Adopt an Alpha Male Attitude & Get More Girls: 5 Secrets to Embracing Your Inner Alpha Male

The alpha male instinct lies deep within you, young grasshopper. As you know, many of your pack members have not gained full wisdom in the ways of domestication. They reject the rules and, sometimes, must be punished for their lack of social skills, often requiring re-education on some of the most elementary practices. Not only is it your duty to stand up and become the man everyone wants you to be, but as the alpha dog, I mean alpha male, you must set the example by using your sovereignty for good, not evil.

While there is no made manual explaining exactly how to dig into your soul and allow your manly instincts to kick in, they are, in fact, there. So how about some help? Take it from television’s extreme alpha males — Packmaster Alcide from “True Blood” (a pretty little lady always by his side), Jack Donaghy from “30 Rock,” Ari Gold from “Entourage,” and the one and only mans man/ladies man, Don Draper of “Mad Men.”

Get Some Cojones

Confidence. Guts. Balls. A very necessary trait when attempting to succeed at anything, let alone meeting a lovely lady. Within the confounds of confidence, lies humor, wit and education. Say what you mean, but with style and poise.

There are a few different types of alpha males, including full-fledge tool bags, ones who are obnoxious and overbearing (how do they still get chicks?), and then the one you want to be. suggests leaving arrogance behind and finding your wit: the keen perception and cleverly apt expression of those connections between ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure (thank you

Nail the Look

Take as many of these manly ideas home with you as you groom yourself to be the best you can be.

  • 5 O’clock Shadow — Grow one. Women find it sexy, studies show it. What studies? I don’t know but it’s true.
  • Tone It Up — Muscles are popular women desires, according to research out of UCLA.
  • Go Deep — A deep voice is one of those comfort issues. Strong hands and a deep voice continue to make women melt, says a study in Memory & Cognition.
  • The Car — Depending on the type of alpha male you want to be, your car says a lot! Men’s Health states that a 2011 study from the University of Texas at San Antonio found that a fast car can equal a fast hook-up. Listen, just make sure you have a running car and you’re fine.
  • Nice Threads — The clothes make the man, or so the saying goes. Again, this depends on the type of man you want to be. Go with a style and groom yourself. If your style is disheveled and unshaven, do it with confidence. Groom yourself to be properly and admirably unkempt.

Be Playful

Laughter is infectious. This might be where education plays a crucial role. When in conversation, know what you are talking about by doing your research. When delivering jokes, be sure you think before you speak and that you are playfully intelligent and witty. Give a wink to your female interest and direct humor towards her. You’ll win the entire crowd over, not just your new lady friend.

It’s All in Your Hands

Take control. Lead the way. Take her hand and hold it strong. As Art of Manliness simply suggests. be a gentleman and open doors for her. When you hug her, do it with passion. Have a firm handshake with other males and females. If confronted by a possible altercation, face out your palms, shrug your shoulders, interject some wit and walk away. You are the leader of a pack, alpha male, don’t forget that. But if totally necessary, hold up your hands and knock the dude to the ground. Bam, alpha dog!

Rejected Pitches: Being John Malkovich

Have a look at the very first pitch meeting for Being John Malkovich, courtesy Above Average Network. You might also enjoy this narrative analysis of the film.

The Miraculous Enlightenment of Mr. Kenny Riordon

In VirginMobile‘s new ad that is making the rounds on Youtube, Kenny Riordon is having a bad week. Hey, it happens to all of us. Who hasn’t walked in on their girlfriend filming a devil’s foursome for a porn site in YOUR apartment?

The fact that the adulterous wench maxed out his credit card to the point of him looking foolish at the coffee shop was just icing on the top of the crap cake. Kenny got mad, and decided to make some changes in his life financially, including kicking his mooch friend off his couch.

He also switched cell phone companies, picking up Virgin Mobile. After hooking up with the barista at aforementioned coffee shop, his new phone told him about this crunk party in the middle of town that they were totally going to.

