10 Funny Text Messages For The Holiday Season


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The Christmas season is upon us and everyone sends out messages to everyone. If you plan to be a little more original this year, try taking a look at our list of funny text messages to send to people. They will most likely become quotes and everyone who will receive the messages from you will probably forward them to other people. These messages can be sent on numerous occasions, not just Christmas, so you decide when it’s best to send them. We just provided you with a list of what we think are the best messages to send to friends or relatives.

We made a list of our favorite funny messages that we want to share with you. These jokes (even though some of them are dirty) are suitable for all occasions, be it birthday, thanksgiving, valentines, Christmas or April fools and will most likely make your friends happy to be associated with witty you. So next time you decide to send texts to someone you are flirty with, don’t just send an emoji or some images (although you can combine these messages with pictures if you want to), add a little twist on your SMS with these cute messages. Here is our list of the best funny text messages you can send to your girlfriend / boyfriend for free.

1. Sexiest person on Christmas

“Last year I asked Santa for the sexiest person ever for Christmas…I woke up in a box.”

2. Bad Santa

“Santa is as bad as any other man. He comes uninvited, eats your food, leaves before you get up, and thinks giving presents will make up for not being around!”

3. The 3 stages of life

“The 3 stages of your life at Christmas:
1. You believe in Santa
2. You don’t believe in Santa
3. You are Santa”

4. Christmas means a lot of things

“Christmas may be many things, or it may be a few. For you the joy is each new toy, for me it’s watching you.”

5. Christmas carol of social networks

“Jingle Bells… MySpace smells, Twitter go away. Tumblr yuck, Bebo sucks, Facebook all the way! HEY!”

6. Santa knows when you are being naughty

“Santa knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good… so stop posting updates on Facebook as he obviously has an account!”

7. Snow women and snow men

“What’s the difference between snowmen and snow women? SNOWBALLS”

8. Christmas and the office

“Why is Christmas just like a bad day at the office?
You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.”

9. Santa Clause is jolly

“Why is Santa Claus always so jolly?
Because he knows where all the naughty girls live!”

10. A message for every holiday

“Merry Christmas, Enjoy New Year, Happy Easter, Good luck on Valentines, Spooky Halloween & Happy Birthday. Now bug off and don’t annoy me for the next 12 months!!!”

So there you have it. Next time you want to say hello to someone try using one of these very funny text messages. Just remember not to send the overly dirty ones in an attempt to be sexy to someone you plan to be romantic with or worse, to your parents or you will surely fail to make them laugh. Remember, when your mom gets alerts she will know who the message came from and you will most likely get a huge life lesson, and no one needs that. Don’t send them to someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor or to random people. You can also post these messages on tumblr or other social media networks that you use along with pics that best describe the messages. You can just copy the messages and send them or add more touches to them. It’s all up to you.

Walt Disney Movies to Rewatch this Christmas

Most of us have been stunned or amazed by the beautiful Walt Disney movies that we watched as kids so in hope of bringing some of those old feelings back, here is a list of Walt Disney movies that you should watch or rewatch during this Christmas.

If you consider yourself too old for this types of movies, think again! You might be surprised of how different a movie can impact you when you see it again after several years. Walt Disney has indeed been a genius of film and his imagination and love for movies still leaves us breathless.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – 1937

walt disney movies
This is actually Walt Disney’s first movie and even though it has been released almost eight decades ago, the story behind it is still popular.

Pinocchio – 1940

walt disney moviesThe classic story of a wooden boy whose solely wish was to turn into a real human has touched the hearts of many people for almost 75 years. Rewatch the story and remember how life was when you were little.

Cinderella – 1950

walt disney moviesTravel back in the past with another beautiful Walt Disney animated movie in which love always wins.

Alice in Wonderland – 1951

walt disney moviesEnjoy a world where nothing is impossible.

Peter Pan – 1953

walt disney moviesDo you remember how many nights you have spent in front of your window in hope of seeing Peter Pan? Yes, me too.

Lady and the Tramp – 1955

walt disney moviesEven though we were not able to understand love the same way we do now, as kids, Lady and the Tramps was still one of the best Walt Disney pictures movies.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians – 1961

walt disney moviesDogs, puppies and a story of love, courage and friendship, what is not to like about this movie?

The Jungle Book – 1967

walt disney moviesNo one is left alone and everything is better when you are singing.

The Aristocats – 1970

walt disney moviesFamily is the most important in life and there is never too late for a little adventure, so follow the wonderful quest of the Aristocats.

