Where Can you Download the Best iPhone Ring tones?

Everyone who owns an iPhone prefers to have the best gadget on the market and one of first things that iPhone customers want is ring tones. They like to know what ring tones come with the phone and usually only boring and conventional sounds can be heard ringing around.

Nevertheless, you can use your creativity when it comes to your iPhone and its ring-tones, since online you have easy access to the greatest collections of sounds for mobile phones. You can select from thousands of songs out there and set them as a primary ring tone.


Ringtones iPhone App

If you want to be innovative, you can use this application and assign every contact its very own ring tone. If you do not find there songs that you like, you can make brand new sounds according to your personal preferences and create the songs that you like. You can select from well-known songs that are currently on tops nowadays or you can select different music from the 80’s and 90’s.

Ringtones iPhone App provides various kinds of ring tones: there are traditional ring tones, ring tones for vacation or even relaxing sounds for those of us who are more stressed. There are ring tones mimicking animal sounds, cathedral bells, jungle sounds and a lot more. If you want to use your creativity, you can really make an excellent ring tone album.

One way to get ring tones from a well-known and reliable source is iPhone’s own website. If you have ever used an iPhone, you probably have not heard all the ring tones, so you actually have to register to the 100 % free iPhone news feed for a pod cast so you have the liberty to choose from a long list of ring tones.

Reddit’s /r/Ringtones

There are thousands of methods to get ring tones for an iPhone, you really have to have a clear idea of what you are looking for. For example, search the vast Reddit sub forum for free iPhone ring tones. Some downloading sources will not be suitable with your iPhone, so it is necessary before getting anything to study all the alerts and technical specs published on the web pages.

You also must keep in mind that your iPhone has a certain space for storage. With all the programs already on the hardware, you have to be careful to not use a lot of memory, since it might affect the performances of the iPhone. You may be capable to discover new ring tones right in your iPhone, not only the ring tones found in Reddit’s songs collection. Some of your favorite TV shows or movies might be already used as a ring tone.


Use your creativity around iTunes, you will be amazed at what you can hear while visiting their website. Ring tones are awesome to have and setting every time a different sound is nice, but you have to be cautious where you get the song. You will see that at iTunes there are tons of free iPhone ring tones, while you have to pay for others. Try looking at all their services first, you have probably spent many dollars for your iPhone, so you may not want to invest any more on the ring tones.

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Strange Easter Traditions In The World

Easter is almost here, and this is a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge and read about the following strange Easter traditions in the world. Some of them are really unique ways of celebrating Easter.

Czech Republic

Easter traditions

In the Czech Republic the tradition says that men should get a special whip for Easter and then use it on the women they fancy. In return for being whipped by men, women offer them a decorated egg, or money, serving as a thank you, for having been swat by them. If those men have the right age, they would also receive a whiskey shot.

Even though it might sound weird, women who don’t get whipped might be offended, as this means that nobody likes them enough.
However, the next morning, after they have been whipped, women would go out and throw ice cold water on the men that they like. You shouldn’t forget that this is all created to be fun, and usually everybody ends up drunk having a good time.


Easter traditions

In Cyprus there is also the tradition of painting eggs and hiding them, for the kids to find, but they also have a weird contest for teenagers.
The tradition, says that young boys from Cyprus, should scour the neighbourhoods for piece of wood that they would use to create a bonfire. At the end of the day, the neighbourhood with the biggest fire wins the glory. The pieces of wood that the boys have to find, are very limited, and it often happens for the police to be called to come and break up fight over pieces of wood.



Easter traditions are mainly about religion, as we should not forget we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ. In Bermunda this aspect is being kept alive, but in a different manner. The way people from Bermuda symbolize the fact that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and went up to Heaven is by flying kites.

But we are not talking about your regular kites. The kites flown by the Bermuda people, may take even weeks to be designed and built. On the Easter day the kites are being flown high in the sky. The best kites are awarded at the end of the day. After Easter day, the kites are dismantled and put away. Since it was created just for that day, there is no reason to fly it twice.



One tradition happening in Norway you will most certainly find pretty strange. For Easter, families sit down together and read or watch murder mysteries, and at the end they all the family tries to figure out who the murderer was. This has become so popular that before Easter, many companies go out of their ways to get ready for the Easter massacre, to keep up with the religion the country is following.

The big TV stations in Norway, have a special program for Easter, where they would show only murder mysteries. Publishing companies would look for books about murder mysteries and would only release them for Easter. Also, the milk cartoons have a special design for Easter, with special cartoons and mini murder stories.



