5 Awesome Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas is almost here! The tree needs decorating and the Christmas cards need creating. If you’re in the dark about what direction to take with your family’s Christmas card, you’re in luck! We’ve got 5 awesome and clever Christmas card ideas that are going to be a smash hit! If we were to only give out one single advice for your family’s Christmas card this year is to not take yourselves too seriously. Keep it light, fun and funny. And don’t forget to smile.

5. Make Your Own Christmas Cardchristmas card ideas handmade

Everybody can take a unique picture and slap it on a Christmas card, it’s simple! But not everybody’s creative enough to make their own Christmas cards from scratch. If you’re looking for homemade Christmas card ideas, look no further! Making a Christmas card has never been easier with a Cricut machine or Stampin Up. A handmade DYI Christmas card will always be more appreciated than a store-bought one. Recycle old materials and photos and create a gift that is going to show how much you like Christmas (a nice picture holder is easy and inexpensive to make).

4. Mi-ni-malchristmas card ideas minimal

Yes, you can do something completely un-Christmassy and go as minimal as possible in your photo. Black and white photos are going to be a huge hit with friends and family. Keep it simple: no horrible sweaters, no weird hairdos and definitely no serial-killer smiling. Try to choose clothes that aren’t going to be able to place you in a certain time frame. Go for cool timeless, if you can. If you’re a couple, don’t choose the classic matching-sweater for couples route. You’re an adult, so act like one.

3. Awkward Family Photos – Christmas Editionchristmas card ideas awkward

If you’re not new to the internet, then surely you know of the best website there is on the web, Awkward Family Photos. It’s a place where all the best quirky, weird and plain scary family pictures are posted. We urge you to spend a little while browsing the website and we can assure you that in a matter of minutes, you will get a Christmas card idea that is going to both delight and scare your loved ones. Why be boring, when families can be so much fun and weird?

2. Pets Galorechristmas card ideas grumpy cat

Got a cute pet? The Christmas card isn’t complete without them. Make sure they’re included, not just as a piece of furniture, but as active members of the family. Unfortunately, animals aren’t easy to work with and especially to photograph. If you’ve got one dog or a cat, then you’re in the clear, but more dogs or cats simply spell trouble and we suggest you do yourself and them a favor by not including them in your Christmas picture.

1. Tormenting the Childrenchristmas card ideas children

The best type of Christmas card is, naturally, one in which everyone looks their best, but where’s the fun in that? If you’ve got kids, a toddler or any kind of baby, it’s time you put them to good use and have some fun. How about you dress them up in nice and embarrassing outfits so that they can remember you for decades to come? Therapists need to keep their jobs, right? And a hideous sweater will help them do that.

Make sure you put some effort into writing and creating the greeting messages or message. The greeting should be simple and to the point, not too emotional, but not too cold. Display your love for the Holiday season with a nice font and wording, it’s a letter/card that’s going to be seen by many, so put some thought into creating it.

Looking for more inspiration for Christmas cards ideas? Then we suggest you try Pinterest or Tumblr.

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

Jeez, where did 2014 go? It whizzed past us in a blur of weird news, overexposed celebrities and other frankly unlikely stuff.

So how will we celebrate the start of a new year? By buying a strange 2015 calendar, that’s how.

The Fish of South America

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

I love fish and I love South America but could I handle a whole year of the region’s fish? Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to make this a less specific 2015 calendar? What about Fish of the World or even Water-Based Wildlife of South America? I would gladly buy either of them instead.

The 2015 Calendar of Optical Illusions

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

Can you imagine the state of your brain if you spent all of 2015 looking at this calendar? Optical illusions are brilliant in moderation but a whole flipping year of them would leave you wondering which way was up and why the whole world would never stop spinning.

The 2015 Welsh Postboxes Calendar

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

One of last year’s weirdest calendars was the astonishingly dull and pointless Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales. Well, this coming year is going to be even less exciting for anyone who is tempted to hang some of Wales’ least interesting objects on their wall. This photo shows us January, with a delightful, err, Welsh postbox. It kind of carries on in the same vein for month after torturous month after this.

