Celebrities As Average People

People have a peculiar fascination with celebrities. They’re viewed as powerful, glamorous and beautiful. We see them on the cover of fashion magazines, in movies, and on TV where they exude confidence, style and wealth. But of course that’s just a front. They’re just normal people, aren’t they? Normal rich people who are known by millions of people.

A British artist named Danny Evans has come up with a way that will make us view celebrities in a whole different light. With the use of Photoshop, he has taken some of the most famous and well-known celebrities of today and has transformed them into average looking people. Imagine Jennifer Aniston as an overweight cashier lady. Pretty hard, isn’t it?

In the wrong hands, Photoshop can really be a tool for disaster. Photoshop mistakes are more common than we would have liked them to be, but fortunately it is quite the opposite in Danny Evans’ case. He is a Photoshop master! He said he was inspired to create these images of celebrities as average people by the already Photoshopped images of celebrities that seem to be everywhere we look:

“It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.”

He started creating the first images of celebrities as average people in 2006. Now, he just released some more funny Photoshopped celebs pictures for the world to enjoy. So, without further ado, this is what happens when celebrities become average people:

Tom Cruise is a 40-year old unemployed dude who still lives in his parents’ basement and plays video games all day long.Tom cruise celebrities as average people

Sarah Jessica Parker and a long lost relative pose for a family picture.sarah jessica parker celebrities as average people

Rihanna looks like a fancy public school principal here. She’s still pretty though!rihanna celebrities as average people

If you take away the hair, there really isn’t much of a difference between how Miley Cyrus looks today and this 80’s Miley.miley cyrus celebrities as average people

Madonna, the lady; the 80’s lady with aging Farrah Fawcett hair.madonna 2 celebrities as average people

Another Madonna, this time looking freakishly like my aunt Mildred at her school’s 50th reunion.madonna celebrities as average people

Just look at them. Even when they are average people, Kristen and Rob can’t seem to leave their brooding aside.kristen and rob celebrities as average people

I honestly believe that if Kim and Kanye weren’t famous this would be exactly how they would look like: Kim as a hefty beautician and Kanye as an even heftier furniture delivery guy.kim kardashian kanye west celebrities as average people

The Kardashians are just amazing in this picture! Just look at Khloe and how much she fits her role! Kourtney’s smile say it all and Kris still looks like the Pimp Mama she is.kardashian family celebrities as average people

This one’s an oldie, but a goldie. It’s still Johnny Depp, only with a few extra pounds. But deep down inside, this is still Johnny and how he would look had he not found fame.johnny depp celebrities as average people

The perfect accountant, Jennifer Lopez in her marvelous velour sweater is excited about doing your numbers. Velour sweaters should really be banned, shouldn’t they?jennifer lopez celebrities as average people

Here she is, a disheveled Jennifer Aniston looking straight into the soul of the beef jerky hanging on the shelf at the convenient store where she’s working as a cashier.jennifer aniston celebrities as average people

I think if Posh saw this image she would get a panic attack. She’s so plump and fluffy and David looks all teeth!david and victoria beckham celebrities as average people

Making fun of Britney isn’t fun anymore and this picture reminds us why.britney spears celebrities as average people

This picture speaks volumes, but I want to draw your attention on Jay Z’s tie which features crosses on it. That’s all I wanted to say.beyonce jay z celebrities as average people

The most glorious photo manipulation of all times, this one is truly a masterpiece. Notice how worried they both look. It’s as if they have a ton of children back home to look after and no hired help to do it!angelina jolie brad pitt celebrities as average people

If you want to see more of Danny Evans’ works, this is his Facebook: Planet Hiltron.

Solo Traveling Ideas for the Summer: Preparing Yourself for the Trip

Solo traveling can be an amazing and liberating experience. People travel all the time, but they very rarely do it alone if it is not for business reasons. The hardest part about traveling alone is getting adjusted with the feeling of loneliness, but once you have learned to embrace the experience, you will definitely come to crave it. A lot of wonderful things can happen when you travel alone, and it will ultimately help you open up to life-changing experiences. So if you are thinking of setting off into the sunset, and embarking on your first solo travel adventure, here are a few traveling alone tips that you will definitely appreciate. We will talk about everything from finding the best locations and prices, to safety issues and connecting with other like-minded travelers.