This next tradition might be something you have never heard before. In France there is a special day named Silent Saturday. On the days before Easter, the churches in France, would stop ringing the bells, as in this way they remember people about the death of Jesus Christ.

If a child was to ask their parents why have the bells stopped ringing, they would be told that, the bells have left their towers and flew to Rome so they can see the Pope. When coming back to France, the bells would drop colored eggs and candy for every children to enjoy. Flying bells…how is that for a replacement of the Easter Bunny?


Easter Lamb

Every country that celebrates Easter, has its own traditional foods and dinners. Poland is one of those countries who go for the fancy centerpiece to put on the Easter dinner table. The tradition out there, is to make a butter lamb, and by butter lamb we mean a lamb made entirely out of butter.

These “sculptures” are made by hand, but during the past years, there have been designed lamb molds which are being used more frequently, as they are more precise with the details.

The question is, what do you do with a butter lamb?
Two things: first it is a symbol that represents the arrival of spring and second one, well…you eat it.

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Blue Dress, White Dress, Which Is The Real Colour?

dressBlue dress, white dress, which is the real colour? This has been the question that has created actual web wars.

The world of social media is a place where many things can happen. When there are so many people in a single “place” there are also many opinions and in some cases to many opinions.

The simple fact that a simple picture has managed to create an online war going on , is, well, normal on the internet. For an entire day, people on social media, have been arguing, whether an image portrays a bodycon dress as, white with gold lace fringe, or blue with black lace fringe.
The discussion has created two sides and both of them stood firm on their positions. The argument is beyond a simple social media fight, and is about biology and the evolution of the human eyes and brains in seeing colour in sunlight.

Light enters the human eye trough lens and different wavelengths correspond to different colours. Th light hits the retina exactly in the back of the eye the place where pigments create neural connections to the visual cortex, the area of the brain that processes this specific signals into images.


That firs burst of light, is created by whatever type of wavelengths are illuminating the world and that reflects on the things you are looking at.

You don’t have to worry about anything, as your brain figures out the color by itself and recognises the color that bounces off the things you are looking at, and subtracts the color from the actual color of the object.
Scientists have stated to have studied individual differences in the colour perception for the past 30 years and it seems to be one of the biggest individual differences ever seen.
However, the image of the dress, has hit a sort of perceptual boundary which may be caused by how people are wired.

The chromatic axis differs from the pinky red shade of dawn to the white-ish blue of noontime and then goes back to reddish twilight.

“What’s happening here is your visual system is looking at this thing, and you’re trying to discount the chromatic bias of the daylight axis,” stated Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist who studies vision and colours at Wellesley College.

He added that there are two possibilities, they either not take into consideration the blue side, and they end up seeing white and gold, or not take into consideration the gold part, and end up seeing blue and black.

The main idea is that you brain is trying to interpolate a specific colour context for the picture and then releases an answer for the colour of the dress. Even a neuroscientist who said that he saw the colour of the dress as being white and gold, stated that the dress is most probably blue.

He added that he printed out the picture and cut a little piece of it and looked at it, and said that the colour was somewhere in between, not that dark blue colour. The brain attributed the color blue due to the lighting. Others attribute it to the dress.

A design and photo team, has tried to find an explanation on how others see the dress white and gold as they definitely saw the dress blue. They tried to white-balance the pictures based on that idea,even though it didn’t make any sense. What they saw was blue in highlights, telling them that the white they saw was blue and the gold was black.


When reversing the process, balancing the darkest pixel of the picture and the body con dress appeared blue and black. In that moment it was clear that the correct point in the picture to balance from was the black point.

This means when context is changing, so will the visual perceptions of people. Many of the people will see the blue on the white background as blue. But when put on a background some people might perceive to as white.

The moral of the story? Those who see the dress as white, are completely wrong.
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How to become a Millionaire in 5 steps

Some say that you need to sell your soul to the Devil in order to become a millionaire and that is not entirely false. If your life goal is to make enough money to support you, your family and probably the next generation as well, then here are 5 steps on how to become a millionaire.

Do not get your hopes up high, this is not an easy task. If you truly want something, it is not (usually) going to fall out of the sky, except if you desire rain. The first idea you need to implement in your brain before starting is that you need to work, work hard, work until your hands fall off and your head is spinning (not literally of course).

become a millionaire

Even though they say you need luck to be successful given the economy today, I believe every man makes his or her own luck and if you really want something, you will eventually be able to have it.

Step 1: Go where the money takes you

In order to become a millionaire you have to step outside your comfort zone. If up until now you considered health insurance and a flexible schedule as the major upsides of your job, not anymore. Think money! To start becoming a millionaire you need to start raising some money. If the job you love is not delivering as much money as you would like it to, you have to put everything on the table and start making decisions.

