15 Crappy Product Designs

These are some of the most upvoted submissions on the subreddit ‘Crappy design’. The community did a fine job by selecting some of the most crappy product designs we have ever seen.

1. Crappy designed pan

It’s obvious that no one from the company ever took this beauty for a spin. But as long as it has usage marks, the real question is how did the owner do it? Did he or she just hold it still all along the way?

Crappy Design 15

2. Crappy stair carpet choice

Believe it or not, someone had the brilliant idea to choose this carpet for the stairs. They probably play the Life game on hard just for fun.

Crappy Design 14

3. Crappy poster design

Probably the person who designed this poster did not have the chance to enjoy the Erasmus ‘life-changing experience’. If you want to avoid becoming this person, apply for an Erasmus scholarship ASAP!

Crappy DEsign 13

4. Crappy bus advertisment

We constantly complain about how this generation has lost interest in school. If we don’t clarify the message, they’ll just end up doing silly stuff, like quitting school.

Crappy Design 12

5. Crappy direction sign

So you just had an accident and your friend drove you to the hospital. Now let’s do the game of guessing – where should you go to reach room 113, to the right or to the left? Sure you have plenty of time to think about it, there’s no emergency.

Crappy design 11

6. Crappy drain design

We heard about the mythical drain that actually collects water. But no one has ever seen one. We gave up searching for it long time ago.

Crappy design 10

7. Crappy banner design

Protesting is serious stuff. People usually take to the streets their strongest messages. The most efficient way to transmit a message is to think about the core idea and send it out straight away, without any trace of doubt.

Crappy Design 9

8. Crappy window design.

Allegedly, a company decided to renovate its offices and someone got stuck with this lovely room. Maybe natural light does not help you increase your productivity. Who knows where the renovators got the brilliant idea.

Crappy design 8

9. Crappy flyer design

If you look really careful, you can see they advertise a workshop on migration related legal issues. But what is the message and why would I be interested. Maybe they want us to be so enraged that we would attend it just to bash them for the crappy flyer.

Crappy Design 7

10. Crappy pie chart design

We said pie chart, but this example hardly qualifies as one. In fact, we wonder if the person who designed it actually went to high-school. Or is there some kind of sorcery happening at their school like playing with the time machine?

Crappy Design 6

11. Crappy vending machine design

The company who designed this knows far too well that vending machines are the first choice when you want an exquisite slow meal. You need to take your time to assess the rich menu and combine your main course with an adequate side dish. Actually, the legend is that someone starved to death next to this machine while trying to select a simple chocolate bar.

Crappy design 5

12. Crappy yoghourt bottle design

To be fair, this is not crappy design. It does the job well, the bottle has the classical shape and it’s easy to grab. But my gods, how misleading this is! Or maybe this yoghourt does an excellent job as a window cleaner too. Give it a try and let us know!

Crappy Design 4

13. Crappy gun design

Actually, it is kind of difficult to find another position for the pressure gauge on an air-gun. Even if owners of air-guns should know how much pressure they need and always check it when the gun is not loaded, we can’t stop stop thinking that some are careless enough to point the gun to their heads.

Crappy Design 3

14. Crappy poster design

People argue that we are not dealing with a crappy design here so much as with brutal sincerity.

Crappy design 2

15. Crappy business sign design

This thing is wrong an every level. Like any other idea would have been better. It is the most upvoted worst design on the subreddit.

Crappy Design 1



The Absolute Worst Reality Shows Ever

If there is one thing guaranteed to make me lose my faith in mankind it is switching on the TV and stumbling across one of the worst reality shows ever made. The bad news is that there are so many of these abominations around that avoiding them completely is almost impossible.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Worst Reality Shows and Keeping Up with the Kardashians

When 22nd century historians look back on how it all went wrong for the human race the surname Kardashian will be high on their list of answers. Seriously, why are these ridiculously vacuous people even remotely near my TV screen? As far as I can tell, the only talent any of them possess is the uncanny ability to be completely self obsessed and never do anything even vaguely interesting. I expect the show to continue to be a success for a long time.

Geordie Shore

Worst Reality Shows and Geordie Shore

Where I live now I don’t get to see many shows in English. Even the flaming Simpsons get dubbed into Spanish, making Homer sound like a Mexican version of, well, Homer Simpson. Then I turned on the TV and heard some warm Newcastle accents flooding out of the set. Ah, I thought, finally I can settle down to some classy British culture and remind myself why we once possessed the greatest empire in the world due to our inbuilt class, dignity and intelligence. Err, maybe not.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Worst Reality Shows and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Since we have dipped our trembling toes in the warming waters of dubbed television shows, I might as well mention this disaster. I have to admit that I have only ever seen this show in Spanish, so I have no idea what lovely voices the cast members have. However, I do know that the dubbed voices are the most ridiculously over the top Spanish hillbilly accents ever to exist. The show seems to consist entirely of 1) people eating stuff 2) people making rude noises 3) the end.

