Star Wars Condoms

Here’s a potentially amusing situation that could backfire like a dodgy blaster gun. Imagine this: your manly/nerdy self has been to a bar, hit on a smokin’ hot chick, wooed the pants off her and driven her back to your place. You guide her to the bedroom, slither under the covers with her and share a hurried and excited disrobing session. She asks if you have protection. “Yes, ma’am,” you reply, being a sensible lad, and reach into your pants pocket for your trusty wallet. You take out your wallet. You reach inside and find a condom. You remove the condom, place down your wallet, turn back to the patiently waiting lady, ready to “suit up,” and are faced with what can only be described as a look of repulsion and horror. Why this look? Because the woman you’ve just picked up, driven to your apartment, taken to your bed, stripped naked and sexually aroused is now looking into the vomit-tainted eyeballs of Jabba the Hutt. [Read more...]

Take a Trip Down the Amazon River with Google Street View

If, like my shut-in/hermitised self, you have never ventured anywhere near the Amazon or Rio Negro Rivers of north-west Brazil, but have always wished to do so, fret not: the internet has provided the next best thing. Thanks to those wonderful people over at Google Street View, you can now trek your way through the tropical trees of the Amazon rainforest, wander down the paths of the village of Tumbira, visit the other local communities of the Rio Negro Reserve, and, even more amazingly, take a boat trip down the Rio Negro River, all from the spacious comfort of your very own living room – no having to deal with the scorching heat or those pesky piranhas! [Read more...]

Top Four Tabletop Gaming Annoyances

Despite their rep for being associated with the nerdiest and most unwashed of basement dwellers, tabletop RPGs can be really, really fun. However, just as with any hobby there are always a few things – or people – that can ruin it for everyone. Here you will find a few of the most irritating; be sure to avoid committing these cardinal sins yourself. [Read more...]

The Dark Side of the Internet

Imagine if tomorrow, the Internet were outlawed and boom, overnight, it stopped existing. How would you pay your bills? You’d have to resort to using phonebooks again! If a friend of yours had run out of toilet paper, there would be NO way for you to know immediately via Facebook – in fact, by the time you and that friend got together, that information would no longer be useful, and you may NEVER find out about your friend’s toilet paper tragedy! If you were at a dinner party and were suddenly wondering whatever happened to the actors in The Waltons, you would have NO way of knowing, so you’d have to CONTINUE talking to the people you were with!

Let’s face it. The Internet, being likely the greatest invention of modern times, is an invaluable tool that puts all knowledge at our greedy little fingertips. Like a beehive, the instantaneous information that flits across the globe in seconds informs the rest of the colony, transforming the way we do business, the way we learn, and our relationship to the rest of the world. [Read more...]