Robin Hood – 1973

walt disney moviesSteal from the rich and give to the poor, while struggling against an entire army.

The Little Mermaid – 1989

walt disney moviesA mesmerizing tale about how love can defeat all obstacles and about sacrifice, the Little Memaid is one of the must rewatch Walt Disney movies.

Beauty and the Beast – 1991

walt disney moviesAlthough it is not the first Walt Disney movie that came out, it is still one of the best ever animated movies.

Aladdin – 1992

walt disney moviesPartner up with Aladdin on his quest of self-improvement and on his search for love.

The Lion King – 1994

walt disney moviesSing along and have a couple of laughs while trying to forget about this young’s lion rough start in life. Hakuna Matata!

Toy Story – 1995

walt disney moviesEven some of the most unusual things can be apt of beautiful feelings and friendship is one of the most important things in life.

Hercules – 1997

walt disney moviesYou have the power to give up everything for the person you love most.

Tarzan – 1999

walt disney moviesThere is nothing wrong with being different and you should not change for anyone or anything.

Monsters, Inc – 2001

walt disney moviesStart searching again for monsters under your bed but instead of being frightened, find creatures that you can become best friends with.

Finding Nemo – 2003

walt disney moviesThere is nothing more powerful than parental love.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – 2006

walt disney moviesAnother Walt Disney masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Halloween and Christmas are definitely meant to be together.

WALL-E – 2008

walt disney moviesWALL-E is a beautiful and touching movie that introduces modern technology to the unique feeling of love.

Up – 2009

walt disney moviesEven though Up may appear as a sad movie at the beginning, it is definitely one of the best ever animated movies.

Frozen – 2013

walt disney moviesAlthough Frozen is a pretty popular movie right now, it does actually have a wonderful story to tell.

Saving Mr Banks – 2013

walt disney moviesSaving Mr Banks is a Tom Hanks Walt Disney movie that can be watched with the entire family. Get a peek into the life of Walt Disney, one of the most beautiful people who ever lived.

It does not matter what movie you actually choose to watch or rewatch, when it comes to Walt Disney movies, animated or not, you will still enjoy every bit of the movie and you will not want to leave the fantastic world that lays in front of you with every second of the movie.

Walt Disney movies will always have a certain charm and be enjoyable no matter what age you are.  For watching movies without downloading them you can also use Youtube.

The full collection of Walt Disney movies can be found here.

11 Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

For those of you who love giving out presents for Christmas but don’t have a budget as big as your hearts, this list of inexpensive homemade Christmas gift ideas is made to come to your aid.

There is nothing more valuable than a gift from the heart and some of the most precious gifts can be made in the comfort of your own home. There is not much preparation needed for them either, especially if you want to surprise someone with something small but joyful and sometimes, last minute.

Spread the holiday cheer and offer the special people in your life, a cute and unique Christmas present.

1. Paper clip and Thread Earrings

inexpensive christmas giftsAll you need for the making of these cool earrings is two paperclips, thread in different colors and two earring clips. These earrings are certainly one of the best ideas for homemade Christmas gifts and there are really easy to make. Click here for the tutorial.

2. Bracelets out of old Jerseys

inexpensive christmas giftsHave you ever wondered what else you can do with those couple of old jerseys that have been lying around in your closet? Well, you will be surprised by the answer but, bracelets! Simply cut off a large and wide enough strand from your jersey and knit it into a cool bracelet! Full tutorial here.

3. Clock out of paper plate

inexpensive christmas giftsIf you want to choose a really cool homemade Christmas gift idea, use paper plates with a significant meaning or just a colorful motif and transform them into wall clocks. Get the full tutorial here.

4. Bath Soak and Spa Scrub

inexpensive christmas giftsOne of the most unique homemade gift ideas for Christmas is to actually create a spa scrub and bath soak for someone you love and who deserves a proper bath time. Get the full instructions here and don’t hesitate to add your own favorite scents or flavors.

 5. Watch out, here comes the candy sleigh!

inexpensive christmas giftsWhen it comes to kids, any colorful thing can bring a bit of joy in their life. If you want the kids in your family to have a fun surprise under the Christmas tree, simply turn their regular candy into an awesome Christmas sleigh! You can not go wrong with this  homemade Christmas gift ideas for kids. Get the instructions here.