The Bad Cat 2015 Calendar

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

Can you handle 365 days of cats gone bad? This weird 2015 calendar promises a rebellious and feckless feline for every single day of the year. The cover’s warning of “feline material not suitable for children” will certainly perk up a few people’s interest levels, I would think.

Yoga Dogs 2015 Calendar

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

Is it just me or are people now coming up with any old nonsense to put on calendars? I would like to teach my dog some yoga but I’m not convinced that he would fully appreciate the spiritual benefits on offer. He probably couldn’t hold the mountain pose for long either.

The Weird Mushrooms Calendar

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

I’m as interested in weird mushrooms as the next person, provided that the next person doesn’t really give a flying monkey’s belly button fluff about freaking ridiculous mushrooms. Why would you even want to look at this stuff for a whole 365 days? It would drive you mad and quite possibly lead to mushroom based hallucinations.

The NYC Taxi Drivers 2015 Calendar

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

If you are delighted by the image of this hot-loving hunk of taxi cab-ness then there is a perfect calendar for you. All of New York City’s most photogenic cab drivers have been slapped in here for your pleasure.

Extraordinary Chickens

The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

There is only one piece of useful advice contained in this whole article and here it is; don’t be fooled into buying an Ordinary Chickens calendar this year. Sure it might look cute and hard to resist but those chickens are just so ordinary. Instead, you should look to buy a calendar filled with Extraordinary Chickens. What’s the difference? If you need to ask then it’s time to get with the groove, dude.

Outhouses 2015 Calendar

 The Strangest and Most Exciting 2015 Calendars

The world is filled with all sorts of outhouses, from glamorous to rustic and from scenically placed to poorly positioned and smelly. They are all gathered together in one of the weirdest 2015 calendars.

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ah, the Ugly Christmas Sweater. A Christmas tradition that started, like many things that now hold the word “ugly” in their name, in the ‘80s. Initially hand-knitted outfits by grandmas everywhere, they were honestly offered as gifts and begrudgingly worn for exactly as long as it was really necessary, not one day more. Their winter theme and contrasting colours were a staple of the festive holiday season, often worn by TV anchors as an invitation to make the Christmas seem cosier and ever more homey.  After falling out of favour for almost two decades, the ‘10s are seeing a resurgence of the Christmas jumper, whether ironic or honest, with even high-street and designer brands getting in on the fun and profit. With the holiday season approaching, here are 10 ugly Christmas sweaters to add a dash of camp to your winter parties under the tree lights.

1.     Star Wars

ugly christmas sweater 1

The depiction of Luke Skywalker dangling from the ceiling in the Wampa cave, from The Empire Strikes Back, is one of the most iconic scenes in the franchise and now it can rest on your chest. Homemade and posted online on Pinterest, this jumper has now spawned countless remakes at the DIY hands of fans.

2.     Hulk Hogan’s Muscle Christmas

ugly christmas sweater 2

The yellow Hulk Hogan handlebar moustache, the trademark gold cross, as well a few sets of weights would have been enough to drive the point home, but the Happy Holidays message being written in the famous Hulkmania font makes this the kind of party sweater that you would not call ugly to its face.

3.     Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

ugly christmas sweater 3

As Christmas-related pop culture references go, this one makes the cross-over to the early 90s, towards the initial decline of the ugly Christmas sweater, but it doesn’t get much Christmas-y than that. The quote from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a classic and deserves to be on more clothes and in any size, for kids,  men and women to own.

4.     Slayer

ugly christmas sweater 4

Legendary thrash metal band Slayer’s best decade was arguably the 1980s, so a Slayer Christmas sweater makes total sense. Want to show your metal affinities this Christmas, but also worry that you might be a bit chilly and there’s no moshpit in sight, a place where to throw yourself to keep you warm? Change your usual Reign in Blood T-shirt with this marvellous Christmas sweater, bound to keep your torso as warm and light as the very bowels of Hell.