The Bachelor

Worst Reality Shows and The Bachelor

So, there’s like this single guy that is, you know, completely drop dead gorgeous. Then there’s this bunch of women who aren’t at all desperate to find a man in any way possible, no matter how pathetic and inappropriate it may be. Thankfully, the contestants on this show know full well that they are all hopelessly shallow husks of human beings, so they don’t look for sparkling conversation or witty insights from their potential life partners. Which is just as well, really.


Worst Reality Shows

If you are due to get married soon then I’m sure you have already compiled an exhaustive list of your partner’s horrendous defects that could only be sorted by numerous visits to a top plastic surgeon. Hey, why not get her onto this classy show? It is one of the worst reality shows because new brides undergo plastic surgery to make their wedding perfect. Because a wedding with a wonky nose just isn’t natural.

Ex on the Beach

Worst Reality Shows

Is it just my imagination or is the world becoming a vainer, shallower place with every passing day? I don’t know; maybe I will just sit down in front of the TV and watch some of this deep and meaningful show in order to restore my faith in the modern world. Glamorous and beautiful people go to a beach paradise looking for love only to find that their glamorous and beautiful exes turn up there as well. Brilliant.

9 of Dita Pepe’s Self-Portraits with Men

@ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men5

Photographers don’t just have to push a button and that’s it. There’s much more to their work than we generally believe. They have to think of concepts, and messages, and compositions and atmosphere. The fact that all of us can become popular artists nowadays with the help of all sorts of applications doesn’t make us worth the boast. So let’s take a look at what a Czech female photographer, Dita Pepe has been up to lately. Here are 9 of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men. All the photographs from this post belong to Dita Pepe.

@ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men9

Who is she?

Dita Pepe was born in 1973 in Ostrava, and belongs to a generation of Czech artists initially working under an atmosphere of intense attention from the West regarding her country’s artistic developments, just what generally happened towards other countries from the former Soviet bloc. This attention was meant to consolidate the entrance of art rising from that territory in a larger artistic circuit from which it was deprived during the forty years preceding the Velvet Revolution.

@ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men6

What did she do to get where she is right now?

After moving to Germany at 19, she spent her first pay-check on a camera. Having been raised in a communist country, she became fascinated by the way Germans lived their lives and started documenting her experiences. Soon she turned the focus on herself, and that’s when the specific trait of her art started to fall into place.

“One of the main reasons I went to Germany was to get away from my dominant father whose influence on me led to my low self-esteem,” Pepe wrote via email. She went to therapy, spent time in libraries, took on a variety of odd jobs, including working as a waitress and a cleaning lady, and eventually married an older psychology student named Francesco Pepe, whom she divorced later in her life, but who had supported the beginning of her career and her goals.

@ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men8 @ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men7

What’s Self-Portraits with Men all about?

In 2003 she got a master degree for a series of pictures connected with “the Self-portraits”. For this theme she took pictures of herself and men, as their current partner or even wife. These pictures were made in exterior with the use of artificial light. The main purpose was to capture the tie of the photographed people with their reality and their environment. This project has not been finished yet and in the course of time Dita adds new works to it. Some of te men she already knew, some she didn’t. Moreover, the little girl that sometimes appears in these photographs is Dita’s daughter. Pepe’s presence in her own photographs perfectly mingles with the details of intimacy present in the pre-existent world she enters, profile and social background of the person she is portraying, that makes us wonder about the identity of the artist herself. Dita Pepe suggests two narratives: one of going in and out of the skin of the people she portraits, and the other of the personal story of each of those people, which can be presumed through their personal objects.

“Taking self-portraits with men made me realise how different partners influence one another,” Pepe wrote.

The book about Dita Pepe

@ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men1

Dita Pepe Self-portraits is the first book about her and especially about her working on this collection. It was published in 2012 and written by Vladimir Birgus. It basically portrays her as a woman of many faces, infinite faces. Daughter, granddaughter, sister, or friend of many women, wife, lover, or friend of many men, mother of many children. Chameleon. Dita Pepe has created dozens of meticulously staged self-portraits in which she changes her age, character, and social status, and adapts to the people with whom she is photographed. It’s one of the best-photographed social-documentaries of our time.

@ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men3 9 of Dita Pepe’s Self-Portraits with Men 5 @ of Dita Pepe’s self-portraits with men2

9 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias

Nobody’s perfect, that’s what they say. But we would expect celebrities to be trendsetters as far as courage and balance are concerned. Building a phobia takes a lot of irrational effort doubled by traumatic experiences. And celebrities make no exception. So let’s take a look at 9 celebrities and their strange phobias.

1. Oprah Winfrey’s fear of chewing gum

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias1

Oprah Winfrey has a fear of chewing gum. She explained her grandmother used to chew a lot of gum, and then put it into the cabinet. She said that there were several rows of Spearmint and Juicy Fruit she was terribly afraid of. Over time, Oprah started to hate the sound of chewing gum and the way people would play with it or pull it from their mouths. It even got to the point where she banned it from the building where her shows are recorded.

2. Megan Fox’s fear of paper

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias2

Megan Fox is afraid of dry paper and dreads handling anything that is not laminated. The 28-year old even keeps water nearby so she can wet her fingers when handling or flipping pages.

