The 8 Most Disgusting Foods in the World

It’s dinnertime! But people all around the world are serving incredibly different dishes. What bon appetit means for every one of us ranges between infinite meanings. I’m not trying to ruin your day here, it’s just that the dishes I’m going to tell you about would most probably drift Jamie Oliver himself away from the kitchen. So here are the 8 most disgusting foods in the world.

All the vital organs of just about any species have been consumed at one time or another, such as Amazonian ants, half-cooked fetal eggs, worms of all kinds and stages of life, hoofs, beaks, ears, and eyeballs have all been efficiently put to good culinary use.

# 1. Casu Marzu

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world1

This Sicilian dish is best described as a sheep milk cheese containing live insect larvae that are actually fermenting the cheese. It’s unnecessary to clear those white worms from the cheese before consuming, but some people do it. The Casu Marzu was banned for years and only sold on the black market, but few years ago it was declared a traditional food and now it’s legal to produce and sell them.

# 2. Tuna Eyeball

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world2

This is poor man’s food in Japan because it costs about $1. They say it tastes like squid, but they also warn you to boil it before eating. I think it goes with everything, including the Casu Maezu from above.

# 3. Balut aka soft-boiled fetal duck

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world3

This one consists of fertilized duck egg that has a partially grown duck embryo inside. The egg is boiled, which cooks both the liquid and the embryo. Puncturing the shell and sipping the broth inside is how you eat it. After that, the shell is peeled to give you access to eat the yolk and the cooked duckling. This popular dish is sold in buckets filled with sand, which keep the dish food warm.

# 4. Pacha or a sheep’s boiled head

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world4

This is a more common dish in the Middle East, specifically Iraq and Egypt. You’ll find smoked versions and recipes for sheep’s head soup, usually presented whole and intact, sometimes with brains, sometimes without… Surprise, surprise…

# 5. Bat Paste

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world5

You basically need a bunch of flying mouse, fruit, or fox bats caught somewhere in a remote village or where ever you may consider. Drop into a pot of boiling water or milk without killing them beforehand. Roast to desired doneness. Chop and make into paste with Thai herbs and spices.

# 6. 4-inch-long raw worms

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world6

Food is scarce in the desert, we all know that, and for thousands of years the Australian Aborigines have relied partly on protein-rich grubs, such as the larvae of moths. They don’t prepare it at all whatsoever; they just pull it out of the ground and chew on it until it stops moving.

# 7. Jellied Moose Nose

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world7

Take one moose’s upper jawbone, cut below the eyes and boil for 45 minutes, afterwards chill it in cold water. Then pull out all the hairs that should come out easily at this point. Place the hair-free nose in a kettle and bring to a boil, then simmer. After a night of letting it cool, you’ll have two kinds of meat to choose from: the bulb of the nose and thin strips of dark meat along the bones. Poor moose!

# 8. Boodog

the 8 most disgusting foods in the world8

This Mongolian dish is basically a marmot or goat, cooked within its own skin with hot stones in the stomach. In a nutshell, after you’ve hung it upside down, bled it and broken its legs, there comes the stuffing consisting of smooth hot stones crammed into every cavity imaginable and even up under the leg skin where you would have drowned out the broken bones.

It is said: “The Chinese eat anything with four legs, except tables. And everything that flies, except airplanes”. Well I suppose this applies to other nations, too. We all have our oddities, that’s for sure, but come on now, I think we are exaggerating a bit. These dishes are the perfect evidence of the human need to feel the most powerful creature on the planet and just set his heel upon anything that moves. What a sad pursuit this is!

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely TasteEating bread is really addictive. One can never have enough. It’s simply delicious and it enriches any food it is served along with. Bread is divine, indeed. And people consume it all around the world and spice it up, or cook it according to their local customs and using their traditional ingredients. Discovering different types of bread from all around the world is an experience meant to succeed, under any circumstances. So let’s take a look at 7 types of bread you should definitely taste.

