The Best Cartoon Network Shows We Used to Watch as Kids

Whenever we look back on our childhoods, we unconsciously think of the fantastic world composed by cartoons. Thanks to cartoons, we developed our creativity and imagination; we had something to do that would also result in entertainment and some good moral lessons now and then. In that field, Cartoon Network was the king. Although it’s undeniably successful these days thanks to hit shows such as Steven Universe, The Regular Show, and Adventure Time, the old Cartoon Network was as big then as it is now. How’s that for aging the right way?

Cartoon Network shows were part of our childhood, and surely they were part of the childhood of many other millennials. So, follow us on this nostalgia trip as we recall some of the greatest productions of the channel.

Cartoon Network Shows

Ed, Edd n Eddy

It was a controversial show that certainly many moms frowned upon. It could definitely be insanely caddish, let’s admit, but wasn’t that the whole point? Literally every character on the show had the flaw of being irreparably dumb, even the supposedly-wise Double D, at times. The adventures of this iconic trio were all centered on materialism and an uncanny dedication to having a taste of Cul-de-Sac’s hottest and most sought after candy – the Jawbreaker.

Cartoon Network Shows

Courage the Cowardly Dog

If released today, Courage would probably be one of those shows that moms would ally against and demand it to be banned. This show was grim, bizarre, filled with dark humor, and very often traumatizing. Everyone who has seen the show reminisces on it with hollow eyes and a small shudder. But this was Courage’s selling point.

The cartoon depicts the adventures of the ironically named dog Courage as he tries to keep safe his two owners against the various horrifying supernatural phenomena hitting them. From zombies to demon summoning, to armies of eggplants, to lake spirits, and to psychotic barbers, Courage was the kids’ version of American Horror Story.

Cartoon Network Shows

Teen Titans (The Good One)

This alliance of superheroes has been defending Earth through the entirety of many of our childhoods. After cartoon adaptations of Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman, Cartoon Network brought to the little screens a lesser known team at the time. They basically did to the world of superhero cartoons what Marvel did in its cinematic universe by bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Teen Titans was the perfect balance of action, humor, and emotion, being able to toy with your feelings in any way you could think. Brilliantly animated, this show actually tells an in-depth story and many people today weep after the original after having watched the poorly satirical reboot.

Cartoon Network Shows

The Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, spice, and everything nice… There’s no better time to remember this iconic show than now, given the fact that 2016 is the year of its revival (hopefully better executed than Teen Titans GO!). The Powerpuff Girls may be small and colorful, but they were the undeniable heroes of Townsville. They were the reason why many little girls stopped wanting to be princesses and reoriented towards being heroes instead.

Aside from all the world-saving, The Powerpuff Girls also brought up the daily struggles of children and girls, providing moral lessons than plenty of adults today could learn from.

Cartoon Network Shows

Dexter’s Laboratory

Before Dexter was a murdering justifier, he was a science prodigy. No matter where you were, the first accords of this cartoon’s intro were as easy to distinguish as Mandark’s trademark laughing style. This was a show that constantly left us frustrated because all that Dexter wanted was to change the world through science, but his plans were constantly interrupted by his spastic sister, Didi.

The list could go on forever, but without providing more in-depth explanations, here are a few memorable titles that you definitely remember: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Codename: Kids Next Door, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack, Hi Hi Puffy AmyYumi, Tom and Jerry, and Scooby Doo.  

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Fun Fitness Facts You Didn’t Know

Just like dieting, working out and exercising has quite a few experts wrapped up in debates. What is good, what is bad, and what is better? It’s always difficult to tell due to the sheer mass of opinions scribbled around the internet or directly coming from the mouths of personal trainers. However, most would agree with one thing: it works differently for everyone.

No matter the routine or how efficient it is, our bodies are different, and the same exercise could show varied results on certain people. Few things remain unchanged, so here are some fun fitness facts that you might’ve not known before. Exercise is as serious as you make it.

