The World’s Most Unbelievable Billboard Fails

Billboards are great for giving us useful information as we drive by; such as what a burger looks like or what a giant person wearing underwear would look like. However, the worst billboards fails around also give us something to laugh at as we walk or drive past.

The Obesity Warning Billboard

 Billboard Fails

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6 Valentines’ Day Cards that Speak the Truth Nobody Really Wants to Hear

You think it’s too early to address the sensitive subject of the Valentines’ Day? Maybe, but if you weren’t born yesterday, you know what’s coming: endless pink ribbons, rivers of chocolate, online gift ideas lists and tons of heartfelt, warm, loving cards. And the funny batch of cards for the trolls, of course. Now there is a lot of debate surrounding this glorious day of celebrating love, as some condemn it for turning into a shopping frenzy which has less and less to do with the actual love, while others are happy to show affection through well – thought gifts, carefully chosen cards and thoroughly – planned surprises.

But since we aim for an early start and you will have your fair share of suggestions and ideas regarding presents, personalized messages and party places you won’t want to miss this year, we collected a few Valentines’ Day Cards that speak the truth as it is and, in all honesty, we don’t recommend you to use if the other party doesn’t have a rock-solid sense of humor. Why did we chose these particular ones? For your inspiration only and for you to admit that sometimes, in the darkest corners of your minds, you thought about sending at least one of these. Ad because we appreciate honesty. And people who are brave enough to speak their minds. There. Six Valentines’ Day Cards that speak the truth nobody really wants to hear.

1.When your love equals addiction

Now besides the not-so-smooth-language, this Valentine Day card says everything very plain and very simple. Now you can’t assume that all back – alley hookers are addicted to crack, so you’d like to be more specific so discrimination accusations to not follow you back home and stab you in the back, but this is love in one of its most honest moments. If your partner has a clue on the effects of crack, the message will be even more appreciated. Effects, not overdose symptoms, there’s a difference.


V Day card 1

2. Because everybody is special, so let’s just be random!

You know that saying that goes like “You’re special, just like everybody else?” Now to be “special” meant something back in the day, now it turned into one of the most mundane and boring compliments. Yeah, we are all cool. So how about being even cooler than cool and acknowledge the fact that we are just random? And chickens. Chickens is a must. Don’t develop further.

V Day card 2

3. Honesty never hurt a relationship. Oh, wait…

Come on, this is a true piece of artwork in the stash of Valentines’ Day cards that speak the truth. What? Don’t you like to hear somebody appreciates your rack? Of course you do! Oh, you mean it’s wrong to be in a couple where only racks matter? Boy, if all women in all the world would have put a cent aside every time they thought about that, we would’ve eradicated famine decades ago.

V Day card 3

4. It is healthy for the relationship to talk about love and sex

Oh you kids, everything you think about is doing each other! Oh, so young, so full of life, so honest! If you receive this and doesn’t make you laugh until you fall off the chair, you should work on those humor skills of yours.

V Day card 4

5. Because it is OK to resent Valentines and be open about it. Especially when the feeling is mutual

What’s pink ribbons when you can have bacon? And what’s wrong with celebrating the glorious feeling mankind was blessed with if not with a healthy, shared – in – bed bacon centered breakfast? Love goes through the stomach and it’s not just a man thing, you know…

V Day card 6

6. Because somebody has to say it!

Yes, some ladies are a bit confused when it comes to what they want and what they need (and men are twice as much if we are to tell the truth) so somebody should come forward and speak the unspeakable words. And this is quite a ballsy love statement which can get both ways, so if you are still pondering if you should or shouldn’t put your heart and mind on the plate, use this Valentines Day card. Good luck!

V Day card 8

Now we hope we didn’t offend anybody and you had a few laughs with these Valentines’ Day cards that speak the truth. If you have your own examples don’t be selfish and share them with the rest of the trolls! A huge “Thank You” and “We love you” to our sources.

4 Peoples’ Job Applications that Won’t Get You Hired. Or Will They?

There is no news that getting hired for the first time in your early career journey or switch the company for a better, more secure job is not an easy feat these days. Actually, it seems so hard to accomplish, that some people seem to have erased everything they knew, heard, learned or accidentally discovered on the Internet related to recruiting, how – to guides and long lists of do’s and don’ts that HR managers repeated over the years to the point of making themselves sick. Some people, against all odds, seem to live in a parallel world of human job recruitment and over the years, the funniest job applications circled the Internet for the amusement and amazement of all the others who are still lacked of imagination enough to write textbook applications.

If you want to step away of the conformist heard and join the crazy bunch, we started to surf the net for a while and came up with 4 peoples’ job applications that won’t get you hired, but turn you into an Internet star. And in some circumstances, this might sound even better than a job in an ABC store. However, since you can’t believe everything that dwells the web, you can also assume some of them are hoaxes, fakes or just media pranks.

1. Seize the opportunity!


This is not truly a fresh one but it turned out viral in social networks lately, proving to all managers worldwide that when somebody wants a job so badly, there is nothing to stand against them and his future place in the company. This one should be hired just for being motivated, ingenious, persistent, prone to research and able to correct his mistakes, determinate and passionate. Ideal candidate profile! Check the textbook and see if it’s not true! So don’t just optimize your online profile and wait for recruiters to look for you, hunt down that job and nail it!

