Call of Duty: Beverly Hills

Just a typical day in Beverly Hills. “That’s where I want to be!” Yes, Weezer had many reasons to want to be in Beverly Hills. Considering a Call of Duty Battle can happen at the drop of a hat, who wouldn’t want to be there?

Grandmas Give A Beatdown


Three old ladies beating up a big burly dude that messed with them…I’m not sure if this is real or fake, but a part of me is hoping it is real. The guy’s vocab makes this funny no matter what.

Cigar Facts to Help Keep Your Man Card

This infographic about interesting cigar facts provides information every guy (and cigar smoking girl) should know about cigars.

Cigar Etiquette

Don’t just light one up, light it up indoors only when in a Cigar Parlor.

Steps to Smoking a Cigar

Check out the steps to properly smoking a cigar (don’t forget one or you’ll end up looking like a newbie and losing major man points.
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Other Interesting Cigar Facts

More interesting cigar facts can be found at

Outting Cheaters on Facebook

Cheaters Take to Facebook

In a number of recent studies, both in the US and in the UK, astounding numbers of divorces are now being attributed (atleast partially) to Facebook.  More than a third of divorces mention Facebook in the divorce documents while over 80% of attorneys say that they have seen a rise in the number of cases using social media.

Social media is also serving as a new way to “out” a cheating spouse with Youtube videos dedicated to cheating spouses, Twitter and Facebook status updates mentioning cheating, and even Craigslist getting in on the “reveal” action.

Social media and cheating news

Creative “Outting” of a Cheating Spouse

Not only is this embarrassing, but let’s be honest, it’s viral.  Not only is this all over YouTube (and the news), it will likely make the round of many a blog. . . saved for all eternity on the interweb (ha).

 Craigslist Cheater Outted

Craigslist cheater outted


Caught Cheating on Facebook

Facebook is also a great place to catch a cheater.  Note to cheaters, you may want to log out of Facebook when you aren’t using it (and don’t tell your s/o your password).  Just sayin’.

Facebook Cheating



Poor Marshall. Log out, Buddy, LOG OUT.

Facebook Caught Cheating

Ok, so this one is just for fun.  I mean, really.  Who does that?

Once a Cheater on Facebook

Once a Cheater on Facebook

So cheaters beware, social media is not your friend.