Fun Things to do in a Relationship

We all know how difficult it is to keep a relationship going and more importantly, always interesting and entertaining. Things don’t get easier as time goes by, not only because the pink glasses (that feeling of being in love and how it makes everything look better) come off at some point, but also because people get used to one and other and activities enter the mundane. Don’t dismay however, instead of fearing these moments when doubt sets in, find fun and creative ways of counteracting them. Here is a list of some fun things to do in a relationship, to help you go over the most trying of times.

Set New Goals


Men are practical beings so deciding to create something new, to renovate or simply set a new goal for the relationship can make them find motivation you never knew they had. Ambition will drive the both of you a long way so decide together what you want your life to look like in the future and begin to take baby steps towards your new found ideals. Whether you decide to paint the bedroom or redecorate the living room, build a pond or a swimming pool, it will create new memories and also make the bond between you much stronger.

Find New Activities You can do Together


When you and your significant other first met, you would go to movies, dancing, wine tasting or skating together but as a relationship progresses and as people become more intimate, it’s easy to substitute a night out for an evening of watching series on the couch. So actively seek activities that require you to explore new situations. Decide to take a dance course, visit an art class or begin roller skating together. If this doesn’t strike you as interesting, find another hobby that also involves your mans’ practical abilities- cycling for instance, where he will revel in repairing or replacing bicycle parts.


Remember to go out on Dates


Just because you have been together for 10 years doesn’t mean that dating is no longer required. Your special ladies need the opportunity to feel cherished, loved and beautiful and lads need to spruce up their gentleman skills. Plan ahead for a perfect date once every two weeks where romance, wine and a good time are a prerequisite. In the long run it will mean the world for both of you.

Visit New Places

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After a certain point, people fail to make new memories and if life keeps them in the same places, they retread the same ground forever. Decide on going to cities you’ve never been before, visiting other countries, spending your nights in hotels you don’t know so that you always make new memories together. There is lots of fun in winging it and going on a crazy weekend together. Blindfold your special someone and have them point somewhere on the map and off you go!

Try Out New Things in the Bedroom


It isn’t taboo to talk about such things and as we all know, after you’ve been with someone for a while, things can get a bit monotonous where sex is concerned. A little effort in this department could do wonders for both of you even if sex toys, whips or handcuffs don’t necessarily sound appealing when you first hear it. If you aren’t willing to try out such radical things, consider candle wax or roleplaying games that can end up in such good sex it will surprise you.

And never forget that relationships take tremendous effort and two people who desperately want to make it work- the ups and downs are inevitable but when you go past them together, the satisfaction is immense.

15 Hilarious Minion Moments

We all know them from the hit animated movies “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2”.  If you’ve not yet been completely won over by their ridiculous way, their downright silly language and creative entertainment endeavors, you are certainly going to be smitten with them by the time you get through this article.

The Minions, as legend would have it, are lovely little creatures who exist since the beginning of the beginning and after having evolved from single-cell organisms into what they look like today, they serve one purpose and one purpose alone: to aid the super villains of Earth in their master plans. And according to this storyline, Illumination Entertainment has decided to grace the world with an animated movie dedicated solely to these unique and funny characters on the 10th of July 2015 (true, it seems too far away, but we’ll just have to do with the already delicious moments they have given us thus far until the movie is out). Here is a selection of our favorite scenes and hilarious minion moments:

1. How They Would Like to be so Smooth With the Ladies


While not actually courting someone, minions make considerable efforts to remain sharp and on top of their game- they never know when the prettiest of minionettes could pass them by.

2. How They Make Sure to Eat a Healthy Diet


Concerned with their health, these cute little beings always pay attention to vitamin and mineral requirements and carry a banana at all times- just in case their glucose or potassium is low.

3. How They Help Each Other Out


Helping villains complete their plans does not mean that minions aren’t there for their friends at all times. They help each other out in a pickle.

4. How They Take Care of Their Humor


Laughter is very important to them and they never miss out on making the best of a funny opportunity.

5. How They Love Gru


The fact that they always flip out when their villain, Gru, show up to present them with his new plans shows the love they all share for him.

6. How They Don’t Miss out on Goodnight Kisses


They don’t take no for an answer- a kiss is a kiss and they all get one.

7. How They Try Their Best


Whether getting kidnapped or shopping at the mall, they always put up a fight.

8. How Much They Care about the Chores


A clean house is a happy house and minions know this. A bit of music, correct attire and they’re all set.

9. How They Pay Attention to the Important Things


When there is work to be done, no minion will be deterred no matter the reason. Or perhaps only if butts are involved.

10. How They Dance


We can all agree that this minion has got it going on!

11. How They Win Bets


Or rather enjoy the spoils of victory?

12. How They Encourage One and Other


Minions don’t make fun of each other. Instead, they try supporting their friends when they are down.

13. How They Look Fabulous in Drag


No shopping spree would be complete without a decent costume and the minions have all bases covered.

