10 Good Prank Calls To Pull When Feeling Bored

We’ve all had something to do with a prank call at some point in our lives. Whether we partook ourselves in this act of mischief or heard of someone else doing it, it was the hottest deal of our childhoods. But when was the last time you heard of any good prank calls? It’s easy to fall into ridicule and people are getting more and more skeptical as time goes by, so it’s gotten increasingly difficult to trick them.

Good Prank Calls


But what really makes good prank calls stand out is not their likelihood to trick the receptor. Rather, it’s just how funny they can be without hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. See underneath for some examples to understand what we mean.

#1 Idea: Pretend The Other Person Called You First

You and I both know that the person at the other end of the line didn’t lift a single finger to ring you up first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim otherwise! Call your victim up and then act as if you merely picked up the phone. Iconic quotes include “Who is this?” or “Why did you call me?” Most of the cases, the person will hang up at the first chance. Once in a while, though, you might end up with someone who will argue to great lengths that YOU were the one who called first. A true test of wills and strength.

#2 Idea: Call Pizza Hut And Ask For Domino’s Number

It’s safe to say that no Pizza Hut order-taking employee lives and breathes for the restaurant chain, so you won’t be hurting any feelings with good prank calls like these. Ring up your local Pizza Hut. Start describing your favorite pizza on the Domino’s menu. When the employee eventually points out this pizza is nowhere to be found on their menu, ask for Domino’s number. For extra points, repeat the process and call Domino’s.

#3 Idea: Call Subway And Ask When The Next Train Is Leaving

We’re one hundred percent certain this must have happened at least once in Subway’s history – unironically. Can you blame your Average Joe who is just trying to book an urgent train trip for misunderstanding the real purpose of the company? Become this Average Joe and vehemently insist on getting an answer for that trip that you REALLY need to take tomorrow.

#4 Idea: Call Petsmart And Convince Them Your Fish Drowned

Alright, this might be jumping into “torture poor store employees” territory, but if you make sure to mention at the end that it was all a joke, you may have given said employees some great memories. Ring up a local Petsmart and ask for their counseling. When you get down to the problem, start talking about how you’re certain that your fish drowned. Counter any attempts they may make at trying to put the blame on something else.

#5 Idea: Conduct A Survey With Really Weird Questions

This is one of the good prank calls that will also let your imagination flow wildly. People are generally reluctant to answer surveys, so you might have trouble finding someone willing to listen to you. But when the miracle DOES happen, just reel them into the weirdest survey you can think of. Here are some fun examples you can use:

  • Which endangered species do you enjoy eating most?
  • How many times have you binge-watched Cory In The House?
  • Have you ever wished to steal candy from an infant in a crib?
  • Did you ever think that if Will Smith were to travel in the past his name might become Was Smith?

#6 Idea: Call Walmart And Try To Reserve A Shopping Cart

Let’s go back to terrorizing employees for a moment. How many of you had the misfortune of being unable to shop only when the store is the most crowded? Sometimes it can be a hassle to find the products you want, let alone to find a free shopping cart. Use these as your main arguments when you dial up the number of a local Walmart, insisting to book a shopping cart for your next spree.

#7 Idea: Call A Restaurant And Tell Them You’re Trapped In Their Bathroom

There are actually two ways you can go about this idea since it’s two good prank calls mushed into one. The first variant is the one expressed above. For example, ring up McDonald’s and convince them that you’re trapped in their bathroom and then hang up. If you want an extra dose of hilarity and surrealism, call them to instead ask them to bring you two toilet paper rolls since you ran out.

#8 Idea: Call Various Businesses And Ask For A Sick Day Off Jobs You Don’t Have

Credit for this particular prank goes to YouTube creator Jenna Marbles, who made a couple of hilarious videos on this idea. It’s as simple as it sounds. Choose any business and then call in pretending to be an employee requesting a day off. It’s even easier if the company has over one hundred employees since it would make it likely for the other person to not think anything is suspicious. Go wild with the story behind your request!

#9 Idea: Ring A Pizza Place And Ask To Rent One

You can tweak this idea and turn into other good prank calls with the same theme. Decide that you don’t have enough money to BUY a pizza, so you’re reaching out to the renting system instead to save some money. Try to rent pizzas, hamburgers, sodas, spaghetti, garlic bread – anything you can think of!