For example, if you want to make money as an entrepreneur and start your own business in an area you love, you will first of all need to invest money. How do you get money? By working. If you are fortunate enough to work in an area you love which actually delivers money, read the next step.

If you feel like your current job does not deliver enough cash, you have to start giving out CVs or find more jobs. Like I said before, it is not easy but if you want to reach your $1 million, you have to work hard and start somewhere.

Step 2: Avoid debt

Do not borrow money to start a business that you are not 100% sure about. What is the point in borrowing money, have something now and being in debt for the rest of your life or at least a decade when you can save money now and have your dream come true later on. If you really want to become a millionaire, every penny counts and debts are never the answer.

Step 3: Save with a certain goal in mind

Do not start saving money without having a goal and keep in mind that your goal should not only be “I want to raise $1 million”. Money is one of the only things you need to have to make more money. Do not think that your quest will be over when you have $1 million, think of it just as the beginning of your adventure.

Save money to get more money, this takes you to step 4.

Step 4: Invest what you save

After you are done saving some money, it is time to invest it. You have to make up our mind on what you actually want to do.

I want to start my own business.

I want to invest my money in someone else’s business.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

Is it going to pay off?

Do I/they have a business plan good enough to make my money count?

What am I doing this for?

How can you invest your money in a business?

Here is a guide that might help you out with your investing issues. Do not invest anything until you have read everything there is to read about the stock market and investments.

Step 5: Do not be afraid to dream

Dreaming of something big can often cause us illusions that can be shattered at the smallest sight of disappointment and this is why people are often afraid to dream.

Don’t be one of those people. If you want to master the “Art” behind how to become a millionaire, you have to dream big and whenever you encounter disappointments or bump along your way, do not step back. Fall down and start over.

become a millionaire

There is probably no easy way to become a millionaire available to the general public so you need to choose the way that is the most achievable, the way that requires hard work and management.


The Things That Are More Populous on Earth Than Humans

When you think about it, it is really quite remarkable that there are now about 7 billion humans on the planet Earth.

It is even more amazing when you think that it took us until the start of the 19th century to reach 1 billion and then well over a century more to get to 2 billion. Since then the number of people on the planet has been rising at an ever increasing rate. So, what else is there an awful lot of to keep us company?


The Things That Are More Populous on Earth Than Humans

If you hate ants as much as I do then you probably do what I do and kill hundreds of them every single freaking day and in the most brutal way possible. Sadly, that doesn´t even make a dent in the population of these horrible little critters. In fact, it is believed that for every person alive on Earth there are – drum roll please – about a million ants crawling about and basically being a pain in the ass.


The Things That Are More Populous on Earth Than Humans

One of the great mysteries of the world (at least to me) is the question of where all the chickens live. Go just about anywhere in the world and you will find some tasty poultry on the menu. We eat tons and tons and flipping tons of these harmless if stupid birds every year. Yet, in my entire lifetime I have probably only ever seen about a dozen live chickens. So I repeat, where do they all live? Anyway, it is hard to know how many are alive at any one time, as we tend to eat thousands of them before anyone can get to the end of their calculations. The best estimates I can see place the total world population at around 20 billion at any one time.

Lego People (Soon)

The Things That Are More Populous on Earth Than Humans

Perhaps one of the most bizarre predictions of recent times is that by 2019 there will be more Lego people in the world than actual humans. This is incredible when you think that the first one was only made in 1978. By 2006 their population had shot up to 4 billion and by 2019 it is predicted to reach 8 billion. Come on people, let´s get procreating so these little blighters don´t outnumber us.

Brown Rats (Maybe)

The Things That Are More Populous on Earth Than Humans

If there is one type of creature I hate more than ants it is rats. If Latin were still spoken today you would call this nasty guy ratus norvegicus but you know him as the stinking brown rat instead. The brown rat is the most successful mammal after the homo sapien, as they live on every continent except Antarctica. To be fair, they are probably packing their tents and organizing an expedition to the Ellsworth Mountains while you read this. We don´t know how many are alive right now, as even scientists find them too icky to sit there and count them all day long. However, it is entirely possible that they outnumber humans.

Phones (Almost)

The Things That Are More Populous on Earth Than Humans

The most recent figures collected by sad people with clipboards and empty lives suggest that there are almost as many cell phone subscriptions on Earth as there are actual living dudes. The figures from the United Nations suggest that there are 7 billion people and 6.8 billion phone subscriptions. Personally, I think that the reason for this surprising statistic is that millions of chickens and rats are getting hooked up on their smartphones.