5 Upcoming Xbox One Games

What does one do after buying one of the fanciest game consoles available on the market? One must get the fanciest games to go with that. The bad news is that there are so many games out there and you cannot really buy them all (although that would be awesome). Thus, one needs to make a thorough selection and choose only the best ones. And by best we mean super exciting, super looking and super engaging. Let us look at some of the most exciting upcoming Xbox One games, shall we? Our selection will please everyone, we guarantee it.

1. Skylanders: Trap Team

Once you’ve bought yourself the latest generation of game console you need to have a game that will measure up. We believe that the new game from Skylanders called Trap Team will satisfy even the most pretentious of players. Do you remember last year’s Skylanders Swap Force? The new one is even better. It comes with better visuals and exclusive content for all you die-hard fans out there. With the new Trap Team game you will be able to trap the bad dudes in-game in something called Traptanium. The creators of the new game say that the Skylanders gaming experience will be as exciting as ever but enhanced with plenty of new features. We can hardly wait to get our hands on one of the best upcoming Xbox One games. We foresee hours and hours of playing… Skylanders: Trap Team will hit the stores on October 5. Meanwhile you can pre-order it from here.

2. Alien: Isolation

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a huge Alien movies fan. I loved them all and still hoping (praying) for a new one. Until then I will have to quench my thirst with some Alien games. But being a huge fan, I’m pretty picky about any games that might come under this name. Last one, Alien: Colonial Marines was not my favorite, and that’s putting it mildly. It didn’t bring anything new to the franchise and it had some bad controls. It’s not the worst game I’ve ever played but it’s mediocre. So that’s why I’m pretty reluctant about the new Alien: Isolation. From what I’ve seen and heard so far, it’s supposed to be more on the survival mode, rather than action, which is fine with me. The trailers look really creepy so I’m guessing it won’t be that bad. Alien: Isolation is scheduled to be released on October 7.

3. The Evil Within

One of the most anticipated upcoming Xbox One games is The Evil Within. Real gamers might recognize the name Shinji Mikami, as the master mind behind super games like Resident Evil 4 and Shadow of the Damned. Yup, this guy really knows how to scare the bejesus out of us and The Evil Within is no exception. From the trailers, this game looks dark, bloody and super scary, just the way we like them. The Evil Within will be released on October 14.

4. The Walking Dead

Being a fan of The Walking Dead TV series I was super excite to hear that they will be making a game version of it. Now they’ve announced a new season and I’m dying to get my hands on a copy. The new season of The Walking Dead will be released on October 14.

5. Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Assassin’s Creed fans rejoice! The new game is called Unity and will be set in France, Ubisoft announced. I’m just wondering what historical figure will they feature? Marie Antoinette? Louis XVI? We’ll wait and see. The game will be released on October 28.

What do you think of the upcoming Xbox One Games? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to play?



Top 5 of the Most Expensive Barbie Dolls On the Planet

For many girls (and boys) the Barbie doll isn’t just a regular plastic toy. I remember when I got my first Barbie: it was for my 7th birthday and it was exactly the one I wanted. Many years have passed since then and my Barbie is still one of the most precious belongings I have. Barbie is a cultural icon and people spend thousands of dollars on “special edition” Barbies. There are collectible Barbie dolls that cost a fortune.  If you ever wondered about the most expensive Barbie dolls on the planet, check out our list:

1. Stefano Canturi Barbie – $632,000

That’s right ladies and gentleboys, this Barbie costs more than half million dollars. What’s so special about this rare doll you might ask? When Mattel wanted to launch the Barbie Basics Australian collection, they asked Stefano Canturi (a famous jewelry designer) to help make it special. And special it was. What makes this doll one of the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world is that it wears a necklace made out of a rare one carat pink diamond. Surrounding the pink diamonds are several other smaller three carats white diamonds. And that’s not all. This Barbie is also wearing a diamond ring on her glued-together fingers. Stefano Canturi has personally designed all the jewelry in his famous Cubism style. The most expensive Barbie in the world was unveiled in 2010 at the Australian Fashion Week and “blinded” everyone attending with its diamond shine. Shine bright like a diamond…

2.  The Diamond Castle Barbie – $95,000

In 2008 Barbie starred in Barbie and the Diamond Castle, a computer animation feature film. Although the movie wasn’t a hit, the producers thought it would help promoting it if they made a very expensive Barbie doll. And they did. This Barbie doll’s dress was encrusted with no less than 315 real diamonds. Talk about an expensive glittery experience. Unfortunately, this super expensive Barbie didn’t help with the movie’s promotion. Well, at least it entered our top list of the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world. Better than nothing, right?

