4 Famous Men With Eating Disorders

What you see is what you get. But what’s the cost for that? Image is all that seems to matter nowadays, and there’s no way one can escape from its manifestations: banners, magazines, web sites and blogs full of beautiful people with beautiful lives with beautiful clothes with beautiful minds. Eating disorders are the secret prize for selling fake images. Manifestations can vary from one person to another, but nevertheless there are 4 major directions for this kind of disorder: bulimia nervosa (BN), anorexia nervosa (AN), binge eating disorder (BED) and Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder (OSFED). The latter is sort of a combination between the first three.

Men With Eating Disorders can find a complete list of people with eating disorders here, but this article wants to focus on men who struggled with eating disorders throughout their lives. John Goodman, Franz Kafka, Al Roker and Dennis Quaid are our headlines for now.

1. Franz Kafka

famous men

The Czech writer Franz Kafka suffered from anorexia. As explained in the article called Franz Kafka’s anorexia nervosa Kafka was slim and underweight throughout his life and showed an ascetic attitude and abjuration of physical enjoyment and pleasure (fasting, vegetarianism, sexual abstinence, emphasis on physical fitness). Among his writings one can find: The Metamorphosis, The Trial, The Castle. He is an important precursor of existentialism.

2. Dennis Quaid

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Actor Dennis Quaid says he battled against anorexia in the mid-1990s, around the time he shed 40 lbs. for the role of Doc Holliday in the film Wyatt Earp. In the period the film portrays, Holliday was dying of tuberculosis, and Quaid had to loose the weight in order to capture his character. “My arms were so skinny that I couldn’t pull myself out of a pool,” Quaid admits, describing what he suffered from as “manorexia.” “I wasn’t bulimic, but I could understand what people go through with that.” Commonly for eating disorder patients, he also used to have an entirely different image of himself: “I’d look in the mirror and still see a 180-lb. guy, even though I was 138 pounds,” Quaid confessed.

3. John Goodman

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This widely adored American actor apparently had his own battle to run against eating disorders.

Four years ago he admitted he had a drinking problem, and the fact that he had lost a lot of weight has been less talked about. But this weight goes on an off and it appears to be a never-ending story. He has been sober since 2007 and by August 2010, Goodman had lost 100 pounds. He has stated that exercising and keeping a journal of food he consumed are what helped him keep the weight off

4. Al Roker

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Al Roker, NBC’s most famous weather presenter even wrote a book about his problem: Eating Disorders/ Self Help. Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and lost more than 100 pounds. He shared some less-known side effects of the surgery, which apparently include what both Roker and Snyderman described simply as “pooping your pants.”

In other words, men are also affected by appearance, image, social pressure and un-human standards. It’s hard to say what causes this disorder and it is even harder to imagine that famous people like them have self confidence issues, problems related to acceptance and an absurd strive towards perfection.

7 Cool Board Games No Summer Day is too Hot for!

Coolest Board Games

When we think of summer, we just want to go away. But what if that place was full of your old best friends? They say adults don’t play anymore. Well, they just need a better reason to play, that’s all. And long summer days are the perfect excuse to leave your mature expression behind, start living, and start laughing. No summer day is too hot for the coolest board games on the planet. Here is a list of suggestions that is guaranteed to turn good friends into best friends

1. Time’s Up!

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games

Rumor has it that this is the funniest game you’ll ever play, especially the Deluxe edition. It is delightful to watch couples scream at each other while trying to act out the stupidest clues in order to get the other one to guess a childhood celebrity they probably never heard of. Players take turns attempting to get their partners to guess famous titles of songs, movies, art, etc. During the first round, almost everything works. But after that, it’s all about finesse, baby!

2. Cranium

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games1

A bit of everything for everyone should be the motto of this incredible board game. Cranium has got a bit of it all: charades, drawing, acting, modelling clay and general knowledge. This dynamic nature helps even the shiest players let their hair down. Great team game!

3. Loaded Questions

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games2

There are 4 question types to embrace: Hypotheticals, Anything Goes, No-Brainers, and Personals. This is a game of great debate and bubbly conversations. There are also Reversal spaces, where the roller is supposed to write an answer down, and the other players must guess what s/he wrote. If there’s bonding you’re looking for, Loaded Questions is the best medicine.

4. Curses

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games3

One player must basically acquire a list of curses, which stand as rules. He has to accomplish feats while following these rules. They get more rigorous as the game unfolds. But the game is highly influenced by your mates.

5. Apples to Apples

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games1

This is a game of absurd yet funny comparisons, where the roller’s goal is to choose the Red Apple card his hand that best describes the word selected on the Green Apple card. See the adjective and decide which one of your “noun” cards matches according to your criteria, whatever they are..

6. Size Matters

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games6

According to publisher TDC Games, this game is definitely challenging for anyone’s imagination. Released in 2006, it challenges adults to come up with the “longest, fattest, sickest, and generally biggest things in life.” It emphasizes our obsession with size. Everything can be and has to be quantified somehow. Maybe Size Matters will raise some questions post factum.

