The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around

Have you ever stopped in your tracks because you walked past a strange church sign? You couldn’t believe what you just saw? If you sometimes get a quiet chuckle from these signs then here is a list of the top 10 strangest church signs around to keep the madness going.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Easy Spelling Religion?

Strangest Church Signs

Is following a religion that has words that are easy to spell important to you? Go on and admit it; there’s no shame in deciding the eternal fate of your soul for eternity on a grammatical basis. Having said that, I used to always spell Christianity wrong. So, I’m not sure if  the whole spelling this is the best way to judge a religion.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Staying in Bed Church Sign

Strangest Church Signs?

This strange church sign might clear up any doubts you have about the difference between going to church and…Err, perhaps not. Thanks for that.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Hipster Church Sign

Strangest Church Signs?

Are you too cool for church? Well then, perhaps the promise of a hipster Jesus is enough to get you kneeling on a pew soon. Be careful not to crush your skinny jeans while doing so.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Missing Letters Church Sign?

Strangest Church Signs

This is a very clever but strange church sign, isn’t it? I suppose the person who wrote it might convince a few people to convert because of his clever wordplay.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Facebook Church Sign?

Strangest Church Signs

I laughed out loud at this one. It is another smart idea that probably caught the attention of everyone walking past. What would you do? At least it’s not as serious of a quandary as receiving a friend request from one of your parents.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The GPS Church Sign?

Strangest Church Signs

The twisting of current technology terms and idea for the purposes of church signs is clearly a bit of a trend. In this case, you are being offered Jesus instead of a sat nav system. Do his services include Google Maps as well?

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Hot in Hell Church Sign?

Strangest Church Signs

It is really that hot in hell? I’ve always wondered about whether the place of eternal damnation is genuinely filled with fire and red hot pokers. When I say I have often wondered about it, I really mean that I occasionally muse on the subject. Actually, the thought once crossed my mind. You know what? Just forget I ever mentioned it, okay?

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Free Coffee Church Sign

Strangest Church Signs?

Free coffee and everlasting life, eh? It sounds better than those coffee and toast combos that you end up leaving half the toast form because the coffee’s all been drunk and the toast is too dry to eat on its own. That’s really never happened to you?

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Trip to Heaven Church Sign

Strangest Church Signs?

Am I the only person who thinks that churches should give you some sort of introductory offer? They could take you round heaven for a day or two and let you see what they are really offering. I mean, I’m sure heaven is great and all that. But, I’ve never even seen a brochure for the place.

The Top 10 Strangest Church Signs Around: The Moses Church Sign

Strangest Church Signs

Some of the strangest church signs have a clever message behind them. In this case, our friend Moses wrote a rock song called Basket Case that got to number 1 on the Billboard charts. That’s the right guy, isn’t it?

Midsummer Is Almost Here: 5 Traditional Ideas to Try

Traditional holidays from ages past that somehow still survived to the modern day have always been a fascinating topic for me. Especially if they’re less mainstream than the ones we’re used to – Christmas and Easter are a bit too well-known, for example, so they can’t really hold much surprise in regard with their traditions. Therefore, holidays like the Cinco de Mayo or, even less mainstream, Midsummer, are the perfect occasion to explore some unknown traditions of an almost forgotten holiday and maybe try them out. Heck – even if you don’t actually try them out – it’s still an interesting cultural trip worth taking. In the case of Midsummer at least, the pagan rites that were known as Midsummer are so intriguing they would make any modern day Wiccan green with envy.


So, let’s try to tap a bit into this mysterious summer rite, present throughout Europe, but especially prominent today in its Scandinavian part.

1. Try baking a Swedish solstice bread

Yes, it’s a pretty ambitious task, but it’s an essential part of any Swedish Midsummer celebration. In Sweden and the neighboring Scandinavian and Baltic countries, the Midsummer solstice holiday was preserved so well that it’s still a major happening. You could try recreating the event at home: invite some of your friends and serve some smoked salmon snacks, on this very special and authentic bread meant precisely for that. Tell tales of Odin and the giants and drink the night away. You can find the recipe for the bread here.

2. Make a Midsummer bonfire

This should be easy enough. For extra safety, make it as a camping fire; just abstain from the marshmallows or the country songs and drink mead with your friends instead.

3. Make a hay roll with your friends and set it on fire on top of a hill (kids, don’t try this at home!)

To symbolize the setting sun (which from now on will be less potent then until now, since Midsummer means the sun is at its peak) and the shrinking day, European peoples would make a big hay roll for Midsummer, as tall as man, and put it at the top of a hill in the evening. As the people gathered for the celebration, someone was tasked with setting the hay roll on fire and giving it a push down the hill. What ensued was the image of a fire circle tumbling down in the dark, just like the setting sun. As a disclaimer, I should probably stress again that this kind of thing is totally not safe to try unless in a large group, unless it’s a safe environment without the risk of starting a fire around and so on.