Your Booty is The Largest Muscle in Your Body

woman doing butt exercise

Keep working it, as there are tons of exercises that would define the gluteus maximus. It’s likely where you’ll first notice the results, and how well you fit into a new pair of jeans. Be it squats, running, or anything else that puts those muscles to work, you will be able to tell in no time.

Your Calf Muscles Produce The Most Force, And Your Jaw The Most Pressure


eating an apple

The soleus muscle, the one that helps you walk and stand, is capable of producing the most force. That is why the best advice you will receive is that you need to “push with your legs, not your back”. It will save you a few injuries as long as you remember that. Your legs are far more powerful than your back muscles will ever be.

Your jaw, however, will produce the most pressure. In fact, the human jaw has impressive capabilities, able to muster up strength of 975 pounds for 2 seconds. Imagine what your food is going through. It is lucky that is the standard for adults because you are far more likely to be bitten by a kid. One can only picture the pain if that were the case.

Your Heart is Your Body’s Hardest Worker

woman jogging

It’s important to care for our hearts in every sense of the word. Physically, it has exceptional capabilities, and cardiovascular disease is still the leading killer in numerous countries, including the United States. Our heart is doing its best, though. It beats approximately 100,000 times per day, constantly working to keep your blood flow going. It pumps around 2,000 gallons of it per day, and it takes just 1 minute for all your blood to go through your entire body once. Exercise your heart to give it a helping hand.

Fat is Released Through Breathing

breathing while exercising

It seems that fat is actually released through carbon dioxide once we breathe out. So, yes, it’s definitely a component, no matter how automatic it may be, to help us remove the extra fat. However, don’t start breathing rapidly just yet in order to trim down some pounds. Your lungs cannot do it by themselves. You will still need to establish a calorie deficit when it comes to intake versus consumption.

However, whatever fat is not turned into carbon dioxide is released from our bodies through bodily fluids, such as sweat. Breathing it out helps, though. While you’re exercising, you can release around 2377.8 gallons of air per hour.

Sweating is Not The Ultimate Sign of Weight Loss

sweaty man jogging

Perhaps it’s viewed as the prime hint that your workout is working and that you are well on your way to burning that fat and building those muscles. However, it’s not the indicator you may believe it is. You will sweat sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, but do you really think you will lose weight? No. Most of that is just water, and will be replenished once you hydrate yourself. Just because you’re sweating does not mean you’re losing weight, and not sweating during a workout does not mean your muscles aren’t hard enough at work.

Exercise Will Land You A Better Sex Life

couple exercising

Exercising leads to longer cardio workouts, more energy, and a much, much better body image of yourself, which ultimately will result in confidence. Need there be said more?

Good Body, Happy Life

happy after exercising

It’s not a general rule, of course, but studies have shown that exercise not only boosts your confidence, it also makes you a happier person due to the chemicals released during an intense workout. If you have seen Legally Blonde, there is a line that offers the gist that “Exercise makes people happy. Happy people don’t kill other people.”. It’s likely as ridiculous as it sounds in that particular context, and no one is saying that it’s the only thing that will keep you away from killing people, but there is truth to Elle Woods’ words.

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Cheap Vacations To Go On This Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and, along with it, so is the busiest holiday season of the year. With kids finally ridding themselves of that tedious time-occupying burden called “school,” there’s no better time for parents to take some time off work and book a family vacation. This is the consensus, so it’s pretty expected that travel agencies are buzzing with people interested in offers. They likely won’t be lining up at your door and begging you to take on one of their packages. Worse than that, many agencies purposely spice up their prices and all-inclusive offers are selling away as fast as fresh bread.

What’s there left to do, then? For starters, lay off the Paris, London, or Maldives vacations for now. Since they are extremely popular destinations, they’ll be the hottest deals and, by association, they’ll also have the “hottest” prices attached to them. In your quest for cheap vacations, you need to look towards other destinations that maybe aren’t as sought after, mostly because of lack of information. They’re as beautiful and worth-visiting as the previously mentioned top destinations, so it’s a guarantee that, in this instance, “cheap” doesn’t equal “dullness.”

