A Bird’s Eye View of Planet Earth and More!

An aerial view of the Pima Air & Space Museum, Arizona

In this week’s “around the web” segment, ThisBlogRules shows you a bird’s eye view of planet Earth, thanks to the glorious wonders of Stratocam, a website created by ex-Google employee Paul Rademacher that allows users to vote for the most outstanding aerial images of our planet as captured by Google Earth’s satellite photography; the results are positively mouth-watering. Speaking of mouth-watering, we also take a look at how exactly it is that those crafty advertisers make that pathetically thin, sloppily assembled Whopper you get with your French fries look like a burger hand-crafted by God himself. All that, plus more! [Read more...]

Cleaning the Catbox Was Never So Fun

So this little gem appeared on YouTube in mid-January:

Turns out, I know the people who made it – a fabulous husband and wife team from Richmond, Virginia.  Trumpson1, the video brains behind the operation, answered some questions for me in regards to this catchy, fun video creation.

Why a chicken?

I just wanted to share what life at our house is like. [Read more...]

8 of the Craziest Home Insurance Scams

Click your fingers… An insurance scam just happened. Click; there goes another one. Click; and another. Insurance scams go on all the time, hence our premiums shooting through the roof every year. While the majority of folk will settle for a minor bit of fraudulence to get a new laptop, or iPhone, there are others that will go to more elaborate lengths to receive a more handsome payout… yet still fail to do the job successfully. With a recession that appears to have no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s no wonder some people go to such extreme lengths. Here’s a rundown of the most extreme insurance scams. [Read more...]

Taking a Risk!

Do you like taking risks? Maybe you should take the kind of risk that the people (and puppets) in this amusing sketch by Scratchy Dog Productions take. Just a suggestion. You can download their catchy song here. And maybe after listening to it a few hundred times you’ll be inspired to take the kind of risk that you will never regret. I can guaran-damn-tee  you that.

Daily Dose Of Laughs With Jaco Haasbroek

During these gloomy winter days, having something to brighten up your day is priceless, so we found a collection of funny illustrations by South African artist Jaco Haasbroek. Using clever word play and beautifully uncomplicated design, he hits the mark on each and every one of these delightful comics. Be sure to check out The Daily Grind –  his latest creation that is guaranteed to produce a giggle.

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