Top 5 Best Smartwatches of 2014 (So Far)

Move over smartphones, there are more sophisticated devices around. Those devices are called smartwatches and they plan to take over the world by replacing the regular watches, phones and even laptops. They think big, we know, but these cool devices could be the next best thing for tech lovers. As it is the case with some smart devices, you don’t really have a use for them, but you must definitely have them. This year, we have seen the release of several smartwatches but not all of them are memorable. Here are the best smartwatches of 2014:

1. Apple Watch

apple watch

A little while back the tech world has welcomed one of the most anticipated smart devices of this year, the Apple Watch. It has received mixed reviews since its release but most tech lovers agree that this is one of the best smartwatches of 2014. This wearable piece of gadgetry costs $349 and it looks amazing. Apple, as always, has done it again. It’s the perfect combination of looks and brains. It’s highly customizable, features a touchscreen, acts like a heart monitor and a NFC system with which you can make payments right from the comfort of your wrist. If you ever dreamed of sharing your heartbeat (literally) with your special one, now it’s your chance. The Apple Watch is the most expensive smartwatch on our list but it looks great and does its job.

2. Pebble Steel

pebble steel smartwatch

One of the best smartwatches of 2014 is, of course, the Pebble Steel. What makes this smartwatch so special, you might ask? First of all, it has an all-metal exterior, Gorilla glass display and it’s more high-end than the previous model. This one looks really sophisticated with its matte black or brushed stainless appearance. You can also choose which band to have: a metal one or the classy leather band. Either way, they look great around the wrist. On the software side, the Pebble Steel smartwatch has the E Ink display (this allows it a long battery life) and an intuitive UI. You can store more than 1,000 apps on it and it’s compatible with iOS and Android phones.

3. Moto 360

moto 360 smartwatch

You probably heard about the Moto 360 smartwatch because it’s actually one of the best smartwatches of 2014. This classy-yet-modern-looking watch comes in a stainless steel design, with a 320x290p display. It runs on Google’s Android Wear OS and it supports Google’s voice commands, you get the Google Now alerts and the notifications from your smartphone. The Moto 360 has a Gorilla Glass 3 display and it’s also water proof. You also get a heart rate monitor and you can recharge it wirelessly. You can choose either the stainless steel or the classy leather band.

4. Samsung Gear 2

samsung gear smartwatch

Samsung Gear 2 looks like some gadget from a modern spy movie. You can actually speak to your watch and it will understand you and follow your commands. How cool is that? Samsung Gear 2 has a built-in microphone and speaker that allow you to make and take calls from your wrist. The phrase “talk to the hand” has just got a new meaning now. You can also use your voice to look up things on the internet like the weather or you personal contacts. Samsung Gear 2 also  features an integrated camera and a heart rate monitor.

5. Samsung Gear Fit

samsung gear fit smart watch

What makes this cool looking smart device one of the best smartwatches of 2014 is that it has a curved Amoled display and it does more than show notifications like email and Facebook. The Samsung Gear Fit has a heart monitor which will help you with your exercises. With the Samsung Gear Fit you can track distance and sleep and helps you with those weight loss exercises.





Top 5 Best Dating Apps For Finding Your Special One

Now that you’re in shape thanks to our list of the best apps for losing weight, it’s time to do some serious dating. What better way to find someone in our age, than to look it on the internet? Thank god for smartphones and apps. It makes finding a date much easier and there is a great selection of decent dating apps put there. But since we only settle for the best, we’ve made the selection ourselves and tried all the dating apps for you. Here are the best dating apps for finding your significant other.

1. Tinder

tinder dating app

One of the best dating apps at the moment is, of course, Tinder. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely have to. It’s free to install, it’s compatible with Android and IOS and it’s super easy to use. All you have to do is log in to your Facebook account (it doesn’t work without a Facebook account) and Tinder will do the rest. It will select some of your photos and interests and you can browse anonymously to see if you can find someone you find attractive. When you do, you swipe right and if the person also liked you, you have a match. This means that you can start chatting and take it from there. The coolest thing about Tinder is that unless they like you back, no one will know that you liked them. This makes Tinder one of the best dating apps available at the moment. Start using it now.