3. David Beckham’s ataxiophobia – fear of mess or untidiness

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias3

For Beckham, surrounding objects must be well chosen by color, form and size and their quantity must be oddly even. When David buys clothes, he chooses ones to suit his home interior. When there are 3 cans of Coke in the fridge, instead of 2 or 4, he loses his temper.

4. Alfred Hitchcock’s fear of eggs

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias4

Hitchcock, the maestro of horrors, was really afraid of eggs. He never ate them and hated to be close to anything that resembled them. Otherwise he felt badly, and all in all thought eggs to be hateful towards him, not the other way around.

5. Matthew McConaughey’s fear of being trapped and blind spots

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias5

Despite his being so manly and tough, Matthew McConaughey reportedly suffers from a fear of being trapped – cleithrophobia and a fear of blind spots –scotomaphobia. This has manifested itself into a fear of revolving doors and tunnel entrances.

6.Sigmund Freud’s fear of weapons and ferns

Sigmund Freud

The founder of psychoanalysis feared weapons and ferns. Freud claimed that fear of weapons is a sign of late emotional and sexual maturity. On the other hand, the fear of fems can hardly be explained. Freud himself offered no explanations.

7. Woody Allen’s numerous fears :)

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias7

Woody Allen fears insects, sunlight, dogs, deer, bright colors, children, height, small rooms, crowds and all places in the world except for Manhattan, probably. His movie characters are a perfect reflection of all these fears, but I suppose they add up to his charm and talent don’t they?

8. Madonna’s brontophobia – fear of thunder

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias8

We don’t really know whether it’s the thunder alone that bedevils Madonna, or the combination between thunder and lightning. But anyway it’s something that has got to do with rainstorms, this mysterious and yet unexplainable phenomenon that occurs so frequently on our planet. :)

9. Nicole Kidman’s fear of butterflies

8 Celebrities and Their Strange Phobias9

Well at least she struggled with her fear of butterflies, trying to understand it and to get over it, as the actress explained. “Sometimes when I would come home from school the biggest butterfly or moth you’d ever seen would be just sitting on our front gate. I would climb over the fence; crawl around to the side of the house—anything to avoid having to go through the front gate. I have tried to get over it … I walked into the big butterfly cage at the American Museum of Natural History and had the butterflies on me, but that didn’t work. I jump out of planes, I could be covered in cockroaches, I do all sorts of things, but I just don’t like the feel of butterflies’ bodies,” she said of her unusual phobia.

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along


Who doesn’t love singing, no matter how bad s/he may be at it? No matter how horrible your voice sounds like, there are a few hidden places where you go and just let it out, because it just feels incredible to sing. The bravest ones of all take their singing skills to karaoke nights.

But karaoke isn’t just about singing, it’s about choosing the right songs, so that you don’t put everyone to sleep while you are mumbling some obscure romantic song. Here are 7 karaoke songs that make the crowd sing along.

1. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along1

This is among the songs with a lot of lyrics, and in case you are not his biggest fan there’s a huge probability to actually mess them up. But if you attempt to present your own Moonwalk in front of the crowd, you’ll mesmerize them forever. Not to mention the fact that they can’t help not to sing along. The King of Pop still rules!

2. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn


This is for all the women who used to sing Gloria Gayner’s I will Survive in the past. The latter is really out-dated nowadays, that’s why this alternative is meant to be a success among all the women in the public. They will sing along, and a feminist outrage will miraculously come to life in front of you. Success guaranteed!

3. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along3

Were you born in the 90s? Is your public just as young? In this case I don’t think Queen is the best choice. You might have been the only teenage freak who secretly listened to his parent’s CDs. Nevertheless this song is a classic, and chances are that you won’t sing it alone. At least the DJ or the doorman will secretly join you. So if you feel like it, go for it. As far as the older readers are concerned, if they chose this one, they’ll instantly hit jackpot.

4. Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along4

This is really easy, so in case you’re not very much of a singer, this is a promising start, no matter how bad you are. Everybody knows this catchy song, and it instantly propels the audience in the humming mood. You’ll get all the support you need.

5. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along5

Everybody goes crazy when hearing this song. It has this magical property of making people go wild whenever they hear this song in larger groups. It’s a modern symbol of liberation and good mood. So hit them hard with this one. Forget your non-existent singing abilities and go with the flow.

6. Madonna – Like a Prayer

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along6

Madonna’s Like a Prayer is one of the most requested songs by karaoke enthusiasts. Despite the fact that the music video was controversial due to its use of Catholic imagery, the song’s gospel-like structure makes it really easy to sing along to. Plus, the lyrics are carved in our subconscious, whether we like it or not.

7. Cranberries – Zombie

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along7

This is a typical example of a song with less relevant lyrics. I’m not undermining their message, but it’s got that really catchy and crazy chorus, where it doesn’t matter what you shout, as long as you do it loud enough. It’s not easy to sing, but like I’ve told you, it’s not about accuracy, it’s more about the riot.

Your 15 minutes of fame are more forthcoming than ever. See you there!