The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes

Do you remember those simple, care free days when we didn’t have to worry about our Facebook profiles and pictures? Now, we need to constantly be on our guard to avoid becoming a laughing stock for millions of people we don’t know and will never meet face to face. Thank goodness we have these funny Facebook photo memes to help us laugh at other people instead.

The Cat Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and Cat Meme

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The Most Useful, Weirdest and Most Pointless Facebook Profile Trends in the World

Let’s be perfectly honest here; your Facebook profile picture is very important to you. We all now spend hours trying to get the right photo to attract friends, look cool and show that we are as hip and trendy as we would like to pretend to be. So which of the following trends have you gone for?

Cartoon Characters

Facebook Profile Trends, Cartoons and Spongebob

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Funny Advertisement Fails

Sofa King Clever

Funny Advertisement Fails and Sofa Advertisement

I only have one thing to say about this advertisement; whoever came up with this was Sofa King clever!

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Bad Times in Comics: Weird Superheroes and Villains

The comic book world is full of the strange, the unknown, the…comical. With heroes and villains fighting in their underwear for almost one hundred years, we’d like to dive head first into the wacky world of superheroes and their powers. Oh, wait a minute. Did you think we are going into the Spiderman’s and Batman’s of the world? Monsters like Hulk or The Thing, maybe Solomon Grundy? Ha! We are going into the deep rosters of perhaps the worse of the worse. The horrible heroes and villains and their crappy superpowers! Enjoy!


Red Bee (DC Comics)

Bad Times in Comics:  Weird Superheroes and Villains And Red Bee
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The Best and Worst Ideas in the History of Chat Roulette

The Chat Roulette site is ideal for anyone who is feeling bored and wants to play a prank. The history of Chat Roulette is filled with great jokes and a lot of really lame ones as well. Let’s see which ones make you laugh and which don’t from the following section.

Chat Roulette Ideas
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