#10 Idea: Ask If Their Refrigerator Is Running

In this era of Bee Movie memes (but every time someone mentions this trend you take a shot), it’s never been a better time for the good ole fridge joke to shine. If you’re lucky enough to reach someone who has no clue what this prank is all about, just carry it out to the end! Congratulations, you actually managed to prank someone by asking them if their refrigerator is running! But if the other person is away, you can totally get away by turning it into an irony.

“Is your refrigerator running?”

“Yes, I should catch it. Ha, ha, very funny.”

8 AT&T Commercial Girl Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Is it really possible for us to get attached to a character in a commercial? Commercials are by default some of the most annoying things you can stumble upon (they rudely interrupt your favorite TV show or movie, wow). But, as several other attempts before have proven, you can definitely make a commercial something that people can like or even look forward to. This was the case, more or less, with the AT&T commercial girl.

AT&T Commercial Girl


We know her as Lily and she stole our hearts with her vibrant personality that makes us wish all spokespeople were like this. And believe it or not, but there is a really interesting story attached to the real person behind the Lily character. So, here we go – 8 AT&T Commercial Girl Facts You Probably Didn’t Know.

#1 Name & Age

Lily’s name isn’t actually Lily, though that almost seems like a given. Friends and family actually know her as Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub, a (currently) 29-year-old woman born in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic.

#2 Religious Persecution

The country that would then be called Uzbekistan had been declared officially atheist. With Vayntrub’s family being Jewish, there was a lot of religious persecution that shook up the world of the AT&T commercial girl.

#3 Political Refugee

Seeking to escape said persecution, Vayntrub’s family fled Uzbekistan when the future AT&T commercial girl was only two. Their destination was America, the famed land of freedom. Unfortunately, the process was a daunting and long one, with her family being stranded in Austria and Italy for a while. The good news is that, eventually, they broke through and made it to America, where they settled in West Hollywood.

#4 Education

Vayntrub spent her high school years at the Beverly Hills High School. Oh, those years in talk? There were only two of them. She decided to drop out after her sophomore year. Following this choice, she then got a GED and attended the University of California, San Diego from which she earned a degree in communication.

#5 Child Actress

Vayntrub wasn’t plucked out of the crowds to become the AT&T commercial girl for no reason. It’s likely that she had a lot of acting prowess from a young age, which is probably how she managed to land a role in the popular drama ER. The most impressive thing of all is that she was only eight years old at the time.

#6 Acting Career


AT&T Commercial GirlSource

ER wasn’t the only role Vayntrub can pride herself with. She also starred in Barbie commercials when she was younger! Nah, we’re joking. Well, she did indeed star in those commercials, but she also had parts to play in plenty other shows. The most prominent names include Lizzie McGuire, Days Of Our Lives, or Silicon Valley. In fact, just this year, she’s made an appearance in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters as the “subway rat woman.”

#7 UCB Comedian

One of the things we love most about Lily, aside from her charm, is the fact that she has a completely lovable comedic timing. We can definitely “blame” this on Vayntrub’s training with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, a comedy troupe boasting alumni such as Amy Poehler or Matt Walsh.

#8 YouTube Ties

Vayntrub starred in commercials, in TV shows, in movies… and in YouTube videos! Alongside Stevie Nelson, she co-founded the YouTube channel known as Live Prude Girls. At the time, the series was a fairly decent success, having snuck its way among the 100 most popular YouTube channels several times. Unfortunately, the series hasn’t continued since and the channel is virtually dead. But the good news is that the videos are still there and we concur that it’s the best way to really get a grasp of who Vayntrub is.

Seven 80s Commercials For Toys That Scream Nostalgia

Remember the 80s as you will, but there was undoubtedly a level of cheesiness to everything related to this decade that makes us feel just a tiny bit nostalgic when recalling it. Sure, the fashion sense was questionable at best, but at least the music went down in history. There’s another category of things that perfectly fit into the “a bit weird and cheesy, but definitely memorable” area – commercials. Ah, yes, there’s nothing quite like 80s commercials and how much second-hand embarrassment they’re making us feel now.

Nostalgic 80s Commercials

80s Commercials


If you’re ready to go down memory lane, let’s unlock this Pandora’s Box of nostalgic cringeness and recall Seven 80s Commercials For Toys That Scream Nostalgia.

