Can You Tell How These Logos Were Made?

What do you get when you cross the Death Star from Star Wars with a jigsaw puzzle? If your answer is “the Wikipedia logo,” you either made these pictures or you have a really wicked way of thinking.

A creative anonymous artist made fun illustrations by observing that if you combine different objects, you can get some of the well known logos of products or companies.

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The Hand

The human hand is one of the most complicated and delicate pieces of machinery there is. Millions upon millions of tiny parts all work together to make the hand work. We can do most anything with our hands, and certainly couldn’t do a lot without them. Yet what would we do if our hands gained sentience?

It’s not unprecedented, of course. What are sock puppets but hands with masks on? The Addams family had a pet hand that flew around and did some crazy stuff. In Harry Potter, a magical hand strangled Wormtail for incompetence, and Eric Cartman’s hand played a pretty convincing Jennifer Lopez for a time.

It's all in the lips

So, think about it. What would happen to you if your hands suddenly came to life one day? First of all, you’d have some explaining to do. Odds are you’ve done some pretty gross things with your hands, and gotten some gross stuff on them. [Read more...]

Zeus’ 5 Most Bizarre Conquests

In Ancient Greek mythology Zeus was king of the gods and, by and large, did a pretty good job of it. Referred to as father even by those gods he didn’t have a hand in conceiving, he overthrew his baby-eating father Cronus and shared the world with his elder brothers Poseidon (who got the world’s waters) and Hades (who was put in charge of the dead and thus the Underworld). However, for all his godliness he had one fatal flaw: women. This, perhaps understandably, pissed off his wife Hera no end, especially considering the irony of her presiding over marriage and the union of the marriage bed. But what were Zeus’s more unusual dalliances? He was a god, after all, and a few dirty weekends disguised as business trips weren’t exactly going to cut it. [Read more...]

6 Really Famous Drunks

One of the rules of thumb of my life has always been, if you are still getting plastered after college, you have a major problem. And, you’ll probably amount to nothing whatsoever in life. After all, most people’s ‘growth process’ typically involves bonging beers in college and spending the next day puking in bed. But if you’re still doing it after college….loserville. Right?

Well, what do I know? There have been many people throughout history who managed to become very well known despite being complete drunkards. Some of them even managed to become highly successful despite their addiction. Below are some of the most well known booze hounds.

6.) Ulysses S. Grant – 18th President of the United States

Grant was one of the top Union generals during the Civil War, serving with great distinction at the Battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga. [Read more...]

Cats on Skateboards

I’m sure most of you have been regularly exposed to images of dogs hilariously riding skateboards: they frequently do the rounds. As a result of this internet-fueled overexposure, the visual gag of skateboard-commuting canines has inevitably run dry, the once-comical sight now more boring than it is rib-tickling. [Read more...]