6. Popcorn with a twist

inexpensive christmas giftsIn order to add a bit of Christmas flavor to your usual snack, chop up some candy canes and melt them along marshmallows and butter, then add regular popcorn to the mixture. The end result is sure to stun any sort of crowd! Tasteful, easy and part of the greatest homemade Christmas gift ideas, the candy cane popcorn should surely be tried out. The full recipe can be found here.

 7. Oven mittens

inexpensive christmas giftsImpress your grandma this Christmas by offering her a new pair of oven mittens that you can actually make yourself. Simply use an old pair of mittens and freshen them up a bit, by adding different types of material to the old design or simply add some new accessories to them. One of the ideas on how to do it can be found here.

8. Get your ‘Spa day’ in a jar

inexpensive christmas giftsWho does not love a day at a spa? You get to relax reading a book or doing something else that you really enjoy, while sensing loads of flavors and tingling in your whole body. Have been trying to convince your husband that he should try out a spa treatment so that he can see what’s he missing out on? Nothing simpler! With this simple DIY idea, you get to recreate an entire spa session in a jar.

9. DIY Christmas basket for Him

inexpensive christmas giftsOne of the most inexpensive homemade Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend is to create a basket for him, with different types of personal hygiene items such as shaving cream or scented soap. For recipes on how to make your own shaving cream, you can check out this link.

10. DIY Christmas basket for Her

inexpensive christmas giftsNot all baskets should contain food so when it comes to homemade Christmas gift basket ideas, the choices are countless. If you want to really impress the women in your life, simply create a basket filled with the stuff she loves, from homemade body scrubs to candles or bath puffs. Find some of the easiest recipes for homemade sugar scrubs here.

 11. Funny Christmas Gifts

inexpensive christmas giftsIf you want to impress the prankster in your family with an original gag Christmas gift, purchase some of these hilarious stickers that you can find on amazon.


For more homemade Christmas gift ideas on Pinterest, follow this link.

9 Cool Christmas Crafts for Kids

When it comes to Christmas, everyone in the family should engage in an activity that can involve food, Christmas ornaments or decorations. Kids however are not as easy to handle or please so here are some cool Christmas crafts to keep them busy and entertained.

1. Hand Printed Decorations and Ornaments

cool christmas craftsPaint your hand in different colors and then touch your simple Christmas globes to create some pretty cool snowmen or reindeer designs. In terms of Christmas Arts and Craft, this is one of the prettiest and simplest ideas.

2. Snowmen out of paper rolls

cool christmas craftsWho knew something as “useless” as a toilet paper roll can be put to such a good use? I certainly didn’t! Put your small artist to work on one of these really cool kids crafts for Christmas and teach him how to make something really amazing from something as ordinary as a paper roll. Full instructions here.

3. Yummy Pasta into Cool easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

cool christmas craftsThe only things you will need in terms of Christmas tree ornaments this year are going to be pasta and different color spray paints. Follow this link to see in how many ways you can use simple pasta to create one of the most stunning Christmas ornament crafts for kids.

4. Pinecones as small Christmas Tress

cool christmas craftsAnother great Christmas craft for kids is to let them transform a simple pine cone into a miniature Christmas tree. By simply painting the cone and gluing different ornaments onto it, they can create something truly beautiful. Click here for other ideas.

5. Amazing Wreaths out of Paper

cool christmas craftsIf this Christmas you are a bit tired of the common Christmas wreaths that you can buy in shops, put your kids to work on a joyful paper wreath. By simply cutting out pieces of paper following a certain pattern, you can teach your little ones to make new shapes and introduce them to the world of Christmas craft ideas for kids. Follow the link here for detailed instructions.

6. Snowy winter in a wine glass

cool christmas craftsOne of the most beautiful Christmas crafts for kids to make is definitely this idea. Use artificial snow glued onto a piece of round cardboard with either Christmas trees, animals or other things which inspire holiday cheer and place them under a wine glass. To make the assembly even more amazing, you can also put a candle on the glass’s foot. Tutorials and ideas can be found here.

7. Plastic bottle snowflakes

cool christmas craftsA great idea that you can find on Pinterest Christmas crafts for kids is using the bottom of plastic bottles to create snowflakes. Simply cut off the bottom of the bottle, and then use silver or white paint to make the outline of your snowflake and attach a string to it. It is as easy as it sounds! However, be sure to not let children use cutting tools unsupervised. Tutorial and other ideas here.

