Brush Your Teeth With…Food? Weird Flavored Toothpaste To Try. Or Not

You know how we love to try new things and experience with flavors, tastes, scents and unique and strange products, right? Well, if so far we traveled the world in the search for food – flavored ice creams, which could make sense if you are a bacon addict or an oyster lover, and we managed to leave everybody in shock and awe with our odd perfumes, of course we jumped the ceiling when we heard about the new toothpaste that tastes like…chocolate.

Call us old school, but we grew up with this crazy idea that refreshing your breath with minty toothpaste was the reasonable thing to do. Apparently, some people skipped this ancient belief and started using food (or whatever) flavored tooth paste. We can understand chocolate and bacon addiction, but having your breath smell like… pickles…? Well, this is the story of today. Let's see some very weird flavored toothpaste to try if you really want to end up being forever alone special.

1. Mint Chocolate Crest Be

This one comes from giant Procter & Gamble Co. and is already a huge hit, at least in the press, as everybody talks about the new Crest flavors, including chocolate, lime spearmint and vanilla mint. So the “mint” is still here, only the concept was taken a step forward. When you come to think about it, it is quite boring to have the same minty taste in your mouth every morning and evening, day after day, years after years. A change in flavor may be welcomed and, as the P&G representatives say, this one offers

foundational benefits needed for oral health including cavity protection, cleaning, fresh breath and whitening.

So a bad or a good idea, thing is people will love it, especially after the free media publicity it got in the last few days.

2. BACON Flavored Toothpaste

With as much as $8,00, you can purchase a Bacon Flavored toothpaste from Amazon as a gag gift and a means to keep your bacon addicted friends in check. It is humorously marketed as a gag gift and it does have some positive reviews, although a “bacon fresh breath” can ensure you are going to be dateless for many years to come if you choose to replace your dull minty paste with this one.

3. Bourbon Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste

This one comes along with a sister, the Scotch Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste, both belonging to Poynter Products. Now there are people out there, no matter their age, who would desperately brush their teeth with some highly concentrated minty paste, just so their alcoholic breath is not noticed by vigilant spouses or parents, co-workers or even cops. There are people who would chew mint gum until their eyes pop out of their heads, only to make the bourbon scented breath disappear. And there you have alcohol flavored toothpaste. So you could smell probably like a tavern, if you happen to be a smoker too. It is a refreshing morning – after pick up. Or so they say. So it means you can't open your eyes in the morning without a strong shot and the toothpaste will feed your habit and ease the withdrawal symptoms. Awesome! Oh, Neiman-Marcus seems to continue Poynter's legacy.

4. Irish Cream or Espresso?

If you are talking about morning refreshments and avoiding withdrawal symptoms, now coffee flavored toothpaste we can understand. Among all the weird flavored toothpaste to try, this one, in the morning, makes the most sense. This one is said to be manufactured and distributed by Neiman-Marcus, together with other seemingly delicious coffee variant toothpaste and if it would contain caffeine in it, it would be any coffee junkie's dream came true.

5. Kill that breath!

The list doesn't stop here: we have pickles flavored toothpaste, if your morning hangover is stubborn enough to beat the coffee toothpaste. What's not to love about it? Seriously, it doesn't even need publicity. This one sells by itself. Goes great with bacon, maybe you can combine them somehow.

You can also find candy flavored toothpaste (for those kids whose dentists told them not to binge on sweets) and a lot more, ranging from food, to drinks, to cakes. Would you dare? Would you buy one of these weird flavored toothpaste to try?

4 Household Items You Didn’t Know Existed. But They Will Save Your Life

Not long ago, the Internet buzzed with some funny news regarding household items that might or might not exist, as some were just conceptual projects, others were so mind – blowing many people felt ashamed for not thinking to invent them first, while some were so genius in their simplicity, one might wonder how come our houses aren't already loaded with them. Thinking about these matters a little, we decided to dig deeper into the secrets of the Internet, visit Pinterest for a while, some well – known DIY websites, some dedicated interior design ones and, of course, the lands of all promises and all hopes, the online stores, namely Amazon, and found four household items you didn't know existed (and if you did and own, you can throw rocks at us for being so ignorant).