Cheap Vacations

Yellowstone, USA

If you’re looking for an escape from the rhythm of urban life, Yellowstone is your place to turn to for a good time and beautiful scenery. A seven-day entry pass to the Yellowstone National Park can be purchased in exchange for a one-time, hugely advantageous fee. Aside from being a hiking hotspot and a haven for explorers and adventurers, Yellowstone’s Old Faithful and the Mammoth Hot Springs compose only the tip of the iceberg that is the park’s must-see attractions.

Cheap Vacations

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

For those seeking an escapade into the heart of the Caribbean, look no further than Santo Domingo. Admittedly, it’s not the place to go if you’re interested in cheap vacations by the shore of the ocean. However, it’s ideal for those who wish to have a taste of Caribbean history and to venture into an urban adventure of sightseeing. Among some of its top attractions, we count the story-filled Catedral Primada de America and the Fortaleza Ozama. Rumor has it that nightlife in the heart of the Malecon is not something to be missed out either, being considered one of the best in the Caribbean.

Cheap Vacations

Biloxi, USA

What do you get when you combine the thrills of gambling with some beach relaxation? Mississippi’s Biloxi is the result. It’s the perfect destination for those who often have changes of heart about what kind of experience they seek in their vacation. When the gambling doesn’t cut it for you anymore, you can head over to a ferry that will take you to Ship Island, a land of pristine Gulf beaches. Make sure to leave some time for a visit to the Biloxi Lighthouse too, which stands proudly as one of the first cast-iron lighthouses in the South.

Cheap Vacations

Lisbon, Portugal

If you wish to break through the borders of Europe on a minimal budget, Lisbon is a perfect starting point. Considered to be generally the cheapest European capital for tourists, Lisbon is Portugal’s tourism hotspot, for a good reason too. Travelers that first set their foot on these Portuguese grounds must do so in comfortable footwear, prepared with packed provisions, and with a thorough map of public transport. Tram 28, for instance, has become one of the city’s attractions by itself, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other places to sightsee other than it. Visit the hilly Alfama or the waterfront Belem neighborhoods or take a trip 20 miles outside of Lisbon to visit the Sintra.

Cheap Vacations

Fort Lauderdale, USA

Florida’s beach towns are generally at their peak of tourists during winter and spring and Fort Lauderdale is no exception. It’s easy to snatch some great packages and offers that will both be easy on your savings and incredibly worth it. Fort Lauderdale is considered to be America’s Venice, with streets rich in art exhibitions and concerts. Moreover, all of the incursions in the history-filled streets of Lauderdale can be preceded by an afternoon of sunbathing on the Fort Lauderdale beach.

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The Best Stories For Kids Ever Written

Some of the most iconic and timeless pieces of literature were aimed at children. In fact, The Little Prince happens to be the third best-selling book of all time, having sold over 100 million copies worldwide, despite the fact that it was in French. It’s a good thing that language barriers can’t keep the message of a good story from getting across to the audience.

We have to ask – is reading as much of a dying breed as it’s made out to be? Surely there are plenty of people who consider that the little ones born and raised during the technological boom of the 2010’s have no interest in this activity. You look left and right and undoubtedly notice at least one child who is thoroughly absorbed in some application on a smartphone. But that doesn’t mean they can’t read, let alone that they’re not interested in it. Children are interested in anything that helps polish their imagination and creativity, so chances are that they’ll fall in love with any of the many stories for kids that you’d put in their hands.

So, knowing that, where do we begin? The children stories market is in a competition just like any other market, so there are definitely some ups and downs. Below, you’ll find a small list of recommendations on stories for kids that are objectively (and even a little bit subjectively) considered to be the best of the best.