2. When nothing else works, use your imagination


So this is a cover letter sent by a person looking for a job in…radio…? It is unclear though, as you go deeper and deeper into his or her hallucination, it’s hard to understand if he or she applies for a sexy chat service or a radio station. Either way, if you want your job application to become viral, all you need to do is talk about your precognitive skills and the projection of your inner animal, preferably an interesting and nonexistent one, like a unicorn or cockatrice or manticore for that matter.

3. Be honest. Or at least kinda


Now if this is for real… Hat down to the desperate graduate who just turned his / her family’s thousands of dollars spent on his / her education into a complete waste of time. But let’s face it, honesty is the most valuable trait a manager is looking into the employees and this one here just scored First Prize. He / she is awesome, obviously, and not afraid to show it, understands that at some point, the family’s efforts, time and wisely spent money have to be repaid in a royally manner and everything the employer must do to validate this young graduate’s life and hopes for a better future is to offer him / her a job. And he / she is kinda sincere so what else can you ask?

4. Make them cry in joy for getting to receive a job application from you!


Now this guy managed three things with his cover letter: make you laugh, break your heart and get you curious about him. This is a winner combination most graduates won’t nail not even after a thousand “by the book” job applications.  Sources back in the day were asking themselves if this guy isn’t just the biggest troll that ever blessed the recruitment world, or if he is this genuinely naive, sincere and open – hearted. Tough one to break, but for virality purposes, you can try pull a similar job too.  But this guy? This guy is Divinity’s gift to HR specialists.

For hiring purposes, honesty is perfect and getting the future boss curious enough to call you in for an interview is even better. Some peoples’ job applications that won’t get you hired, but turn you into an Internet star are as funny as can be, still, some old school strategies might be more helpful.

The Very Best Photobombs You Ever Saw

The recent trend for photobombs to appear on the internet is one of the finest advances of the 21st century. Sure, modern medicine is pretty cool and technology is sort of advancing along the right lines. However, nothing can beat someone’s snap being ruined (or enhanced) by another person popping up unexpectedly.

The Celebrity Photobomb

The Celebrity Photobomb

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Say My Name! 5 Children Who Are Going to Hate Their Life When They Grow Up

Every year, some very curious people start making surveys to measure up people’s imagination, sick sense of humor, passive – aggressive tendencies and  their well dissimulated desire of taking revenge with the world. No, it’s not about psychological testing en masse, although it would not be such a bad idea, but the annual “How did you named your new-born this year” research. This has been going on for a while and besides the names that sound pretty normal and even mainstream, so to speak, every year these studies reveal that some parents actually managed to screw their children’s lives in a manner that would make Sigmund Freud jealous for not thinking about this first: pick a name that will not only haunt the child for the rest of his or her life, but turn the child into a constant subject of mockery, abuse and nervous breakdowns.

To be fair to our cause, this is not about some celebrities’ children names, as we all know how Kal – El (son of Cage) will develop, or how little miss Apple (daughter of Poltrow) will face at some point some trademark infringement law case in the unfortunate circumstance of ever wanting to sell phones. We are talking about those anonymous mothers and fathers everywhere in the country who are so cool, naming their children James or Diana was too little, they had to come up with better than this. So we picked up five contenders among the children who are going to hate their life when they grow up, solely based on their names.

1. Google – You feel lucky, punk?


Imagine this conversation in school:

“Teacher, where do I find some reliable references on Mark Twain’s works for my essay?”

“Ask Google”

Imagine this conversation in adulthood

“Google, google me the recipe for roasted turkey, please”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine being asked questions all the time and being a constant subject of interminable mockery. He will end up changing his name into Jon Doe and flee the country.

2. Lovelle – Shake it like you mean it


You know how they say a name pretty much pre-defines and pre-determins your entire destiny? Now tell me you don’t read this name and see it in neon lights next to a dancing pole. Maybe I am the crazy one, but Danielle was just right and I hope dear little angel Lovelle will become a neuroscientist.

3. Hurricane. Definitely one of the children who are going to hate their life


In the Lord’s year 2013, some parents decided to name their new-born son Hurricane. Now if the boy’s first cries sounded exactly like the Scorpions band lead vocalist, everything is just dandy, as the boy will become the next superstar in rock music. But if you called your child like this just because he was born during the hurricane, survived the hurricane or was conceived during the hurricane, this token of “remember the time” is quite cruel.

4. Shoog. Because 2012 was a shoog year for girls

Why give the child a name which might turn ugly if mocked in a nickname, when you can cut the BS from the start and name her (because Shoog is a her) directly odd, just so you cut everybody’s wings before they start finding name alternatives in high school? Little miss Shoog, we truly hope you won’t become one of those children who hate their life and none of your future friends and colleagues will ever ask you how on Earth did your parents come with this… sound… of a name.

5. Leviathan

Seriously people? It’s 2013 and you name your boy Leviathan? There are so many ways this kid’s life is going to be screwed up, we can’t even begin to count them. He’ll go around by the name of Levi, identify himself as a descendant of the Levi Strauss genealogical tree and wear denim for the rest of his life. There’s no other possible way to beat his parents’ creativity.

There you have my personal selection of children who are going to hate their life because of their names. There are so many more out there. So many and so weird, one might come to believe that Kal – El isn’t that bad after all.