1. The Finger Guard

finger guard

Looking at it you might want to put your finger and your thumb in the shape of an L on your forehead, to quote a famous song, and wonder how on earth this miraculous device didn't make it to your kitchen yet. It is exactly what it looks like: a tiny safety measure for you not to cut your fingers while chopping vegetables for dinner.

Is this a popular product?

Well, not yet, but you can purchase it from Amazon at $7.95 and become one of the few (but happy) customers who left a positive review. They say it's good for beginners, we say it's good for everybody who isn't an expert in kitchen knives handling, Jamie Oliver style. And, brace yourselves! Jamie Oliver uses these too!

2. The VacPan Automatic Dustpan

automatic dust pan

Alas! Technology isn't just phones and laptops, 3D printed organs and spaceships! It finally made its way deep inside our houses, vacuuming our floors with a push of a button. Hide this little baby in the walls or under stair cases and save your life from dusting and vacuuming and developing OCD symptoms every time you see a strand of hair on the floor.

Is this a popular product?

Well, it may be, but in other places than Amazon. There are some very excited and satisfied customers who paid the best $20,00 of their lives, but this thing has a huge potential. Among the household items you didn't know about which can save your life, this one makes it a long term investment.

3. Single-Handed Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser

Don't think about it in terms of “just another soap dispenser” because it isn't. This is that dispenser you want to have in the kitchen and you'd like to use while holding your palm up so you don't get the dispenser greasy and sticky and messy. There are women who resent getting their soap dispensers messy and this one is for them, so they don't have to wash it too after they are done cooking.

Is this a popular product?

For $15.22, this is not only a popular product, it has a lot of 5-star reviews on Amazon. And if you ever stumbled upon the self – draining dishrack presented on the Internet in terms of “Wow, why don't I own this already?”, these two come from the same company, just so you know.

4. Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps

silicone beer bottles

Really? We stepped out of the cavern and evolved enough to this day, we sent people to space and perform groundbreaking surgeries and still, in the comfort of our homes, we don't know how to manage opened bottles still containing liquids (usually alcohol) we don't want to spoil. It's so good when the obvious strikes you hard and gives you rubber bottle caps to put on your beer or wine bottles, or any other bottles for that matter.

Is this a popular product?

Yes and it has a lot of excellent reviews on Amazon, which, combined with the fair price of $11.11 a pack, it's no wonder people kept this a secret for so long! Goodbye paper napkins!

Are there household items you didn't know existed? Of course they are! Tons of them. Some are more useful than others, but in all honesty, some really need to be given a chance. If you find other such tech miracles, don't forget to let us know too!

The Ridiculous Travel Accessories You Should Never, Ever Use

If you love to travel then you might like to take a few travel accessories away with you. Let’s just hope you don’t go wandering round the planet with any of these ridiculous items.

Paper Underwear

Funny Travel Accessories

Can you explain what the point of paper underwear is? Sure, I get that it must be a thrill to feel that paper crinkling away next to your private parts all day long but is it meant to be environmentally friendly, a boon for travellers or both? Whenever I see this stuff I imagine the horrible situation of someone who keeps the same pair of paper boxers on for far too long and they end up all horrible and dirty and ripped and stuff.

Wire Security Meshes

Ridiculous Travel Accessories

So, you’re a backpacker. If you are lucky the most expensive item in your backpack cost you about $2 and now smells like a badger has died in after rolling around in manure for a few hours. Why then would you consider it necessary to chain the thing up in some sort of unbreakable wire mesh and attach it to a metal post? You do realise that mad foreign criminals who wouldn’t otherwise have looked at you twice will now kill you in order to obtain the key to your smelly treasure chest?