Why Choose Solo Traveling Over Group Trips?

Before we begin, there is an important question that we should answer. Why choose solo-traveling over group trips? There is nothing more exciting than leaving your comfort zone and exploring the world. If you travel with a group, chances are that you will spend more time with them, but when you are alone you have the opportunity to connect with interesting locals and fellow travelers. In addition to this, you have the freedom to plan your trip as you see fit. You are the one making all the decisions, and this sense of autonomy will help you get past your insecurities and loneliness.

1. Where are the Best Places for First Time Solo Travelers?

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The first thing you should know if you are a first time solo traveler, is to focus on destinations with strong tourism infrastructure. Areas which have a history of political conflict or less developed infrastructure might become a hassle. Before you embark on a journey to such a country, you should conduct proper research, and learn the language. The fact of the matter is that everything on this planet is worth visiting at least once. But how to decide where to travel? We have a few suggestions from renowned glob trotters.

Julia Dimon from TravelJunkieJulia believes that Southeast Asia is an excellent destination for first time solo travelers, because it is home to exotic destinations and lots of English speaking, friendly locals. More importantly, food, hotels, activities and domestic flights from this tropical paradise are affordable and safe. Another excellent location would be Peru or Argentina. These locations are dotted with spacious, clean and welcoming budget hotels. If you are looking for something off the beaten track, then Australia is definitely the number one choice. Not only are they oasis of nature, but they are also extremely safe and have amazing infrastructure for travel. Whatever you choose, remember that the key to a successful trip is being comfortable and confident.

2. How to Connect With Like-Minded On the Road

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If you are planning to travel around the world, it’s not enough to choose a location and pack your bags. The most important thing about traveling alone is meeting new people. It’ all about getting the courage to leave your comfort zone, and reach out to like-minded travelers. If you are a little shy, there are easier ways to socialize with people. For example, if you are staying in a hotel or B&B which organizes group outings, to local restaurants and sightings. This is an excellent occasion to share your contact information with someone. Nevertheless, the most efficient way of making friends quickly is by joining a world-exchange program like WorkAway.info or WWOOF.org.

Another option for adventurous travelers would be to enroll in a couch-surfing or global freeloaders program. The great thing about this is that you don’t necessarily have to live with them, because they will be more than happy to show you around or drink a coffee with you either way. Since we live in the digital era, we will also list the social media and virtual outreach methods. If you don’t feel prepared to set out and face the world, you can always exchange some emails with a local that is interested in you.

3. Be prepared to Spend More

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It probably started with a : “I need to plan a trip on my own”. Now that you have booked your flight, and finished your bags, it’s time to establish your total budget. You might be inclined to think that traveling alone is cheaper, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies have shown that travel plans international and booking solo gives the flexibility to opt for better accommodations and travel standards.

You will most likely be tempted to spend more time out in  town (to meet new people), visit more places for the simple reason that you are not bound by anyone. There’s no point in wasting your vacation indoors anyway. In addition to this, group activities like trekking or kayaking, for which you would normally split the cost, will now be paid in full. This is also why we have suggested Southeast Asia as a solo-traveling destination: because with 100$ a day you can truly pamper yourself.

4. Don’t Plan Too Much

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When it comes to travel, people usually plan to much. Besides your basic travel items checklist and general route of cities and sites that you want to see, you should not worry about more. The point of a solo trip is not stressing out over which clothes you should take in your baggage. While it is OK to check Google Maps Street View for your desired locations, you don’t have to stick to your plan like glue. Every traveler will tell you that their trips rarely go exactly as planned, and it is the unexpected surprises that make it worthwhile. Be open to new experiences and let things happen. Who knows, you might just fall in love on a sunny beach, and decide to see a local festival you had no idea about.

5. How NOT to Attract the Wrong Kind of Attention

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People who travel alone automatically attract some attention to themselves, so it is important to keep a low-profile. In order to do this, one should dress modestly, never go out alone late at night and learn the rules of the area. We won’t even mention not getting drunk or visiting the beach alone at night, as they are common sense. Depending on the area that you are visiting, you might have to respect some rules. For example, if you are in a Muslin country, you will have to cover your arms and legs. The best thing that a solo traveler can do to protect himself is to avoid conversations with shady characters, and try to not put himself in risky situations.