P.S. It’s also filtered by age categories.

Stories For Kids

Maurice Sendak, “Where the Wild Things Are”

A story with only 40 pages, Where the Wild Things Are managed to leave its mark on literature. The plot depicts a young boy named Max, who enjoys dressing up as a wolf and wreaking havoc around his household. After he is sent to bed without supper, he realizes that his bedroom as turned into a strange jungle inhabited by bizarre animals and monsters called “Wild Things.” After scaring every being on the island with the costume, he is crowned as the king of Wild Things. However, his adventure is cut short when he returns home, where he finds a warm meal waiting for him.

The story is blunt and straight to the point, having at core a moral lesson that can be easily grasped and understood by children of the age range it’s marketed for. The success of this short story spawned an opera adaptation and a movie version, released in 2009.

Stories For Kids

A.A. Milne, “The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh”

The little golden pooh who feels very strongly about honey is one of the most memorable characters to come from a children’s book. Winnie-the-Pooh is the first of Milne’s collection of stories which depict the whereabouts and adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his likewise iconic friends. The book mentioned here is a glossary which contains essentially all of them. Since the publishing of the first story, there have been spawned numerous adaptations, including a popular cartoon series.

Pooh’s success comes from the simplicity of the plot and setting. Children love animals and, if they loved the storybook, then they’ll definitely love the concept of imagining themselves as the boy present in the cartoons. There is something about being surrounded by friendly, colorful, talking animals that is guaranteed to make any child happy.

Stories For Kids

Dr. Seuss, “The Cat in the Hat”

Dr. Seuss conveyed one of the biggest dreams of any children – a magical appearance from an equally magic entity that will take them on an adventure of fun and laughs. The memorably looking Cat shows up at the house of Sally and her unnamed brother, determined to entertain them while they’re home alone and stuck inside because of rain downpours. After wrecking the whole house, he conceives a machine that miraculously puts everything back in place before he takes his leave.

The plot is as simple as it gets and, in a way, it essentially explains why children are so fascinated by tricks and magic shows. In a sense, they may be seeing a little bit of the Cat in every performer, even if they haven’t read the story yet.

Stories For Kids

The Brothers Grimm, “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”

Yet another example of a collection of multiple stories rather than a standalone one, the fairytales crafted by the Grimm brothers are as timeless as they are iconic. Extremely varied and imaginative, this amassing of stories contains famous titles of the likes of Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, or Briar Rose.  All of these stories, even separately, are definitely topping the list of fairytales every child should know.

The elevated age range comes from the considerably more subtle morality of the stories, as well as the inclusion a certain graphicness. We all know how the woodchopper cuts the Big Bad Wolf in two to free Little Red and her grandmother and, generally, the presence of evil is much more accentuated.

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Taking the Harry Potter London Tour – What Can You See?

Harry Potter London

The best way to determine the success of a product, whether it’s a movie, book, or TV show, is to pit it against the ruthless passing of time. It’s easy for a certain something to be a one-time hit that will get lost among the tides and replaced by the other future products to come. Harry Potter definitely isn’t one of those one-hit marvels. The tale about a wizard boy destined to defeat an evil wizard lord together with his wizard companions changed the world so much that no matter how many times I write the word “wizard,” I can only think about the series. Sorry, Merlin, maybe fight some basilisks, werewolves, and dementors and give it another shot.

The success of the franchise was a bit surprising, especially considering the fact that J.K. Rowling got turned down by plenty of publications when she presented them her manuscript for Sorcerer’s Stone. Not only did she continue writing six more books after that, but they were also equally brilliantly adapted in a total of eight movies. Speaking of which, it was also the first series to tackle down the now overused “split the last book into two movies” formula that was picked up by other titles of the likes of Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent.

