10 (Less Known) Celebrities Who Were Twerking Before it Was Cool

There is plenty of material circulating the Internet trying to prove that before Miley Cyrus’s One – Woman – Show at the MTV VMA 2013, there were other established celebrities who were twerking with more style, grace and talent in the same time Miley was barely becoming aware of her own gender. While these articles and comments all have a point – that it wasn’t Miley who invented twerking – we chose to take a look back in history and discover some other celebrities than pop-stars who had the moves and the grooves and were not afraid to show it.

We don’t even want to begin a debate regarding the origins of twerking, but we will let the photos speak for themselves, as we chose a few less known and even unexpected celebrities who were twerking before it was cool and who could have taught Miley a lesson or two…

1. Mr Bean

He’s not actually twerking, but he is definitely the forerunner of the whole phenomena. You can see the man has all the good intentions, he just lacks a bit of coordination and of course, a VMA stage…

mr bean

2. Who’s butt is this anyway?

Wayne Brady’s, apparently and you have to admit the man likes his twerks just as he likes his jokes: shakin’ the audience

wayne brady

3. Carlton was twerking before it was cool

You HAVE to remember the show, its characters and Carlton’s endless passion for dancing in ways that would shame pop – stars and all the new gen of artists. The man had it in its blood and boy was he good at it!


4. Squidward Quincy Tentacles

For those who missed a good part of what it’s called “old entertainment”, Sqidward Quincy Tentacles is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Did Sqidward know how to twerk? Well, it was 1999 when he first showed up and the pic doesn’t lie!


5. Beavis and Butthead

Now these guys don’t need no introduction, as if there was, is and will be something crazy and completely absurd to do in this world, they did it already. They were not only twerking before it was cool, they were doing everything before it even resembled coolness. So bow to the masters of eternal mockery and brain – dead humor!

beavis and buthead

6. King of the Hill

It is 1997 and Mike Judge together with Greg Daniels thought that people were cool enough to get hooked by an adult animated sitcom. Apparently they were right, as King of the Hill series lasted until 2010 on Fox. Missed this twerking moment? Here is proof that the guys knew what they were doing. king of the hill

7. The Simpsons (and Homer’s fantasy that came true)

If you didn’t watch The Simpsons, leave everything and do it! You’ll understand why. But talking about twerking before it was cool, Homer either had a fantasy, or a vision of the future, because Miley seems to have made his dream (or his glimpse into fast – forward time) become true.

the simpsons

8. Velma

Velma was cooler than any other cool gal out there. And despite her rather shy and geeky appearance, she was a beast in disguise. Just look at those moves and be honest, don’t you just want to take off her glasses?


9. Aaliyah

She was incredibly beautiful, she was incredibly talented, she had the voice, the bod, the moves and the charisma only great artists had. She left us too early and she will be definitely missed now more than ever, because if she lived, she could have taught Miley the art of twerking without looking cheap.


10. Janet Jackson

We chose to finish this trip back on memory lane saving the best for last. There are countless of pop singers who did the twerking before it was cool enough to become a scandalous viral subject on the Internet. They did it exquisitely and even sensuously, and here we have Shakira and Beyonce, to say the list. But Janet Jackson, friends, she was the goddess of twerking back in the day.

janet jackson

While the subject of twerking before it was cool will still keep the headlines for a while, we shall not forget that before Miley and the word that is now everywhere in urban dictionaries, fighting to become the word of the year 2013, it was just a dancing figure which was so popular back in the day, even fictional characters were doing it.

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