3. The De Beers Barbie – $85,000

In 1999, when Barbie celebrated its 40th anniversary, famous jewelry company De Beers wanted to make a very special doll. Barbie was unveiled wearing a belt encrusted with more than 150 real diamonds and white gold jewelry.

4. The First Barbie Doll Ever – $8,000

The first Barbie doll was released in 1959. As you can see, it looked much different that it looks today. It had holes in its heels, white irises, blue eye shadow and black outlines. The eyebrows were arched, unlike the modern Barbies which have rounded eyebrows. The first edition of Barbie dolls were blonde and brunette. Back then they cost $3 and now you can get one for $8,000. If your Barbie has holes in the bottom of the feet it means you are a lucky owner of a first edition model. In a few years it will cost double so keep it safe.

5. The Lorraine Schwartz Barbie – $7,500

Lorraine Schwartz is a famous American diamond and jewelry designer whose works have been worn by many celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez Beyonce and Hale Berry. One of the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world is dressed in a $25,000 diamonds encrusted dress. Although this Barbie was worth more than $25,000, it was sold at an auction for only $7,500. We might add she or he is one lucky Barbie aficionado.

We really hope you enjoyed our top 5 of the most expensive Barbie dolls ever sold. For us, Barbie lovers, these dolls are priceless, right?





The 4 Best Apps for Losing Weight

These days, having apps on our phone is almost as important as having the phone itself. Sure, there are plenty of apps which are quite useless and their only purpose is to load the phone’s memory until we decide to uninstall them. In this article we don’t want to talk about useless apps. We want to share with you some of the best apps for losing weight which are known to help users lose some of the unwanted pounds. These apps are free to download and they’re worth having on the phone. Here they are:

1. Lose It!

lose it app

One of the best apps for losing weight is the popular Lose It! app. You can download for free on your Apple or Android smart mobile devices to track the calories of the food you eat. It’s also a great exercise app where you can put the current weight and the ideal weight you want to achieve. The app will tell you how many calories you need to eat daily and how long it will take you to reach your goal. Another cool thing about Lose It! is that you can chat online with other users to encourage and share tips and tricks about losing weight. This is a must-have app with which you can scan the barcodes of plenty of products and it will tell you the nutritional values and the calories you’re about to eat. The Lose It! app makes weight lose activities look like fun and we highly recommend it.

2. Fooducate

fooducate app

Fooducate is a very smart app that will help its users identify those foods that are not healthy to eat. It does it by scanning the barcodes of many foods and saves you the time you would have spent researching each and every food item. With Fooducate you just scan the barcode of the product you’re interested in and it will give you all the info you need: number of calories per serving, any excess sugar and even the processing techniques. Fooducate is one of the best apps for losing weight and for saving time when going grocery shopping. It’s compatible with Android and Apple so go download it if you haven’t done it yet, it’s free.

3. Locavore

locavore app

Locavore is a special app. And by special we mean really useful. Its special skill is that it shows the users what fruits and vegetables are in season so that they can benefit from all of the vitamins and nutrients by eating them as fresh as possible. By using the phone’s GPS, Locavore directs you to the closest places where you can buy locally grown fruits and veggies. Every nutritionist agrees that fruits and vegetables should be harvested in season and eaten as fresh as possible. With the Locavore app you will be able to do just that. You can download it for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

4. Endomondo

endomondo app

We all need some motivation when we want to lose some weight or just exercise to keep in shape, right? Let’s be honest, there are few people who do it just for the fun it. If you want to run, bike or just walk to stay in shape, Endomondo will help you by tracking your route via Google Maps. And to make things even more exciting, with Endomondo you can compete with your friends and compare which one of you ran faster and more mile. You also have the option to upgrade the app to a really cool heart rate monitor. Endomondo works with Android, Apple and Blackberry.

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the best apps for losing weight. Are you using any of these? Do you know any other cool apps?






The Worst Family Photos You Ever Saw

Getting a picture of your family is meant to be a very special thing to do. Yet, so often it can turn into the kind of nightmare that you aren’t allowed to ever forget. Here are some of the worst family photos ever.

The Dead Relative Photo

Worst Family Photos

Celestino Reyna is a Spanish grave digger who had a brilliant idea one day. Sadly, it wasn’t this day. He decided to help a friend get reunited with a dead relative by digging him up. The photo got sent round Whatsapp and our grave digging buddy got suspended from his job for, frankly, doing it all the wrong way round.

The Hairy Portrait Photo

Worst Family Photos

This is what happens when your entire family makes a pact with the devil to swap their shirts for long and luxurious hair. If all else fails they could cut off some of their locks and turn them into nice jumpers.

The Unhappy Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

You probably already know that the idea is to smile at the camera, don’t you? Sadly, this miserable family got it the wrong way round and thought that it was a good idea to look as unhappy as humanly possible. This worst family photo must have looked charming hanging on their living room wall.