But if you thought that all of those things previously mentioned are enough for Harry Potter to leave a long-lasting mark on the history of literature, you were right. However, that didn’t stop the world of witchcraft and wizardry from expanding even further, fortunately for us. As time passes, the tales of Hogwarts are slowly diving into the nostalgic category and, in no time, people who have grown up with the franchise will look back to their childhood series with bittersweet melancholy. The good news is that we can all tame this nostalgic impulse, by going on a Harry Potter London adventure.

Harry Potter London

Enter the Magical World of Hogwarts (Literally)

If you’re a Potterhead, paying a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is an absolute must. The studios are the heart and foundation of the popular films and they have opened their gates to guests. In exchange for £66 tickets (£61 for children), visitors are able to trek through the original sets where the movies were shot. They showcase everything from unique costumes, props, animatronics, and special effects secrets to an environment that feels so genuine you’ll begin wondering if you’re not a muggle anymore.

There are many things that you will see on the tour, including the sets for the Great Hall, Ollivander’s Wand Shop, the Gryffindor Common Room, Dumbledore’s Office, Umbridge’s Office, Hagrid’s Hut, and plenty of other iconic locations.

To give away just a few of the secrets previously mentioned, there is one particular highlight that is bound to draw gasps from any visitor laying their eyes on it. Built to a 1:24 scale, the original model of Hogwarts is going to make you wonder how anyone could have the patience to craft it so finely and with so much attention to detail. The replica is the original that was used for shots of Hogwarts’ exterior during the first six movies. I’m certain that pretty much all of us didn’t doubt for a second that the castle didn’t actually exist, which makes the mastery of this construction all the more incredible.

Harry Potter London

If you’re curious about the way the impressive magical creatures were brought to our screens, the studio tour gives you a peek at an 18-foot wide Aragog hanging from the ceiling, an animatronic Buckbeak, and several models that have been used for Dobby the House Elf.

At the end of an eventful tour day like this, visitors that have a decent amount of money can stop at a merchandise shop, which is rich in items of the highest quality. You can buy any of the Horcruxes, polyester scarves for any of the houses, and even sweets. The cheapest item available for grabs is a £3.95 lollipop, with the most expensive one being a high-quality replica of Dumbledore’s robe, purchasable in exchange for a jaw-dropping £495.95.

Harry Potter London

Find Out if You’re One of Voldemort’s Lost Soul Pieces

Who doesn’t love a good, old trip to the zoo? It was at the Reptile House in the London Zoo where Harry discovered that he had the gift of Parseltongue when he realized he was able to communicate with a python. In many senses, this was the place where it all began. Sure, the trigger for the action was Hagrid’s legendary “Yer a wizard, Harry,” but it was thanks to this friendly reptilian that the audience started realizing something fishy was going on. Not only did it give an idea that he wasn’t an average child, but it was a foreshadowing that would only be explained in Chamber of Secrets.

If you’re planning to head to the Reptile House, you might as well take a look around the whole zoo. You may do this for as much as £24.25 for a ticket, with the cheapest being a children’s £17.60 ticket.

Harry Potter London

Jam Your Trolley Into a Wall (Don’t Actually Do It)

Good news – this one is for free. Head over to King’s Cross station and stop to snap a memorable photo next to the famous Platform 9 ¾. The platform was ingeniously designed to offer visitors the full Harry Potter experience, by having a trolley stuck in its wall. Moreover, you may even visit the Harry Potter Shop, located near the platform and decorated to resemble Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

Other than these three key locations, there are other places you may visit that not only will make you sigh deeply remembering all your childhood memories but will also offer you a small London sightseeing experience. Stop at the Leadenhall covered Victorian market to see where many of the shots for Diagon Alley were taken. Pass through Piccadilly Circus to reminiscence the place where the Golden Trio fled to after Fleur’s and Bill’s wedding got swarmed by Death Eaters. And since you need to travel to get to these places, might as well visit the Westminster Tube and follow the route to the Ministry of Magic that Harry and Arthur Weasley took in Order of the Phoenix.

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