The Luggage Drink Holder

Ridiculous Travel Accessories

If there is one thing I always think when I am pushing my suitcase through the airport it is; where could I balance a hot beverage in a precarious manner? The best answer I have come up with so far is on my partner’s shoulder but to be honest she is getting fed up with this. This stunningly ridiculous travel accessory lets you carry your drink sensibly and safely.

The Brief Safe

 Useless Travel Accessories

We are back to talking about underwear again, aren’t we? We sure are. To start off with, I have no idea if the demented genius behind the brief safe was thinking about travellers when his two brain cells collided and he came up with the idea. However, the idea of hiding money in a piece of underwear with a fake dirty stain on it is too good to confine it to the borders of your home country.

The Laptop Stash Card

Ridiculous Travel Accessories

So you want to hide your most valuable possessions somewhere no thief would ever think of looking for it? Hmmm, I’ve got an idea for you. It might sound a little crazy at first but just stick with me. You know that highly expensive laptop you are taking away with you? Yeah? Well, how about if you put your money and cards and things in there. It’s got be better than putting them in your underwear, at least.

The Banana Bunker

Useless Travel Accessories

How many times have you suffered the burning shame and indignity of having to eat a bruised banana on your travels? It’s horrible, I know. Well, the banana bunker is here to end your suffering. This banana case costs far more than the fruit itself but comes in a variety of fetching colours, which is all we can really ask of a useless travel accessory.

The Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

Ridiculous Travel Accessories

You are a geek and you are, quite frankly, proud of it. As you stroll through foreign lands in an ungainly way why not crank up your geek-o-meter to the next level by wearing a garment that shows when you are in a Wi-Fi zone? Attractive foreign people of both sexes will fall over each other to be near you, you groovy travelling hipster.

The Taxi Phone App

Ridiculous Travel Accessories

As you stand at the side of the road in Ulan Bator or Guatemala City you might start getting frustrated at the fact that no taxis stop for you. Hang on though, what if you had a handy phone app that turned your iPhone into a taxi sign. Yeah, that ought to do the trick.

Improve Mental Focus with Key Brain Supplements

For a hundreds of years people have been using brain supplements to improve their mental focus. Science is only now starting to grasp at the basics of this potential world changing advancement in human understanding.

 Mental Focus and Enhancement

To manifest your dream into reality, you must focus your mind on the dream, and take actions toward that dream in the physical world.

Focus is the key. Earl Nightingale, one of the founders of the personal development industry, famously said, “You get what you think about most of the time.” 
So, how can you enhance your brain’s ability to focus a dream into your mind? The most effective way is brain nutrition. Brain supplements are concentrated forms of brain nutrition, and the good news is, brain supplements do many things. A single brain supplement can empower you to improve your memory, clear your mind, energize your brain, and enhance your ability to focus. 
A neurotransmitter is a chemical substance that is released at the end of a neuron by the arrival of a nerve impulse. By moving across the synapse between neurons, it transfers the impulse to another neuron. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine” transfers the impulses responsible for learning, making new memories, recalling memories and focusing. 
Therefore, you must make sure your diet is rich with all the raw materials that your brain needs to produce acetylcholine. 
So, what are these substances? 

The 3 Biochemicals Needed to Produce Acetylcholine 

  • Choline

The main foods that are rich in choline are organic, free-range eggs and free-range and grass-fed meats. However, there are also pure forms of choline that are extracted from foods. Alpha-GPC is the most highly absorbed and effective form of choline available today. It is also shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, which is necessary for it to benefit your brain. Alpha-GPC is extracted from soybeans. 
  • An Acetate Molecule

Acetic acid, which contains acetate molecules, is found in vinegar. 
Acetyl L-Carnitine is a pure form amino acid with an acetate molecule attached. It is also shown to cross the blood-brain barrier.
  •  Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is the cofactor in the production of acetylcholine. You can find Vitamin B5 in many foods, such as organic spinach, kale and grass-fed red meat. Or, you can buy pure Vitamin B5 in pill or liquid form.
The key is to take them all together to achieve a synergistic effect. Your options are to buy them all separately, or find a supplement that contains all three. 
You can find them all individually on or any other large supplement website.
You can also try BrainJuice, which is a cutting-edge brain supplement I created that contains all these raw materials in incredibly abundant amounts, with green tea extract, blueberry extract, chia seed extract, acai berry extract and all the raw materials you need to produce it and the feel-good neurotransmitter, dopamine. 
Either way, this hack will elevate your mental energy level and increase your focus, moving you closer to manifesting your dreams into reality!

