The Five Worst TV Pilots Ever

So, we just sat through “Whitney,” which does for sitcoms what Ted Bundy did for lawyers. It made us wonder: what shows were so bad that networks didn’t try them. Turns out there’s a lot more than you’d think. [Read more...]

7 Piping Hot Articles You Must Read!

barracks of the red army

The deserted barracks of the Soviet Red Army

In this week’s “around the web” segment, ThisBlogRules (or TBR for all you acronym lovers) visits the creepy, deserted, and downright dirty barracks that once housed the Soviet Union’s Red Army. We also examine how forensic science solved some of the world’s most infamous crimes. It’s all right here, in this week’s (unnecessary dramatic pause) “around the web” special. [Read more...]

5 Real Librarians With Wrecking Balls for Gonads: Part 2 of 5: Hypatia

by Will Conley

This is Part Two in a series of five posts about real librarians who are way, way cooler than you. Now then, where were we? Ah yes.

Last time, boys and girls, we talked about St. Lawrence the librarian, the Christian who not only didn’t mind being grilled like a New York strip steak…

…but actually supplied cooking advice to his pagan torturers while on fire. Fastforward a century and a half, and the power relationship between Christians and pagans is the exact opposite… [Read more...]

5 Real Librarians With Wrecking Balls for Gonads: Part 1 of 5: St. Lawrence the Librarian

by Will Conley

This is Part One in a series of five posts about real librarians who are completely and utterly badass. We at This Blog Rules are looking at you, and we’re thinking, “This reader looks like he hasn’t read a book since 1995. Well fuck him. If he can’t get his ass to a library every couple of decades, we’ll bring the library to him — except without the dust and that homeless dude rolling his daily cigarettes in a corner study station.” Thus was born this series. We hope you enjoy it.

Librarians come in three popular flavors:

Boner-inducing, dust-farting and Noah Wyle.

That selection seems a bit limited to us. We submit for your consideration a fourth kind of librarian: the prodigiously indestructible-nadded.

And no, we’re not talking about Conan the Librarian. He’s fake by two degrees. We’re talking about real, live librarians whose testicles or ovaries could balance the Encyclopedia Britannica on the Scales of Justice.

History is studded with librarians who thumped their hefty baby-coders onto the proverbial chopping block in the name of truth, justice, the church, poor people, gay people, and the right of all people to upend a urinal and make everyone call it art.

Take this patron saint of librarians and archivists, for starters…

[Read more...]

5 Disasters That We Will Probably Never Know The Cause Of

Figuring out what caused a disaster is like solving a crime: investigators gather evidence, look for clues, run a bunch of tests, and of course, have cool Detective Music Montages.

And the sunglasses. Can’t forget the sunglasses.

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