5.     Contra

ugly christmas sweater 5

Or maybe what you miss most about the 80s is not the loud music, but the devilishly difficult Japanese side-scrolling gun-and-run video games. Of course that’s not too specific; just feast your eyes on this Contra sweater, where the knitting patter of the sleeves and the cheap pixel art pattern of the torso blend seamlessly and is sure to bring the Christmas spirit even in the year 2633.

6.     Vintage Cat

ugly christmas sweater 6

How could an Internet list be without at least one cat in it? Before the knitted ugly Christmas sweater even became a thing, adorably tacky greeting cards were all the rage, usually depicting cats or dogs, and now you can wear them!

7.     Dinosaurs

ugly christmas sweater 7

Hey, remember what else was big if you were a kid in the 80s? That’s right, dinosaurs! The triceratops and the funny sauropod seem at home among other, more traditional cute Christmas motifs in store on etsy and other stores.

8.     For Her

ugly christmas sweater 8

While most Christmas jumper are gender neutral, models that are more suited for the female shape also exist, with a longer torso being able to turn it into an impromptu dress of sorts, so keep this idea in mind when you start knitting on those sexy vests. Bonus points if you’ve got matching ones, for couples (and your dog).

9.     Reggie Watts’ Black Santa

ugly christmas sweater 9

At the forefront of the ugly Christmas sweater revival one can find comedian, musician, improvisation master and sweater aficionado Reggie Watts. He wears many sweaters, but he doesn’t even buy most of them. Wardrobe people from all the video or photo appearances he makes just seem to bring new and new ones to him, which must be nice.

10.The Whole Family

ugly christmas sweater 10

Look, the title didn’t promise anything about being practical. Going for this sweater means making a commitment and maybe you’re just not family-man enough. On the plus side, if this were a contest, you’d all be winners.

Most Surprising Before and After Weight Loss Photos

With the entire range of media outlets, from cable news to tabloid rags (and even the more neutral online platforms Tumblr and Pinterest), holding them under strong scrutiny, celebrities, male and female, are caught in a Catch-22 of sorts: their bodies are either flaunted about as objects and audience pleasers when in shape or pointed at and shamed when they are not. One sort of story, however, that seems to please everyone is the amazing weight loss one. Celebrities who had their curves, stretch marks and cellulite incessantly zoomed in on for months or years, reappeared as glamorous victors on some red carpet or magazine success story, which, in turn inspired dietary how-to guides, zumba programs and hula hoop tricks all over the Internet. Here are 7 before and after weight loss celebrities stories to take a look at this week.

1.     Beyoncé

before and after weight loss 1

Despite gaining around 60 lb during her pregnancy, Beyoncé didn’t dilly-dally and, without the help of any plastic surgery or juicing, she quickly regained her flat stomach, by doing a lot of working out and eating at least one vegan meal per day and was careful with her snacking, turning to “edamame, a green apple or cucumbers sprinkled with vinegar, cayenne pepper and lemon juice” for nibbles.

2.     Perez Hilton

before and after weight loss 2

It’s somehow very satisfying to be able to occasionally hold celebrity gossip journalists and bloggers to the same standards they incessantly apply to their prime material, and this is one of those cases. Luckily for him, after years of not doing wonders to the stereotypical picture people get in their head when they think “blogger body”, Perez Hilton proved that jaw-dropping “before and after weight loss pictures” can be not only for women, but a men’s game as well.

3.     Kim Kardashian

before and after weight loss 3

Everyone knows there’s no shame if your figure isn’t quite the same after you give birth, but when you’re a celebrity whose entire early career was based solely on your body features, you tend to hold yourself to different standards. Kim Kardashian lost 50 pounds in 5 months after her pregnancy by ways of low-carb food and extreme exercise that left her face, abdomen and breasts looking as amazing as ever.

4.     Raven Symone

before and after weight loss 5

The former child star has made her career as an adult in roles where her curvy figure was often a plot point, but that didn’t stop her from going through a major transformation when she decided she had enough. She blames her initial weight gain, in her teenage years, on stress and credits her efforts to relive herself of being stressed with her remarkable before and after weight loss.

