The 15 Most Awesome Draw Something Drawings

Well, it was fun: Draw Something, an interactive mobile application that gained developers Omgpop a Flurry App Spotlight Award this year, took over the lives of our tech-savvy society for a couple short months and then, like so many App Store fads before it (I’m looking at you, Words with Friends), slowly but surely faded away.

The game was simple: pick a friend, pick a word, draw that word, send your drawing and hope its recipient is able to guess the answer. With few of us gifted with the abilities of Da Vinci, Monet or Picasso (okay, maybe Picasso), many users’ drawings were overly simplistic, crudely drawn stick-figure sketches, the kind of stuff a non-prodigious four-year-old scribbles with crayons at kindergarten.

But some artistic souls out there took full advantage of their Draw Something canvas, and crafted technological masterpieces on the touch-screens of their iPods and iPhones, all for the sake of three measly points (or sometimes just one or two). With the game’s popularity now having all but dried up, I think it’s time to take a look back at the best examples of drawings created in Draw Something’s history. Some of them are mighty impressive. But what’s your favourite? [Read more...]

Mixtape Coffee Table

Last month, ThisBlogRules brought you the coffee table that doubles up as a fully-functional Nintendo controller. Now we have another coffee table that doubles up as another gizmo, although this time it’s a slightly more primitive, possibly more nostalgic piece of technology. Designed by Seattle-based artist Jeff Skierka, this table has a distinct resemblance to an audio cassette tape, albeit a massively oversized one that will make its owner feel like a Borrower.

Now, I’m aware some of our younger readers may be confused as to what a cassette tape actually is: to put it basically, a cassette tape is a CD that’s rectangular and not circular, bulky and not slim, lame and not not-so-lame. It also sometimes benefits from the use of a pencil – you figure out how.

Here are the technical details on Skierka’s one-of-a-kind mixtape table. Sized at 47.25″ x 30″ x 5″, it is twelve times the size of a regular cassette tape. It is made of reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite, and is fitted with a glass top. It’s also completely reversible, with a side A and a side B (just like the real thing!), although sadly it does not actually play any music – well, not until someone designs a cassette tape player the size of a bungalow, that is.

Check out more pics of the table below.

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5 US Presidents Dropped Into Sticky Situations after Being Inaugurated

Everyone talks about being President of the United States one day, presumably because they like to think of themselves sitting in the Oval Office issuing Executive Orders for Free Pizza on Tuesdays and sending the military to bomb the house of the guy that gave you a swirly in 7th grade. What no one talks about, however, is just how hard the job of being in charge of 300 million people really is. For these five guys, it was harder than most, because they were dropped into a crap sandwich almost from the moment they were sworn in… [Read more...]

Top Five Most Terrifying Humanoid Robots

I consider myself somewhat of a robot fan, and there are few automatons you could show me that I wouldn’t think are pretty damn cool in some capacity or another. However, there are some robots out there that, no matter how awesome you usually think robots are, are absolutely, seat-wettingly scary. The vast majority of these tend to be humanoid, skirting the phenomenon of the Uncanny Valley with varying degrees of unsettling success. No matter much closer they might bring us to having a completely realistic human robot, there’s simply no excuse for taking some of these android abominations out in public. [Read more...]

10 Controversial Magazine Covers that Shocked the Globe

Stirring international controversy last week was the front cover of the May 21, 2012 edition of TIME magazine, which depicts Jamie Lynne Grumet, an American blogger and mother, breastfeeding her three-year-old son, Aram. Photographed by Martin Schoeller, the image has provoked intense debate concerning not just attachment parenting but also the appropriateness of the cover.

But this isn’t the only time the front of a magazine has stirred the pot and spun debate; indeed, countless rag covers have left constipated readers and non-readers alike with the urge to shout, complain and criticise. So, let’s leaf our way back through the many pages of publishing history, and take a look at ten of the most controversial magazine covers ever to grace a newsstand’s magazine rack and ever to shock and appall unsuspecting subscribers. [Read more...]