2. OKCupid

okcupid dating app

If you want to hook up and you’ve tried every club in your city, with no satisfying results, you need to try dating apps. One of the best dating apps around is called OKCupid. This is actually the most popular dating app and one of the first ones for that matter. They first started as a dating site and moved on to smarpthones. You get to create your own profile, check out other profiles, rate them, answer quizzes and chat with potential dates. You can upload photos from your phone and update your profile with your latest selfie. OkCupid is free to download and it works on both Android and iOs phones and other smart devices.

3. Blendr

blendr dating app

If you have an Android or iOs phone, start downloading and install Blendr. It’s one of the best dating apps that require you to have a Facebook account so that it can upload pictures on the Blendr account. Blendr shows you potential matches based on mutual interests like music, books or films. You can also chat with the ones you like and set up a date. You never know, right? Splendid love stories await for you out there so give it a try. There’s nothing to lose.

4. Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish dating app

There are plenty of fish in the water for everyone. This dating app has a great and accurate name. Plenty of Fish is one of the biggest and the best dating apps on the internet. It began as a dating site and moved to smartphones. This dating app lets you create your own profile, browse to see any potential matches and message them. Plenty of Fish is free to download and it works with iOs and Android.

5. Grindr

grindr gay app

One of the best dating apps for gay and bisexual guys is Grindr. You can download it for free on your Android or iOs device and start flirting with nearby guys. It’s a cool way to meet guys and set up dates. You can message them and exchange pictures. Grindr has become the most popular dating apps for gay and bisexual guys all over the world. Download it and good luck!






Incredible Facts about the Human Body

Isn’t the human body a marvellous and slightly scary thing? If you don’t agree then these facts about it might help you change your mind.

2 Swimming Pools of Saliva

Saliva and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

Have you ever stopped to consider the amount of saliva your body produces? All of that saliva is needed for you to taste food, as a completely dry food wouldn’t allow you to dissolve food in order to taste it. Anyway, if you decided to somehow pour all of that saliva into a couple of swimming pools instead of dissolving food with it then, hey, you could fill them both during your lifetime. Wouldn’t that be cool? Swimming in your own saliva might kind of make up for never ever tasting any food.

Boil Water with Your Body

Incredible Facts about the Human Body

Ever had problems boiling water in your kettle? Why not try using your body instead? It is said that it would only 30 for the heat given off a human body to bring a gallon of water to the boil. That seems like a long time to wait for a cup of tea but I guess you would need it after all that.

Brain Bigger than an Encyclopaedia

Brain and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

There is no encyclopaedia in the world that holds more information than your brain can hold. For example, the National Archives of Britain contains 9 centuries of history and in computer terms uses 70 terabytes of storage space. Your brain is estimated to have storage space of up to maybe 1,000 terabytes, although some miserable souls claim that it is a lot lower.

Babies Have More Bones

Bones and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

Would be surprised to learn that a baby has more bones than an adult? Sure you would. When we are born our body contains over 300 bones but as we grow many of them fuse together. This means that by the time we are adults we have little more than 200 bones.

The Fastest Growing Nail

Fingernails and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

The nails on your hands grow faster than the nails on your feet but which one of them is the fastest of them all? I can now reveal that it is the nail of the middle finger of your dominant hand that grows quicker than any other. It seems that the longer a finger is the faster the nail on it will grow.

We All Have Some Gold in Us

Gold and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

Each of us has a very small amount of gold inside us, around 0.2 milligrams. Most of it is in our blood but you would need to get the blood of thousands of people in order to get enough of the yellow stuff to make even a small coin. Interestingly, the most abundant source of gold on Earth is the sea, where it is estimated that 10 million tons of gold is located.

Shorter at Night

Spine and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

Have you ever measured yourself last thing at night and then first thing in the morning? Maybe you should. We each shrink between 1 and 1 ½ cm each day, a height loss that is recovered at night. The reason for this is that our spinal discs are compressed by our daytime activities such as walking and sitting down. When we lie down to sleep they recover their original size again.

You Can Dissolve Razorblades

Razorblades and Incredible Facts about the Human Body

The acid that is in your stomach is so strong that it can dissolve even those sturdy potato dumplings my aunt used to torture us with. Slightly more impressively, it can also dissolve razorblades, although you shouldn’t try this at home. To be fair, I wouldn’t recommend the potato dumplings either.