The most loved and savored food garnish throughout the world, bread is an old food dating back to the Neolithic era. Generally made from wheat-flour dough, bread can also comprise of various wheat species, such as rye, barley, maize and oats.

# 1. Naan, India

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste1

Actually this oven-baked flatbread can be found all over Southeast Asia. It is best enjoyed with butter or ghee while still hot enough to melt it. The beauty of naan is that it can be topped, stuffed or infused with just about anything that crosses one’s mind, from herbs to seeds to pumpkin to cheese to spicy mashed potatoes.

# 2. PĂŁo de Queijo, Brazil

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste2

These are actually Brazilian cheese buns found throughout several countries in Latin America. Made from cassava, also known as tapioca or corn flour, they are gluten-free, making them an ideal bread to serve not only at a large family gathering, but also to any nutrition addict. Eggs help the dough fluff up as it bakes. This type of bread doesn’t use yeast or any other leavening agent. So it’s delicious and healthy at the same time. What an encouraging food-paradox.

# 3. Challah, Jewish bread7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste8

This braided egg bread is traditionally served on the Sabbath and holidays in order to commemorate the manna that fell from heaven and fed the Jews during their exodus from Egypt. It’s gently sweetened and turns golden brown after being baked. It sometimes contains raisins into the dough and the surface is topped with sesame or poppy seeds.

# 4. Pizza bianca, Italy

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste3

This type of bread is typical all over Italy, it is only called pizza bianca in Rome and of course the way that it is made and the way that it tastes is different in every region. It is wonderful on its own and can also be filled with whatever one may want.

# 5. Fougasse and Fougassette, France

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste5

These are traditional breads that originated in the city of Nice and its surrounding villages. The fougasse was originally a crusty bread made of baguette dough brushed with olive oil and flavored with orange zest, that is still the tradition, however many fougasse breads have tremendously changed recognition, as they now come with a wide variety of recipes. The most popular fougasse breads include black olives and or anchovies and some may include onions.

# 6. Bialy, Poland

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste6

The bialy was developed in Bialystok, Poland and its name is short for bialystoker kuchen, mening Bialystok cake. It is a large, flat, chewy yeast roll, up to six inches in diameter, which is baked. The bialy has a depression in the middle that is typically filled with chopped onions and poppy seeds prior to baking. It is most often eaten as it is or spread with butter.

# 7. Pan de Muertos, Mexico

7 Types of Bread you Should Definitely Taste7

This sweet egg bread is usually laced with anise or orange flower water and decorated with a skull and crossbones and is is eaten during Mexico’s Day of the Dead, on November 1st and 2nd. Should you want to eat this on any other day, try omitting the decorative skulls.

I must admit the fact that I’m already drooling. I’m going for some bread now. Bon appetit to you, too!

7 Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags

A friend in need is a friend indeed, that’s what they say. Well women could better identify with the saying: a hand in need is a hand indeed, or something like this, as they carry all sorts of strange stuff in their handbags. The interesting thing is that they don’t usually carry tons of junk just for themselves, but keep it there in case somebody might be in need at a certain point. Motherhood is in their genes, what can I say. So let’s find out some of the crazy, apparently useless 7 stuff women carry in their handbags.

According to a recent survey, among the things one can find inside a woman’s handbag, one can usually find screwdrivers, sex toys or spare knickers. Common stuff includes keys, tampons, pens, tissues, medication, make-up, chewing gum and snacks. But hold on for the really hard stuff.

1.     A hammer

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags1

You never know when you come across a stubborn nail or a stubborn male. You must have a knockout tool at hand to solve the problem, mustn’t you? Things need to be mended wherever you go and relying on men for help is supposedly a bad decision, in spite of everything.

2.     Vampire voodoo doll

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags2

Well this one goes without saying. Women are sentimental beings, and their loved ones need a bit of nail digging from time to time, just to remind them they are alive. So if your girlfriend or wife carries something like this in her bag, it means she definitely thinks of you all the time.

