that float above the water. John Green favors intricate relationships and romances that come with valuable life lessons, something that will definitely benefit any young readers seeking to close a book with something new.

#7 Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell

If you’ve seen the movie, you must read the book. It’s the only writing that Margaret Mitchell left behind, but it was sufficiently successful to earn her numerous prizes and sales of over thirty million copies. The book is filled with spunky romance and the harsh conditions of a society torn apart by civil war.

#8 Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

Doctor Zhivago was published during a time when the USSR was still going strong and its release wasn’t without its repercussions. The book, this time, tells the tale of the amorous complications in Yuri Zhivago’s life, a physician, philosopher, and poet who is trapped by his love for two women.

Who Is The Strongest Superhero?

Who is the Strongest Superhero Ever?

This question has been haunting us for a long time. And, to be honest, it will probably continue to do so. The reason for this is simple: there are no statistical ways to form an answer to this question, so everything is mostly opinion-based and highly subjective. We all know how well that goes down on the Internet. Who is the strongest superhero? Subjectively, plenty of people.

Who Is The Strongest Superhero?

But the most important aspect most of us seem to be eluding is that there is no way to properly analyze all of the known superheroes and consider it fair to compare them. When we ask “who is the strongest superhero,” this can refer to so many things. Which one is most likely to outlive them all? Who has the most impressive set of skills? Who has the biggest physical strength?

With all of these factors being taken into consideration, we’ve tried to line up a few possible contenders.


He’s not only DC’s biggest icon, but he is also one of the first picks for people who wish to proclaim a superhero as the ultimate strongest. And, truth be told, they have all the reasons to. Any non-magical attack is essentially useless against him, he is able to fly to space and stop meteorites and crashing rockets, and his only weakness is an incredibly rare alien rock.

Every skill that Superman possesses is nothing short of a superlative, just like his name suggests. He’s a good blend of resistance, of physical strength, of speed, and the strength of will necessary to give every hero a boost.


Now we’re starting to pick things a little bit apart. Can he fly? Absolutely not. Can he lift planes with his bare hands? Of course not. But he has one particular skill that he’s so good at, he might just be the “cockroach” to survive the apocalypse when it wipes out all of the other heroes.

The thing with Deadpool is that no matter how many times Superman would turn him to ashes with his laser eyes or punch him into oblivion, Deadpool would always come back. At this point, he’s essentially immortal so, one way or another, he will always be the winner of a battle.


Here’s another aspect, one which refers to strength a lot more literally: physical force. Many people say that the resolution to Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 should be Hulk punching Thanos to death. As funny as it sounds, that’s actually what should properly happen!

Hulk is the only realistically undefeatable member on the Avengers team and he has a physical strength that can go on par with godly forces, as shown by his confrontations with those of the likes of Thor and Loki.

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange makes me bring up another aspect to this mosaic of a question: the supernatural. Some superheroes rely on their alien attributes, some on mutations, some on their mystic powers. Considered to be the “most powerful human on Earth,” the Sorcerer Supreme is basically a hardcore Harry Potter with martial arts training.

With all these things considered, who’s to know what the real limitations of amulets, runes, and ancient powers are? Throughout the history of comics and their stories, superheroes from different environments have often found some real obstacles in magic.

Jean Grey

Last but not least, there’s another underside to this discussion. What of the mental abilities? Sure, there’s strength in being able to punch a plane into Mars, but people often say that it’s the mental scars that heal the slowest.

As far as psychic abilities go, Jean Grey is the most powerful of all curtsy of the array of skills provided by the Phoenix. She can do everything from telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, force barriers, and many other things. What good would Superman be if he was mind controlled into jumping in a barrel of kryptonite?

As a conclusion, it’s hard to determine one winner. Traditionally, Superman would be the best pick because he manages to balance really well the skills necessary to an indestructible hero. But his life would really be tough if he were to ever go on par with one of these other aforementioned characters.

How about we just make them all team up to defend us and call it a day?

5 Fun Food Challenges To Try At Home

We just continue challenging ourselves, don’t we? This sounds inspirational in theory, but the truth is, it’s nothing particularly inspirational that we are talking about. Rather, it’s the harsh reality that a lot of what we consider entertainment these days involves either challenges, competition, or both. But, hey, we’re not really saying that’s bad. These little challenges that have spread all over the Internet are a means for us to directly test ourselves and have both fun and a hard time while doing it. And the most popular of them? Fun food challenges, of course.

Fun Food Challenges


Whether you’re at home, with friends, or recording this for the joy of an Internet audience, these are all some fun food challenges that you can jump on board of immediately.

#1 Chubby Bunny

If you’re not too fond of the idea of stuffing your face with marshmallows, turn away from this dare immediately. But then again, you did look up fun food challenges and, chances are, that there will be a little bit of grossness and torment combined with all this fun.

The challengers in talk attempting this lovely task much each put into their mouths one marshmallow piece at a time and say “chubby bunny.” The game keeps going until your mouth is so filled by the sugary goo now formed that you can’t properly form the words anymore. Or, you know, until you realize that you’ve had enough marshmallows for now and for the rest of your life, probably.