10 Lovely Long Distance Relationship Quotes

When you’re in a long distance relationship, there are times when one of the partners can feel hopeless about the odds that relationship has at surviving, or times when the longing can just feel like too much. It’s true that there are some long distance relationships that don’t make it, mostly because they crumble under the weight of the distance. But it’s just as true that there are plenty of regular relationships that end under the pressure of other factors as well, so simply the fact that your relationship is long distance doesn’t mean that it’s bound to fail. Even more, the positive side of things is that all that longing is probably making your connection into one of the most romantic times of your lives, so cherish this time apart even if you keep working to find a more permanent solution to be closer.

Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

But there are indeed some times when it gets hard on either one of you, for a variety of reasons: one of you might be in the military so in the other one is worried about danger in addition to the distance, or you may fear the constant pressure will make things much too short, and so on. Whenever you feel the pangs of fear, doubt or discouragement, keep this list of 10 lovely long distance relationship quotes close by – it might come in handy for a kick of renewed hope. When you feel your partner about to get more distant and hopeless, send them one of these: it will serve its purpose of renewing hope and it will count as a cute gesture as well. For a few great movies and songs about long distance relationships, read this.

1. “Nobody ever seems to understand / We’re miles apart but we’re holding hands” (Zach Ashton)

Let’s start our list with a slightly corny pop song lyric; no matter how corny it is, I couldn’t describe it better.

2. “Our lives were now worlds apart, separated by time, circumstance, and the unbridgeable chasm of money” (Travis Luedke)

This quote reminds us all that managing a long distance relationship often brings us a bit more down to earth than we’d rather be. If you don’t see it as necessarily sad, you can see it as sweet and funny: just send it to your boyfriend or girlfriend whenever you’re discussing plane tickets and share a laugh about it.

3. “You’re too far for my hands to hold you, but too near for my heart to love you” (Heraline)

The perfect thing to send to him or her when the pangs of longing take over.

4. The whole “Perfect Glass” book by Laura Andersen Kurk

Ok, so maybe this isn’t really a cute love quote to send to your partner in order to encourage them, but it’s just an useful read to remind you that even in the darkest hour when you question the fidelity of your partner and the very point of continuing with it, you are not alone. The feelings you have are very common when in a long distance relationship, and if you can take a step back and see the bigger picture, you might make it. Here’s a beautiful excerpt from the book, for example:

“And what do you want?

I almost choked. “How could you even ask me that, Henry?”

He sighed. “Because I’m thousands of miles away. Because I Skyped into your living room late one night and there’s a dude sitting next to you in the dark. Because Thanet tells me things. And Tennyson sent me a picture of you in a dress that looks like lingerie.”

“It’s not that bad”, I said.

“I didn’t say it was bad, Meg. It’s about a million miles from bad.” His voice was breaking with exasperation. “Things are crazy here, and I’m questioning everything.”

5. “Distance means separation in place but never in connections. Heart remains inseparable.” (DhelChen)

Anyone who has ever experienced a long distance relationship knows that it’s not the distance that kills it, but the hearts in it growing cold from factors that would be present even if the distance was out of the equation.

6. “I found that I missed him the more he was absent from my life, and the more I missed him the more I loved him” (Donna Lynn Hope, Willow)

This is another example of a book that seems to be an endless source of long distance relationship quotes. For more inspiration or just for helping you understand this type of relationship better, try reading the book in its entirety.

7. “This may be the last time I see you, but if you keep me in your heart, together we shall be eternal; if you believe, we shall never part.” (Ben Harper)

As corny as it may sound, it’s the truth ladies and gentlemen, and this faith in the positive outcome of the relationship is what makes all the difference between those who make it and those who don’t.

8. “I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye that was the trouble; I wanted to kiss you goodnight. And there’s a lot of difference.” (Ernest Hemingway)

This is one of the best long distance relationship quotes ever, and it’s also very good to describe the sudden desire of making a fleeting connection become something permanent.

9. “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again” (Charles Dickens)

This may just be the perfect thing to say when you’re kissing each other goodbye at the airport or the train station.