#1 My Buddy & Kid Sister

On second thought, we don’t want to start this list off as too strong, so let’s settle for something that follows a formula we can easily find even in present-day publicity. The commercial for My Buddy & Kid Sister showcased kids happily pedaling and playing with their new doll pals. Just because there’s nothing endearingly weird about all of this, it’s one of the 80s commercials that really blows up nostalgia levels.

Watch the commercial here!

#2 Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin is the storytelling bear, as we can all remember from all the 80s commercials. He was one of the best-selling toys at the time and, hey, there’s a good reason. Not many talking toys existed around the market at that time. The commercial involves a classroom getting bored out of their minds over Teddy’s existence until he starts talking and shuts them all off. Hell yeah!

Watch the commercial here!

#3 Lite-Brite

Can we just have Lite-Brites again, please? Kids had the chance to test their creativity and imagination with this surprisingly inventive and technologically advanced toys. By sticking pegs in a board, they were able to create glowing images and pictures. Of course, the marketing campaign needs a serious reboot. The theme song just oozes 80s commercials.

Watch the commercial here!

#4 Wuzzles

Toys around that time really didn’t care much about, well, most things, did they? Hasbro Softies had the courage to distribute to stores a bunch of animal mutant hybrids and nobody complained about it. Ever wanted a lion-bumblebee chimera? Fear not, get a Wuzzle! Also, this commercial suffers from a prominent issue of commercials from the 80s – the completely dull background. Why is it so reminiscent of the graduation photos from the same decade?

Watch the commercial here!

#5 My Little Pony

Yes, yes, sorry we need to go down this rabbit’s hole. Believe it or not, My Little Pony was nothing but a harmless toy in the beginning. But regardless of its evolution, the fact that it’s become such a television and cartoon empire just means that the toys have become timeless. How many toys can be proud that they were popular in the 80s and in the 2010’s? Also, someone needs to get that theme song out of our heads immediately.

Watch the commercial here!

#6 Popples

Popples are pals that pop out of pockets. How do we know that? Because the commercial kindly likes to obsessively remind us of it, just like most commercials from the 80s liked to do. We’re no toy designers, but doesn’t it kind of sound like a bad idea to have a plushie that turns into a ball? The last thing you’d need is for a bunch of kids to soccer kick the furry sucker into the stratosphere.

Watch the commercial here!

#7 Pogo Ball

Before we had Pokemon GO, we had the Pogo Ball. Ironically, there’s a “po” and a “go” in that name too so, is it a coincidence? We think not. Anyway, this is what kids back in the day did to get out of the house. Well, it’s not as fun as trying to hunt around a Farfetch’d on your last day of vacation in Hong Kong, but it’s not as frustrating either.

Watch the commercial here!

7 Funny TV Shows On Late Night TV

We don’t know for sure at what point did late night shows become a thing big enough to give us such a great amount of variety. This is even more puzzling, actually – why are there so many of them? Why are almost all of them successful? Is it because they air late in the night and there is a little voice in our head subconsciously telling us that this means something a bit more unorthodox might be in the bag concerning the topic list? They’re some real funny TV shows, that’s it.

Funny TV Shows

Courtesy of NBC

Most of them manage to blend satire into their thematic, whatever it is. Some deal with politics, some do interviews, some do sketches – one thing is for sure, these are the best of them all and they have earned rightful spots among the highest-quality funny TV shows airing while your kids are sleeping.

#1 “Late Night” with Seth Meyers

Just like Doctor Who, Late Night can pride itself with regenerative hosts that helped the show thrive and bloom ever since its first episode aired in 1982. The initial tenure belonged to David Letterman, who was followed by three other hosts: Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers, the show’s current host.

Despite its generic-seeming title and apparent simple formula, it’s clear judging by the show’s long run that they definitely did something right in order to keep it fresh and exciting. Aside from the minor tweaks, Late Night also constantly adapted to the personality of the host.

#2 “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is a news satire program started in 1999. During its run, it had three hosts, the last of which, Trevor Noah, took his seat at the desk of the show in 2015. According to the hosts, the topics of the news coverage tended to change. Craig Kilborn’s initial tenure was filled with media references, whereas Jon Stewart tended to make it a lot more politic-oriented.