5.     Ricky Gervais

before and after weight loss 4

The British comedian lost quite a bit of weight (and, hopefully, his inability to properly fit a suit, with it) alongside long-time girlfriend Jane Fallon, the two going at it together. In typical casual manner, no clinic treatment or raw-vegan fasting was involved, but healthier eating habit and running regularly around the neighbourhood worked just as well, if not better. Gervais’ only regret? “Now I’ve got to stop making jokes about fat people, which is annoying. When I was fat, it was okay.”

6.     Jennifer Hudson

before and after weight loss 6

One of the most talked about weight loss stories in the media, Jennifer Hudson’s phenomenal transformation was remarkable not just for the sheer difference of (not a pound less) but 80 pounds, but for her doing so from her high-publicized role as spokesperson for Weight Watcher, an organization that greatly benefitted, PR-wise from it.

7.     Carrie Underwood

before and after weight loss 7

The country music star and American Idol winner’s weight loss story seems to have made its way into pretty much every celebrity gossip magazine. However, honestly, the story arguably sparks more attention than necessary, with most before and after weight loss pics of her usually just using unflattering clothes or angles to make show a fake difference, which makes the whole thing smell like half-baked publicity stunt.

The Strange Accessories That Virtually Guarantee a Disastrous Christmas

Is it time yet to go stark raving bonkers and feverishly buy anything Christmas-related we can get our hands on?

There’s still some time to go before Christmas but it seems safe to suggest that you already know that the festive season is going to be a disaster. Why? Because you love strange Christmas accessories like these.

The Santa Whisky Dispenser

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

This festive abomination is wrong on so many levels that it is hard to know where to begin. Ok, for a start you know that letting the whisky flow freely over Christmas is a passport to vomit in the turkey and people scrabbling about on the floor fighting after lunch, don’t you? Then there’s the fact that the alcohol liquid is being squirted (somewhat forcefully, I might add) out of his private parts. This is all going to end messily.

An Unusual Christmas Decoration

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

There are some things in life that are worth experimenting with. Pasta, for example. Why not try adding some extra cheese to your Carbonara or stick some olives in your Bolognese? There is little to nothing that can go wrong. However, when we cast our world-weary glance at Christmas decorations we can see that most innovations aren’t so smart. Adding your car to the Christmas display outside your home is certainly ground-breaking but trust me on this one; stick to the damned pasta if you don’t want a disastrous Christmas.

Strange Christmas Music

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

Scientists have already confirmed that festive music is officially the worst thing ever invented by mankind. If you really want to torture your loved ones with some Christmas tunes then be sure to stay away from twee horrors like this one.

The Baby Christmas Tree

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

If the little fellow is celebrating his first Christmas you’ll want him to feel part of this special occasion. I know, why not cram him inside an infeasible Christmas tree outfit? You can guarantee that within 10 minutes he will fall over and start crying, causing everyone to get a headache and sucking the life out of the festive season.

A Christmas Poo for a Christmas Disaster

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

There is nothing quite like a poo hanging off your tree to get you in the festive spirit, is there? You can just imagine the look of delight on the kids’ faces when they run excitedly downstairs on a frosty Christmas morn and see this charmingly brown Christmas accessory staring them in the face.

A Christmas Chicken

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas 

If there is one thing that screams “Merry Christmas” to me it is a rubber chicken. Preferably with a Santa suit on. This is quite simply a bizarre and frankly unwanted way of celebrating the festive season. The only reassuring thing about it is the fact that the box proudly states “actual size”.  Yeah, because a slightly smaller rubbed chicken decoration would just totally ruin Christmas for everyone.  It’s almost enough to have you heading straight to Santa’s genitals for another whisky.

A Christmas Tree Hat

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

Putting a silly hat on your head is a fantastic way of saying to the world, “Hey, I’m utterly wacky and I don’t care who knows about it”. If you want to look like a fool over Christmas lunch then there are few better ways of doing it.

Christmas Dinner in a Can

Strange Accessories and Disastrous Christmas

If life has taught us one thing by now it is that a self-heating Christmas dinner in a can is not going to end well. This is a festive disaster just waiting to happen.