14. How They Love Giving


Yes, being useful also means giving.

15. And How They Sing Karaoke


Minions have many talents and karaoke is just of them. For all the rest, be sure to see the movie when it gets out in 2015!

That concludes our top 15. We believe that these moments are the most hilarious minion moments. This doesn’t mean that everyone shares our views. Which is your favorite minion moment? Let us known in the comment box below. We can’t get enough of these cute guys!

5 Killer Parties in The World

Whether or now you are a party animal, there have surely been some parties that you would like to relive. There have also been celebrations that left you not only out of order the next morning, but also wishing there would be a sequel. Now when you take those parties and multiply their fun factor by thousands, you get a glimpse of some of the best parties on Earth. While everyone knows about the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival, there are other monster parties that have such unique concepts and exquisite planning, you’re bound to plan at least one vacation in your life around them. Here are 5 killer parties around the world.

We know we already presented some of them in our previous post about Insane Festivals, but these parties are too awesome to miss.

Holi in Uttar Pradesh


The beginning of spring is heralded all over India when the youth are allowed to give color and express their feelings during the Holi festival. Held in Uttar Pradesh, this festival marks the triumph of good over evil and is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm. (in Indian culture, Holika, the sister of the demon Hiranya Kashyap, carried Prahlad the youngest son of God in her lap inside the burning pyre, but through the grace of God she was burnt and Prahlad survived)

Festivities last for more than a week and its main beauty lies in the fact that participants sprinkle colored water and water powder over one and other, turning the city and each other into a beautiful rainbow of colors. Moreover, in Braj, festivities also allow women of the village to beat their men with cudgels (in memory of the Gopis chasing the Gopas of Nandgaon away with “lathis”) and shower them with colored water in their expression of joy.

Chek the Video: here

Copenhagen Distortion


This festival takes place on the streets of Copenhagen as well as many other unusual locations and represents the ultimate block-party. Starting on the first Saturday of June, the festival is centered around contemporary art, street life, dance music, club culture and social art. It features more than 150 dance floors hosted by prominent icons of night- and street life (galleries, shops, magazines, people). It has an atmosphere of high-energy chaos that has a street freedom feeling to it. Lasting 5 days, festivities take place in a new neighborhood each day and concludes in a massive rave.

Check the Video: here

La Tomatina, Spain


Thought only children have fun when playing with food? Think again. This popular Spanish party is considered the largest food fight worldwide. It is so large that in Bunol, the city where it takes place, tomato juice fills the streets. It is held on the last Wednesday of August and begins in the town square, where participants try to retrieve a piece of ham tied to a pole. When the beginning of the festival is signaled, countless trucks filled with tomatoes appear, and, with the new found ammunition, the enormous food fight takes place until the end of the event.

Check the video: here 

Oktoberfest, Germany


We all know how serious Germans are about their beer, and it seems only befitting that they create a whole festival where beer is the focus. Lasting 17 or 18 days (between September and the first Sunday of October, so when it falls on the 1st or 2nd of October, the festival lasts until the 3rd of October- German Unity day), this festival gathers more than 6 million people from around the world and is the largest Volksfest in the world. The beer served may only be brewed within the limits of Munich and needs to conform to the Purity Law of beer in Germany.

Check the video: here 

Bay to Breakers, California


This annual footrace in San Francisco has participants running 12 kilometers from The Embarcadero (at the San Francisco Bay) to the Great Highway (next to the Pacific coast). However, they make this run while wearing ridiculous costumes and engaging in different degrees of public nudity. Running through the streets is not only liberating but morale lifting. Many participants say that it’s the only race where you actually forget about the running and simply have fun.

Check the video: here 

10 Insane Festivals Around the World

Humans have a habit of celebrating the most insignificant things on the planet, and who would blame them when they are searching for beauty in different places? There are several major festivals that draw immense crowds every year. Who wouldn’t love to see a Rio de Janeiro Brazilian beauty, or take part in the sophisticated Venetian masked one? Nevertheless, not all festivals in the world are as beautiful as these ones. There are some truly insane ones that will make you want to barricade yourself in the house until the festivities are over. Let’s take a look at 10 truly insane festivals around the world. We warn you that some of them are not for the faint of heart.

The Thaipuism Festival

A Hindu devotee in trance during a pilgrimage to Batu Caves Temple during Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves outside Kuala Lumpur

If you are interested in a freak-show then you should definitely attend the Thaipuism Festival. It is basically a great Hindu Gathering, celebrated in southern India where some of the most hardcore pierced people go. According to practitioners, the more pain your pierce inflicts, the more blessed you will be. But the sadistic behavior doesn’t stop here. Some partakers also pull tractors or heavy objects with the hooks in their skin. Ew!

Bolas de Fuego


Here’s a little trivia for you: at the turn of the 20th century a volcano almost completely destroyed the town of Nejapa. Since then, the residents of the village have held an appropriate festival to celebrate their survival. They throw flaming rags at one another. Doesn’t that sound absolutely lovely?

