Top 20 Doctor Who Episodes

The Science Fiction Classic Show Doctor Who confuses me like no other TV show I have ever seen. An alien (that looks suspiciously like a series of British persons) flies around time and space in a phone booth, fighting far more horrifying aliens with nothing but his wits and the mystical power of funny hats.

Oh, and bowties.

But amidst the time travel and questionable fashion choices, there is apparently a pretty decent show to watch in there. Here are the essential 20 Who serials (British speak for a series of episodes that follow the same story arc within a season) to watch for a casual fan to determine if they like it before they embark on the arduous task of watching almost 800 episodes that comprise the entire show (it’s been on since 1963.) [Read more...]

Top Five Most Annoying Types of Co-Workers

There’s always one, isn’t there (or, if you’re lucky, perhaps two or three)? In any social environment there are always people who really get on everyone else’s nerves. Usually said people are spared the harshness of being told this outright (and even if they are it rarely changes things), but this small mercy certainly permits everyone else one thing: the right to complain about them as much as possible (but no bullying; that’s just not cool). Here is a light-hearted look at some of the worst offenders. Let the rage flow through you… [Read more...]

Monkeys Grooming Dogs and other Oddities


A monkey grooms a dog.

In this week’s around the web feature (or featurette, if you want to get technical), the esteemed TBR staff hopped on a steamship and traveled to the island of Tripania, where monkeys put on little barber hats and give haircuts to other animals. But don’t just take my word for it (yes, I called in Levar Burton for a moment), have a look at the little monkeys in action. The staff also had some fun sitting in a bear chair, and they grabbed some goobers and laughed heartily at Craig’s List Missed Connections artwork. Check out even more links down below:

Monkeys Grooming other Animals via Environmental Graffiti

A Big Old Bear Chair via Bizarre Bytes

11 Tricks and Cliches that have been Constant through Video Game History via 11 Points

I wish I was Al Bundy via Think Nice

Free Seating at a Baseball Game (Parent Fail to the extreme) via My Bad Parent

Missed Connections Artwork via Digital Bus Stop

So, what do you think? Would you like a bear chair in your home? If you ask me, I think furniture like bear chairs belong in Twilight Zone episodes, not in reality.

By Eddie Hatters, TBR Chancellor, A Review

I travel the Internet for a living. It’s not easy, and nobody thanks me for it (except for certain satisfied cyber sex partners of questionable gender) but it’s my thing. Occasionally I come across a website that grabs my attention, for one reason or another. is one of those websites.

Hmm, a website that holds my attention for more than 10 minutes that involves no butts whatsoever. This is truly an Internet oddity.

The premise is simple: you type in some text into the text box, and through the power of computer algorithms, that text is magically translated into bubble text, which you might recognize as being the hallmark of the copyright sign. You can then copy and paste that bubble text into, say, for instance, a web article. 

Though it can be hard to read at times, I get almost a perverse fun out of it. So, I decided to ask and answer a series of questions about myself to prove my Bubble Text prowess.

What is my middle name?

What state were you born in?

Who’d you lose your virginity to?

Hey, I’m asking the questions here, buddy.

Can it with the attitude, buddy.

Anyway, is the flagship station of a larger network of converting otherwise legible text into absolute insanity. You have Flip text, where your text is 

Or Crazy Text, where you can turn simple Times New Roman into Doctor’s speak Classic.

I mean, look at that. It’s like a combination of Sanskrit and a newspaper cut out kidnap letter. And you can now include that chicken scratch in your emails to Mom, office jokes involving Germans and hostages, and even helpful letters of encouragement to the President of the United States!

But, for serious, go to the BubbleText Facebook page and join one of the other 20,000 people that like random BubbleText in everyday life, and join their Contest page, where if you’re the first person to translate and then answer the BT question, you get your name listed on the website.

I’d recommend this website to you, if I was some sort of website reviewer instead of a hapless Internet traveler looking for the next bit of entertainment I can’t find on Netflix (no adult films, seriously Netflix?) But in all nonseriousness, go to this website, translate things into BubbleText for awhile. After all, it’s impossible to feel stressed when you’re insulting your boss and he can’t even read it.

Oh, shut up.

An Abbreviated History of Trick or Treating: The Good, The Bad, and the Incredibly Weird

It’s an indelible Halloween tradition: the children of the neighborhood all dressing up in elaborate costumes purchased from the local Halloween specialty shop (or, if you were poor, your costume was “homemade”) and beating on doors, demanding candy lest they unleash their fury on whatever poor sucker gives them apples instead of good ole fashioned American candy bars.

If someone put this in your bag, you knew they were a Communist spy.

[Read more...]