10 Islands You Wouldn’t Want to Visit

When you think of an island, you think of a tropical paradise with palm trees, clear blue waters and sandy shores. However, there are islands around the world that are far from this, with deadly snakes, saltwater crocodiles and ghosts of history passed.

Snake Island

Ilha de Queimada Grande is a picturesque island ninety miles off the coast of Brazil and is otherwise known as ‘Snake Island’. People have been forbidden from setting foot on this beautiful island as it’s covered with the most venomous snakes; the Golden Lanceheads. [Read more...]

“Pearl Necklace” – A Comedy Short by Zeke Mahogany

We’ve all had that boyfriend (well, I haven’t – I’m a heterosexual male who’s never been, erm, “curious”) who’s a bit of a rogue, a player, a scoundrel and, quite frankly, a mega-douche. They drink, they cheat, they play around with your step-sister and then later, once you expose them for their selfish wrongdoings, they make excuses: it’s always the alcohol, the drugs or, in some cases, peyote from Chief Red Beard. And then they come knocking on your door, claiming to be a changed man, begging for forgiveness, ready to shower you with sparkly gifts they probably got for half-price off eBay, fully expecting you to just take ‘em back, and the whole process just starts all over again.

This situation is imagined in a brand new short from YouTube comedy troupe Zeke Mahogany, entitled “Pearl Necklace.” The rib-tickling clip, which lasts a measly two minutes, features the comic talents of Mike E. Winfield and Melanie Merkosky as the feuding couple, who argue in the latter’s doorway, with hilarious results. It is one of over 25 sketches uploaded by Zeke Mahogany, many of which have been featured on, among others, ESPN, Huffington Post, Gawker TV and Failblog ever since the channel’s inception in September of 2010. Zeke Mahogany have also promised a new sketch every Monday, so make sure you subscribe for an amusing, possibly surreal start to each coming week. [Read more...]

Fully-Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Here’s a must-have piece of living room furniture for all you pasty-faced gamers out there: a coffee table that doubles up as a fully-functional Nintendo NES controller! Thanks to Charles Lushear, the product’s designer, you no longer have to worry about being unable to rescue Zelda once your fingers become crooked from all that intricate, tiresome button-pushing: you can just switch to this gigantic controller and thump your fists or the palms of your hands against the oversized buttons, and voila, your perilous quest continues!

Standing at 18″ tall, 42″ long and 18.25″ wide, the piece (which costs $3,500) consists of maple, mahogany and walnut, has been constructed with dovetail joinery and rests on mid century modern legs. It comes with a rectractable cord that can connect to your Nintendo console when you wish to start playing away, and also a glass covering for when you wish for it to function as just an ordinary (or not so ordinary) coffee table. It’s also a handy device for mythical giants – hey, they like Zelda, too! [Read more...]

Sh*t People Say to Skinny Guys

By Michael McLaughlin

I’m joining the “sh*t people say” meme at its post-zenith, but I thought there was time for just one more. And after all this time, I was able to corner the market on one subject that, given the hordes of SPS videos, has not been covered yet. Could it be that there are simply not that many of us skinny people? I could have used the term “shit people say to lean guys” but that would definitely not have had the same oomph.

It’s pretty easy to corner this market when Levis stopped making your jean size of 28×36 six years ago, but don’t worry about me, I can still get dead stock on Ebay and I do! Now bear in mind that I made sure the lighting for this video made obvious every bone in my body, so if you’re about to take an exam on the human skeleton and forget how many bones are in it, just watch my video! If you do, you get to see a skinny guy do dancing under a disco ball to really bad techno that he recorded himself just for this purpose!

The Top 10 Moments from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Last Thursday, the 100th episode of American sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ aired for the first time in the United Kingdom (yes, I know it aired in the States back in January, but hey, us Brits are slow). To coincide with this momentous event, I thought I’d take a look back at the top ten moments from the geek-friendly, underdog-championing comedy show that has made us all laugh, cry, cry with laughter and scratch our heads in googly-eyed bemusement; some of the show’s more scientific elements can be rather mind-boggling. [Read more...]