The Star Trek Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

So, what is your family like? Well, we have this sort of hobby. You might call it a lifestyle. Jeez, let me just come out and admit that we are a bunch of freaking obsessed Trekkies. This photo we took a while back might help explain it and show that it’s a healthy and wholesome thing to do.

The Gun Toting Kids

Worst Family Photos

Any worst family photo that has the youngsters toting pieces of armoury is good by me. In the case of this jolly family, the kid with the glasses looks like he is already pretty comfortable with that thing. Having said that, it’s the little girl who terrifies me. She looks ready to ask some punk if they feel lucky today.

Just Another Hairy Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

Holy guacamole! There’s enough hair in this awful family portrait to stuff a large sofa with. Unless I’m very much mistaken, this photo is almost certainly from the 80s, when big hair and shoulder pads were seen as a sign of taste and discretion. The guy looks like he scalped David Lee Roth or a particularly bedraggled badger. As for the lady; I used to have a dog with hair like that and I still miss the old boy. The kid has been lucky enough to inherit a mixture of both his parents’ hairstyles in his genes.

The Matching Outfits Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

If I had a whole bunch of matching family outfits like this I would be keen to show them off to the whole wide world too. The father is pulling a nice Elvis gesture there, which gains him a few extra points too.

The Wild Dogs Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

The great thing about this photo is that the dude in the middle with the frozen smile doesn’t know that a couple of rabid dogs are about to launch into a vicious attack right in front of his face. The lesson we can all learn from this is that wearing a white turtle neck just ain’t cool. Even the dogs know that.

13 Food Inspired Funny Hats

Food is so awesome that people like to wear it on their heads. There are plenty of funny hats around, but food-inspired hats are some of the funniest. Due to the sweet Internet, you can basically have any kind of weird or funny hat your heart desires in just a couple of hours. Whether you’re going to a party or a food festival, a food-inspired hat can never go wrong. Don’t wear it a a classical funeral though. And watch out for hungry people, they might attempt to bite you if your hat looks too delicious. Check out these 13 pictures of food-inspired funny hats!

1. Hot dog hat

If you are a true American, you will choose the hot dog hat, the international symbol of American staple food. It inspires confidence and wackiness in the same time. Can’t go wrong! Depending on the context, of course.

Hot Dog hat

2. Pizza hat

We know you enjoy pizza, you could eat it all day long. Why not take your culinary passion to the next level and wear it all around? Then at least take it to the pizza party.

Pizza hat

3. Turkey hat

This one is more specific, you would probably wear it only during Thanksgiving day. But, hey, with a little creativity, you could easily pull this out at a college party as well. What’s up with this cringy face anyway? You are wearing the crown of a true emperor!

Turkey hat

4. Pie hat

Nothing says you are a dessert enthusiasts more than the pie hat. You can make it classy or you can make it funny, depends how you want to go.

Dessert Hat

5. Breakfast hat

Breakfast hat is funny during the evening. If you wear it in a bus at 7 AM, some sleepy heads might bite it off. However, nothing says you love mornings more than the breakfast hat.

Breakfast hat2

6. Salad hat

Vegetarians will love the salad hat, but meat lovers as well. This is the safe choice if you want a funny hat, but not an overly weird one.

Salad Hat

7. Banana hat

The banana hat is kinda funny. You might send the signal that you are a slippery guy/girl. Take a decision when you wear it, you might use the joke as an icebreaker.

Banana hat

8. Cheese hat

The cheese hat is rather dull. But if you want to pull it out, you need a certain charm to goo beyond the obvious “Why would you wear that? Oh, because you’re cheesy, I see.” In fact, you could wear this hat around and pass it on to the next person you think is cheesy enough to deserve it.

Cheese Hat

9. Pepper hat

The pepper hat can only be used to send one signal: you are a spicy fella! If you can’t play this along, don’t bother wearing it unless you are a die hard pepper fan. Now what would you pair this funny hat with?

Pepper Hat

10. Sushi hat.

Fans of the raw fish dish should be ecstatic about this lovely little hat. Would you wear it to a sushi place?

Sushi hat11. Cookie hat.

Actually the cookie hat goes really well with the scout girl costume. So next time you plan on going to a costume party, you might as well choose this gutsy costume, topped with a lovely cookie hat.
Cookie hat12. Lobster hat

Ok, this guy went over the top, but there are some funny hats with simple lobster shapes. But you know, whatever grinds your gears.
Lobster hat13. Doughnut hat

Not only that this is a funny hat, but this hat is the sweetest hat of all. You could actually wear this as a regular hat without any problems. What would you pair it with? If you know of any other food-inspired hats, let us know!

Donut hat