7. Cards Against Humanity

No Summer Day is too Hot for the Coolest Board Games8

Well this one here is like the morbid version of Apples to Apples. No logic matched answers and no guarantee for decency. In a nutshell, the player holding a black card asks a question, and the other players must provide their funniest answer. This game is full of mismatches made in heaven!

We all need some time to rediscover our friends. Why not give them a call? A truly funny board game is the best pretext for breaking any potential distance. Because when people start playing anything, the stake will instantly turn them into what they really are: a bunch of people who are young at heart.

The Top 5 Female Superheroes in Movies

Who doesn’t love some badass fun females that can save the day or do some mischief with few being able to get in their way? Female superheroes are both inspiring as a model of a strong female character, and also pleasing to the eye as well. There’s really nothing not to like about them, and their huge popularity within the comics and superhero films fan cultures proves it. Since today is the 4th of July – and with Captain America and Wonder Woman serving as the patriotic superheroes everyone knows so well – we thought it would be a good time to talk about superheroes. We previously shared with you a list of the best and worst superhero vehicles. So, today, we created a list of the most popular female superheroes featured in movies.

1. Wonder Woman

The Top 5 Female Superheroes in Movies

Since we already mentioned Wonder Woman, let’s start with her. As most superheroes, she was initially created within comic book canon. For the most part, she has only been presented in comic books and magazines since 1941. This brunette superheroine, clad in the American flag, was created by psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston, at a time when the West was already preparing for the Cold War. Therefore, writers often depicted her character fighting the Axis military forces. Another detail that contributes to her popularity is the fact that her origins are those of an Amazon princess. She fights for gender equality. She appeared in several TV series and is also going to be a part of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, scheduled for 2016. To this day, she remains to this day the most iconic of all female superheroes.

2. Catwoman


Historically a villainess, Catwoman has been an iconic bad girl turned good in lots of movies. She is deeply ingrained in the fan culture of superheroes. Many talented actresses portray her over the years. The most recent role was played by Anne Hathaway (pictured above). From all the female superheroes the fictional universes have to offer, she is the living embodiment of hotness and her name says it all.

3. Phoenix (Jean Grey)


Jean Grey was already awesome enough back when she was simply a powerful telepath, but when she is taken over by the Phoenix cosmic force, she becomes almost god-like. Or should we say, goddess-like? She becomes a tremendously powerful goddess with her red locks flowing in the currents of her power (extra awesome points). After the death of her partner, Cyclops, she falls into a deep sorrow that triggers her to become a Dark Phoenix avatar (pictured above) which threatens to destroy everyone and everything. What makes her story even more memorable is, of course, the touching unrequited love which Wolverine has for her.

4. Invisible Woman


The Fantastic Four wouldn’t be quite so fantastic without their now you see me, now you don’t figure, Susan, also known as the Invisible Woman. The beautiful Susan was initially a more damsel in distress type of character, when her passive invisibility was all she had, but later on she gained new powers which made her a force to be reckoned with. Her apparent frailty and gentle nature make her a wonderful addition to the top of awesome female superheroes.

5. Black Widow


There were a few other characters which deserved to be honored on this list of best female superheroes (like Storm and Rogue from X-Men to name only two), but the Black Widow, by her real name Natalia Romanova, was the best choice. Not because the other candidates would lack impressive skills or charm. On the contrary. What’s so awesome about Natalia is the impression she gives of being a self-made woman. Unlike other female superheroes (and male superheroes for that matter), she didn’t get superpowers thanks to genetics or some mutation. She is one of the only characters who worked hard for her combat skills. If that’s not worthy of admiration, then I don’t know what is.

The 5 Most Loved Fictional Geniuses in Popular Culture

Extreme wit and charm often go hand in hand, and this is enhanced even more when we’re talking about a romanticized version of the bearer of those qualities. People never cease to be fascinated with fictional characters which embody intellectual greatness. Each remarkable character has its own huge fan base. We previously shared with you a list of the most loved fictional detectives in books and movies. That post covered the public’s swooning over those figures. Things are pretty much the same the fictional geniuses in popular culture. Today we’ll present to you a short account about 5 brainy characters who are Fictional Geniuses in Popular Culture.

1. Mr. Spock

Fictional Geniuses in Popular Culture

The brilliant Vulcan part of Enterprise’s crew routinely wins any logical argument with anyone. He finds solutions to almost every problem intuitively. Also, while being (or pretending to be) emotionless, we find his social awkwardness charming and his kindness touching. Also, he’s hot – somewhat of an elf precursor. Those pointy ears and the discourse about balance in nature and stuff. The list of fictional geniuses in popular culture couldn’t start with anyone but him. If you weren’t touched when he died, then maybe this list is not for you. Just kidding!

2. Hannibal Lecter


In this case, the fascination we feel for this brilliant fellow is a bit on the morbid side. But, we can’t help it. Whether the portrayal is done by Sir Anthony Hopkins in the movies, or by Mads Mikkelsen in the TV series, we can’t get enough of the profiler, psychiatrist, culinary genius and cannibalistic serial killer. His many facets make him perhaps the most complex character of the fictional geniuses list. His undying interest for Clarice (in the movies) gives him the human touch that helps us romanticize his character a bit.

3. Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan


We’re still in the field of forensics with this one: the lovable character in the Bones TV series is a forensic anthropologist capable of reconstructing a person’s appearance and life just from a handful of bones. Hence the nickname. She’s also wonderfully feminine and fragile, despite her belonging in the circle of the greatest fictional geniuses in today’s popular culture. Also, she’s an anthropologist. Female anthropologists completely rule! Trust us.

4. Dr. Gregory House


This tormented genius figure is also the kind with multiple facets. He has a complexly written human side, and a partial isolation from the world to contribute to his aura. Also, his trademark sarcasm and witty comments, paired with a chronic pain disorder, somehow make us swoon over him even more.

5. Hermione Granger


This list of the most loved fictional geniuses couldn’t be complete without Hermione Granger. She is the brilliant and study-loving witch of the Harry potter series. Not only is she played by the charming Emma Watson, but she basically represents a symbol and an inspiration to smart women everywhere who fight to make their way through the world. She was born to Muggle parents. She had to fight her way to have her talents recognized. Sometimes she’s a total nerd which even her friends make fun of. But, she’s also witty, responsive, charming, and the most courageous of her group.

It’s also been argued that the movie industry’s fascination with geniuses often casts a false light on what very intelligent real people are like, and makes the viewers believe that inspiration or the solution to a problem just come spontaneously to such gifted people. The downside to this kind of portrayal is that, while it’s easy to just picture fictional geniuses as being almost mystically endowed with wit, this minimizes the role of hard work from the equation. Fictional brainiacs seem to speak 12 languages fluently, do their job brilliantly and also play a musical instrument or have some otherwise interesting hobby in addition to all that, with almost no effort shown. We agree that this is probably not very healthy for the rest of us, but we can’t help being fascinated with these fictional geniuses all the same. (Also, there are always wonderful exceptions like Hermione who actually do work very hard.) Stay tuned for part two of this list, coming in the next few days.

The 5 Types of Geek Friends You Need in Your Life

Geeks are usually made fun of in popular culture. Other times, they are portrayed as funny and interesting individuals with rich personality traits and brainy qualities that make them quite charming. Sometimes these qualities are presented as compensating for something that lacks in other ways. These brainy qualities may only be a bonus. The traits themselves, as you’ll see (or maybe noticed it yourself already), are extremely varied and make for different types of geek, more varied than you could imagine a single label to contain. The only constant is how it always tends to be either about the clueless and socially awkward geek versus the knowledgeable and fun one. We obviously tend to incline towards the latter, and this post will hopefully open your eyes to how wonderful it can be to have at least one of these 5 types of geek friends.

The 5 Types of Geek Friends You Need in Your Life

1. The Gadget Geek

You surely have at least one friend who reads updates on every move Apple and Google make and who looks at new gadgets released like a thirsty man in the desert looks to a pail of water. The same kind of friend will give unsolicited advice on every app or function you’re not yet using on your smartphone. He or she may tell you all about what new technical thing you should definitely buy. Sure, this friend can be a little tiring if you’re not into gadgets yourself. Think about it this way: you have a free consultation whenever you really are looking to buy a new piece of IT.

2. The Gamer Geek

This one is probably one of the most ridiculed types of geek in today’s popular culture. But if you have at least one gamer geek friend, you’ll see that not all negative stereotypes about them are true. First of all , they can be useful and imaginative and fun whenever you want to organize a fun evening with friends completely offline and away from any computer. Just tell your gamer geek buddy that you want to organize a D&D party and you’ll see just how fun he or she will make it.

3. The Fantasy Franchise Geek

This one is that friend who is all about Star Wars / Game of Thrones / Star Trek / Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings or any other such franchise. They are basically an encyclopedia of knowledge on the matter, and collect all sorts of fun stuff related to the universe they fell in love with. Sometimes, the less gifted of them can be a little mindless perhaps. In other cases, they absorb the stories in that universe in a very wise and perceptive way. This not only makes them better people but also a beacon of inspiration for everyone around them. Also, they may take you to fun events like cosplay conventions or reenactment festivals.

4. The Science Geek

If you know someone who never earns less than an A minus in chemistry, biology or physics, that’s your science geek friend right there. This buddy can have much coveted practical qualities: they can teach you how to survive or DIY while camping, they can make replacements for a lot of substances or tools you need in your house, as well as help you pass those subjects as well in school if you’re less gifted. Besides, if they get started on an interesting story from nature or history or whatever encyclopedia-scale thing they’re into lately, you’ll never want them to stop. It’s no wonder these peeps are some of the most brilliant types of geek in the world.

5. The Music Geek

Whenever in doubt about which music to play at a certain event or how to impress a certain someone, this is the friend to call. Not only will they give you expert advice. They also know interesting trivia about lots of artists and have a million stories to tell. As a bonus, they sometimes play an instrument of their own and do it quite well. You can’t really get bored with them, and they’ll encourage you to feel and dream just like a manic pixie would.

The list could go on with other interesting and fun types of geek the world has to offer, but space limitations deem this short list to be enough for the moment. We hope the post has inspired you to appreciate your lovely geek friends more and to search a bit for the geek within yourself.