4. Make a flower wreath and wear it all day

In Central and Eastern European countries (like Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria), the folk customs from the olden days would separate the boys and the girls until the big celebration with the bonfire which reunited the two groups later on. During the day, both groups would be charged with special tasks, and the girls’ tasks would often include braiding a flower wreath which could be worn on one’s head. Girls would wear them all day, and pass them on to other members of the family the next day. It was believed that wearing such a wreath would bring good luck and health until the next year, and if a girl would sleep with her wreath beneath her pillow during Midsummer night, she would have a great chance to dream of her fated one. If you’re a guy, don’t feel excluded – just make one and gift it to a girl or woman in your life and say that it’s for Midsummer.

5. Make an Eastern European sweetbread with yeast

The good part is that it will be easier to pull off than the Swedish solstice bread, so you could start with this one if you’re feeling a bit oven-shy. Eastern Europe is specialized in sweet breads, based on an yeasted dough, which are consumed especially at holidays, but hold a ritual value in themselves. For example, a bread like this will be used both at a wedding – for being broken into four and then thrown in the direction of North, South, East and West by the bride – and at a funeral, for being given away and sometimes even buried with the dead so they have something to eat on their journey to the other side. To cut a long story short, Midsummer is another great occasion for Eastern Europeans to bake their sweetbreads and you could try making one yourself. An example of an English recipe can be found here (and it’s tested and fail-proof). In Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria, the skies open up during Midsummer night and prayers can be heard all the way up to heaven more easily. Bake the breads and make a wish!

10 More of the Funniest Selfies Ever

We love funny selfies on here. After all, we’re only human. With the art of taking a picture of yourself and putting it on the internet now officially more popular than breathing, there are plenty of brilliant ones to choose from.

The Holding the Cat Selfie

Funny Selfies

What is this crazy guy doing to his cat and why is he taking a picture of it? There are some places where you can safely hold a feline and there are parts you really shouldn’t touch. Ask your local vet for a demonstation if you still aren’t sure.

The Under Pressure Selfie

Funny Selfies

You really have to admire this girl’s determination. It seems as though she ran ont othe field of play in some sort of sporting event or maybe it was a concert. Even as she was being huckled away by security staff she managed to grab a quick selfie. Stay classy girl.

The Dog Selfie

Funniest Selfies

Taking a funny selfie with your dog is a great idea. After all, when else are you going to spend a few minutes of quality time with the stupid, slobbering mutt?

The Bathroom Selfie

Funny Selfies

Err, you do know that mirrors reflect stuff? And you also know that this includes stuff other than you? Some of the funniest selfies around involved things being reflected in the shot that the self-obssessed person taking it doesn’t even see.

The Supermarket Selfie

Funniest Selfies

This is why going to the superrmarket is a bad idea at any time at all. Weird people go there. First of all there are the ones who take selfies of themselves with their tongue hanging out in front of a pile of tins and stuff. Then there are the dudes who make rude gestures whenever they get the chance.

The Sellotape Selfie

Funny Selfies

What the freak is going on here? Apparently the sellotape selfie craze is now a thing. Apparently from being potentially dangerous (God, I’m staring to sound like my Dad) it is also really rather silly. And a complete was of good sellotape to boot.

The Mirror Selfie

Funniest Selfies

Now this is one cool selfie. I’m surprised thaty more people haven’t seen the genius of this idea and tried it for themselves.

The Feed the Dog Selfie

Funniest Selfies

You know, there are some things in life more important than taking your 15th selfie of the day. Feeding the mutt isn’t one of them. Dogs of the world will probably unite and overthrow us as the master race if this selfie craze carries on for much longer. They used to be the centre of our world but not anymore. Poor things.

The Missing Girlfiend Selfie

Funny Selfies

This guy wants us to believe that he is so much in demand that people go around forcibly taking pictures of him. Sadly for him and amusingly for us, the reflections on car windows rarely lie.

The Sauce Selfie

Funniest Selfies

What is this weirds guy even doing? Is that some sort of sauce he is pouring down his body? Has he mixed himself up with a popular dessert or does he think that this looks in some way good? Is this something I should try in order to add an extra bit of spice into my life or will people just laugh at me?

The Weird Hobbies You Won’t Believe

We all need to find something to do in order to pass the spare hours in each day, don’t we? Some people have decided that one of the following weird hobbies is right for them.

Collecting Aeroplane Sick Bags

Weird Hobbies

I’m usually just happy to get to the end of the flight without having barfed into the sick bag, to be honest. I have never seriously considered taking the thing home as a memento. Other people do this. There’s even an online museum and travelling exhibitions dedicated to this weird hobby. If you like, you can also buy a poster featuring lots of different sick bags.