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

Ladies, we all know that losing weight is the number one thing on our to-do lists until summer is here and while some of us know what a difficult endeavor it can be, there are also entertaining and enjoyable ways of spending time and shedding the pounds. And when exercise is no longer a mandatory action, a routine that you have to do for a certain amount of repeats in order to see results, that is when it gets fun- dancing, bouncing around, hopping, playing, these are the things that people enjoy and when a trainer can mix the laughter and enjoyment with calorie burning activities, the battle is already half won. We’ve handpicked 5 of the best ways of losing weight (visibly, effortlessly and joyfully) that are also extremely fun:

1.     Cycle Karaoke

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

Yes! You’ve heard it- cycle karaoke. It involves working out while trying to sing karaoke- since your singing is an indicator of your heart rate and breathing, if you can sing perfect pitch while doing the workout, you’re clearly ok to go for a higher intensity. You can call your girlfriends for a pajama-party/workout evening and have a set list prepared with lyrics printed out. It will boost morale, make it extremely fun and you will be able to cheer each other on.

2.     Belly Dancing

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

There are choreographed routines that combine elements of aerobics, belly dancing and cross-training in order to give you the best workout there is- on perfect music, with an energetic atmosphere and lovely people to do it with. If you’re a bit self-conscious and don’t necessarily want to join a gym or go somewhere with lots of people, consider that the internet is full of belly dance workouts for all fitness levels and all intensities, so you will surely find something for you.

3.     Pole Dance

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

This may not be the activity for everyone but if you like experimenting and aren’t afraid of falling on your beautiful behind on several occasions, you may discover that pole dancing is actually doable- and slimming! There are poles you can order on the internet and install in your home (without having to destroy walls and ceilings) or you can simply join a class that puts everything at your disposal.

4.     Kickboxing or Tae Bo

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

Originally, these were thought to be manly sports where a delicate lady would have no business spending her time- nowadays, the sports have changed and they have done so in a way that no longer makes women feel unwelcome. Routines are fun, easy to learn, involve cheering and skipping and a bit of dancing here and there- all the ingredients for a fun workout.

5.     Hula Hooping


It is unbelievable that hula hooping can burn up to six hundred calories per hour, but that is in fact the truth- and what is even better is that with a bit of music and some colorful hoops, doing it for an entire hour doesn’t seem so farfetched, does it?  Getting the hang of it may take some time but you can start with heavier hoops and switch to the lighter ones as you get better at it (lighter ones are harder to rotate and require much more effort and coordination, so you end up burning more calories).

The sports we have selected are by no means the only fun activities that end up with you losing weight, and regardless of what you choose, being active is all that matters. So get up from your computer and start having fun.

Fun Things to do in a Relationship

We all know how difficult it is to keep a relationship going and more importantly, always interesting and entertaining. Things don’t get easier as time goes by, not only because the pink glasses (that feeling of being in love and how it makes everything look better) come off at some point, but also because people get used to one and other and activities enter the mundane. Don’t dismay however, instead of fearing these moments when doubt sets in, find fun and creative ways of counteracting them. Here is a list of some fun things to do in a relationship, to help you go over the most trying of times.

Set New Goals


Men are practical beings so deciding to create something new, to renovate or simply set a new goal for the relationship can make them find motivation you never knew they had. Ambition will drive the both of you a long way so decide together what you want your life to look like in the future and begin to take baby steps towards your new found ideals. Whether you decide to paint the bedroom or redecorate the living room, build a pond or a swimming pool, it will create new memories and also make the bond between you much stronger.

Find New Activities You can do Together


When you and your significant other first met, you would go to movies, dancing, wine tasting or skating together but as a relationship progresses and as people become more intimate, it’s easy to substitute a night out for an evening of watching series on the couch. So actively seek activities that require you to explore new situations. Decide to take a dance course, visit an art class or begin roller skating together. If this doesn’t strike you as interesting, find another hobby that also involves your mans’ practical abilities- cycling for instance, where he will revel in repairing or replacing bicycle parts.