Want to Leave a Stench Behind? 5 Perfumes to Make You Stink On Purpose

A long time ago, in a universe far far away from our contemporary world, somebody realized people didn't shower much (probably because they didn't have showers) and they reeked. Basically. So that brilliant genius created perfume, as a means to the glorious end of making somebody smell nice, like flowers, fruits or summer rain blessing green heavenly pastures. And then everybody looked at that genius and decided they wanted more. And this is how an industry was born.

Joke aside, the history of perfumes is quite interesting to study and, as creepy as it is, the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer from 2006, touches some relevant points: people want to smell good as it seems others around them like to feel around their noses fine fragrances. However, some people just want to leave a stench behind and stink on purpose, and the industry jumped at their calling and created some…unique fragrances that can may blow your mind and your olfactory sensors. Like it's not enough to not shower for a week, you have to wear a signature stench to be cool. So let's see 5 perfumes to make you stink on purpose and maybe to use when you're planning to be the only one in the audience at the next big rock concert you don't want to share with the rest of the population.

5. Bordello Perfume Oil

Want to smell like a… professional? Or like you've just spent the last two hours in a Game of Thrones -ish W*-House? Perfect, because this perfume oil seems to be unisex and if you are curious enough to read the Amazon reviews, the first and the most appraising comes from a gentleman. The company – Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – seems to have quite the success with this fragrance, described by the customers as a “Bold blend of fruit and booze”.

4. Vulva

Seriously, you want us to get into details? The title and description are self – explanatory enough and even too detailed. Not that we'd frown upon peoples' tastes in fragrances but among the perfumes to make you stink on purpose, this one has to be the king of all fashion “statements”. For the sake of mankind, we hope this is unisex, too.

3. Lobster

Now, the Demeter Fragrance Library is probably the best place in the world where you can find a perfume to suit your tastes and needs, be them reeking of curry, shoes, pizza and so on. But this one with the Lobster Fragrance has something interesting to it. Say you buy this. Every time you feel like spending your month payment on a single lobster dinner, you sprinkle yourself with some of this perfume and pufff! cravings are gone. Together with your date, but that is not for us to judge. If you can eliminate food cravings by wearing dedicated perfumes (there are the ones with meat, hamburgers, sushi, barbeque and bacon, among others), this may turn into a revolutionary diet.

2. Fresh Cannabis

Make sure no cop smells you accidentally, as you might have some explaining to do regarding your taste in fragrances. Otherwise, it is perhaps the best perfume to wear in a club to pick – up people (some you like and cohorts of stoners you might not like so much) asking you for a joint, but hey, it's a price to pay to coolness. This fragrance, however, can make you stink like a skunk so the picking – up plan may turn into a Forever alone meme on the Internet.

1. Cthulhu

Because why not, people? Why not wear a Cthulhu scent, among all the perfumes that make you stink on purpose? There is one about human secretions and bodily fluids we didn't focused on, as we thought Vulva was enough. But Cthulhu is for the initiated, the special, the visionary. How can you get the honor to reek like a fictional horrific ancient oceanic monster, besides asking H.P. Lovecraft himself during a seance? Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has the answer for you. And for $17.50, you'd better smell like Cthulhu so good, you would creep the soul of Lovecraft if he was alive.

Well we hope we gave you some pretty ideas on how to choose perfumes to make you stink on purpose. While that Bordello thing doesn't sound bad, our hearts were gained by the sea monster. What would you like to wear? You know what, don't answer that…