More Hilarious Screenshots from Chat Roulette

The Internet is an interesting and fascinating place, but sometimes it is simply weird and scary. A long, long time ago we shared a post with the most Hilarious Screenshots from Chat Roulette. A sequel was needed, especially considering that so much time has passed. Since then, our beloved Steve XX has released three extra Chat Roulette videos, in which he dresses up as a chick and dances in front of the camera. As you can probably also imagine, all the publicity has led to even more amusing encounters, that luckily enough, were captured.

After seeing this photos you will probably think that no normal human being would ever log on Chat Roulette to have a serious conversation, but this is not partially true. There will always be lots of trolls in the world, but there are also some truly nice people out there. I have spend a few nights on Chat Roulette, and actually managed to make some great friends, which I still talk to. Nevertheless, since the system randomly pairs with with strangers, which may or may not be awkward, it may take some time until you find someone worthwhile.

Since we are not here to discuss about the possible love stories that you may spark on this website, let us proceed with the 20 more hilarious screenshots from Chat Roulette. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

1. The Butt Chin 


1. It Must be Fate!



How often do you get the chance to meet someone that wears the exact same glasses as you, especially considering that you have been browsing through thousands of people? It must be fate!

1. Dangerous Encounters


Most of the times, Chat Roulette is funny. Sometimes it's just scary.

1. The Mad Dog


It looks like this guy experienced the scare of his life. Too bad it's nothing but a picture of a dog, and not actually a mad dog.

1. Show me This Face #1


We have to admire these girls for pulling off such a great face!

1. Cartoon Look-Alike


It is not often that you get the chance to meet your cartoon self on Chat Roulette. When it happens, it is definitely worthy of a screenshot.The only thing missing is the mandolin.

1. Twins


Is it just me, or do these girls look exactly the same? Even their expressions are identical.

1. Teddy Bear Head



As if the Teddy Bear wasn't scary enough, the weird guy on the bottom is even scarier.

1. Man Boobs


This is just wrong.

1. Paris Hilton, is that You?


It wouldn't be the first time that we see celebrities hanging out on Chat Roulette, but Paris Hilton? Really?

1. The Burn Victim 


1. The Disguise


Never reveal your identity, unless you are prepared to deal with Farmville invites.

1. Do This Face #2


Now that's a good “Make this Face” impersonation.

1. The Butt Chin 

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5 Fruits Whose Growth Always Made You Wonder

We are pretty fond of eating exotic dishes around here and we're more than willing to trying all things new, be it main dishes, exotic desserts, strangely flavored sweets, or snacks. And while we were looking for news in this field, we stumbled upon a very nice collection of photos of fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts and berries. Consequently, we realized that we don't know much about certain delicious natural wonders. We are used to seeing these natural foods prepared in certain ways, so we don't know much about how they look and grow in their natural habitat. Now it is common knowledge that oranges grow on trees and vanilla is actually a flower, but did you ever see a pomegranate tree or a field of artichokes? So instead of providing you with newly discovered flavors, places to eat strange foods, or outstanding restaurants, today we will go back to the roots, so to speak, and tell you some things about 5 fruits whose growth always made you wonder.

5. The Pomegranate Tree


We all love the healthy, red sparkling mysterious pomegranate fruit. Did you know that pomegranates are actually not growing on trees, but in something that is commonly described as shrubs or small trees that bear fruit? This awesome fruit has existed for centuries and is consumed heavily in North America and Europe in recent years. , Nutritionists are still amazed by its healthy features.

4. Pineapple


Among all the fruit whose growth made you wonder, botanically speaking, the pineapple is one of the most interesting. It doesn't grow or develop in a tree, like you would believe, but originates from a herbaceous perennial which, with some care, can also grow in your front garden in a large flower pot.

3. Mango


There is indeed a mango tree. But you know what's interesting about these wild fruit bearers? The trees can grow up to 115–131 feet (35–40 m) tall and have a very interesting crown radius that can reach even 33 feet. However, what makes them interesting is that these are very livelong trees being able to fruit even after 300 years of life. Oh, and there are over 400 different types of mango fruits, which make things even more challenging as some may wonder what exactly are they eating under the generic name of “mango”?

2. Avocado


Who hasn't heard about the alligator pear by now?  Have you tried one of the hundreds of recipes involving this fatty (and very healthy) fruit which is not sweet like fruit should be and is often considered a vegetable? Avocados grow on trees and they belong to the same family as cinnamon, bay laurel and camphor… which is odd as we use the others as spices. The avocado tree grows up to 66 ft (20 m) and is largely commercially cultivated in orchards, as it is largely popular in many parts of the world.

