Only in Vegas

There’s a lot of great cities out there with all kinds of special things about them but only in Vegas will you be able to experience the following:

  • Jump off the ledge the 108th floor of a building and live to tell about it. (SkyJump at the Stratosphere)

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  • Slice into a big, juicy, delicious prime steak at STK with a jewel encrusted set of his and her steak knives worth $27,000!
  • Enjoy a $10,000 cocktail at XS; one of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas.
  • Not worry about a hangover because in Las Vegas we deliver. A cure that is. The Hangover Heaven bus will make a house call and have you up and partying again in about 30 minutes.
  • Get the crap scared out of you year-round at the one and only Goretorium by that handsome horror king; Eli Roth.
  • Not only bet on sports, but bet on all kinds of crazy things like the Emmy’s, Presidential election or other non-gaming events.
  • Clog your arteries with either a Fried Twinkie or Fried Oreo (downtown).
  • Visit a museum that is dedicated to the history of “The Mob”, endorsed by former Las Vegas Mayor and previous “Mob” attorney Oscar Goodman.
  • Endless choices of enormous buffets that feed more people daily than FEMA after a major natural disaster.
  • More high-end designer shops & boutiques than Rodeo Drive.
  • More award-winning fine dining restaurants per block than anywhere else in the world.
  • Experience luxury suites that may include a private basketball court, bowling alley, recording studio, stripper poles, giant jacuzzi, pool etc. Maybe the “Provacature Suite” is more your style if you have a fetish.
  • Stay in a hotel (Hard Rock Hotel) where you can order up some “naughty” lingerie from the room service menu.
  • Gamble, dine, dance, party, bowl and shop 24/7.
  • Ride a gondola (at Venetian Hotel), visit the top of the “Eifel” Tower (at Paris Hotel), ride a roller-coaster past the “Statue of Liberty”(at New York, New York) or sleep in a “pyramid” (Luxor Hotel) all in one city.
  • Go to Rock Star Fantasy Camp and jam with icons of Rock n’ Roll.
  • Get married 24/7 with ceremonies that may include celebrity impersonators from Elvis, the Sinister Minister Gene Simmons, Jack Sparrow, or the celebrity of your choice.
  • Have your wedding at a Drive-thru, Run-thru, a Denny’s, in a helicopter over the Strip, jumping out of a plane, in a mini golf, on a pirate ship, under water (complete with mermaids), or you pick the spot and we’ll bring the wedding to you.
  • More concerts and show options than any other city in the world. Vegas is still the entertainment capital. There are numerous Le Cirque productions, concert venues, head-line comedians, theaters and lounges.
  • Play in the sand box…..a great big giant sand box with REAL bulldozers and tractors. Big boys: big toys at Dig This.

Elf on the Shelf for Adults

Santa’s watching you…

Elf on the Shelf

You have to admit that the marketing for Elf on a Shelf is really quite ingenious. Just in case there are a few stragglers out there who don’t know what the Elf on the Shelf is, here goes.

Basically, it is a contrived (yet incredibly successful) product conceived as an instantaneous Christmas tradition-in-a-box. Elf on a Shelf is a book about a magical elf who watches little children before Christmas to see if they have been ‘Naughty or Nice’. It comes packaged with a toy elf that needs to find a different perch for 24 days leading up to Christmas. The story and the elf are intended for children, but the fun is how completely immersed adults and children become in the daily activities of the elf.

Elf on a shelf Poses

There’s something a little bit creepy about a stuffed toy that sits around the house like Big Brother reporting back to Santa. But it’s amazing what these little fellas will get up to when nobody’s looking…From snowball fights, to joy rides, binge eating and premature present opening, the Elf is just as naughty as some of the kids it watches over.


Elf on a shelf menage a trois

The creators of this phenomenon must be aware of the outlandish situations their elves get into because Elf on a Shelf’s official website has a page called ‘Manage your Elf’. It seems quite clear that the elves out there are living dangerously and getting up to mischief the minute your back is turned.
Elf on the shelf mischief
Elf on a shelf drinking beef

Let’s be honest here. After the first few nights, Elf on a Shelf starts behaving like a house guest who has overstayed his or her welcome. The elf begins to invade your personal space, not to mention taking liberties with your belongings.
It’s no wonder that many elf owners out there have started rising up in protest and taking revenge on the goody-two-shoes little critters as pay back for tattling to Santa.

Nobody puts baby Elf on a shelf in the cornerElf on a shelf all tied up

The huge popularity bestowed on the elves has obviously gone to their heads. You can’t really blame them, what with elf coloring books, elf craft activities and to top it all off, being invited to the Macy’s parade! Some creative elf owners have thought up unique ways to take these little creatures down a peg.

Hmm…after all is said and done, adding Elf in a Shelf to your Holiday traditions could be rather fun after all. Merry Christmas.

Beheaded ElfNaughty Elf on the ShelfSend us your pictures of a naughty Elf on the Shelf. Email with your Elf of the Shelf photo. Select photos will be selected for a follow up post, and addition to our Facebook page.

Prepare to Feel Old

feel od, backt to the future style

Ah, the high adventure of traveling back in time 30 years. Marty McFly did it. Will you? If you were a child of the 80’s, this graphic will indeed make you feel old. Imagine for a second if you were in the Back to the Future movies. Would you go gamble at a casino owned by Biff Tannen? I for one would rather stay home and play some Classic arcade games than go to a casino owned by Mr. Tannen. Sure, it might be fun to play at one of his casinos for a while. But once you remember how and why it was built, you’ll probably want to make like a tree and..”get out of there.”

22 Ridiculous Library Books

Think your local library doesn’t have any completely ridiculous books? Think again. As Buzzfeed and Virgin Mobile demonstrate, your library has plenty of ridiculous books.

That’s one small step for a cat. One giant leap for shroom-filled cats all over the land. You can see a list of 22 absurd library books over at Buzzfeed.

By Red Red Wine