Near Death Festival


I still can’t quite wrap my head around this one. The Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme is also known under the name of the Near Death Festival. It is dedicated to the Patron saint of resurrection, and during it, people who have experience a near-death experienced are carried around in coffins to express their gratitude.

La Tomatina


Granted, you may have heard about this festival before, but this doesn’t make it any less gross. Seriously, what is it with people and tomato fights? This insane festival takes place every year in the town of Bunyol Spain. The goal is to cover the entire town in tomatoes until the fire department comes to wash it all away.

Holi Festival


This festival has gained quite the attention in the past few years. By this point you are already accustomed to people throwing stuff and smearing themselves at insane festivals, so the Holi one will not shock you. It may sound insane to throw colored powder at other people, but at least the result is beautiful. If you are interested in it you should visit India during spring. At the moment, the festival is being held in different locations, and is accompanied by amazing music.

Night of the Radishes


Here’s a truly unusual festival: the Night of Radishes. No, nobody will be throwing radishes in the crowd. This particular festival is actually quite peaceful. It happens before Christmas in Mexico. During it, different vendors display their over-sized radishes and proceed to sculpt them. It’s like artwork for vegans.

The Running of the Bulls


The fact that this festival is extremely popular doesn’t make it any less insane. People who are over 18 years and sober can participate in the run of their lives. Why would anyone volunteer to be chased by a pack of enraged bulls?

The Moose Dropping Festival


As you may very well know, the Moose is the Alaskan State’s official animal. To celebrate it, a festival where moose poop is dropped onto targets from a hot air balloons is organized. No joke.

Goose Pulling Festival


On one day of the year, somewhere in Germany or the Netherlands, the Goose Pulling Festival happens. The objective is to pull off the head of a goose that hangs from a wire, before anybody else. (Don’t worry, it’s already dead).

Goat Tossing Festival


If you have a Steam account you have probably already tried the Goat simulator. This festival is very similar to the game. In the small Spanish town of Maganeses de la Polvorosa a strange thing happens: young boys find a goat, tie it up and throw it from the church belfry. The other participants are supposed to catch it.



The Most Pointless How-To Guides on the Internet

Is the internet making you stupid? Sure, there are some brilliant pieces of entertainment to be found online but there are also some incredibly silly things such as these pointless how-to guides. If you need help doing any of these activities then the world is in a pretty sorry state.

How to Take a Shower

The Most Pointless How-To Guides on the Internet

Have you always struggled with the logistics of taking a shower? Sure, you might understand the basic concept but how does the water get from the pipes onto your skin and stuff? If you have ever wondered how to take the perfect shower then the Internet is here to help you. Strangely, the wikihow instructions on it include as many as 20 steps, with Undress and Wash Your Body among the most riveting highlights.

How to Get Ready for a Night Out

The Most Pointless How-To Guides on the Internet

We’re onto really tricky stuff now. Even if Undressing and Washing Your Body isn’t too much of a challenge for you, how can anyone expect you to get ready for a night out on your own in the 21st century? There are some stunningly pointless how-to guides on this subject, which cover crucial issues such as putting on your make up and fixing your hair. Interestingly, our old friend Take a Shower is there, so you get to enjoy 2 how-to guides for price of one.

How to Hammer a Nail into Something

The Most Pointless How-To Guides on the Internet

If you’d like, you can even watch an interesting YouTube video on this subject. It is a great watch. Most of the online how-to guides on this subject wisely point out that you need to hold the end of the wooden handle type of thing on the hammer rather than the head. Is it also worth pointing out that the thin, sharp part of the nail goes into the wall instead of the round, flat bit?

How to Stop Reading Stupid Articles

The Most Pointless How-To Guides on the Internet

The fact that you have got this far into this great article proves that you have got a degree of taste and, hey, intelligence. However, in the modern world this isn’t always enough, is it? There are probably times when even someone as cool as you ends up reading stupid articles. You might start off reading something useful but after clicking on one hyperlink too many you could end up struggling through a blog post about Justin Bieber’s latest piece of belly button fluff or how Kim Kardashian wore a new skirt yesterday that made her rear end look fractionally smaller or bigger than it looked yesterday. The good news is that wikihow has a guide to avoiding stupid articles.

How to Butter Bread

The Most Pointless How-To Guides on the Internet

Have you ever had a regrettable bread buttering incident ruin your breakfast? I guess this could happen but the only sensible piece of advice I could give on the subject is to not use frozen butter. Of course, that’s why no one lets me write pointless how-to articles. Other people have managed to wring a lot more mileage out of this seemingly banal subject. Again, there is a pretty classy YouTube video if you would like to see someone actually buttering the bread in front of your eyes as proof it can really be done. The wikihow article on the matter is a bit of cop out though, as the pictures clearly show a piece of toasted bread being buttered, which we all know is easier to do than buttering non-toasted bread.