3.     Confetti or balloons

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags3

You never know when something calls for a little celebration. That’s why many women are always prepared to make someone’s day. So a hefty plastic bag full of confetti is just the thing for that. Some of them carry both confetti and balloons as a reminder of a past happy event in their life. These are therefore more like a sample of past happiness. The balloon that the love of your life once bloated, or a sample of the confetti used on their wedding day.

4.     Piano tuning fork

8 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags

This one exceeds my imagination, as piano tuning forks have been found in handbags that didn’t belong to musicians. Some of them probably use them for eating, as emergency forks, due to their increased resistance. Maybe you can help me figure this one out.

5.     Tarot cards

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags5

When finding some answers is what you are looking for, try carrying a pair of tarot cards with you by any means. They probably use them while going to the supermarket to help them decide between the frozen chicken and the rabbit. Women have a different connection with the Universe, that’s for sure.

6.     Child’s hair sample

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags6

For all the times he’s away for college or just outside the house, building a snowman. Women need to recall the days when their child was all theirs.

air, 7.     Weight scale

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags7

They never know when they’ve gained a few ounces. It’s super fast and easy to use. There’s plenty of time later to think about scoliosis. They just take it out of their Marry Poppins bag and use it whenever they feel the urge to monitor their weight. This is far more important than the issues related to world hunger.

“A woman’s handbag is an extension of who she is and helps her facilitate the numerous roles she plays in the 21st century,” said Australian style commentator Kathryn Eisman. She seems to play all the roles, I’d add. “What a woman keeps in her handbag is a reflection of their life and women who are on the go need to be organized.”

What a waste of their time!

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums

When it comes to traveling, visiting museums is basically the main interest. You take your most practical shoes out of the closet and start walking and walking and walking, until your knees go stiff. But the mirage of discovering unique cultures apart from our own is always rewarding. If an unconventional visiting trip is what you are looking for, maybe some stranger museums would be your cup of tea. So let’s take a look at 7 of the world’s strangest museums.

1. Parasite Museum, Tokyo

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums1

A visit to Japan, Tokyo’s Meguro Parasitological Museum can change the way you generally see parasites forever. Probably because it offers you the unique occasion to actually take a look at what crawls on your inside and outside. This research facility is the only one in the world that invites guests inside to explore exhibits on parasites and their life cycles with over 300 actual specimens on display. The piece de resistance is a 30-foot tapeworm pulled out of a woman who had reportedly picked it up eating sushi. It has no entrance fee whatsoever, so there’s more to spend on posters with intestinal parasites.

2. Museum of Funeral Carriages, Barcelona

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums2

The vehicles used to transport the deceased have always intrigued many due to their unusual energy, but they definitely have grandeur, as you can simply witness by exploring the Funeral Carriage Museum in Barcelona, Spain.  The exhibit consists of 13 beautiful funeral carriages and six coaches that were used to transport departed citizens to their eternal resting place.

3. Phallus Museum, Reykjavik

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums3

According to its website, it houses more than 215 penises and penile parts belonging to almost all the land and sea mammals found in Iceland. Ranging from displays of blue whale members to those from mice and shrews, the museum also has a section on folklore with examples it claims are from elves, trolls and sea monsters.

4. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi

Sulabh international toilet museum

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak offers a unique perspective regarding the history of toilets for the past 4,500 years. It underlines the historic evolution of the toilet and looks at how toilets vary around the world.

5. The Garbage Museum, Stratford

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums5

The Garbage Museum features a huge dinosaur made from a ton of trash, which is the average amount produced per year by a single person. Visitors can gain unique perspective on Connecticut’s garbage by walking through a giant compost pile and following the recycling process from start to finish. In other words this goes out to the ecologist in you. It’s rather educational for kids, who can actually learn what garbage is, how much it actually is, and how one can help save the world. Go Planet!