8. Reindeers out of Bottles

cool christmas craftsIf you have leftover brown bottles of beer or soda you can actually turn them into Christmas ornaments. Use a pair of googly eyes, a red nose and rain horns and make your old bottles feel new again. Follow this link for further instructions.

9. Snowmen out of bottle caps

cool christmas craftsCollect bottle caps to make snowmen out of them. Tie together three bottle caps, paint the inside of them and add different types of materials or fabric to make the snowman look more realistic. Full tutorial here.


By following at least one or two ideas presented in this article you do not only get to spend some quality time with your children but you can also teach them how they can use old or ordinary objects and turn them into something new, with a bit of effort.

Instead of just buying new ornaments each year, let your child express himself and create something unique.

For more Christmas crafts for kids Pinterest, follow this link.


10 Cool Things to do in Chicago during Winter

Although Chicago’s nickname is “the windy city”, it is still a very enjoyable destination all year round. Every season has its own beauty, especially when it comes to a big and lively city such as Chicago.

Many people tend to spend their winters snuggling under a blanket, streaming movies on Netflix and ordering take-out, but there is so much more out there to discover. To convince you of this fact, here is a list of some of the best cool things to do in Chicago during winter season.

1. Chicago sports teams

cool things to do in ChicagoOne of the most fun things to do in Chicago is to attend a sports game. Chicago Bears and Chicago Wolves are two of the major sports teams that play in the name of the city – the bears play football, while the Wolves play hockey. Experience life in sub-zero temperature while cheering for your favorite team and feel as alive as ever!

2. McCormick Tribune Skating Rink

cool things to do in ChicagoIn terms of free things to do in Chicago during winter, the McCormick Ice Skating Rink is one of your best choices. Be amazed by the stunning sculpture of Millenium Park while ice skating on one of the most beautiful rinks in the States. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Chicago with kids, as everyone can learn to enjoy skates. Take note however about the fact that the admission fee is free of charge, but you have to pay for skates’ rental, if you don’t already own a pair.

3. The Rosebud

cool things to do in ChicagoExperience an authentic and delicious Italian dinner at the Rosebud restaurant, situated on W. Taylor Street. Imagine that this restaurant was Frank Sinatra’s favorite, so you should definitely consider visiting it!

4. Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

cool things to do in ChicagoThis festival is another great idea when it comes to free thing to do in Chicago. Visit Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo while watching a spectacular light show and several demonstrations which include ice carving or carolers.

5. Museums

cool things to do in Chicago  5If you are looking for different things to see in Chicago, two of the best museums that you can check out are The Field Museum and The Museum of Science & Industry. You can either choose to meet “Sue”, a giant dinosaur fossil at the Field or take a plunge back in history at the Science Museum, either case, you will definitely have something to talk about after this Chicago experience.

6. Hershey Kisses from Chicago

cool things to do in ChicagoOn Michigan Avenue you can find a fancy little shop where you can enjoy an amazing cup of Hershey’s Hot Chocolate, among other treats and candy from the same popular producer.

7. Dave and Busters

cool things to do in ChicagoThings to do in Chicago today? If you travel 30 minutes away from downtown, into the suburb you will find a new location of Dave and Busters – a popular restaurant, bar and gaming arena, which is definitely one of the top places you need to check out during a cold Chicago winter day.

8. Winter activities

cool things to do in ChicagoWhen it comes to things to do in Chicago this weekend, given the fact that the weather is starting to get colder and snow is going to be abundant pretty soon, enjoy some winter activities. The parks and forests around the city are perfect for any kind of winter activity such as skiing, snowboarding or even sledding with your kids.

9. Take pictures with “The Bean”

cool things to do in ChicagoThe Cloud Gate sculpture or simply The Bean in the Millennium Park has received both international and local attention as it is a beautiful sculpture that stuns people due to its reflective nature.

10. Go Shopping!

cool things to do in ChicagoAt last, another one of the best and easiest tasks that you can complete when it comes to Chicago: things to do is just go shopping. Whether you just want to enjoy the window displays or seek for Christmas presents for you and your loved ones, Chicago offers a variety of small shops or huge shopping centers that can please even the pickiest of people. Oakbrook Center is one of the prettiest shopping centers in Chicago and it is actually situated outdoors.

Even though the beauty of a big city is in the fact that it offers a large range of possibilities and choices to different categories of people, you should always take in consideration the fact that big city = big crowds. If you want to avoid the busy traffic or large crowds of tourists, try to reach your objectives during early or quite late hours and try to plan ahead your trip.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas about the things to do Chicago edition.