1. Kiwi


Ask anybody if they ever saw a kiwi tree and they will spend a few minutes scratching their heads. Has ANYONE seen a kiwi tree? No you haven't, unless you live in a parallel universe! You see,  you couldn't have seen a kiwi tree, because kiwi grow on vines, not trees, much like grapes. It is a berry cultivated in many parts of the world for commercial purposes. It tastes great and is quite popular around the world. And, for the sake of trivia, if you take a trip to the very warm regions of Serbia, you will find houses with kiwi vines growing on fences or used to shadow sunny parts of the patio or gardens. Oh, and they are DELICIOUS!

There are many other fruit whose growth always make you wonder about their origin. There is much to learn about them as well as other vegetables, nuts and spices, if ever you're interested in their botanical specifics. For instance, who knew that what we munch and chew on and generally call cashew looks like this in its natural, raw form?


15 Funny and True Quotes by Louis C.K.

We are pretty sure that you have heard of the name Louis C.K. Before. He is one of the best comedians at present, and on numerous occasions he was even compared to Woody Allen (whose new movie he will actually be starring in). His name can easily be placed alongside that of George Carlin, another illustrious comedian who wasn't afraid to discuss uncomfortable, yet real issues. Louis C.K has no problem to talk about things like environmentalism, education, consumption, addiction, and even masturbation (this is actually his favorite topic).

Louis C.K.

As far as biographical information is concerned, he was born on September 12, 1967 in Washington, he won an Emmy Award in 2012 and launched a national comedy tour. Although he didn't know professional success right from the start, he became more appreciated by the public after his string of comedy specials, Live at Beacon Theater and Louie were released. Nevertheless, it is the awesome stand-up comedies that have captured the hearts of fans forever. Let's take a look at some of Louis C.K.'s most memorable quotes:

Best Quotes by Louis C.K.:

1. When I was younger, I lied all the time, because once you understand the power of lying, it’s really like magic because you transform reality for people.

3. You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling [unsure] and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.

4. I don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.

Louis C.K.

5. I finally have the body I want. It’s easy, actually, you just have to want a really shitty body.

6. I don’t think women are better than men, I think men are a lot worse than women

7. I killed my Facebook page years ago because time clicking around is just dead time. Your brain isn’t resting and it isn’t doing. I think people have to get their heads around this thing. All this unmitigated input is hurting folks.

8. As humans, we waste the shit out of our words. It’s sad. We use words like “awesome” and “wonderful” like they’re candy. It was awesome? Really? It inspired awe? It was wonderful? Are you serious? It was full of wonder? You use the word “amazing” to describe a goddamn sandwich at Wendy’s. What’s going to happen on your wedding day, or when your first child is born? How will you describe it? You already wasted “amazing” on a fucking sandwich.

There are people that really live by doing the right thing, but I don’t know what that is, I’m really curious about that. I’m really curious about what people think they’re doing when they’re doing something evil, casually. I think it’s really interesting, that we benefit from suffering so much, and we excuse ourselves from it.

10. If you’re older, you’re smarter. I just believe that. If you’re in an argument with someone older than you, you should listen to ‘em. Even if they’re wrong, their wrongness is rooted in more information than you have.

Louis C.K.

11.I’m bored” is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless, it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say “I’m bored.”

12. If you’re a woman and a guy’s ever said anything romantic to you, he just left off the second part that would have made you sick if you could have heard it.

13. When you write from your gut and let the stuff stay flawed and don’t let anybody tell you to make it better, it can end up looking like nothing else.

14. There’s nowhere I won’t go. As long as it’s horribly, horribly true and/or wrong.

15. I’ve started to kind of hate people, and it’s not because I have anything against them. It’s just, I enjoy it. It’s recreation.

The fact of the matter is that Louis C.K says things as he sees them. He is not afraid to use dirty language in order to express his feelings or opinions, but most of the quotes above are true. Some sad, others inspiring, they help us gain a vaster perception of the world. What do you think about these quotes? Please Share your thoughts with us.

A Few Things You Should Know About Clowns

For some, they are the source of amusement, for others they are the cruel incarnation of a paralyzing fear. The truth is that you should be scared by them, since the very makeup that they wear are the sign of corruption to humanity. Also, there have been so many horror movies which had debilitated clowns as protagonists, that it would be nearly impossible to ever look at them with innocent eyes. Nevertheless, most clowns are actually honest performers that care about nothing else than make people smile, and continuing a tradition that goes back millennium. Lets take a look at a few interesting things you probably didn't know about clowns.


1. The Clown Commandments

Granted, clowns may not have ethical dilemmas that doctors, police officers or architects have, but they still have to abide by several rules of their on. They are called the Clown commandments, and they are fairly simple, yet extremely important to avoid being cataloged as one of those creepy guys you see in movies. The basic principle is to have a professional appearance and conduct, and always make people smile. Also, a clown is never allowed to drink during work.

