Demotivational Posters: Taking the Motivation Out of Posters

One of the most exciting internet trends of recent years has been the rise of demotivational posters.

To understand where these come from and why some of them are so darn funny we need to understand what a motivational poster is. These are, well yes, they are posters, you are right. And they are designed to motivate you. They might say stirring and patriotic things like “Your Country Needs You” or soft and fuzzy phrases like “You are Special”. They usually build your self esteem and are always sober, earnest and never sarcastic or with huge amounts of vomit or butt cleavage in them.

Demotivational posters, on the other hand, are designed to parody these motivational posters. They are often sarcastic, they reduce your self esteem and they often include horrific amounts of horrible body parts and weird stuff.

Ok, that’s enough of the theory let’s move onto the practical part of the lesson.


The Twist on a Real Motivational Poster

Demotivational Posters and the "Hang in There" Cat Poster








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The Worst Superhero Powers You Could Get Lumbered With

I think I can safely say that most of us wanted to be a superhero at some point in our lives. In fact, some of us still do.

I can recall spending hours with my underpants over my trousers and my blanket tied around my neck as I saved the world as a particularly short and scrawny version of Superman. However, not all superheroes are endowed with useful superpowers like everyone’s favourite Kryptonian. In fact, some of them have been cursed with superpowers which I would rather avoid.

Eat All You Can See – Matter Eater Lad

Worst Superhero Powers and Element Lad

Photo Credit:

The power to eat any type of matter no matter how inedible it appears would be a wonderful ability to have when I visit my in-laws for Sunday lunch but I can’t think of many other uses for it. This rather limited superhero was originally called Tenzil Kem and he comes from a planet called Bismoll. He was included in the Legion of Superheroes but kind of faded out when the writers of the comics discovered that this lame superpower was rather boring and not all useful when it came to writing exciting stories about superheroes battling against evil villains.
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The Best Ever April Fool’s Day Jokes

Ah, the first of April. A day you can sit down with your breakfast, switch on your television and find out about newly discovered islands, dogs that drive cars and all sorts of other weird stuff.

Of course, as everyone laughs at you at work for repeating these ludicrous stories you swear that next year you won’t fall for a single April Fool’s Day joke. If only it were that easy, though. The following are some of the pranks which have fooled and bemused us over the years.

Where Does Spaghetti Come From?

April Fool’s Day Jokes and Spaghetti Origin

1957 was such an innocent time, wasn’t it? Some hip young cat called Presley was young and fresh and might not even have eaten his first peanut butter coated hamburger yet, the lovably annoying Frisbee was invented and the Brits believed that pasta grew on trees. The respected TV show Panorama produced one of the earliest and finest April Fool’s pranks when they went to Switzerland and showed how spaghetti grows on trees. The public loved it and many people contacted the BBC to ask how they could grow their own spaghetti trees.
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Forgotten in Primetime: Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home (1972-1974)

Starting as “Love and the Old Fashioned Father” on the popular series “Love, American Style”, Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home was a wildly popular cartoon that premiered on September 1, 1972 on CBS. It was the first cartoon featured in the primetime slot airing Thursdays at 8:30 pm. The show lasted forty nine episodes and ended on November 1, 1974. This animated sitcom was years ahead of cartoons like “The Simpsons”, who were only the second cartoon to be featured on primetime television history.

Photo credit: Hanna Barbera Studios

The Beginning

Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home began as an animated segment from “Love, American Style” in 1972. The show was highly rated and it was decided to create a series based on the characters. The pilot was picked up by NBC to fill the prime-time slot. Series creators Harvey Bullock and R.S. Allen built the show as a view into the real generation gap between parents and children in the 1970’s. The show focuses around Elm Street in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

The Boyle Family

The parents, Harry Boyle and his wife Erma try to understand their children, Chet, Alice, and Jamie and their changing society.

Harry Boyle (Tom Bosley)

Harry is your every man. He owns a restaurant supply company and is the sole provider for the family. He doesn’t understand the changes happening around him, but is willing to learn. HE is the true “Old fashioned father”.

Erma (Joan Gerber)

As with most women and mothers in that era, Erma is the stay-at-home mom that keeps things in order and keeps the peace in the house. Erma does show independence in spurts throughout the series.