Once inside, things got really crazy. Among the highlights were a firebreather accidently setting his head on fire (go figure), Kenny ninja-kicking a would-be-mugger, and of course, some filthy something-something, if you know what I mean.

When he awakes, his new love is gone, but that does not deter him from going after her. Now if he can only remember her name…

Kenny’s moment of enlightenment came when he realized how much cash he could save by switching to Virgin Mobile, which offers affordable plans with unlimited data and messaging on iphone and android devices. Have you had any moments of enlightenment like Kenny? Think deeply about the answer to this question, and share you experiences in the comments below.

Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costumes

September begins and school kids and adults alike skip to planning for the next fun holiday – Halloween.  A quick online glance at the new trends for Halloween costumes indicates that you may well see a good number of last year’s Angry Birds, back again for a repeat (and with a better costume).  Also on the up and coming list, Avengers costumes, Merida (Disney’s Brave), and new additions to the Monster’s High costume selection.

2012 Halloween Costume Trends

Here are our best guesses for what to expect in 2012 Halloween Costume Trends

1.  Dress up as Obama/Romney political posers. Obama Mask

This happens every four years where parents take it upon themselves to dress their kids as a political character in order to “campaign” door to door as they trick or treat.  It can be cute.  Or just weird.  And it can definitely be annoying.  Even if you don’t see many of these political costumes out and about, you’ll notice them for sure, and much like the presidential election, it could be scary.


Obama Halloween Mask

Photo Courtesy of kevin douley Flickr

2.  The Avengers Halloween Costumes.

As mentioned above, this one is just too easy.  Kids will be dressing up as the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and so on and so forth.  Even the women can get in the action with the Avengers Black Widow Costume.  It’s easy. And looks pretty good.

Avengers Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of RevoltPuppy Flickr

3. Angry Birds Costume.

Last year was for the birds, with a lot of home made Angry Bird costumes, but few in the stores.  This means there may be some latent, repressed birders out there willing to don the costume.  Yellow and red mostly (click here for the Angry Birds Red Costume), and available for boys and girls.

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of flickrsummer Flickr

4.  Disney Princess | Disney Brave Merida Costume.

This one never gets old, and this year we have Disney’s Merida the Brave Costume out and about for sale.  Very cute and in a number of sizes.  It would be cute for the big sister, especially if you can convince a few younger siblings to dress up as the bratty bears/brothers.

Disney Princess Merida Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of armadillo444 Flickr

5. Batman Themed Halloween Costume.

There are likely going to be a number of  Batman Begins Costumes and Catwoman Costumes out and about, especially at the adult parties this year.   Sexy Catwoman costumes abound. . .

Batman Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of inneedofhelp08 Flickr

Homemade Halloween Costumes

6. Dress up as London Olympics Medal Winners.

Options abound as to what you might want to wear – speedos, gymnastics outfits, and tracksuits, are just some of the options.  Throw a handmade gold medal around your neck and your an Olympian.

7. Adult Fifty Shades of Grey Costume.

Dress up as a clueless college student and/or a ruggedly handsome millionaire.   Grab some handcuffs, and you’re fully costumed as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. This one is adult-only.

8. Hunger Games for Halloween.

Put on a frayed black outfit (remember, you’re poor), brown leather jacket and grab a bow and arrow for a prop and you’re all set to be Katniss Everdeen (don’t forget to braid your hair!)

Katniss and Peeta Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of Eryne! Flickr

9. Pregnant Snookie Costume

Jersey up your hair, spray on some fake tan, grab a pillow and dress up as a pregnant Snookie.

10. Dress up as Twilight characters Bella/Edward OR Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson

Dress up as a, angsty and remorseful Kristen Stewart (all black outfit and sad face)?  Or a pregnant, glowing, Bella.  Even better, you can go as Vampiric Edward or rebound Pattinson.  There must be a Pattinson mask out there somewhere.  Of course, either way, you are only slightly less of a Twihard than the YouTube fan who sobbed out her devastation at Kristen’s cheating ways.

Bella Swan Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of Naomi Lir Flickr