10. “It’s been a year and 3 months since we kissed, and I rather have the ghost of his mouth on my lips rather than kiss anyone else” (Alishah Khan)

Ok, so maybe it isn’t really a very hopeful quote since it hints at an ended relationship, but it’s still very evocative about the feeling of not wanting someone present because you’d rather long for someone absent. This earned it a place in the list of the  best long distance relationship quotes we’ve ever come across.

10 of the Most Expensive Watches in the World

Here at ThisBlogRlues we’re interested in all kinds of luxury products. The more expensive, the better. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to buy them, but seeing them and knowing they exist makes us feel better. In a previous post we’ve showed you the most expensive Barbie dolls ever sold and now we want to share with you 10 of the most expensive watches in the world. Made of Diamonds, gold or white gold, these watches do more than telling the exact time, they are real works of art. Here they are:

10 .Cartier Secret – $2.75 Million

cartier secret luxury watch

One of the most expensive watches in the world is the Cartier Secret. This splendor of a watch is made of pure 18 carats white gold and plated with rhodium. That’s not all; this watch also has a 3.53 carat diamond and it’s covered in 3010 cut diamonds. A watch that costs as much as a house must be something, right?

9. Patek Philippe, Model 2523, 1953 Heures Universelles – $2.9 Million

Patek Philippe, Model 2523, 1953 Heures Universelles

This splendid timepiece is a favorite among the richest people in the world. It’s made of 18 carat gold and a polychrome and enamel dial that resembles the North American continent. These feature make it one of the most expensive watches in the world. We wouldn’t mind getting this for next Christmas, right?

8. Piaget Emperador Temple – $3.3 Million

piaget emperador temple luxury watch

If you thought the previous Patek Philippe watch was an expensive watch, wait until you hear about this next one. The Piaget Emperador Temple is made of 481 brilliant diamonds, 207 cut diamonds and an emerald cut diamond. With all these diamonds one might wonder, where is the watch hidden?

7. Patek Philippe – 1928 Single Button Chronograph – $3.6 Million

Patek-Philippe-1928-Single-Button Chronograph Watch

Patek Philippe is known for making some of the most expensive watches in the world and this one’s no exception. The 1928 Single Button Chronograph model is made of 18 carat white gold and pure silver.

6. Patek Philippe – Platinum World Time – $4.3 Million

Patek Philippe – Platinum World Time

Another Patek Philippe watch on our list, this time the Platinum World Time model, which was first created in 1939. This watch winds itself and it’s beyond stylish. It stands as one of the most expensive watches in the world and some say that it was the first watch to ever go on the moon.

5. Louis Moinet Meteoris – $4.6 Million

Louis Moinet Meteoris

One of the things that make this watch super special and very expensive is that it contains pieces of asteroids and meteorites in it. Who wouldn’t want a watch with ancient asteroids in it? But that comes with a very high price: this Louis Moinet watch called the Meteoris costs $4.6 Million.

4. Hublot Diamond -$5 Million

Hublot Diamond luxury watch

When talking about the most expensive watches in the world we must mention the Hublot Diamond. This beautiful piece of jewelry-watch contains more than 1000 diamonds and 18 carat pure white gold. Imagine inheriting this from a rich, distant relative.

3. Patek Philippe 1527 – $5.6 Million

Patek Philippe 1527

We should have named our list “the most expensive Patek Philippe watches” because we sure mention them a lot today. This $5.6 Million watch was made in 1943 and is made of 18 carat gold, with a silver dial. It’s a vintage piece with features like the Chronograph, a moon phase display and a perpetual calendar.

2. Patek Philippe Super Complication – 11 Million

Patek Philippe Super Complication luxury watch

Again, another Patek Philippe watch on our list. This one is made of 18 carat gold and some say it took 5 years to design and manufacture it.

1. Chopard 201 Carat – $25 Million

Chopard 201 Carat luxury watch

One of the most expensive watches in the world and the most exquisite one is the Chopard 201 Carat. It’s made of a 12 carat diamond, a 15 carat pink diamond, another 11 carat white diamond and a 163 carat yellow diamond. At $25 million, this Chopard watch is the most expensive watch in the world.