2. The Clown College

Believe it or not, there is actually a College dedicated to clowns in this world. Although the term clown college is usually used to mock a low school, there really are places where people go to learn the art of… being silly. Did you know how difficult it is to be a clown? You have to know how to juggle, use make-up, make ridiculous face paintings and balloon shapes etc. Some of these schools (for example Ringling Brothers) get so many applicants, that they even have to sort through them.

3. The Great Clown of China

The Great Wall of China is called this way for a reason: it's humongous. Soemwhere around 200 BC, Emperor Qin Shi Huang decided that he wanted to paint the entire wall. This would have meant sacrificing thousands of lives (because working conditions were poor), for little gain (stone lasts a millennia, paint only a few years). Obviously, nobody dared oppose the emperor, because they feared his wrath. No one except the court jester, that is. He painted a penis on the wall, received a punishment for it, and then was ordered by the Emperor to paint the wall himself. His response was that he is color blind. This encouraged the laughter of the court, and Qin Shi Huang was forced to forget about the idea.


4. The Clown of Northampton

We found this story particularly interesting, and it is probably the best proof that clowns are actually scary when you don't interact with them in normal situations. In 2013, Northampton was faced with a bizarre situation: a creepy clown appeared into town out of nowhere, and somehow managed to scare everyone. The truth is that he didn't do anything strange: he just showed up in bus stops and other awkward places, and stood still while holding a bunch of balloons. Residents were ready to impale him, but one terminally ill little girl asked to see him. Alex Powell, a 22 year old student that was the man behind the mask

5. The Infamous Clown Cars

No list would be complete without the hilarious clown cars that have been parodied and represented over and over again in pop culture. What basically happens, is that clowns climb in incredibly undersized cars while carrying huge props. You probably didn't know, but clowns have to do complicated equations in order to get the stunts right.

Female Celebrities Playing Video Games: Fun or Addiction?

There is a common misconception people have perpetuated regarding celebrities in the entertainment industry: they are so busy with being rich and famous, so overloaded with making new movies, singing new songs, show up on magazine covers, being chased by paparazzi or unsuccessfully trying to hide their personal lives from the media, that they actually don't have “human” hobbies or passions and no time at all to indulge themselves into mundane activities.

You hear a lot about some famous movie stars “taking a moment” to spend their free time together with their families, creating some fashion clothes lines or advertising for some high – end products and you are tempted to ask yourself “when do they have time to eat”? Well, many are dieting, but this doesn't mean some celeb figures out there don't share human habits with the rest of us mortals. And you would be stunned to learn that there are a lot of celebrities playing video games. Surprised? Let's see some of the female celebrities playing video games for fun!

Kim Kardashian and Call of Duty: Black Ops II

kim kardashian

Now this may come as a surprise indeed, because you wouldn't take Kim as the passionate geek gamer type of girl, especially since she is famous for a lot of many other activities, hobbies and behaviors that have nothing to do with playing games. Or do they? Is Kim addicted to gaming, or did she found just another way to keep the media's eyes stuck to her persona? The thing is, she Tweeted about the upcoming release of Black Ops II and she sounded genuinely interested in the game back in the day, so if you suspected her of subtle endorsement, it seems it is not the case. However, to add surprise to her CV, her enthusiast statements about gaming might be exactly the boost of image she could just pull off for fun. If she is honest about playing video games, kudos to Kim, as we just started to like her more now.

Mila Kunis could engage Kim into a life or death conflict when she hears the Call of Duty

mila kunis

Beautiful Mila Kunis stated that she is addicted to video games, especially Call of Duty. Now imagine Kunis and Kardashian amazing the world in a killing spree in the universe of one of the best shooters that ever blessed the geek world. You'd think Call of Duty would attract only men, but here we have two female superstars who are “women” from head to toe and who publicly declared their passion for firing big guns. Mila Kunis describes herself as an avid and competitive gamer and we hope she's also pretty good at it, because we just love pretty girls becoming badass killers. Perhaps in the future, due to her video gaming passion and skills, Mila will become the next female heroine in blockbuster action movies and play fierce female characters. That would be an interesting thing to see on the silver screen.

Celebrities playing video games for sports and… music

jessica alba

Sweet Jessica Alba plays Wii for sports and for burning some calories in the fun way, although she is perfect enough to not need more burning. However, despite the general assumption that games are bad for people, Jessica's example is good to remember: play, keep yourself in shape and good health, have fun with friends and keep your kids moving, these are actually good advice. On the other side of the fence, we have Jodie Foster who is a Guitar Hero fan and we take the opportunity to salute Jodie for her good taste in spending free time, because Guitar Hero is indeed a challenging and fun game to play at any age.

So here you have some celebrities playing video games and not being ashamed to admit it. Ladies, rock on!