Chet and Jamie in Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home

Photo Credit: andertoons via Compfight cc

Chet (David Hayward and later, Lenny Weinrib)

As a 22-year-old college dropout or college graduate, depending on which episode you are watching, is constantly “finding himself”. Chet likes sleeping and asking his dad for money to fix his motorcycle. He does hit it big a few episodes, but nothing ever pans out the way he’d like.

Alice (Kristina Holland)

Sixteen year old Alice is the heavy (weight, not slang for “deep or emotional”) daughter of Harry and Erma. She is constantly teacher her mother about the “independent woman” and how her mom needs to find her own identity. Alice is constantly on a diet, yet is always eating.

Jamie (Jackie Earl Haley and Willie Aames)

Jamie is the nine year old and the capitalist of the family. He is always earning money from each family member and people in their neighborhood. Harry says Jamie has more money than he does.
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Best Valentine’s Day Ever: Use What’s Trending to Make Your Day (and Night) Exciting

RosesThe goal for any man on Valentine’s Day is to make your woman feel desired and glamorous. It doesn’t matter if she’s modest or a total vixen, one thing is certain: Valentine’s Day heightens the anticipation factor and the love effect in spades! Its a particularly special day for a couple to focus on each other and their relationship, and create a romantic and memorable evening together.

The prevailing spending trends for Valentine’s Day in recent years has been heavy on flowers and candy. For 2013, Valentine’s Day spending is likely to rise to an average of $130 on candy, flowers, cards and more, per new numbers from the National Retail Federation.

But fashion for the boudoir is becoming a growing part of Valentine’s Day gifting. For men, they get to re-familiarize themselves with bustiers, bras and panties, and for women, receiving these from their men only heighten the anticipation for a great holiday (and night!).


Men, let’s face it. The only thing most of you know about lingerie for a woman is how to take it off. Buying undergarments is an activity for which most guys are typically unsuited. Men are more suited to take their women to sweet dinners rather than buy panties and bras as a gift. But if you do, do it right. First tip: don’t buy larger clothing sizes than she wears now. Check her drawers for absolute right sizes. has a wide variety of sweet and sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie , with a wide selection of affordable bedroom fashion including bustiers, bras and undies, babydolls, robes and naughty alternatives.

If you’re woman is more modest and less of a sexual provocateur, then err on the side of caution when it comes to design. A cheeky bra set or sweet slip would be a safe bet. If your woman is more inclined for a wild time, check the site for a number of SM inspired pieces, costumes and barely-there options that are available.


While many men tend to think flowers are a waste of money, flowers are the gift that delights women most. About 36 percent of Valentine’s Day gifters will buy flowers for their loved one this holiday. A recent survey showed 99 percent of women say that the flower-giver is thoughtful, 92 percent remember the first time they received flowers, 88% say that flowers change their mood for the better and 86 percent say receiving flowers makes them feel special.

To be unique in your woman’s eyes, men might want to opt for a change from the obvious red roses and try another luscious flower choice, like hydrangeas, tulips, lilies, orchids, irises or something unexpected like sunflowers. Your significant other will love and remember your originality and extra effort.


The right music for the right, um, set of activities can make all the difference. USA Today reported that among the top tunes people listen to during sex are the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Marvin Gayes Sexual Healing, Ravels Bolero, Berlins Take my Breath Away and any ol Barry White. Songs like this have been mainstays for years on lovers’ soundtracks. If you and your partner are feeling it differently, spend some time making a great Valentine’s Day music list via Spotify or Pandora.


A well-planned lighting concept not only gets most couples in the mood, it can also help women (and men!) feel more confident in the buff, according to Glamour Magazine. Try lighting pillar candles for flickering shadows of light and dark. The minimal light lets couples see each other just enough, while masking any body flaws. If you arent a candle fan, a low-wattage bulb or dimmer will do in a pinch.

And if you haven’t already. clean the boudoir! Get rid of dirty clothes, papers, books, bills and other junk before Valentine’s Day. Also, put all technology on hold, silencing phones, switching off the TV and powering down your computers, so your focus remains on each other.

Valentine’s Day can be a great mid-winter warm-up to get a couple in the right spirit to stay committed during the long winter months. Using the tips above can go a long way in managing that quest.