6. The Museum of Human Disease, Sydney

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums6

The Museum of Human Disease offers a bird’s eye view on a huge variety of diseases as well as their effects on the human body. It’s the best way to understand death in a unique perspective due to the fact that you can take part dissection workshops or explore some of the large number of vital organs on display. It is a somewhat successful attempt to explain the phenomenon of death in an unusual, yet practical manner.

7. Leila’s Hair Museum, Independence

7 of the World’s Strangest Museums7

The Hair Museum proves that hair can be used when creating works of art. It contains thousands of wreaths and various creative jewelry pieces made out of real human hair, very popular in the Victorian period. There are also multiple pieces containing hair from famous people, including the likes of Queen Victoria.

The thing is that you can find museums on almost everything. An accurate city guide is the right thing to carry in your pocket in case you decide you want to see something else rather than the classical British Museum or The Louvre. Happy travelling!

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution

Weddings are not only about joy and cuteness as we can all imagine. However the terror isn’t about the bride’s panic attacks, or the groom’s constantly having second thoughts. It’s about the pressure coming from tradition. Some habits are really strange and seem extremely ridiculous in today’s world. But people seem to cling to them in spite of all evolutionary barriers. Here are the 7 strangest wedding traditions that defy evolution.

#7. The South Korean Balaka

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution7

Smelly fishy men feet are among the most appealing things ever. Especially for women to sense and discover! According to the South Korean tradition, friends of the groom beat the bottom of the groom’s bare feet with a smelly fish called Yellow corvine on the night of his wedding. His ankles are tied with a knot. It is believed that this will make the groom stronger before the first marriage night. Sometimes a stick is also used, to increase the pain. But nowadays it has become a subject for infinite fun.

#6. The Indian Marrying a Tree

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution6

Indian women, who are unfortunate enough to be born when Saturn and Mars are both under the astrological 7th house, are known as Manglicks. And Manglicks are supposedly cursed to have their marriage end in their husband’s death. In order to break this curse they must be married first to a tree, which is destroyed afterwards.

#5. The Chinese Inspecting a Baby Chick’s Liver

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution5

The liver of a poor baby chick holds the secret to a happy marriage. Fair enough! So as the couple is about to set their wedding date, the two, sharing the same knife, slice open a chick to inspect its liver. A healthy liver means they can set a date and the marriage will flourish. Otherwise they just have to keep trying until they find a healthy one. Poor chickens!

#4. The Swedish Kissing Party

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution4

During Swedish weddings, whenever the bride or the groom have to use the toilet, the other gets frantic kisses. So I suppose the best solution would be for both of them to have to use the bathroom at the same time. Otherwise every one at that wedding kisses the remaining one.

#3. The French Trashy Time

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution3

This is a very unusual tradition considering the French, who are very delicate individuals. Well bare in mind the fact that a toilet drinking tradition is what lifts their spirits after the wedding party is over. The friends of the newly-weds collect all of the leftovers, bits of trash, and anything else they deem to be sufficiently gross within a toilet bowl that they would then force the bride and groom to drink out of. Apparently the trash is replaced with chocolate nowadays, but still… Drinking out of a toilet? What for?

#2. The Scottish Blakening the Bride

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution2

For Scotland’s tradition of blackening of the bride, which has expanded to now include the groom, absolutely anything goes. It is a cure for humiliation that the couple is believed to have to face at some point in their lives. They are covered in anything that could cross your mind, from sushi, to sour milk, flour, dirt, garbage, or rotting food and are then publicly laughed at. Well at least this goes on prior to the wedding.

#1. Tidong tribe No Toilet Ritual

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution1

In Tidong community in Northern Borneo newly married couples are not allowed to empty their bowels or urinating for three days and nights, under any circumstances. It is believed that if they fail to do so, it will bring bad luck. Before the process the couple is starved and given little water. To ensure that they adhere to the rules, close family members guard their bathroom around the clock. It is believed that if they can go through this 72-hour ordeal, they can cope with anything together.

So pick your favorite and go ahead with it. All of them are funny, but discouraging I’d say. I must admit I could never complete #1. Never!