The Nastiest First World Problems to Deal With

Sometimes life is tough if you are a rich and privileged member of the developed world. Who could sleep easily at night when having to deal with nasty first world problems like these ones?

My New Car Is So Big I Had to Move My Pool Table Out the Garage

First World Problems and New Cars that Don't Fit the Garage

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Bizarre Fruits You Didn’t Know Existed (and a Weird Vegetable Too)

What was the last piece of fruit you ate? A banana? An orange? Why don’t you get a life and try some of the planet’s most bizarre fruits for a change? Here are some of the best ones around, along with a vegetable which you have probably never seen either.

The Pitahaya

Bizarre Fruits and The Pitahaya

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Images That Look Fake But Aren’t

It is easy to fool the world with a fake photo these days. You might pretend that a dinosaur is eating New York, that you have the unreleased iPhone 32 in your hand or that you are drinking a beer with Justin Bieber (Actually, that last one might be real but who would care anyway?) What’s more difficult is fooling the world with an image that looks fake but isn’t.

The Salt Mirror Image

Images That Look Fake and Salt Mirror Image

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A Festival of Facial Hair: Exuberant Beards and Extravagant Moustaches

Weird beards and funny moustaches have managed to straddle the blurred line between art, competitive event and downright insanity in recent years. The rise in popularity of beard and moustache competitions means that we can enjoy some spectacular photos of outrageous facial hair.

The World’s Best Beard

Weird Facial Hair, Beards and Moustaches

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The Weirdest Painted Faces Ever

Have you ever had your face painted by one of those face painters who hang around festivals? Pretty lame, wasn’t it? Your painted face looked kind of stupid if we are being honest. If you really want a weird painted face then you want to try one of these designs. Then you can really freak out everyone you meet.

The Gremlin Face

The Weird Gremlin Painted Face

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