#2 One Minute Twinkie Challenge

Have you ever thought that someone placing a plate full of Twinkies in front of you and telling you to shovel in as much as you can would be considered a challenge? Not in essence, but when you are actually being timed and supposed to get in as many pieces as you can in just one minute – things get a bit complicated.

Although this may sound like one of the typical fun food challenges spawned by YouTube and its endless stream of creativity, it’s actually a proper Guinness World Record. It was challenged a while ago by a Japanese man who managed to establish that 14 is the most Twinkies someone was able to eat in one minute… so far.

#3 Hot Wing Challenge

Just like in the case of the seven circles of hell, the further we go down this list, the more likely it is for one of these fun food challenges to actually make you cry. What better catalyst for poignant tears than the scorching blazes of the hottest sauces on Earth?

Having spread around the Internet as one of the hottest (ha, ha) challenges at the moment, this little moment of insanity involves various people dipping their chicken wings in all kinds of sauces with a spice level off the charts. What many of us don’t get to see is them curled up in a fetal position in a corner and regretting their choices afterwards.

#4 Saltine Crackers Challenge

Just like a blade with both edges sharp, this is one of the challenges that newcomers might be quick to pick up on because it looks seemingly harmless.

The premise sounds simple enough – eat six Saltine crackers in under one minute. This definitely doesn’t compare to 14 Twinkies, so what’s the big deal here? Their texture doesn’t allow for multiple consecutive cracker chewing since they dry up your mouth. Have you ever tried swallowing food without saliva? Try this challenge and you’ll see.

#5 Oreo Challenge

Let’s end this list on a note that doesn’t involve getting challengers near the brink of tears, death by spiciness, or accidental cracker choking. The Oreo challenge’s only fault is that it may make you look a tiny bit silly.

Take a seat in your most comfortable chair, prep five boxes of Oreo near you, and place one on your forehead. From then on, without using your hands, try to move the biscuit towards your mouth until you can take a bite out of it.

Top 7 Utah National Parks

America is rich in national parks that provide wonderful views, direct contact with wildlife, plenty of outdoor activities, or all at once. When trying to determine which one of them you would like to tour first, there are plenty of factors to consider, especially given that you might end up scratching your head and wondering how you could ever pick one. We’re here to give a suggestion. Especially if this is a topic that attracts you, you may have heard of the Mighty Five, the name given to the great five inter-connected Utah national parks. There are several other parks worth mentioning, so let’s get started.

#1 Capitol Reef National Park

Utah National Parks


If we were to start off with the most popular and famous of the parks, we definitely wouldn’t have kicked the list of with the Reef. This particular part is the least visited among the Mighty Five Utah national parks and the solitude it provides goes hand in hand with the raw, amazing landscape. The star of the Reef is the Waterpocket Fold, a stone wall flaunting some impressive Domes that showcase a utopia for escapism.

#2 Bryce Canyon National Park

The biggest attraction hits you right in the face the moment you walk the ground of the Bryce Canyon National Park. Displaying the largest gathering of hoodoos in the world, the park is a superlative in terms in landscape, providing a jaw-dropping view of the multi-colored structures that reside in its heart.

#3 Arches National Park

Utah National Parks


The name given to this trademark location among the Utah national parks isn’t accidental, directly referencing its trademark attraction. Arches offers to tourists the largest biggest density of stone arches in the world, currently standing at a grand total of 2,000 and even more. You can visit the famous Delicate Arch, the one printed on the Utah nameplate. You can snap a photo of the Landscape Arch, which managed to shatter records by being the tallest structure of its kind in the world. Or you can just seek them all out!

#4 Canyonlands National Park

Standing at the opposite end of the Capitol Reef, Canyonlands is one of the Utah national parks to be visited by all those with plenty of energy in their bones and plenty of time on their hands. It’s large enough to be divided in four sections: the rivers, the Maze, the I-SKY, and the Needles. For a truly unique experience, we recommend the suspended I-SKY above all rest.

#5 Zion National Park

Utah National Parks


Cruise alongside the Virgin River in a private shuttle that will lead you right into the heart of the rocky sanctuary provided by some of the world’s tallest stone walls. On top of it all, you will be awed by the incredible combination between the rock rawness and the liveliness brought by the flora embellishing the structures.

#6 Dead Horse Point National Park

If you happen to drop by Arches for a visit, then you might consider also going for a trip to the nearby-located Dead Horse Point Park, which is considerably more quiet, but just as scenic and photograph-worthy. It got its name from 19th century cowboys who used to herd mustangs on top of one of the cliffs, building fences around them. They’d pick the best horses out of the punch and free the others. Rumor has it that memory failed them on one particular day and all the locked up horses ended up dying.

#7 Kodachrome Basin National Park

Utah National Parks


Named by a National Geographic expedition team, the Kodachrome Basin Park is what Yellowstone would have looked like after an extended period of drought. There aren’t any basins per se, unless you count the dried out hot springs and thermal spots that solidified and gave birth to a particularly intriguing set of rocky structures.