Sailing Commentating…As It Should Be

If you’ve never seen a Women’s Olympic Sailing Event, Francis Higgins is here to teach you the in’s and out’s of it. The funny man from Ireland actually knows just as much about sailing as the average American, which is zilch. His hilarious audio was dubbed over the actual Olympic broadcast, but the IOC was still somehow able to take it down from Vimeo after it went viral and hit 500,000 views. Well now it has resurfaced and you can check it out above. Just to be sure, this is only satire. But you may learn a thing or two about sailing anyway (e.g.  the boats are called Lasers- obviously having no resemblance to the “la-ser” /?l?z?r/:  an intense ray of light that’s traveling- well at the speed of light”).

He Sleeps With The Fishes

Talk about a failed last hurrah. This guy probably just had his wife someone drive him to the edge, and he’s just trying to catch some Zzz’s…and bam! he gets caught by ABC News. There HAS to be skill involved with floating on your back for hours on end and not drowning, even with the life jacket. I refuse to believe that Joe DeAngelo is an ordinary man.

Best Call Me Maybe Spoofs

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

may well be the most overplayed song of the decade.  And in this case, we can’t even blame it on radio.  The culprits are everyday people, world leaders, famous Olympians, brands, television characters, and more.  In an effort to filter out the bad and highlight only the very best worst, we’ve provided you the top two Call Me Maybe Spoofs below.  Vote for the very best worst on the ThisBlogRules Facebook page.

Finalist #1.  Steve Kardynal (of shake weight fame) shakes his cross dressing bikini clad man hairy a** at a bevy of interested/scared/attracted/entertained audience members.

Finalist #2. Cookie Monster (yes, of Sesame Street), growls his way through “Share Me Maybe” in true kid friendly fashion.

Late entry!
Scantily clad Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.

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Virgin Mobile’s First U.S. Store: A Spiffy Spot


At the end of July, I attended the opening of Virgin Mobile’s flagship retail store in Lincoln Park–right in the heart of Chicago. The store is kind of like a cross between a dive bar and a cool college hangout. Intriguing framed photos line the brick walls. Comfortable couches sit near the entrance. There’s even a shrine dedicated to Lady Gaga in a corner. The place had such a high-end record store vibe that I half-expected to suddenly see Jack Black and the rest of the cast of High Fidelity walk in.

I never thought I’d say this about a store, but it’s the kind of place I could see myself hanging out in for several hours. Check out more pics of the store after the jump. [Read more...]

McKayla is Definitely Not Impressed

McKayla Maroney has been getting a lot of grief this week after her reaction to earning the silver medal in Olympic Vault, and we’re here to give her some more! “It wasn’t the silver that I was disappointed about,” Maroney said. “I was just disappointed in what happened and how I performed.” Pretty good cover for a 16-year old, but a tumblr blog has popped up and it seems McKayla is not impressed by some other things either. Click through to see some of our favorite hilarious pictures of McKayla Maroney- definitely not being impressed.

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