#3 “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert became the host of this satirical program in 2015, a program which represents the reincarnation of CBS’ famous Late Show franchise. The flag was picked from David Letterman, something that’s definitely very difficult to live up to. Fans that have followed Colbert from the times when was hosting The Colbert Show, however, are aware of his charming potential.

#4 “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon

As of late, some may argue that Jimmy Fallon has become a controversial figure, in the sense that you either love or hate him. Whichever it is, there’s no denying that Fallon’s program is leading among funny TV shows just as it’s leading in terms of YouTube views. The Tonight Show is packed with mini games and fun instances that just scream “Internet viral.”

#5 “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Jimmy Kimmel’s popularity comes from similar reason to the other Jimmy mentioned on the list. Plenty of big names cross the threshold of his studio and his constant recurring gags and segments really keep people with raised expectations. We really have to thank him for the invention of the “Reading Mean Tweets” segments.

#6 “The Late Late Show” with James Corden

Know “Carpool Karaoke?” This is the man to thank for it. Corden has been around for a while, of course, and there’s no denying that he’s endearingly charming and a joy to look at. But it’s the cozy interviews and sing-alongs with celebrities that really blew up the Internet. Plus, why are they all surprised that he can sing pretty well? He starred in Into The Woods!

#7 “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver

John Oliver graduated the The Daily Show school of late-night funny TV shows, like many other hosts seated in front of modern talk shows. It’s ranking the lowest simply due to the nature of the program, which is riddled with often highly serious topics and with only a mix of satire.

The 8 Romantic Books To Read Before You Die

There are as many different and unique love stories as there are people in the world (divided by two, probably). Which is why, for some reason, humanity will never seem to grow tired of venturing into the world of other people’s romantic complications and escapades. Do we enjoy imagining ourselves instead of one of the characters? Do we rejoice from seeing the magical powers of love and how profoundly it affects people? The answers to these two questions might help us explain our attachment to romantic books.

Romantic Books

Love knows no historical time period, but it’s certainly interesting to see how different it was back in the days. Fortunately, these customs have been, more or less, written down for our enjoyment. We give you The 8 Romantic Books To Read Before You Die.

#1 Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

There are few romantic books that have managed to reach an iconic status the way Jane Austen’s most famous novel did. Written at the dawn of the 19th century, it depicts the charming story of Elizabeth Bennett, a girl with an independent and free-spirited mind, who gets mixed with the stoic and arrogant Mr. Darcy.

#2 Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is one of those novels that’s definitely on its way to climbing the ladder and counting itself among the most iconic romantic books of all time. It has everything from charming characters, historical accuracy, time-travel, and a poignant rawness that was usually missing from most dolled up love stories.

#3 Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte’s timeless romance novel stirred a lot of controversy upon its initial release, but this is usually how you know something is bound to be game-changing. The book features the blooming romantic feelings of protagonist Heathcliff developed for his foster sister, Catherine. When one comment is overheard at the Wuthering Heights estate, the course of their lives is changed forever.

#4 The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

Good ole Nicholas Sparks has earned a reputation as one of the most famous contemporary romance novel authors, with The Notebook being its absolute masterpiece. It inspired Hollywood and Bollywood adaptations and there are no other romantic books that tell the story of a rich girl and a poor boy as good as this one.

#5 Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

You can rank Anna Karenina among some of the most complex novels of all time. It’s a tragedy as much as it is one of the best romantic suspense books. The action takes place in the upper class society of 19th century Russia and it tells the tale of the sacrifices Anna Karenina is willing to make in order to be with her love, including intense social repercussions.

#6 The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

Romantic books for teens are a special category altogether and, as far as this genre goes, there are several novels that float above the water. John Green favors intricate relationships and romances that come with valuable life lessons, something that will definitely benefit any young readers seeking to close a book with something new.

#7 Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell

If you’ve seen the movie, you must read the book. It’s the only writing that Margaret Mitchell left behind, but it was sufficiently successful to earn her numerous prizes and sales of over thirty million copies. The book is filled with spunky romance and the harsh conditions of a society torn apart by civil war.

#8 Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

Doctor Zhivago was published during a time when the USSR was still going strong and its release wasn’t without its repercussions. The book, this time, tells the tale of the amorous complications in Yuri Zhivago’s life, a physician, philosopher, and poet who is trapped by his love for two women.