Extreme Ironing

Unbelievable Hobbies

Is extreme ironing a hobby, an art or a sport? I don’t really care but I am just a little worried that an extreme ironer might take offence with what I right, scale the walls of my house and smack me on the head with a Philips SteamGlide 5000. This activity is inexplicably popular all over the world and has led to a lot of international competitions. People have ironed clothes in canoes, while skiing and on top of mountains in their pursuit of whatever it is they hope to achieve by doing this.

Collecting Milk Bottles

Weird Hobbies

I don’t know about you but I get very worried when someone tells me that they collect weird stuff. It just isn’t natural to want to hoard thousands of examples of the same thing. Try telling that to Paul Luke, though. His calcium rich weird hobby involves collecting milk bottles. He has more than 10,000 of them, which is strangely impressive. Seemingly it is a fairly common hobby, at least among mentally unstable dairy product freaks with a lot of time on their hands and a big house.


Unbelievable Hobbies

Oh dear! Did you have a feeling I would mention this dreaded subject? Trainspotting involves what you think it does and is duller than you can possibly imagine. The people who do this can spend huge chunks of their lives trying to see a certain elusive type of engine or carriage. Not only is it one of the weirdest hobbies around, it must also be one of the most boring and utterly pointless.

Making Sneaky TV Appearances

Weird Hobbies

Paul Yarrow is a man with a secret. He gets his kicks from appearing in the background on TV news shows or programmes. You’ve probably seen him at some point. So far he has appeared on the TV over 100 times.

Toy Travelling

Weird Hobbies

I have to let my head droop in shame now, as I confess that I once did this. I once took a little toy dog (he was called Benny if that helps set the scene for you) to Paris. Oh, how I laughed as I snapped pictures of him under the Eiffel Tower, wearing a beret and carrying a baguette. Actually, other people are even weirder than me. They go online to find a traveller who will take their toy away on a trip with them. Why?

Tape Art

Weird Hobbies

Do you remember music cassettes? Come on now, don’t lie. I used to love sitting in my room and listening to the songs on these antiquated pieces of crap. It was even better on the rare occasions when the magnetic tape didn’t come spewing out and get all tangled up in the cassette machine. Well, now these cassettes have spawned a weird hobby. People pull out the magnetic tape and make it into a lifelike image of the singer on the cassette.

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

Dolls are great, aren’t they? They are cute, cuddly and loveable. Except the ones that aren’t. These are the worst dolls ever created and they are annoying, pointless or frankly a bit scary.

The Relentlessly Chewing Cabbage Patch Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

If I’m being perfectly honest – and while not wanting to upset anyone – I hated every version of the blasted Cabbage Patch dolls. However, there is one lot which stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the rotten bunch. The Snacktime Kid was a monumental doll fail. They just kept on chewing and chewing and, well, chewing. After an obscene amount of relentless chewing dozens of kids got bits of their bodies chewed. The maker stopped selling them and offered refunds to the saps who had already bought them.

The Premature Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

What a bizarre concept. The release of a stylish new premature baby doll was met with outrage. It featured the little tot hooked up to breathing tubes and other hospital equipment.

The 3D Printed Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

This doll isn’t actually all that bad looking or anything. After all, it’s our old chum Mr Snuffleupagus. Who could hate a dude like that and call him one of the worst dolls ever? No, the problem I have with this doll isn’t anything to with our Sesame Street buddy with the snout and the obscene amount of body hair. Rather, I feel that the production is a waste of the capabilities of modern technology. You see, you can download the file that allows you to print off this as a doll using dazzling 3D printing technology. Shouldn’t we be using 3D printers to print off useful stuff like artificial legs, food for starving kids and clones of Jimi Hendrix?

The Limited Appeal Elton John Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

Maybe I’m in the minority here but I can’t think of a single person I would want to give an Elton John doll to. What would you do with a think like that, anyway? “Try Me”, the packaging screams and that is a temptation we can all resist fairly easily, I reckon. One the plus side, I can just about make out that he sings the classic Crocodile Rock and that he is in some way “official”. Despite these reassuring pieces of information this product still has a feel of “extremely limited market appeal”.

The Michael Jackson Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

This doll doesn’t exactly boast of an uncanny resemblance to the person it is modelled on, does it? If it wasn’t for the jacket and the white glove it could really be anyone who has ever lived. Actually, it looks nothing like my Aunt Betty. Or my Uncle George for that matter. It doesn’t really look too much like me either. Ok then; it would look like a relatively large number of people who bear some sort of passing resemblance to Mike.

The Baby Vampire Doll

The Baby Vampire Doll

What is happening with the world? When I was a kid, baby dolls rarely had fangs and almost never scared me. It seems as that there is currently a craze for these things and I have no idea why.

The Tom Cruise Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

So you liked Tom Cruise jumping on the couch on Oprah so much that you would like a doll commemorating it? Have you considered the fact that you might be just a little bit strange? This is one of the worst dolls showing one of the weirdest moments in the history of television.