Remember to go out on Dates


Just because you have been together for 10 years doesn’t mean that dating is no longer required. Your special ladies need the opportunity to feel cherished, loved and beautiful and lads need to spruce up their gentleman skills. Plan ahead for a perfect date once every two weeks where romance, wine and a good time are a prerequisite. In the long run it will mean the world for both of you.

Visit New Places

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After a certain point, people fail to make new memories and if life keeps them in the same places, they retread the same ground forever. Decide on going to cities you’ve never been before, visiting other countries, spending your nights in hotels you don’t know so that you always make new memories together. There is lots of fun in winging it and going on a crazy weekend together. Blindfold your special someone and have them point somewhere on the map and off you go!

Try Out New Things in the Bedroom


It isn’t taboo to talk about such things and as we all know, after you’ve been with someone for a while, things can get a bit monotonous where sex is concerned. A little effort in this department could do wonders for both of you even if sex toys, whips or handcuffs don’t necessarily sound appealing when you first hear it. If you aren’t willing to try out such radical things, consider candle wax or roleplaying games that can end up in such good sex it will surprise you.

And never forget that relationships take tremendous effort and two people who desperately want to make it work- the ups and downs are inevitable but when you go past them together, the satisfaction is immense.

15 Hilarious Minion Moments

We all know them from the hit animated movies “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2”.  If you’ve not yet been completely won over by their ridiculous way, their downright silly language and creative entertainment endeavors, you are certainly going to be smitten with them by the time you get through this article.

The Minions, as legend would have it, are lovely little creatures who exist since the beginning of the beginning and after having evolved from single-cell organisms into what they look like today, they serve one purpose and one purpose alone: to aid the super villains of Earth in their master plans. And according to this storyline, Illumination Entertainment has decided to grace the world with an animated movie dedicated solely to these unique and funny characters on the 10th of July 2015 (true, it seems too far away, but we’ll just have to do with the already delicious moments they have given us thus far until the movie is out). Here is a selection of our favorite scenes and hilarious minion moments:

1. How They Would Like to be so Smooth With the Ladies


While not actually courting someone, minions make considerable efforts to remain sharp and on top of their game- they never know when the prettiest of minionettes could pass them by.

2. How They Make Sure to Eat a Healthy Diet


Concerned with their health, these cute little beings always pay attention to vitamin and mineral requirements and carry a banana at all times- just in case their glucose or potassium is low.

3. How They Help Each Other Out


Helping villains complete their plans does not mean that minions aren’t there for their friends at all times. They help each other out in a pickle.

4. How They Take Care of Their Humor


Laughter is very important to them and they never miss out on making the best of a funny opportunity.

5. How They Love Gru


The fact that they always flip out when their villain, Gru, show up to present them with his new plans shows the love they all share for him.

6. How They Don’t Miss out on Goodnight Kisses


They don’t take no for an answer- a kiss is a kiss and they all get one.

7. How They Try Their Best


Whether getting kidnapped or shopping at the mall, they always put up a fight.

8. How Much They Care about the Chores


A clean house is a happy house and minions know this. A bit of music, correct attire and they’re all set.

9. How They Pay Attention to the Important Things


When there is work to be done, no minion will be deterred no matter the reason. Or perhaps only if butts are involved.

10. How They Dance


We can all agree that this minion has got it going on!

11. How They Win Bets


Or rather enjoy the spoils of victory?

12. How They Encourage One and Other


Minions don’t make fun of each other. Instead, they try supporting their friends when they are down.

13. How They Look Fabulous in Drag


No shopping spree would be complete without a decent costume and the minions have all bases covered.

14. How They Love Giving


Yes, being useful also means giving.

15. And How They Sing Karaoke


Minions have many talents and karaoke is just of them. For all the rest, be sure to see the movie when it gets out in 2015!

That concludes our top 15. We believe that these moments are the most hilarious minion moments. This doesn’t mean that everyone shares our views. Which is your favorite minion moment? Let us known in the comment box below. We can’t get enough of these cute guys!